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Vor einigen Jahren noch war klar, dass #Transfrauen transsexuell sind (F64.0). Sie taten alles, um anerkannt zu werden. Ihnen Perversion oder böse Hintergedanken zu unterstellen, hatte nichts mit der Realität zu tun. Viele Frauen- und Homo-Gruppen haben sie aufgenommen. 1/
Es gab natürlich auch unterschwellig bis unverblümt Äußerungen, dass TS nicht 100% als Frauen gesehen wurden, auch wenn sie sich das sehr wünschten. Sie blieben #Trans-Frauen. Das tat oft weh, z. B. auch wenn es um Liebe ging. 2/
Viele #Trans-Frauen litten darunter, wenn Männer sich nur für Sex mit einem Körper im Zwischenstatus (Brüste+Penis) interessierten, jedoch nicht für sie als Person. Hinzu kam das Unbehagen mit dem eigenen Körper, welches die Angst vor Ablehnung durch andere noch übertraf. 3/
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Le twitter-graph de @genefutures ! #GrapheEcologie

C'est une tentative d'analyse d'un compte Twitter sous forme spatiale et graphique, via ces followers.

Je ne connais pas de quoi le compte parle, mais les followers me le diront.

HD, explications et analyse dans le thread⬇️
Si vous êtes pressés et que vous voulez allez vous même fouiller dans la version HD du graphe, il est dispo sur ce lien:…

Sinon, on va l'expliquer et le regarder ensemble en dessous
L'analyse de ce graphe a été fait en partie grace aux indications de @Florielvm, qui a pu me faire une breve présentation de "qui est qui", connaissant bien le milieu "Ecologisme associatif et politique".
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Australian Judges to now oversee #transgender #teen treatment is a positive step forward and welcomed in order to safeguard children who are unable to give full #gillick #informedconsent…
Thank you @KLBfax for your #bravery and standing up for vulnerable children who deserve #safeguarding, should have been given full #gillick informed consent and should have had their immature prefrontal cortex, as a consequence of child development, taken into consideration
This decision supports the UK, Finland, and Sweden in an international shift towards caution for #children and safest ethical medical practice. The Australian #gender clinic remains unidentified at the moment
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You learn something new everyday !! Meet #ghrelin .. the hormone secreted by our stomachs that control our Appetite & Hunger !! .. 1/n…
In fact, studies have been made to see correlation of #COVID19 & #ghrelin .. Hormone was measured using ELISA technique.. 2/n…
Conclusion was, there was no correlating, from a student t test ..
between #ghrelin hormone levels & patients having #COVID19 or not having..
[Caveat: sample size is small, n=50 for this positive & n=30 for control group who are negative] .. 3/n…
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9 causes of low sperm count/quality you should know

1. Infections
2. Varicocele
3. Heat & Stress
4. Drugs
5. Being too fat
6. Hormones
7. Other medical issues
8. Alcohol & smoking
9. Chemicals

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Low sperm count or #oligospermia means the semen a man ejaculates during an orgasm contains fewer sperm than normal. Medically, it means having less than 15 million sperm in 1ml of your semen.

If there's no sperm at all in your semen, it is called #azoospermia.
Having low sperm count significantly lowers your chances of being able to impregnate a woman.

Many families have been torn apart because of the resulting infertility.

Unfortunately, in some cases, people erroneously think the cause of the infertility is the woman.
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@SimonoffBob @Hawknest24 Hey! Check this out 👉 This paper proposes mechanisms by which #PMS may be part of a broader set of #infectious illnesses that are exacerbated by cyclic changes in immunosuppression, which are induced by cyclic changes in estrogen and progesterone:… Image
@SimonoffBob @Hawknest24 Our own team’s work has focused greatly on how nuclear receptors that control #hormone expression (like alpha-thyroid, VDR etc) also express key genes associated with the human immune response + innate immunity towards infection:… ImageImage
@SimonoffBob @Hawknest24 Here we show that VDR receptor expression changes during the #menstrual cycle - especially in the cycling endometrium 👉 That, in turn, alters how innate immune peptides under VDR control allow a woman’s body to manage infection/microbiome dysbiosis:…
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I see many 13-14 year old boys and girls brought to clinic with a bunch of reports of hormonal levels.

In a free market like india it is possible to walk into a lab and have as many tests as you can pay for without any prescription from dr.
Parents (sometimes their family doctors) get these tests done in a quest to find explanation for these adolescents "changed" behavior.
These behaviours are -
1. Staying up late and struggle to get up in the morning.
2. Irritable mood
3. Desire to stay away from immediate and extended family
4. More connect with friends
5. Food dada
6. Laziness like their body is suddenly filled with lead.(they become Helium with phonecall from a friend)
7. General shabbiness of room and hygiene
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We are live at the First Live Surgery Training for #Gender Affirmation Procedures in the United States. Dean Dennis Charney and Dr. David L. Reich welcome attendees to the course.
"Primary care is so important for everyone to make sure we address all the needs." - Howard Zucker, Commissioner of Health for New York State
Dr. David L. Reich discusses how our doctors worked to put together a program that would address the basic information that every surgeon should know about transgender surgery.
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