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Its 21 October.

One of the darkest epochs in the history of Somali speaking people began on this day.

Lets take this opportunity to look back at the damage to the Somali way of life caused by faqash and their kacaan.

#Somaliland #Somalia #Djibouti

The Kacaan's economic performance was abysmal, records show it lagged behind sub-saharan Africa for its entire reign.

In theory, the Somali Republic's economy should have performed A LOT better, after all, it was the largest aid recipient in Africa!

It didnt.

According to the World Bank, the Somali Republic under Afweyne's Kacaan was one of the least developed countries in the world.

Per Capita GDP = $170 (lowest in Africa)
Life expectancy = 46 years (!)
Infant mortality = 130/1000 (!)
Primary school enrolment = <10%
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#ISIS has released the anticipated audio recording featuring its top spokesman Abu Hamza al-Qurashi, titled, “So Narrate [to them] Stories [of the past] so Perhaps They Will Reflect.”
Abu Hamza criticizes Islamic scholars who “misguide” people and preach against #ISIS, saying that they’ll “regret” supporting “tyrants” while they condemn the mujahideen. Typical stuff here.
Abu Hamza condemns the recent peace accords between Israel and UAE and Bahrain, as well as Saudi Arabia opening air space, refuting old conspiracies about #ISIS being a creation of Israel.
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@GI_TOC issued a detailed statement earlier today in response to Amal Express's claims (attached below). But in my personal capacity as the author of the report, I will respond here with some additional thoughts.

(1/14) Image
In its 9 October 2020 press release, Amal Express disputed the authenticity of an October 2019 remittance receipt published in my report. The receipt detailed the transfer of $19,500 by an arms dealer in Bosaso to an individual under US Treasury (OFAC) sanction. (2/14)
Amal's statement contained several inaccuracies, but the most personally damaging was the claim that I had ignored evidence the company had presented to me proving this remittance slip to be a "forgery." (3/14)
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Politikal Islam in #Somalia! Aniga & Rabigeena baa rabtaan inaad na dhexgashaan. Diintaad shaqo ka raadsateen, ka xigsataan, shacabkaad rabtaan inaad u talisaan. Isbaarasho Aakhiro baa u danleydihiin, dadkaad ku dhex noolshihiina Horumorkooda aad hor istaagtaan. Munaafiqiin?!🥱
Qof baa Tan akhrinaya markaas bu wax Xun tuhmayaa, asagoo is weydiin maxaa hadalkaas iga keenay, asagana Muuminimo bu iskutuhunsan yahay. Munaafiqii baa batay, qof walboo diinta baro, ha yeelin inaad qof kale kuu fahmo diintaada, o aad aakhiradaada ku Aaminto. #Somalia #Mogadishu
Qof nool baa kaa dhaadhiciyay, waxuu ilaahey i faray waan fuliyaa (Haq & Sunno), haddii aan kuu duceeyo oo qoraan kuugu akhriyo caafimaad baa heleysaa (Mushaakir). Ilaahay amerkiis Daawo baa taal cudurkaas daaweysa.
Marinhabaabin Diimeyd. 🥱#Somalia #Mogadishu #Puntland #Galmudug
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When emergencies occur, coordination is necessary.

Within the framework of the Global Humanitarian Response Plan, the Health Cluster, led by WHO, protects the most vulnerable from the #COVID19 pandemic & guides the response.

In the Kutupalong refugee camp in #Bangladesh 🇧🇩 @ReliefIntl provides high-quality healthcare to the #Rohingya & their host communities. To allow lifesaving assistance during #COVID19 a treatment center was set up & over 200 👨🏾‍⚕️👩🏾‍⚕️ staff were trained

In Iraq 🇮🇶 @MercyHands supports the #COVID19 response by training widows & other vulnerable 🧕🏾 to make face masks. 48,000 😷 were produced & distributed to internally displaced people living in camp settings

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#AFRICOM may soon have the authority to conduct airstrikes in #Kenya. Significant news from @EricSchmittNYT and @charlie_savage. In #Somalia, al-Shabaab has grown more powerful as US airstrikes have spiked.…
The article notes that Kenyan authorities have to assent before a strike. Strikes in #Somalia are also carried out "in partnership" with the government, but issues include politicized intelligence and power imbalances.
Here's some of my reporting from over the last 18 months on US strikes in Somalia :…
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Russian Diplomacy, September 11:
Putin's MENA envoy Bogdanov conducted a Foreign Ministry discussion on importance of Arab-Israeli settlement and solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict for Russian interests, including unifying all Palestinian factions and holding regular pan-Palestinian meetings in Russia Image
#Hamas' Mousa Abu Marzook called Bogdanov to discuss Palestinian unity efforts and the potential for holding pan-Palestinian meeting in Russia alongside bilateral contacts. Image
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Conman, oil man, cheap man. Mr 7 Minutes, walaadan soo noqon. Put that in your fake wadani heart, while you try to sell #Somalia oil to the lowest tuugo cadaan bidders, while taking advantage of a traumatised people oo iska kaa aaminey! Greedy lowlife in expensive suit!!! #Kheyre
We thank Fahad and Farmaajo for removing you, the universe used them to get rid of you. Now is their term to be gotten rid of, before they kill the remaining residents of #Mogadishu and the whole country. No more brutal and khiyaano aan iska ogolaaneyno. Waa la soo toosey!!
Farmaajo and Fahad can try all their tricks, ma waari doonaan. Qarax, xasuuq, jidad la xiro, been iyo khiyaano, saxaafadihii oo lala dagaalamey, iyo in weligeen aan isjiidjiidno - cunto la'aan iyo fatahaadna ay nagu soo bateen. ENOUGH. 30 sanadood ayaan halaag ku jirney, ENOUGH.
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#ISIS #alQaida - "#Africa is providing them that venue, that safe haven where they can establish themselves" @USSOCOM #Africa Commander MajGen Dagvin Anderson tells @AEI
"We see Islamic State core really needing these affiliates" in #Africa, per @USSOCOM #Africa's MajGen Anderson, adding #alQaida in Africa is even more dangerous, learning from the mistakes #ISIS made in #Iraq #Syria

"They stay below that threshold"
#alShabaab "has become more aligned w/#alQaida...more responsive" per @USSOCOM #Africa's MajGen Anderson
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>37 million people have
fled their homes in the eight most violent wars the U.S. military has launched or participated in since 2001…
#peace #EndWar #GlobalWarOnTerror #GWOT #NatSec #HumanRights
#USA has fought in >=24 countries since 2001

Sources cited:……
Conditions in #Yemen are so bad people can't even leave the country…
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NEW: US making "limited progress" in degrading #ISIS #alQaida in #Africa, per @DoD_IG report

"In East Africa, #alShabaab moved freely & launched attacks in #Somalia & #Kenya...In the #Sahel & LakeChad regions, violence continued at high levels & expanded to new territories"
"In North #Africa, ISIS-#Libya resumed small-scale attacks in the southern desert region of #Libya" per @DoD_IG Sean O'Donnell "The ongoing civil war...intensified as more foreign fighters and mercenaries deployed to Libya to fight on both sides of the conflict"
MORE: Spread of #COVID19 across #Africa "did not appear to slow VEO (violent extremist organizations) activity" per @DoD_IG O'Donnell "The pandemic exacerbated many of the underlying conditions that foster VEO growth, including economic and food insecurity"

#Africa #terrorism
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Federal MP, Idiris Taktar:
- Muktar Robow’s son, brother and others killed by Shebab
- left Shabab 8 years ago, his militias battling Shebab now
- in jail for two years without due process of law,
UK started stipends for soldiers after 8 months hiatus…
- Close relative jailed in Mogadishu and was asked to pay for his release, hostage situation prevailing in Mogadishu.
- One major clan family, referring to Hawiye, has 65 of all SNA commanders, another, referring to Darod, has 35, and his group, Digil and Mirifle, has only 1.
The MP is right if his reported distribution of commanders is accurate; 4.5 formula is generally used to distribute federal government posts; the MP can get 10 MPs from his group and submit a motion and then call relevant entities for questioning. Let him use his powers. #Somalia
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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.…
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@SomPundit The secularism Gov. is the idea of founding father Atta Türk & not an idea from EU, he wanted his Türkey to modernize. It's not as easy as you explained the case and the gas findings in the sea can lead to war btw 2 NATO nations, that's why the EU is so involved. #Somalia #Xamar
@SomPundit Whether Europe or the Arab region, Turkey is increasingly isolating itself in all directions in terms of foreign policy. D Gov. speaks of a "precious loneliness" - a precious & thus self-chosen loneliness. On d outside, however, Erdogan seems rather helpless🤷🏿‍♂️ #Somalia #Mogadishu
@SomPundit Everything that happens on earth, let Allah happen. What has Erdogen changed about Islam in Turkey, other than repealing discriminatory laws against hijab etc.? Whatever you can do in Paris, you can do in Istanbul. Legally, Turkey is still a secular democratic state.🤔 #Somalia
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Somalia faces two demanding tasks: that of fighting insurgency, Shebab, and that of building federated state, where power is shared and all armed actors are unified under accountable system: defeats Shebab or forces them jump-start the political process.…
Dialogue and iterative agreements was needed to formally integrate all armed forces, both regional and federal forces, to secure the country ( UN & World Bank, 2017). Dialogue was rare in Somalia, leading inability of Somalis to assume the responsibility of their security.
Due to lack of political willingness to agree on iterative manner to formalize power and security under public payroll, allows armed conflicts to continue, in addition to other security challenges, such as crime, clan violence, corruption and inter-clan rivalry. #Somalia
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