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Mi médico favorito es el Dr John B. Sigue informando de los daños que está causando nuestras amigas 🧨🧨🧨 Image
Hallazgo importante: La #vacunaciónCovid puede inducir autoanticuerpos contra el tipo I interferones:… El sistema inmunológico se ataca a sí mismo. "Se ha vuelto cada vez más evidente que la inmunidad innata es fundamental para la inducción de respuestas
inmunitarias adaptativas específicas del virus [14]. Por lo tanto, las respuestas inmunitarias mediadas por IFN tipo I pueden ser espadas de doble filo para mejorar la eficacia de la vacuna y las respuestas inmunitarias a enfermedades infecciosas agudas, así como acelerar la
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@THL ja sen #KRAR eivät ole nopeuttaneet kolmatta rokotekierrosta vaikka ⁦@valtioneuvosto⁩ on näin pyytänyt. Miksi?

Onko syynä #Lasten_rokotuskokeet? Onko sama syy maskittomiin kouluihin? Maskitonta 👧👦-dataa ei #Pfizer saa kuin Suomesta.…
#Suomi🇫🇮 #LastenMaski_ikäraja on omien tietojeni mukaan kai maailman korkein kesästä 2020. Muualla normaalia on alle 10v. #MaskiEmeriitta-tutkimus 2020 oli 💩, kuten @OHelve uusin, #Tartuntatautilaki ja WHO-rikkovaan Helve & @mapetti kirjelmään. Mikä on #RokoteTutkimusOy osuus?
#Pfizervaccine💉 #Lasten_RokotusTestit🇫🇮 osallistujavaltioiden MASKI_IKÄRAJAT:

-US 2v
-Espanja 3v
-Puola 6v

-Suomi🇫🇮, oli 16v, sittemmin pitkin hampain 12v. Pfizer saa testata maskitta Suomessa 6kk-11v. Koska sopimus on tehty ja ketkä hyötyvät siitä?
#RokoteTutkimusOy & #KRAR
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@ASlavitt , can you get some clarity on a group of people that is small in number regarding #BoosterShots . I'm a #Pfizervaccine trial participant who was vaccinated fully by Sept 2020, and now I'm a booster trial participant. I'm pretty sure I'm in placebo group for booster
trial. I have asthma, hashimotos, and am obese, and if @pfizer doesn't make the decision to unblind #placebo group in #boostertrial when the #BoosterShots will be available, I'm probably going to make the decision on my own to leave the trial. Someone needs to clarify the
situation that the vaccine trial participants are in: we were vaccinated a year ago, and some in that group are like me, almost 58, have asthma, hashimotos and am obese. So, we're MORE at risk if we wait for @pfizer Moderna or @HHSGov to clarify this dilemma. There are only a few
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1/1 A thread offering some reflections on the #SydneyOutbreak of #COVID19 #DeltaVariant and ending the #SydneyLockdown from a #socialmarketing perspective.

First, behaviour is driven by more than individual psychology & trying to motivate people to do ‘the right thing’.
2/14 The socio-cultural & structural environment also shape people’s behaviour 🙄 Yet, this receives less attention in policy & health behaviour change efforts. This is where a Strategic Social Marketing can come in.…
3/14 Social marketing uses #marketing & #SocialSciences principles to encourage health #behaviourchange. And it has been used before to tackle pandemics 🤔…
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देशातील #COVID19 परिस्थितीसंदर्भात @MoHFW_INDIA ने केलेली कृती, तयारी आणि अद्ययावत माहिती यासंबंधी पत्रकारपरिषद.

वेळ- 4.00 वाजता

पाहा पीआयबी युट्यूबवर-

#Unite2FightCorona @PIBMumbai
दैनंदिन रुग्णसंख्येत सातत्याने घट

14 मे- 3,43,144

29 जून- 37,566

मे महिन्यात नोंदवलेल्या सर्वोच्च रुग्णसंख्येच्या तुलनेत दैनंदिन रुग्णसंख्येत सुमारे 91% नी घट.

27 जून रोजी संपलेल्या आठवड्यात दिसून येते की, 100 पेक्षा अधिक रुग्णसंख्या नोंदवलेल्या जिल्ह्यांची संख्या 111 एवढी आहे.

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On our way to Twickenham Stadium to get vaccinated 🥰

Anyone over 18 who can get there by 19:30 today can get a first jab!

I hate needles but it’s important to get vaccinated - make sure you get it at your first opportunity to! 🙌💉 #PfizerVaccine #twickenham #Vaccine
Streams of young people in the train station and all the way to the stadium. Don’t let anyone shift the blame to our generation - we’ll get it when we’re offered it!
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@RahulGandhi We are in receipt of your letter and appreciate that you expect a reply from @narendramodi . Dont you think your mom is seeking attn to trouble @PMOIndia to reply to your ill thought. Never mind let us take half an hour to reply.
1. #CoronaVaccine @PMOIndia is doing
Best to procure #Spuntik sans Chinese medicine as this is causing lot of post health issue but before that Did Gandy Vadra took medicine? #Covishield #Cowaxin #DRDO MEDICINE will reach target of 10 Cr PM wef Sep 2021. Then we can export also
2. #CoronaVaccination drive is on
3. You need to learn to expect a reply on Point No 3
4. @RahulGandhi please update your mom that @narendramodi has enough budget and they are buying medicine. Perhaps she need Signing Authority to transfer funds to RGF
5. #CentralVistaProject you need to study eco to expect reply
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Dnes se vydáme do hlubin hlášení nežádoucích účinků a posvítíme si na vakcíny. 🔦
Bude to dlouhý, ale doufám, že to bude stát za to.
Pojďme od začátku:
💊Hlášení PODEZŘENÍ na nežádoucí účinky (NÚ) léků jsou důležitým zdrojem informací o lécích po jejich uvedení na trh.
💊Hlásit mohou pacienti, nebo zdravotníci, přičemž zdravotníci některé NÚ (závažné/neočekávané) musí hlásit povinně
💊Hlásit se dá zejména u výrobce léku, nebo u národní lékové agentury - pro ČR @SUKLcz vyplněním formuláře (obrázek)…
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As an add-on to my thread explaining why regulators are unlikely to detect an increase in the risk of blood clots generally due to the #AstraZenecaVaccine (annotated 100% with #JurassicPark GIFs!) I present:

Hang on a minute, *does* AZ increase overall clot risk??

The previous thread outlined how the analysis done by #EMA and #MHRA to detect an increase in the incidence of #BloodClots after AZ was crap because they forgot they were dealing with vaccine reporting (reports filed *if* someone suspects vax link) and…
*not* a clinical trial where participants are monitored and all health issues are reported

So they ended up comparing a huge baseline rate to the tiny number of clots that actually got reported to them and now they think the AZ vaccine reduces the risk of blood clots by 98%
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Es hora de ir tomando nota para la próxima pandemia

Things to be learnt from COVID pandemic to prevent the next one

Thanks @HelenBranswell…
La actividad inmune humoral frente a #SARS_CoV_2 en pacientes con nefropatía sigue con muchas sombras.

Según este estudio, en pacientes con ERC, HD o traspl.renales,

✅Acl.viral ⬆️
✅Generación de Acs

❌⬇️ N
❌Grupos heterog.… ImageImage
💥💥 Preprint

UNA sola dosis de #AZvaccine o #PfizerVaccine se tradujo en ⬆️⬆️ títulos de Acs hasta 10 sem. después, incluyendo mayores.

Más datos a favor de la estrategia de UK de vacunar al mayor n° posible

👉… ImageImage
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Thread on MSM reports of premature deaths & serious injury/illness caused by #covidvaccines.

Hashtag #CovidVaccineVictims

How big is the iceberg beneath the tragic stories that hit the headlines?

Join #FreedomAlliance in our fight for medical freedom.…
BBC presenter Lisa Shaw "developed severe headaches a week after receiving her #astrazenecavaccine and fell seriously ill a few days later.
She was treated...for blood clots and bleeding in her head."
She died last Friday.

17 year old "started complaining of severe chest pain three days after his second dose. It worsened on the fourth day...they ran blood work and did an X-ray and discovered he had pericarditis"(inflammation of lining outside the heart).
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#primarycare teams are being asked about the effectiveness and risks of the different #CovidVaccine

Here is some helpful information, all in one place.

@NikkiKF @SonaliKinra @DrUrsulaM @KirenCollison @PrimaryCareNHS @rcgp @LondonwideLMCs @BMA_GP

How effective is the #PfizerVaccine? What information do people want to know?


How effective is the #AstraZeneca vaccine?


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1.@wkamaubell @drdrew Unlike you I don’t have a @KeckMedUSC #MD but I’ve known that #Vaccines are needed to travel internationally since I was 4. In 1959 my father had several vaccines. These left scars which were noticeable until he died in 2009. I don’t have the records for...
2. these but I know how the #SalazarDictatorship worked. I’m sure that my father had to provide his vaccine records to leave #Portugal to go work in #Angola. His scars weren't enough proof. I’ve known about the #InternationalCertificateOfVaccination since I was 8 bc......
3. my parents, sister & I were each issued 1 to proof that we had gotten the #SmallpoxVaccine in order to immigrate here. We also had to have lung x-rays to proof we didn’t have TB. Here are pictures of mine from 1963:
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Références sur l'interpellation @EmmanuelMacron :
Sur le site @ansm>Dossiers thématiques>COVID-19> COVID-19 vaccins>
Sur le tableau en bas de page, cliquer sur chaque vaccin
Sur tel vaccin, cliquer sur Information produit (RCP)
Ouvrir Product Information (24 langues)
Comirnaty #PfizerVaccine, Annexe II, §E - page 18…
Vaxzevria #astrazenecavaccine, Annexe II, §E - page 14…
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Here's the latest episode of #COVID19 : Updates from Singapore
This series of webinars is brought to you by @WHOGOARN and @NUSMedicine

It's hosted by @profdalefisher , Prof. David Allen, and Dr. Louisa Sun
Watch here:
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#BREAKING #Moderna S. Africa variant-specific #CoronavirusVaccine ready for testing: company
#BREAKING Large real world study confirms #PfizerVaccine 94% effective against #coronavirus
#UPDATE The #PfizerVaccine for #Covid-19 has proven 94 percent effective in a study involving 1.2 million people in Israel, the first peer-reviewed real world research confirming the power of immunization campaigns to end the pandemic
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“Shocking abuse of power”
“High-level bullying”

Our latest story with @STATnews exposes @Pfizer's appalling tactics and demands on Latin American governments as it negotiates the T&Cs for its #PfizerVaccine…
The pharmaceutical giant's pressures caused a three-month delay to reach a vaccine deal in one Latin American country.

In Argentina and Brazil no national deals were agreed at all.
Pfizer's demands, we were told, went beyond those of other vaccine companies.

Ultimately, the longer it takes for countries to get vaccines, the greater the number of people that could contract #COVID19 and even die as a result.
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"There are two cases: either Italy is the country where the greater number of reactions to the #Pfizervaccine, or it is only Italy to report the side effects of the drug to Europe, while the other states are silent."…
@buzz_chronicles save please
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adverse effects #PfizerVaccine #eudra UP TO 13/02/21
indiviudal cases: 54828
list of adverse reactions #Belgium #Pfizervaccine untill 09/02/21…
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@WHO on Wednesday released guidance on who should be given #AstraZeneca's vax & how it will be administered.

See below:
1. It's to be given 3-4 months between 1st & 2nd dose

2. ANYONE above 18years (pretty standard age for adults).
ALSO to be given to older people above 65yrs since there isn't data that shows that new variants will affect the efficacy of #AZ in this age group.

3. Like #Pfizer's, it will not be given to pregnant & breastfeeding women unless they are at risk of contracting #Covid-19.
"We do not have enough information to recommend the vaccine in this group but don't see no reason for it not to be used if the woman is at risk," @WHO's SAGE chair Dr Alejandro craivoto said.

READ MORE HERE @NationAfrica…
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Promoviendo nuevas variantes
▶️ Contención insuficiente☝️
▶️ Persistencia en inmunosuprimidos y evolución in vivo 🧐🧐
▶️Plasma convaleciente mal empleado🧐🧐
Vaya pasada de artículo

Thanks @GuptaR_lab and team… Image
Datos acerca de la NO eficacia de la vacuna de AZ y Oxford ante la variante B1351(sudafricana).

El siguiente problema va a ser las consecuencias de que la vacunación NO sea global

Aquí se sugiere que tras la experiencia israelí, han comenzado a ver un descenso en la CV en individuos vacunados.

La idea de que la vacuna (Pfizer-BioNTech) puede ⬇️ la CV y de paso ⬇️infectividad

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EU agrees to buy 300 million more doses of #PfizerVaccine, bringing the total order to 600 million.

Announcing the purchase, President @vonderleyen says the EU's vaccine *purchasing* program has been a success, disputing reports the EU didn't order enough. Image
By the end of 2020 the Commission had pre-ordered 2 billion vaccine doses (for 450 million people), across a portfolio of 6 vaccines.

Until this week Pfizer (300m doses ordered in 2020) was the only one approved. Moderna (80m ordered) was approved by @EMA_News Tuesday.
There's been griping (largely by German media and politicians prepping for 2021 election) that the problems in the 1st week of vaccination campaigns in EU countries is the fault of the EU's purchasing programme.

But the problem has been production/distribution, not supply.
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If you "have" to take the #CovidVaccine WAIT as long as you can. Its likely that many bad side effects will b appearing.

******Absolutely great review of


from a 30yr IM Doc*********… Image
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