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This is how ISIS burned 19 Yezidi girls in cages after refusing to be Sex slaves.
19 Yezidi girls were burned like this day in 2016.
7000 Yezidis were kidnapped and enslaved while 10,000 Yezidis were killed for refusing convert to Islam.
Still 3000 Yezidis missing
50 Yezidi Kidnapped have been beheaded by Islamic state fighters.
The Yezidi women were beheaded and buried in a mass grave in Syria.
This is one of thousands of crimes against Yezidis.
This video shows how Islamic state buried Yezidis alive in mass graves.
2014, 80 Yezidi women were buried alive in a mass grave in Solach area in Shingal.
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This woman is from Raqqa:” IS fighters have raped 8 yrs #Yezidis and #Christians girls till they died”
Then these girls have been thrown and burned.
IS enslaved,raped women(8-80 yrs)
IS have been sold from one IS terrorist to another.
Still 3000 Yezidi girls missing.
This Yezidi Survivor was sold 8 times among fighters of Islamic state after her husband was killed with other Yezidis.
Sunni neighbors attacked them kidnapped and enslaved women and killed men in mass graves.
Yezidi Kidnapped habe been sold in Iraq, Syria, Turkey.
Another survivor:” I’ve suffered a lot after they separated me from my mother”
They told us” there is only one religion which is Islam and you have to follow it”
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Survivors without help to recover from trauma of Genocide and over 3000 Yezidis who were kidnapped and enslaved by IS are still missing!
But Germany provides 20€ billion aid to the Iraqi Govmt in oder not to hang up 60 German IS members who joined ISIS.
German IS woman tied a Yezidi kid in hot weather to die from hunger and thirsty.
Her man bought the kid and her mother from a slavery market and the IS woman tortured her till she died.
Those who committed Genocide are welcomed back.
Victims deserve justice.
They will be welcomed back to offer them to join de-radicalization Programs to show how they tortured, enslaved & committed a Genocide & say that they regretted what they’ve done!
They are going to join other Islamic groups in future.
Victims need justice and it must be received.
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Al-Qaida lunched in 14.August 2007 the second largest attack in recent history (it’s the second largest attack to September 11 attack) Yezidis in shingal (Tel Azir and Sibâ Shickh kider)
Almost 1700 Yezidis were killed and injured.
The both towns were destroyed.
And Today marks the 12 year Anniversary of this attacks on Tel Azir and Sibâ the second largest terrorist attack.
Peshmerga Kurds didn’t check the vehicles which entered and bombed with help of Sunni Arab neighbors.
The results over 1700 have been killed,injured.
Yezidis around the world are marking the “12th Anniversary” of Yezidi Genocide.
August 14,2007, twelve years ago today; the Terrorists drove four trucks full of explosive materials into the streets of the very crowded shopping markets in two Yezidi towns
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Heute wurde ein Jesidisches Mädchen von einem Flüchtlingslager befreit,das unter einer Isis Familie war. Sie wurde mehrere mal in Versklavmarkt verkauft und sexuell missbraucht. Tausende Frauen befinden sich immer noch in Isis Gefangenschaft. Vor allem in #Alhull Kamp in #Syrien
Wir hoffen, dass die B. @die_regierung ein spezielles Komitee für die Suche nach Jesidedischen Frauen unter den ISIS-Familien bildet @Europarl_DE
3.000 Frauen und Mädchen sollen in der Gewalt des sogenannten IS sein: Sklavinnen, die unter den Mitgliedern der Terrormiliz verkauft und vielfach vergewaltigt werden. Eine junge Jesidin erzählt von ihrer Flucht und dem Horror ihrer Gefangenschaft.
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6. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq

#Iraq #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren
1. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼…
2. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼
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Islam ideology “brainwash Children with Quranic verses”
14 yrs #YazidiGenocide survivor “without black Abaya I’m not comfortable & feel I’m naked.
If I am pretty, men will look at me and it will cause strife,”
Women/girls must wear black abaya,cover their face & hair
1)Two Yazidi girls, 14 and 11, were said to be living in a tent with a woman loyal to the Islamic State in the al-Hol camp in eastern Syria, where tens of thousands of Islamic State family members are being detained, said Mahmoud Rasho, the Yazidi leader.
2)A few days later, he headed to al-Hol, gathered a group of Kurdish security guards and went to the tent to rescue the girls.

They didn’t want to be rescued.

The girls sobbed and screamed and clung to the woman, insisting she was their mother.
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This is how Muslim Sunnis Kidnapped and forced Yezidis to convert to Islam while all who refused were killed in mass graves.
This Sunni said: we are here to fight #Yezidis,#Christians,#Jews and other #kuffars till they convert to Islam or be killed.
#YazidiGenocide survivor to her brother: she was crying and said I can’t believe I’m free here to hug you after 5 years of torture,enslavement,I can’t believe that’s you who I’m hugging.
That’s how Yezidid welcome her you are our joy! Joy of Êzidxan.
Welcome home
This is how Sunni neighbors attacked Yezidis killed 10000 Yezidi in mass graves for refusing convert to Islam and enslaved 7000 Yezidi women and children.
Still 2940 Yezidi in IS captivity after 5 Years of ongoing Genocide.
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Heartbreaking moments when a Yezidi survivor met her family after 5 years of enslavement,torture and rape in IS captivity.
She was kidnapped from shingal with 7000 Yezidi Women and Children and forced to convert to Islam.
She was welcomed by her community.
21 Yezidis who escaped/rescued were welcomed by their relatives in shingal.
Most of them were children who lost their families and these children were used as fighters by IS after being brainwashed and forced to convert to Islam.
#YezidiGenocide survivors who was kidnapped with 77 members of her family: IS took us from shingal to Syria.
Men were separated from women and were killed.
Children were taken from their mothers and girls who aged over 7 years were also raped with all others.
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Muslim SunN!s to Yezidis: we offer you Islam and if you refused,we will invade you,enslave your women, make your children orphans.
SuNni neighbors attacked Yezidis on 3rd August2014 killed 10000 Yezidi and enslaved 7000 Yezidi women and children
350,000 Yezidis were surrounded by ISIS on shingal mountains without food and water.
Many children and elderly people died from dehydration and hunger.
Yezidis had to flee from Islamic caliphate in order not to be killed and enslaved.
Yezidi kid: my siblings are burning under sun,they died out from hunger and thirsty,they don’t have anything and They are surrounded by IS.
Yezidi People have been killed and enslaved without guilt just because they aren’t Muslims.
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Video is from Shingal-Gali Karsi and song is about Khazal the Yezidi girl who was taken as slave by Hafid Basha mosul Governor when ottomans attacked Ezidxan-shingal,killed 2000,taken 6000 Yezidi as slave.
Tortured,raped,sold em in slavery markets
1)Hafid Basha Mosul Governor started his campaign against Yezidis in #Ezidxan_Shingal in sommer 1837.
Their aim was to massacre Yezidis there from their roots.
Ottomans wanted a safe way for themselves between Mosul and Diyarbakir.
Cuz of religious reasons #Yezidis face Genocide.
2)the campaign was ongoing for three months,Hafid Basha followers was heading from west side of #Ezidxan_Shingal mount while Mosul governor soldiers have already settled in north side of shingal mount/solach.
The #Ezidxan_Shingal mount was surrounded by Hafid Basha followers
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#YazidiGenocide survivor: I was forced to abort two times by IS fighters in order to be used as sex slave.
It was difficult to be raped,but what more difficult is to see 9 yrs children being raped by ISIS
She was kidnapped from shingal/Iraq and sold to Raqqa/Syria
Her 10 yrs niece was kidnapped with her,, though she was 10 yrs she was tortured and raped.
this #YazidiGenocide survivor children were taken to Islamic school,brainwashed and ISIS used them to subdue the mother.
Her son was taken to learn how to kill people.
ISIS fighters enslaved #YazidiWomen and ISIS wives treated them as slaves.
This survivor Said I was enslaved and raped like all Yezidi kidnapped.
While ISIS raped Yezidi women I have heard children being tortured by raping them.
I was powerless to help them.
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Turkey helped ISIS with millions of dollars by helping ISIS to open sex slavery markets for Yezidi Kidnapped in Ankara, Gaziantep and Sanliurfa.
ISIS fighters used to send pics of slaves in WhatsApp group.
A young Yezidi sex slave will be sold 20,000$
Turkey allowed ISIS to bring 100s of Yezidi Kidnapped to sell them in Ankara,Gaziantep and Sanliurfa.
They got about 2,5 million dollars from sell Yezidi sex slaves.
After years of torture,rape and enslavement kidnapped have been sold again but this time in turkey #YazidiPlight
One of the smuggler Reported that ISIS got 2,5 million dollars from selling 250 Yezidi women and children in turkey.a young girl will be sold for 20,000 $.
The families of Yezidi kidnapped who lost everything have to contact with ISIS in order to pay for them to save kidnapped.
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People forgot the #YazidiWomen who have been kidnapped,tortured and enslaved by ISIS,after trying to run from Islamic state they have been expropriated by Sunni families from Mosul,they have been forced to convert to Islam and the both @IraqiGovt and @Kurdistan are silent.
1-Many children and girls from Yezidi community lost hope to return to their families after being expropriated by Sunnis
Those Yezidi children and girls were expropriated by Sunnis like cars or property,they have changed their IDs after they tried to run from IS.
2-The source confirmed that there are many Yezidi children and girls(women) in liberated areas,they are in captivity of Sunni families ,those Yezidis who ISIS Kidnapped since 3.8.2014 from shingal and Yezidi villages around in west Mosul,Ninwa center in north Iraq
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<THREAD> Buried in yesterday's news: the Knesset voted AGAINST recognising the #YazidiGenocide perpetrated by Islamic State. Why?
The #YazidiGenocide vote fell 58-38 along clear party lines. Netanyahu's coalition voted against. The opposition mostly voted in favour. The Arab Joint List--they weren't even in the room.
Deputy FM Tzipi Hotovely explained the official line: "We as a government cannot agree to this bill... until there's a UN resolution on the matter." (This must be the first time Israel is waiting for instructions from the UN for matters of policy.)
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#YazidiGenocide survivor:our neighbor captured and took us to ISIS,my husband fate is unknown, my kid and I were sold in slavery markets.
Yezidis specially #YazidiGenocide survivors are afraid of new Genocide after SuNn! tribes who massacred,enslaved Yezidis returned to shingal
Retuning of of some Arab Sunni tribes who massacred and enslaved Yezidis to shingal make fears for all Yezidis specially #YazidiGenocide survivors.
Yezidis ask authorities to be more careful when they allow those who supported and joined ISIS to return.
24 yrs #YazidiGenocide survivor said:
She was kidnapped with her kid by Sunni neighbors from villages near from Sibâ sickh kider/shingal and sold in slavery markets.
On 3 August IS attacked our village Sibâ sickh kider killed dozens and kidnapped hundreds of women and children
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Yezidis are ethno religious group one of the oldest religions in the world.
Yezidis were millions before 74 Genocide campaigns by Muslims and last one has been ongoing since 2014.
Today Yezidis all around the world are about 1,000,000.
According to Informal statements Yezidis all around the world are more than 1 million.
Most of Yezidis live in Iraq.
About 500,000 live in Iraq and around 250,000 live in Germany.
Yezidis origins return to Mesopotamia which r Iraq ,Syria and turkey.
45% of Yezidis in Mesopotamia have left their origin land and become migrants in Russia,Georgia,Armenia because of Genocide campaigns by ottomans in the last centuries.
Many Yezidis in Syria and turkey emigrated to Germany,Sweden and EU countries because of war,conflicts....
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Yezidis&the 🇮🇶 parliament
The Yezidi religion is1of the oldest religions in🇮🇶. It dates back centuries. Its ancient beliefs, customs&even alphabet have all influenced several other religions&cultures within🇮🇶, including Chaldean, Assyrian&Sumerian civilizations
Yezidis have never opposed or attempted to persecute any other ethnic or religious group. They have never attempted to undermine or destabilize any regime that has ruled over Iraq.
Indeed, they shy away from even supporting one political party over another.

Despite their peaceful existence in Iraq, different regimes would always attempt to persecute them.
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ISIS fighter raped a died Yezidi girl after she suicided and refused to be sex slave to be sold in slavery markets.
Alzahar representative of Muslim Sunnis said that it’s Halal According to sharia law to have Sex with died women.
1)ISIS Kidnapped thousands of Yezidi girls.
Islamic state divided the Yezidi women and girls into groups according to their ages ,virgins and married and start to move them to different cities under its control.
One of #Yezidi kidnapped said, that ISIS moved them in the midnight.
2) They were moved to the technical Institute of solach (a place/area in south shingal) then to Mosul the capital of Islamic state in Iraq.
after one night they sold them to Syria. An ISIS member called Khalid saeed Al-Hardany who was prepared the selling and transporting...
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#YazidiGenocide survivor: I gave a birth in ISIS captivity after that I was sold seven times to be raped and tortured.
ISIS fighters established a system for swx slavery that rape/enslavement of non Muslims is like worship.
Her husband is missing must probably killed @TarekFatah
IS fighters established a system of sexual slavery, claiming that the rape of non-Muslims was a form of worship. They set up markets in several towns where girls as young as nine were put up for auction to militants, with owners often trading women again online.
2)I was sold seven times, and lots of women had a much worse life than me,” Nour says of her battle to survive. She had two daughters, then aged 3 and 4, and was pregnant with a son when her family was seized.
Her husband was taken away after two days and is still missing @POTUS
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#YazidiGenocide survivor: I was pregnant and taken as sex slave with my five years daughter by SuNn! Neighbors.
After ISIS killed my husband and almost all members of our family I decided to suicide,I took poison but didn’t die, I lost my unborn baby.
I was sold many times @POTUS
ISIS fighters would offer us as gifts. In the evenings, they would get together and trade Yezidi women, and have their fun with us,” Samiyah recalls.

‘I ran for a day and a night’: Yazidi girls share blood-curdling stories of ISIS slavery. #YazidiGenocide @TarekFatah
2)A woman who spent 3 years as ISIS slave and a girl who was only 5 yrs when taken are among the lucky few to have returned home, while 100s of Yezidi girls remain in captivity.
Samiyah was pregnant when Islamic State militants attacked her village in 2014
#YazidiGenocide @POTUS
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Solidarity with Yezidis who have been under ongoing Genocide since 2014.
Yezidis are ethno religious group one of the oldest religions in world
They have faced 74 Genocide campaigns by Muslims.Yezidis are neither Kurds nor Arabs.
They’re not Muslims
#YazidiGenocide took place in Iraq and Syria.
It started in 2014 and has been ongoing since then.
One of the oldest religions faces extinction.
They have been targeted for their beliefs.
They were killed,kidnapped,burned,raped,enslaved and forced to leave their homeland
Four years of ongoing Genocide and it’s going to be five years and still 3100 Yezidi women and girls in ISIS captivity.
West leaders are busy to welcome their Citizens IS fighters instead of helping to rescue victims and welcome them for new life.
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9 yrs #YazidiGenocide survivor I begged the 25 yrs Sunni man from Mosul not to rape me but he tied me and raped me.
2 sisters were kidnapped from Shingal and separated.
after 3 yrs enslavement and separation they met but they didn’t know each other @RitaPanahi @POTUS @TarekFatah
1)We wanted to get to mountains but we were captured by Sunnis who turned to ISIS. We were asked to convert to Islam.
After 30 Minutes wexwere moved to Sibâ sickh kider.we saw something burning and people screaming.we didn’t know if they burned some #Ezidis or were torturing them
2)we were moved to a school in Ba’aj where I separated from my mother. #YazidiGenocide survivor said we were moved to Mosul to be separated from my sisters who were taken to Syria.i was taken to Ba’aj and after 15 days to Tel Kasseb and then to Tel Banat @realDonaldTrump #ايزيدي
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Mohmmad Rawndzi(mirê kur) is a Kurdish Muslim Sunni same criminal like Abu Bakir 1832 he attacked Yezidis and Assyrians (Christian) he killed about 132,000 Yezidis,killed 1000s of Christians and enslaved their women. @Kurdistan made a statue 4 him @POTUS
1)Muhammad Kurdi is Muhammad Basha AlRawndzi born in Ra andz in 1783 and was the Governor of Suran emirate which lies in northern east of Iraq between 1813-1836. Suran emirate capital was Rawndz during Ortmanns empire
This area considered as a border between Persia & Mesopotamia
2)Muhammad Kurdi who is known as Mirê kur(lost one of his eyes) Kurds call him as a nationalism hero for killing Yezidis ,Christians and enslaving their women.he was number one criminal who Genocide Yezidis during his governing
He started his attacks(killing)starting 1813-1836
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