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THREAD: 1/5 I met a group of ~10 women from #Somalia, most who travelled to #Greece alone. They’ve been sleeping outside on the ground for up to a week in #Moria camp on #Lesvos island. Single women should be given space in an enclosed section, but they are told it is full. @hrw
2/5 They have been given only thin mats to sleep on, and sleeping bags - single women don’t get tents since they are supposed to be inside the section for women alone. But #Moria is so overcrowded that people needing special protection aren’t getting it. So they sleep on this:
3/5 This woman has a problem with her kidneys and needs to go to the hospital for dialysis 3x a week. She sleeps on the ground between metal bars meant to contain lines of people. “We heard sometimes [an NGO] takes some women & puts them in tents but our turn hasn’t come.”
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FRIDAY: #KampalaGeopolitics Day 2 will be some day!
TODAY: #Keynote ▶️ “Africa In The World…And The World In #Africa: The ‘Kategaya Doctrine’ by Charles Onyango-Obbo at 9.30am.

✳️ Followed by some 'explosive' round tables & panels #Culture #Politics #Tech
Follow ✅
SAMSON TUSIIME: The #KampalaGeopolitics panel list shows media doesn't have to get talking points & sound bites from same people every damn time. And most importantly, there are enough QUALIFIED #women not to have manels on ANY topic. #Namate
📷 @KasUganda @Sambannz @reachahand
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#Somalia: #Jubaland: now that the formalities are over. The reality kicks in, the truth is. There is no alternative to a compromise and a negotiated settlement between @TheVillaSomalia @SomaliPM and Jubbaland leader Ahmed Madobe.
Defeating each other is a fools errand.@UNSomalia
I say this as one of the most vocal critics of Ahmed Madobe since first election as shown in this screen shot and this op-Ed in @dailynation back in 2012…
The reality on the ground is. Ahmed Madobe has solidified his Ogaden base and have strong strategic depth both in #Kenya and #Ethiopia. Two crucial neighbors whose interests in Somalia can not be ignored. The false belief that @PMEthiopia will help @TheVillaSomalia get rid of
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From Abdulahi Nur Colombo:

Damiirka suuban ee Muwaadinka Soomaaliyeed ee u Damqanaya ama u Diir naxaya Dalkiisa Hooyo marna ma ogolaanayo wadan Cadaw ku ah Dhulkiisa inuu la safto.

Madax banaanida Soomaaliya cid kasta oo Duulaan ku ah Ummadda Soomaaliyeed waa iska Difaaceysaa,
marna aqbali doonto in lagu xad gudbo Gobonimadeeda.

Gu'yaal Aad u badan Adoo Gobaladydii Haystay

Yaad Gayigii intii kale Galabta Dooneeye

Aar Gadoodayaan Ahay Markay Dirirtu Gartaaye
Gaagaabta #KENYAAY Haddii Aad Guluf Aad soo Qaaday Ma Gacmo Banaaniye Ogoow Geeri Loo simane
Gabar soomaaliyeed oo Wadaniyad ah magaceedana la yiraahdo Falis Samiir Aadan ayaa iyadoo daan daansiga Kenya ka hadleysa sidan tiri.

Fadlan walaal adigoo mahadsan Share dheh oo la wadaag walaalaha kale si ay u aqriyaan qoraalkan-Abdulahi Nur Colombo #AsASomali #Somalia 🇸🇴
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Right now the UN is holding a "press briefing" in a room nearly entirely empty from which @AntonioGuterres bans Inner City Press while @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric refuses to answer any of its written questions including today on #Honduras & #Cameroon- thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @rcfp @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong Banned Inner City Press has asked what now are Guterres' belated comments and actions if any on that #Honduras police tear gassed demonstrators who demanded the resignation of President JOH suspected by the #SDNY of collaborating with the drug traffickers?
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @rcfp @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @HoyMismoTSI @TN5Telenoticias @hondurassol Banned Inner City Press asked October 10-2: On #Mozambique what are the comments and actions of any of SG Guterres on that Anastacio Matavel was shot dead in Gaza province in the south of the country on Monday by five men armed with assault rifles?
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Here's is UN noon briefing room Inner City Press is banned from for 461st day by @AntonioGuterres - as of 12:23 @UN_spokeperson @StephDujarric has not started, nor answered any of ICP's 8 questions, on #Cameroon, corruption, etc - thread
@antonioguterres @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong In UN briefing, as if to help @AntonioGuterres, @VOANews asks, is he working the phones?

Not, "where is the golden statue he took from Cameroon's Biya? Why he Guterres refusing to disclose his financial links to UN briber CEFC China Energy?"
@antonioguterres @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @VOANews Banned Inner City Press asked: Answer in light of subsequent take-down Inner City Press' question a week ago: what is the response of Guterres to the use of the UN name to market fraudulent coins, involving known but not acted on UN money launderer Carlos Garcia?
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Today we went to CID to see how the reform progresses. We started the visit by meeting with cheif of the department and other senior police commissioners.
We have exchanged with them the challenges that stands; the service quality, bribe inducement, and other problems.
Then we went to see how services are delievered to the public.

A new offices, with air conditioners. Officers working with computers and good place for the reception and waiting is the new the package of the CID.
Cafeteria with tea and snacks is also available.
After we finished with them, we went out and then interacted with people. We ask them the service statisfaction, bribe prevalance.
They were very positive about the service and the managment.
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During the Middle Ages, #Barawe and its surrounding area was part of the Ajuran Empire.
From his experiences during the Ming treasure voyages in the early 15th century, the Chinese mariner Fei Xin characterized the people of Barawa as pure & honest.

#TourCaatoAh #Somalia
In 1506, the Battle of Barawa began after the Portuguese Empire decided to invade & capture the wealthy Somali harbour city. The powerful commander who led the Portuguese army was Tristão da Cunha who he set his eyes on the Ajuran territory, where the battle of Barawa was fought.
After a long period of engagement, the Portuguese soldiers burned the city and looted it. However, fierce resistance by the local population & soldiers resulted in the failure ofthe Portuguese to permanently occupy the city & eventually the Portuguese were defeated by the Somalis
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1/4 Background of the Somali Partnership Forum:

Representatives from 58 countries & 6 INGOs gathered in Brussels on the 16th and 17th of July 2018 to participate in the 2nd Somalia Partnership Forum(SPF), following the successful in SPF in Mogadishu on the 5th of December 2017.
2/4 The Brussels meeting focused on the Horn of Africa countries security stabilisation, political development, economic recovery and humanitarian issues with regards to Somalia.
3/4 The #SPF2019 is happening now in #Mogadishu. Over 46 delegations taking part and the main focus areas for this year include:

1. Economic reform
2. Security & justice reform
3. Inclusive politics
4. Social development
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“We Heard It Coming”: #US Lethal Operations In #Somalia

#Drones #Raids

Co-authored w/ @Abdinordahir

Basic findings:

* Research uncovered 3 cases that occurred between JAN 2019 & MAR 2019 -> carried out by #drones & #counterterrorism (joint) #raids -> Lower Shebelle region

• Killed: 21 civilian (appx./ testimony)
• Injured: 2 others
• AFRICOM/ US acknowledged 2 of 3 case incidences & claimed that *no civilians were killed*

• 3rd case was not acknowledged, after formally requesting info.
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1. Hilo informativo [muy largo] sobre una #inmigración masiva cuyos efectos están afectando especialmente a #Europa.

Hay informaciones que considero esenciales para comprender la dimensión del fenómeno y algunos de sus efectos.

Empiezo. 👇🏻

2. Tras caer la URSS en 1989, la desestabilización de África causó la caída de aquellos regímenes que eran sostenidos o recibían influencia de uno de los dos bloques hegemónicos: Estados Unidos o la URSS.
3. Es precisamente en ese propicio --y anárquico--  vacío donde florecieron la delincuencia, primero, y el #yihadismo terrorista más adelante.
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"IC & #UN watch while Mr. Farmajo is weaponizing international aid when political disagreements surface. How else can one evaluate the unilateral decision of Farmajo suspending all projects and aid, including food aid to the IDPs in #Jubbaland." #Somalia…
On #Somaliand Vs #Jubbaland treatment "Decisions pertaining to Somaliland are done by IC & as such it is untouchable by #VillaSomalia. Otherwise, given his narrow approach to Somali politics, Mr. Farmajo would have vindictively punished Somaliland harsher than he did Jubbaland."
"Current stalemate is crisis of sovereignty & autonomy of member states. Mr. Farmajo is inadvertently weakening the sovereignty of #Somalia by provoking citizens to take extreme measures. If this provocation continues the elasticity of the nation’s sovereign status will shrink"
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#Somalia under Farmaajo is moving closer and closer to loose confederation at best, #Yugoslavia-style split of the nation at worst!! It seems N&N are totally opposed to the very idea of federalism and prefer a return to the dictatorship days! Nostalgia for doomed days is madness!
30 years of brutal civil war, recurring droughts/famine, serious corruption, high levels of unemployment, and short sighted/very selfish politicians - with no solution in sight is pushing some of us to consider the unimaginable: to save Somalis #Somalia might have to be split-up!
Last December I worked on a 'resilience' research in #Kismayo, #Baidoa, and #Beledweyn. My team and I interviewed nearly 500 people in these cities on how they cope with displacement, conflict, climate change. The answers were heartbreaking! Their living conditions traumatizing!!
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UN noon briefing starts with Dujarric commenting on the foot pad he added to podium where, he says, he stands 15 minutes a day. Banned Inner City Press this morning submitted Qs on #Somalia, HK, #Cameroon, DRC, application to cover UNGA week, etc - thread
@MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @AdamShawNY @silas_atefor Dujarric makes "personnel announcement" about UN Pension Fund. Banned Inner City Press is one of very few media that has covered the scandals there, for example:…
@MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @AdamShawNY @silas_atefor This morning banned Inner City Press asked @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric, still without answer: what is the SG's comment and action if any on that the #Somalia govt has accused the #Kenya military of destroying mobile phone masts in the south of the country?
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Who is Jubbland's ruthless security minister Abdi Rashid Janan or Indho Korey:

- Former Al Itihad Al Islamiyah military official

- Former warlord based in Gedo region

- Worked with the TPLF and Abdi Iley forces to carry out attacks against his rival clans
- Rose to power when Ahmed Madowe appointed him as JL security minister

- His loyal security forces or militia are mainly from his sub-clan

- Used divide and rule formula to dominate politics in Gedo region

- Created hatred amongst clans in Gedo region
- Killed, detained, tortured, and deported all his political rivals in Gedo region

- He is also the right hand of Jubbland's brutal dictator and former terrorist Ahmed Madowe

@M_Farmaajo and @HassanAKhaire MUST arrest this guy ASAP.
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Thread. #Jubaland.

Ahmed Madobe finally gets re-elected despite procedural loopholes;

Abdirashid Hidig also elected by the rival camp through a "mock" election process;

The region remains to be largely divided by the influence of imported politics + regional interests. 1/6.
The fact that any armed conflict was avoided is itself a good development, hopefully every camp will comply

The ball now rests in the court of IC; Somali stakeholders failed to compromise again. History has it that pressure on them will work best in such times. 2/6.
FGS ought to come out of its mute mode & directly engage with the JL admin. Petty calculations based on the 2021 elections anxiety will just tarnish their image both in the region & globally

FGS should also avoid taking sides & character assassinations, at least now. 3/6.
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#Hadalhaynta [ Analysis Thread 👇] Sarakiisha Ethiopian ka ee ay isticmaaleen @M_Farmaajo & Fahad Yasin si ay cadaadiyaan Axmed Madobe ayaa ku guuldaraystay in ay wax ka badalaan aragtidiisa, balse waxaan halka ku iftiiminaynaa warbixinta dahsoon ee ku gadaaman saraakiishan. 1/8
#Hadalhaynta Saraakiishan ka tirsan sirdoonka #Ethiopia waxaa heshiis kula jira Fahad Yasiin oo maalinti Eid Al-Adxa u dhoofay Addis Ababa si uu uga soo kexeeyo ayna u cadaadiyaan Axmed Madobe, ujeedkooda ayaa ahaa cadaadis siyaasadeed & mid dagaal inay ku qaadaan Madoobe. 2/8
#Hadalhaynta Horay waxay ugu guulaysteen in ay ka joojiyaan Shariif Sakiin inuu is sharxo, sidoo kale waxay dagaal dhiig badan ku daatay ku soo xireen Mukhtar Robow oo ahaa musharax KG, waxayna lacag hormaris ahaan u qaateen $500,000 qaybti kale waxaa geeyay Abdulahi Kulane. 3/8
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I met young business man in Mogadishu who gave me insight on how Alshabab extort money from business community.
He showed me text message in which he was sent by the Waliya of Banadir region. In the message, he was asked to come to Mubarka village of lower Shebelle.
To go Mubark you can have 2 option: You go by yourself or they sent you car which you rent it $70. The car will collect you whereever you are in Mogadishu.

He said you pass through many checkpoints along the way manned by the government. But usally no one ask you a question.
When you arrive at Mubarak Village, there is a hotels with price of $4 per night. There, you will be asked to disclose the value of your business. If you lie, they will show you their information about your business. Particualry if you import they will show your bill of lading.
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Big news from the latest @UN report on #ISIS/#alQaida was ISIS' rebuild strategy and that much of it is being directed by Abu Bakr al-#Baghdadi out of Iraq

But there are a number of other interesting observations in the report...
On #alQaida, the @UN intelligence suggests the group although the health of AQ leader Ayman al-Zawahiri & AQ's succession plan "are in doubt"
The @UN report also concludes #alQaida-aligned groups "are stronger than their #ISIL [#ISIS] counterparts in #Idlib, #Syria|n Arab Republic, #Yemen, #Somalia and much of West #Africa"
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BREAKING: Explosion reported at Mogadishu Mayor’s office, casualties reported. More to follow.
BREAKING: Mayor of Mogadishu Abdirahman Omar Osman injured in explosion in his office, he is being evacuated to a hospital, officials. Early reports indicate an explosion occurred inside the HQs of Mogadishu.
BREAKING: Suspected suicide bombing at Mogadishu Mayor’s office. Several Mogadishu administration officials killed, Mayor of the city Abdirahman Omar Osman seriously injured - officials
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I have a personal story I wanna share on why its so hard to give up on the country that's taken so many lives. Many years ago, I was working in Kismayo. As part of my job, I had security detail, 1 of the guards became my bestfriend. One day i decided to sneak off into the market
Without his escort. I wanted to experience the city as is, and not cloaked in privilege. I walked around, took in the sights. After an hour, i saw a security vehicle, and my friend jumped out. He screamed at me, livid, called me reckless, naive for leaving without him
Im a very sensitive person, so i remember crying in the back of the car because he yelled at me, and i felt guilty. What he told me next has transformed my life, and keeps me up at night, sometimes in tears.
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#Thread 👇

#Puntland region of Somalia is the only entity that demands establishment of clan borders in the Horn of Africa.

#Somaliland, #Ethiopia, #Djibouti and even #Somalia reject ethnic borders, so why does PL insist?

The answer lies in #Puntland's demographic problem.
It appears that in the absence of reliable census data post the Somali civil war, #Puntland has managed to successfully inflate their population figures in published estimates by various orgs.

In reality, this region has always been the most sparsely inhabited area in the horn..
For starters, the region we refer to as #Puntland today was historically known as #Majeerteenia pre and immediately post the union of #Somaliland and #Somalia.
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Thread: I’ve developed a passion for photography. Starting to take photos daily to share with my twitter fam🤗
Spent the day on the island of Ilisi near #Kismayo with the local young men who bring fish to our city. Incredible to witness their joy & love for fishing. #Somalia
The island of #Ilisi is an hour away from #Kismayo and only local fishermen live there. It’s so clean & breathtaking. A perfect place for a day swim with the family. #Somalia
The catch of the day is not your ordinary fish, but lobsters 😍
#Ilisi #Kismayo #Somalia
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