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THREAD:1 Nadia Romdhane Bechedli, vice-présidente locale de la fédération de parents d’élèves @FCPE_nationale, milite pour le voile islamiste chez les accompagnatrices de sorties scolaires. Elle se présente comme libre, épanouie, elle fait de bons gâteaux et les offre à l’école↩️
@FCPE_nationale 2 Ça c’était le mode Taqiyya. Il a suffi de gratter pour découvrir qui est vraiment cette élue de la @FCPE_nationale: une maman pas très Charlie qui publie sur FB le 15janvier 2015, juste après que des millions de Français aient scandé #JESUISCHARLIE: «touche pas au prophète!"↩️
@FCPE_nationale 3 Cette femme qui affirme accompagner "au maximum" les sorties scolaires de son fils soutient @TariqRamadan, islamiste, violeur et agresseur sexuel présumé, et fait du prosélytisme pro-voilement en diffusant le slogan «touche pas à ma pudeur!» #FreeFromHijab #Islamisme
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Women are arrested and sentenced to 10yrs+ for posting pictures of themselves without hijab


In 2019, while most can post selfies every day, woman are imprisoned for it

This is an injustice that every human should be enraged about

Please share this hashtag and post the names and faces of these incredibly brave women. I will share videos below.

This is #YasamanAryani

She was sentenced to 16 yrs for this video

For peacefully protesting against being forced to wear hijab in Iran

Help us flood Twitter w her beautiful face and put international pressure

Let these women know we care!

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Wearing a niqab is isolating and you feel like a monster because people, children, in particular, avoid you. I had toddlers cry in fear when they saw me. You feel removed from society. Isolated. It is dehumanising.

#ExMuslim #FreeFromHijab
My mother is a staunch supporter of the niqab, in fact, she put it on not long after she converted to Islam. She believes that the wearing of the niqab is fard or compulsory. Growing up I was a tomboy, climbing up trees or pretending to be Magneto from X-Men.or a Ninja Turtle.
My mother hated it and was always forcing me into skirts and telling me to behave like a good girl. When I was seven and had just started wearing the hijab, she gleefully put me in abayas and hijabs.
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Questa non è una favola.
"La principessa Sheikha Latifa non era mai uscita da Dubai, il luccicante emirato retto da suo padre. Le richieste di viaggiare o studiare all'estero erano state negate, il passaporto sequestrato, gli amici tenuti lontano da lei"…
L'anno scorso, "a 32 anni, Sheikha Latifa sparì sfuggendo al suo guardiano maschio: Non c'è giustizia in questo paese - disse in un video registrato di nascosto - Specialmente se sei una donna, la tua vita non vale nulla"
"Perciò i suoi amici si preoccuparono quando lessero un messaggio di WhatsApp in cui diceva di aver lasciato Dubai per un posto migliore: Ora sono libera - rispose alle richieste di chiarimenti, aggiungendo l'emoticon di un cuore"
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@WorldHijabDay Yea, no, I don't believe that for a second. I've DONE this and not just for a single day. I observed Islamic dress code for 2 weeks in 2002. I wanted to try and understand more about the people that produced the men who murdered my friend.
I covered even in my own home when there was a man not related to me. I wore Hijab and made certain my arms were covered and my clothing was loose. And you know what? It made me feel like I was worthless.
The ONLY positive that came of this experiment was that there were some younger people that ALSO lost friends/family on 9-11 and I was able to show them that (while I was not muslim) not everyone in islamic garb was a terrorist.
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Of course! @womensmarch names @rallouch, leader at anti-Israel, sexist CAIR, as its🧕🏽steering committee leader.
Qs, Roula.
Do you believe...
✅ ☪️🚺can lead🚹in prayer?
✅ 🧕🏽is a symbol of a 🚺 purity?
✅ ☪️🚺can wed non-Muslim🚹OR 🚺?
✅1☪️🚺=1☪️🚹 as witness?
✅🇮🇱may exist?
1) the rise of hateful Linda Sarsour first, then the draping of American flags as “hijab,” giving of a platform to CAIR’s anti-Semitic Zahra Billoo to speak at the 2017 march and now the naming of a CAIR leader to the steering committee of Women’s March...
2) it’s all emblematic of the unholy alliance between some “liberals” and the Muslim religious right. While feminists reject the purity culture of Christians, they appropriate & celebrate the purity culture of Muslims.
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#WhenIwasaMuslim From a young age I was the antithesis of the ideal Muslim woman: stubborn, arguementative, loud and opinionated. When we went to the mosque, I wanted to run around and play with the boys, not sit hidden away in the back room as a 'dignified' lady should
I hated the hijab from the outset, bothered by the heat and extra material that was forced on me at every religious ceremony or ritual. I simply couldn't understand what it was about my body and my behaviour that was inherently wrong that it needed to be so crudely erased.
I was told that men and women were 'equal but different' and that my honour lay in being the queen of the house. I was encouraged to take pride in my ownership of this domain, which was such a crucial building block in the integrity of the broader Muslim society.
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