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Anxiety affects 264 million people worldwide. Read this thread to discover how an executive director overcame social anxiety and depression, earning two graduate degrees and traveling to over 50 countries.
Learn to deal with anxiety effectively and live a fulfilling life. #MentalHealthAwareness #OvercomingAnxiety #AnxietyDisorders
📈 40 million Americans (18.1% of the population) suffer from anxiety disorders each year. #anxietyawareness #mentalhealth
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Let's explore Macbeth as tragic hero. A thread 👇
Macbeth fits the definition of a tragic hero outlined by Aristotle in his work 'Poetics.' He starts as highly renowned, but a single tragic flaw - in this case, ambition - leads to his downfall. #Macbeth #TragicHero
Other characters initially praise Macbeth's nobility and bravery. However, upon meeting the witches and hearing their prophecy, Macbeth's ambition is awakened, setting the stage for his tragic journey. #CharacterAnalysis
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Watched @theblackpanther tonight. And you know what? This movie is about our #RussianUkrainianWar. And #UkraineIsWakanda. And here is why.

Danger: 🧵 :)

🎨: Olivia Odiwe
#Wakanda = #Ukraine.
We appeared to be stronger and more developed than the whole world expected.
And yes, we also fight pretty well.
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1/🧵🎥 REFLECTION on Fear & Love – what connects 9/11 & #COVID19?
On #Sept11, 2,996 died. 412 were 1st responders running INTO danger.


WHY did they do this? Listen to my patient Col. Correa👇

HINT: it was NOT religion, politics, or patriotism.
2/ When someone around us needs help, the only universally unifying response is #LOVE.

Wells of love (see pics 👇) must be what we drawn on to achieve success in serving others, whether on 9/11 or in this #Pandemic.
Pics by Robert Mecea & @marklennihan
3/🎥 I cared for 9/11 hero Colonel Victor Correa as he died in our @VA hospital years later. His story is told in #EveryDeepDrawnBreath. He carried men out of the Pentagon saving lives. Watch more of his testimonial…
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Australian Judges to now oversee #transgender #teen treatment is a positive step forward and welcomed in order to safeguard children who are unable to give full #gillick #informedconsent…
Thank you @KLBfax for your #bravery and standing up for vulnerable children who deserve #safeguarding, should have been given full #gillick informed consent and should have had their immature prefrontal cortex, as a consequence of child development, taken into consideration
This decision supports the UK, Finland, and Sweden in an international shift towards caution for #children and safest ethical medical practice. The Australian #gender clinic remains unidentified at the moment
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1/4) In 75 BC, a band of pirates captured a young Roman nobleman who was on his way to study in Rhodes. From the start the 25-year-old Julius Caesar refused to behave like a captive. When the pirates told him that they had set his ransom at the sum of 20 talents of silver...
2/4) ..he laughed at them for not knowing who it was they had captured and demanded they raise his ransom to 50 talents! Settling in to wait for the ransom to arrive, Caesar bossed the pirates around, made them listen to his speeches and shushed them whenever he wanted to sleep..
3/4) ..always addressing the pirates as if he were their commander and they were his subordinates. In the 38 days it took for the ransom to arrive, Caesar would often tell his captors that after his release he would return and crucify them all - at which they would merely laugh..
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#ChinarCorpsCdr, DGP @JmuKmr & all ranks pay homage to Gdr Prashant Singh & Gdr Ravi Kumar Singh. The gallant warriors made #SupremeSacrifice at Kreeri, Baramulla on 17 Aug 20.
@LestWeForgetIN @sikka_harinder @AshokShrivasta6 @CestMoiz Image
Rich tribute were also paid to Hav Rajendra Singh of 11 GARH RIF who made #SupremeSacrifice in the line of duty at Rampur Sector on 08 Jan 2020. The body could not be recovered earlier due to inclement weather
#Kashmir #IndianArmy

@gauravcsawant @neeraj_rajput Image
Mortal remains of bravehearts being taken to their native places where family members await the arrival of their beloved with pride & honour as they laid down their lives in line of duty as per the traditions of #IndianArmy
@CestMoiz ImageImage
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Welcome back to day two of the tour of Salisbury Plain. I have been an archaeologist for MOD on Salisbury Plain for over 15 years now. We’ll see some highlights but please do tweet your own photos, drawings, films, links and objects that this prompts #SPTAarchaeology
Today we are on the Centre of the Plain – Complete with Artillery impact area and World Heritage site (though the stones aren’t ours!). These were some of the 1st purchases thus on the 1906 map. There are Boer War trenches here and the maps also note archaeology #SPTAarchaeology
We Start from Westdown Camp again and will use the modern military map to guide us round. When you see a Number in brackets such as [1] this refers to a stop marked on the map. Lets go! #SPTAarchaeology
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Isidore Desjarlais is a homegrown hero. This past November, he saved the life of a young man named Wayne Herman who had fallen through the ice on a lake. (1/3) Image
When Isidore heard Wayne’s cries for help, he acted immediately, sliding a ladder out for Wayne to grab hold of & pulling him to safety.

Not only is Isidore a hero, he’s also a village councillor in Buffalo Narrows who is dedicated to serving the people of his community. (2/3)
I’m proud to know him, and we’re nominating him for a Governor General’s Award for his bravery and service in building stronger communities. #skpoli #bravery #excellence
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1. Since hundreds were killed by the #Paris #terrorist attackers at #CharlieHebdo in Jan/2015: at the #Bataclan #concerthall and the #StadedeFrance in #Paris# in Nov/2015 and on la #PromenadedesAnglais in Nice on #BastilleDay 2016, #French #police have been on #alert 24/7.
2. Each #police #investigation leads to more and more potential #suspects and those with links to #suspects being placed on #terroristwatchlists. In addition, #France has a high number of returning #radicalized fighters returning from #Iraq and #Syria and presenting real risks.
3. Consequently, #France's #terroristwatchlist reportedly grown to15,000+ names. We can't expect #French police and #anti-terrorist teams to monitor thousands of people 24/7. The best we can hope for is #citizen and #police #bravery combined as well as some luck.
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