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Donald Trump Trump has secured 30 MILLION #hydroxychloriquine Pills from India ❗️❗️💥 APRIL

Fauci "Attack me and you are attacking Science" 🤦‍♀️
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The story of #hydroxychloriquine .. we are all familiar, those who had been tracking #COVID19 from Feb 2020.. till now..
BUT I'm going telling to you, there's another side to this story, which ultimately shows #HydroxycholoroquineWorks !! cc @raoult_didier…
It all started from Raoult's study as detailed below.. 3 groups;
Group 1: 14 Px given HCQ or #hydroxychloriquine ,
Group 2: 6 Px given HCQ + #azithromycin
Group 3: "control group" of 16 from other hospital; no new Rx or refused.. 1/n… Image
Then rationale of not having usual RCT (Random Controlled Test) .. coz to Raoult, it's morally NOT right to withhold a possible effectice treatment to deadly disease.. Remember, all this would be in Mac/Apr of 2020 in Europe.. hotbed of #COVID19 .. 2/n… Image
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Latest data from SMS hospital, #Jaipur stated #HydroxyChloroquine was given in ~4300 healthcare workers as prophylaxis. Only 45 contracted #COVID19 and got recovered later. #Hydroxychloroquineworks…
SMS hospital #Jaipur has been declared non-COVID hospital on June 1. Before that the hospital has emerged as a role model for #Rajasthan in managing #COVID19.
Continuous attack is going on to discredit the drug since the beginning. So much thankful to our real Physicians who did not lose hope on #hydroxychloriquine an it's efficacy as a prophylaxis. @MsAnaMcCarthy largest data from India on HCQ prophylaxis is out. Take a look.
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[LT] A 17 h suivez en direct la webconférence "VIH et COVID-19 : Avancées et Incertitudes" avec Dr Jade Ghosn (Paris), Dr Gilles Peytavin (Paris), Pr François Raffi (Nantes)
François Raffin introduit la séance en évoquant les nombreuses avancées thérapeutiques. Il n'y a pas de sur-représentation des patients VIH parmi les personnes atteintes par la COVID-19.
Les pistes thérapeutiques sont représentées par les antiviraux mais aussi par les stéroïdes et les interleukines (corrigez moi si je me trompe).
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Jacob Glanville @CurlyJungleJake - one of the stars of Netflix documentary Pandemic may have something to gain from his statement about #hydroxychroloquine on the @DrPhil
James Cannizzaro's account of using #hydroxychloriquine with #COVID19 on the @DrPhil show he had no bad symptoms of the meds that helped him yet 2 doctors did not 100% support the use of the medication even though more an more doctors are coming forward saying it works!
90% of people who are n the hospital are going to recover? Where are u getting your data? #s don't seem to reflect that in new york 1 study n France says meds arent affective what about the American doctors who have came out sayin its affective? #COVID19 @CurlyJungleJake @DrPhil
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The number of accounts who claim #hydroxychloriquine is “a miracle cure voluntarily denied to the people by the establishment“ is staggering.
Quite a few studies tend to show it’s not miraculous tho -and can even be dangerous. Shouldn’t a miraculous cure be, like, always miraculous?
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.@Jim_Jordan two things you can always depend on consistently from the left yes they never let a crisis go to waste and they’ll use anything to attack @realDonaldTrump.
.@Jim_Jordan why won’t @SpeakerPelosi quit criticizing the president and lead by example to bring Congress back to do work for the American people.

@RepLeeZeldin The paycheck protection program is about to run out of 💵 and she looks at it as leverage for her left-wing agenda.
Our civil liberties is under attack but a liberal mayors and governors during this Quarantine. @pnjaban
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#COVID19 Update: State Rep. Karen Whitsett @KayLyme, appearing on @glennbeck show, says she will meet with WH @VP, discusses her treatment for virus with #hydroxychloriquine. She also had some choice words for @GovWhitmer Re: current situation in Detroit. @1320WILS
1) “To have to use your name as a state representative ... to get care, it sickens me, it disgusts me, it’s wrong. “
2) “I can come back to Michigan with some resources for us ... testing kits, PPE ... our jails and prisons are not being tested. Our sheriffs and people who work in the prisons are not getting what they need. They are sick.”
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Quite enjoyed speaking with @CaulfieldTim about the "continuum" of misinformation in the COVID-19 pandemic and the literal life and death implications we're seeing… He says he's never seen anything like it.
the #hydroxychloriquine thing is insane. and it's STILL GOING…
“What do you have to lose? Take it,” the president said on Saturday as he boasted that the US had amassed 29m doses of the drug.…
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USA wants #hydroxychloriquine urgently from India

India Govt in return asked

➡️Unrestricted Access to USA market for its Pharma companies
➡️Lift all bans levied by US FDA
➡️FDA will not harass Indian Pharma companies henceforth

USA accepted all demands in 24 hours
Its a source based info ... source which I can't reveal so you can trust the news as per your perception.

But yes all pharma stocks on fire going up by 10-15% and all do not manufacture #Hydroxychloroquine
Best day for Pharma index since May 2009 . Highest one day rise
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If you tune into @NBCNews on @YouTube you get campaign messaging from #MadKing Trump's regime. America has never been more #socialist, so this must be a great pole poll for poling proletariat patsies.

"Official #socialism approval poll." I approve. What do I win?
Both #Nazi parties of the two-party system have been working furiously to redefine & destroy the concept of #socialism - because in reality, it’s a mandate for #HumanSurvival.

#ReadThisBook by #ManningMarable - “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America.” I studied it in jail.
"Truly blessed" Dumbass Low-Grade Lying Fool (#DLGLF) Pence stated Detroit's Mayor claims they tested 150 "exposed" #FirstResponders and "they're all back in the line of duty." They're just spinning a bunch of nonsense & Trump is playing malevolent moonlighting #FakeGynecologist.
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Starting a series on clinical Pearls I am gathering in #COVID19 patients based on experiences of many experts

Will add as we go along

Feel free to add your own observations/experiences

#covidclinicalpearls /1
Anosmia is likely the most specific #COVID19 related symptom
30% of patients have anosmia as their 1st symptom
#covidclinicalpearls /2
Around 90% of patients have fever.
50% maybe afebrile at the time of presentation
Fever tends to be very resistant to routine measures in hospitalized patients
There is no consensus that NSAIDs are to be avoided in #COVID2019 patients

#covidclinicalpearls /3
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#LockdownZim Diary 📔 To keep myself and the kids sane in these 21 days, we will be looking for Bugs, Pests and Beetle in the garden 🐜 🐛 🕷 #Covid19Zim
Day 1
Scary hairy caterpillars. Almost started WW3 with neighbor becoz they hatch in a large Strangler Tree in my yard! ImageImage
Day 2
She’s a beauty, isn’t she? But could turn out a pest when she molts 😬. There’re lots like that 🤣😜 Image
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