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#Indiamart Q3 2022 Concall Highlights

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Financial Update

1. Consolidated Revenue from operations for Q3 was ₹188 Cr, growth of 8% YOY.
2. Deferred revenue in Q3 was ₹790 Cr, up 25% YOY.
3. Consolidated EBITDA was ₹79 Cr, representing a margin of 42%.
Net Profit for Q3 was ₹ 70 Cr, with a margin of 33%.
Cash Generated from Operating Activities ₹ 84 Cr, up 9% YOY.
As of December 31, 2021, total cash and investment balance was at ₹ 2,523 Cr.
Business Update

1. During the quarter, the company added 5,833 paying subscribers, closing the total count at approximately 156,000.
2. Unique business inquiries is stood at 23 million
3. Average matchmaking for unique business inquiry reduced to 5.3x as against 6.3x
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Magic of IPO Listing High/Base Break-Out

Reasons for BO:
1. Entry of Fund House
2. Delivered as mentioned by Mgmt.
3. New favouring Govt Policies.
4. Need of hours of the product.
Types of IPO BO Candidate. Three kinds:
#IPO_Candidate_1 - Premium Listing followed by 15-45% corrections. 2-4x Potential after listing high BO, Time-frame – 1yr. e.g. #INDIAMART #HAPPSTMNDS #MTARTECH #POLYCAB #ANURAS #AFFLE
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Ongoing IPO season and you’re frustrated about never getting allotment in any IPOs?

Don’t worry!,IPOs provide many opportunities post listing which many tend to ignore.

A Thread🧵 on one of my favourite setups called “IPO or Primary base”
Key points I look for in an ideal IPO base setup:

1) Listed at a premium, indicating buyers demand.

2) Makes a high within 3-5 weeks on the left side (I prefer stocks having listing day as high).

3) Correction of 20-30% from the high made(these can extend upto 50-60% too).
4) Consolidation of 4-8 weeks is ideal post listing (a longer consolidation can also be considered).

5)Buy above breakout of listing day high on huge volumes.
Cheat entries only if consolidation below 8 weeks

6) Risk management is key
Average Stop loss of 7-8% from buy is kept.
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#IRCTC > 100% Market share in Rail Network.

#IEX >90% market share in power trading.

#Zyduswellness >90% market share in sugar free product.

#Eichermotors >85% market share in 250cc bikes category.

#MCX >85% market share in commodity trading.

#Coalindia >80% market share in coal production in India.

#ITC >75% market share in cigarettes.

#HondaSiel >75% in portable power generators.

#HindustanZinc >75% market share in primary zinc industry.

#AsahiIndiaGlass >70% market share in automotive glass.

#NRBBearings >70% market share in needle roller bearings.

#Pidilite >65% market share in adhesives.

#CAMS >65% market share in RTA within mutual fund industry.

#TimeTechnoplast >65% market share in polymer based industrial packaging.

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Though #Bullmarket is continue since Apr 20.
But not every stock remain in Bull run.
Few rises up gradually and continuously but few get exhausted and gone into side ways consolidation or shifted into downtrend there bull run has come to halt.

So, the point is we need to(1/n)
Either trim our position or exit that stock which not only saves our hard earned money getting stuck for longer period of time with no return.

So, exit from a Stock which gave multibagger return is also imp.

Sharing few examples where Bull run is halted long back , 2/n
Which if u have exited could have save ur capital getting stuck and u could have compounded that in other better stocks.

I did that with many stocks in last 1 yr. Which helped me compound my money faster.

Sharing few for ur study.3/n
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With seasoned investors like @LuckyInvest_AK sir talking about platform businesses I feel motivated to start a 🧵🧵 on discussing, analyzing & understanding platform businesses. Read on to learn more.
Quick question before we begin. Would you rather :
I hope your answer was the 1st one because I am not a fish seller. Please don't expect my threads to **always** contain investment ideas. My broader goal is to empower each person learn to see reality a little bit clearly. To enable you to learn to fish.
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Recently I've been following an interesting business called #IndiaMart (India's very own Alibaba ?)

Attempting a small thread 🧵explaining the company, business model and growth prospects in future.

Hope it help. Happy investing!
IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers with over 60% market share.

Founded in 1999 by Dinesh Chandra Agarwal, when he decided to leave his high paying job in US & return to India to start his venture with co founder Brijesh Agarwal
Company is headquartered in Noida and currently employs about 2700 (as of Mar'21) people across 85 branches

Company generated a net profit of Rs.280 Crore in Financial year 2020-21

Company has been showing excellent sales and profit growth in recent years. Got listed in 2019
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#IRCTC* 100% Market share in Rail Network.
#IEX* >90% market share in power trading.
#Zydus wellness* >90% market share in sugar free product.
#Eicher motors* >85% market share in 250cc bikes category.
#MCX* >85% market share in commodity trading.
#coalindia India* >80% market share in coal production in India.
#ITC* >75% market share in cigarettes.
#HondaSiel* >75% in portable power generators.
#Hindustan Zinc* >75% market share in primary zinc industry.
#AsahiIndia Glass* >70% market share in automotive glass.
#NRB Bearings* >70% market share in needle roller bearings.
#Pidilite* >65% market share in adhesives.
#CAMS* >65% market share in RTA within mutual fund industry.
#TimeTechnoplast* >65% market share in polymer based industrial packaging.
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One line thesis for top momentum stocks:
#ADANIGREEN - Largest govt contracts
#LAURUSLABS - Superb Q results, CDMO, Sector Tailwinds
#ALKYLAMINE - Duopoly, Proxy to Pharma(60%) and agroChem(40%) boom
#GMMPFAUDLR - Market leader, MNC, Pharma Proxy

#GRANULES - Pharma boom, API, Cos Moving from China to India for APIs.
#DCAL - CDMO business
#BSOFT - Big wins from the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, etc
#DIXON - Marquee clients like Samsung, Philips, Xiaomi, Proxy to electronics consumption theme in India

#TATACOMM - New investments from FIIs, WFH, Few players left, INet growth
#DHANUKA - Agrochem boom, Asset light business, collaboration with innovators
#AFFLE - Digital consumption growth
#INTELLECT - Financial platform, new product financial services-ready public cloud

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#indiamart : A Digital play in India's growth story"
An idea becomes a big business if it either solves a problem or makes your life easy (which means make you even more lazy). Here, @IndiaMART comes as a problem solver. Image
IndiaMart is an online platform for business buyers to connect with suppliers of products and services. Buyers can place a business inquiry by visiting suppliers online and explore their products and services. Image
IndiaMart derives revenue from subscription fee charged to suppliers. Suppliers, generally, begin with a free listing on the platform and track the number of calls/leads they receive. Buyers registered on the platform can either contact suppliers directly or submit an RFQ. Image
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LONG @ 2413.95 (Yesterday on Breakout)

WIB Breakout Image
2nd Entry @ 2465

Consolidation Breakout ImageImage

Having 2 Entries @ 2413.95 & @ 2468
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Indiamart about to start the next move up - but, will it touch the dashed trendline again or not is the question. Probably, no! #IndiaMart #trendlines #trading #hourlycharts Image
Indiamart contracting - we might have one more down move before breaking the contraction pattern. Image
Indiamart breaking out of contraction mode. We might see an explosive move above 2180 next week. #Indiamart #trading #trendlines #hourlycharts Image
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Did a 11 years #dataanalysis to find out what are some of the well known brands that has gone for #IPO and what would have been the returns if we have bought them on listing day instead of IPO, and hold onto it for a month. #IRCTC #ipoinvestment #investment #nifty #stockstowatch Image
And here's the list of IPOs and its monthly returns sorted based on recent listing period. #INDIGO #DMART #RBLBANK #INDIAMART #PNB #CDSL #THYROCARE Image
The detailed article can be accessed from this link…
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#TweetStorm - Expensive or deserves to be Expensive ? 1)One thumb rule for screening expensive companies is Market Cap to Sales or Enterprise Value to Sales. A 10x or more is generally expensive unless the company can grow sales rapidly or has extremely high Net Profit Margins.
2)Another way to look at expensive is if the Market Cap is equal to the Total Sales of the Addressable Market Size. This would lead to company having to launch different products in the future.
3)May not be the approach to take a Sell Decision or a Short Sell Decision. Very few companies can command such high valuations. Thumb Rule is just to review the investment thesis and the quality of the business. If doubts on quality , get out.
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