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Analysis: #SNP $SPX

Case 448 #S&P 500 Index

Special request: @CarlosSarPrada

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#SPX 1/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: A new all time high was just recorded and the target is the Jan. 2018 #trendline #resistance at 3537.43 but a close/hold above 3625.00 is required to target 4039.89. The main .....

SPX 2/4
..... objective is 4137-4153 and longer term 4522/28. Good support seen 2954- 2851 and major #support is at 2617.37- 2452.61.

SPX 3/4
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@CPL is going to start in a few hours, the excitement among cricket fans to watch T20 cricket after a longtime will be sky high & I feel CPL won't disappoint us much!!!

Almost all teams are very much balanced (feel sorry for Zouks)

Team Analysis in d thread below

#CPL #CPL2020
Barbados 🇧🇧 Tridents

Let me start with the defending Champions @BIMTridents

Team is filled with young players and I feel their strong suite is their Bowling !!

Batting looks slightly weak compared to the bwlng department

#CPL #CPL2020 #BarbadosTridents #Barbados
Barbados had their Core local team retained!!

They have an experienced Captain in Holder who should hold the key for them down d order

JohnsonCharles will open alongside Kyle Mayers

They have @shaidhopein the middle to hold the inngs

#CPL #CPL2020 #BarbadosTridents #Barbados
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Thread for SNP Members- I’m theory we get to choose our candidates for March 2021. 👀 #DontVoteWoke is a way to keep an eye on “urged by members” Nominees are seat warmers & career politicians - the kind that sank Labour.
Starting w Edinburgh Central #DontVoteWoke

And again, Edinburgh Central #DontVoteWoke

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Could we about to see a change in position from the SNP? Looks like @AlynSmith has deleted his website saying iScot must be at the heart of EU, and that argued against EFTA etc. Alternatives
The website had already been criticised for not even *mentioning* the Copenhagen Criteria
If they are feeling pressured, or the information commissioner is shortly about to rule, that they must release the #CopenhagenReport , showing we would be outside the EU for 15 to 20 years then they may be purging previous positions insisting an iScot would be in the EU
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@TheMistressRox uploaded this, now to be clear. She's protected her tweets because she's a known islamophobic and knows it. She's asking for a meeting with @AlynSmith #SNP. However .. /1
"When you put facts forward and it doesn't resonate" she says:

This is her reason to being aggressive to canvassers. I would bet she got most of her "facts" from Twitter which is a platform of misinformation. It's like talking to a brick wall.
He's clearly talking about a specific problem that she has and it's her approach to matters via @twitter, you can tell from her modest 117k tweets she's an avid lover of this platform and she spouts the most utter nonsense so I fully agree with him on discussing this with her /2
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We are excited to share our pub in #EvolutionaryApplications comparing relatedness estimates for pairing recommendations in critically #endangered #birds from #Aotearoa #NZ 🇳🇿. See this #SciComm 🧵 for more! #Conservation #Genomics #ConGen #ConSERTeam 1/13
Around the 🌏, #conservation breeding programmes strategically pair the least related individuals to enhance recovery. This is like #Tinder for threatened species, only more information goes into pairing than swiping ⬅️ or ➡️. See my #3MT for more! 2/13

It’s important to get the relatedness value right for pairing, because mating between close relatives can result in negative fitness consequences, like ⬇️ hatching success 🐣(see 3/13
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#london RT to restart campaign to leave the UK.

Remember #Scotlond? Maybe it's just my Scottish heritage, but it feels like we share more with #SNP than we do with the (average*) of the rest of the UK.
*I'm sorry English #Remainers, I know you're stuck with them, empathy.
London and Scotland are #taxationwithoutrepresentation, dragged from EU against our will. We are the new #BostonTeaParty and the #NewEnglishEmpire is just as arrogant today as the old one was 246 years ago on 16th December.

Time WE took back control.…
Despite what tory offshore owned tabloids say, London has some of the most deprived areas in the UK. It shares a long history of financial services and entrepreneurship with Scotland and similar politics
And best of all - together we are 20% of the UK, but 30% of tax revenues
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@jeremycorbyn @joswinson #Labour #LibDems @NicolaSturgeon #SNP

A last chance.
Latest Poll.
Progressives 54%
Regressives 46%

You've won folks!
And yet lost.

Few options are left but there is still one. It's not inconsistent for anyone snd it unites.

Press Weds?

Care Diem⏬
So many people want to see friends come together.

And you've tried.

@joswinson 2nd ref statements yesterday has much more appeal than #revoke.

@NicolaSturgeon reasonable moderated language on #IndyRef2 helps

Now @jeremycorbyn it's your turn

Cynical? In denial? Could we have predicted this?
We tried.

Chaos ahead

Tories don't win, progressives lose.

The danger of a fight. The opportunity for unity
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It's here! Our new report on what the various manifestos have to say about Brexit #GeneralElection2019, #GeneralElection, #Election2019, #Brexit, #ConservativeManifesto, #LabourManifesto, #LibDems, #SNP, #PlaidCymru, #Greens, #BrexitParty 1/25
It tells you everything you need to know about the party positions on the Brexit process, the future relationship and much more. We hope this report sets out in a clear and straightforward way what they’re all pledging to do. 2/25
First, let me thank all of those who have contributed: @CSBarnard24, @matt_bevington, @CharlieBEU, @hayward_katy, @McEwen_Nicola, @jdportes, @jillongovt, @DanielWinc, @DrAlanWager, @salterjp 3/25
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Just days away from a #GE2019 which will shape UK for many generations to come!

Some incontrovertible facts:

1/ UK GDP% growth has stalled, at just 0.1% over the 6 months to 30sep19 (so, virtually flat-lining). This is the worst 1/2 year performance since the financial crash.
2/ Three plus years on from the disastrous #EURef, we now KNOW that destabilising Russian influence/cash was a material factor in driving the #Leave Vote. So, #RussiaReport MUST be released BEFORE we vote again in #GE2019.
3/ Russian agents also freely KILL (when directed & funded to do so) on the streets of Britain, so let's not readily 'pooh pooh' their ambition & reach to destabilise both the #UK & #EU.
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#GE2019 #GeneralElection2019

Are you still #undecided?
Are you thinking of voting #LibDem? Think very hard: your vote may get you a very bad #Brexit.
You want to #Remain & that's why you're voting #LibDem?
But the #LibDems can't #RevokeArticle50 unless they win the election. In 2017 they won 12 seats. They need 326 MPs to win. How many do they need to claim a mandate to #Revoke?
Maybe the #LibDems can form a minority government?
Could a minority government #RevokeArticle50? Even for that the #LibDems would need at least 200 seats. And what other parties would they then need for success? The #SNP might vote to #RevokeArticle50, but would they be enough?
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Let's look at #Labour's winning post at #GE2019. It's nearly in touching distance. /THREAD
Is it at 220 #Labour MPs - the moment at which there might well be 320 anti-Con MPs in Parliament? Maybe not. They'd have gone backwards quite a way. Johnson would hang on and use the FTPA against them to stall.
Is it at about 235 Labour MPs, at which point Lab + SNP + PC + SDLP + Green might just equal the number of Con MPs? Maybe not, cos LDs very ambivalent and DUP won't ever, ever even tacitly assist Jez into No. 10.
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There's a live wire we need to deal with #FBPE
83% of people hate Brexit
73% think it distracting
All want simple solutions to rid us of Brexit

This is the reason for GetBrexitDone, as much as that's a lie it cuts through for Leavers.

SNP/LAB/LD no mutual view.
You all know this wouldn't be a problem if not for this. ⏬ Risk handing the country awful solution simply on a popularity contest.

IMHO #libdem #labour fight is a killer. Hoping BP goes to war with BJ, or complacent hopes of a JC 2017 re-bounce is no strategy. It's an ostrich
Here's what #Remain needs
1. A message as simple as Getitdone
2. That LD/LAB/SNP agree on
3. That stops the war
4. Is democratic
5. Allows all to have different solutions afterwards.

An impossible challenge eh?

It's simple as pie and hurts the tories. Short and long versions.
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To commemorate the decision of the Scottish people to remain in the UK 5 years ago, please enter the 'Parcel O' Rogues'.
A gallery of #SNP's huge number of criminals, convicts, the accused and their many odious fellow travellers.

Who better to open it?
First, take a stroll around the Sturgeon Room to remind us how she happily cosies up to the lowest of low.

Here she is with the convicted double-rapist, #SNP activist Brian Gillies.
Next, the accused. Ms Sturgeon was so close to her friend and mentor, the ex First Minister Alex Salmond, more of whom later. The political romance seems to have stalled of late with charges of sexual assault and attempted rape.

The piece is titled #NippyKnew, in a gilt frame.
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Remainers, #FBPE, Bregretters. WE NEED HELP. PLEASE RT

I'm going to tell a story that is disturbing to YOUR world view

It is sufficiently annoying that some may prefer to block than read. I beg you to hear me out

We do not have very long.
YOU are being used to enable Brexit
3 years ago, even if you disagree, the EURef was won by 17.4m people. Some say it was unclear.

The promise was UNAMBIGUOUS

Take back control of our laws, money and borders. Same trade.

Now, deal or no deal, gives us all FAR LESS control of all 3 and trade Hell.
I'll take a risk. Understand this is a METAPHOR not a Recommendation, I don't wish you to unfollow. If you get it, please help those who don't

Today is #StopTheCoup but in a different world REMAINERS are on the streets demanding LEAVE VOTERS get what they were promised
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Have you heard of #Hotelling’s Law? In a two party system, it says that you get most votes by minimising the political distance between the parties. It’s worked well in the past, but it’s about to bring an end to both #Labour and the #Tory party. 1/n…
Hotelling’s law worked really well for Tony #Blair. #Thatcher had moved the Tory party to the right, so #NewLabour had an opportunity to increase its vote share by also moving rightwards. 2/n
Politics had shifted. Both parties held broadly similar policies. Blair’s political stance, although to the left of Thatcher’s, was much further right than any Labour leader previously (or since). Labour was able to capture ground that the Tories had left unguarded. 3/n
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A #Brexit extension is “almost inevitable”
- Nicola Sturgeon to me earlier @FRANCE24

Scottish First Minister wants Labour’s Corbyn to
“get off the Brexit fence & put his weight behind [...] something that would break the deadlock”
#Scotland #SNP #F24
2/ Sturgeon on Theresa May:

“she should change her approach... 1st thing she should do is request an extension to #Article50

“My preference then would go back to the people in another referendum- bcs people have so much more information now than in 2016”#Brexit #F24
Nicola Sturgeon accuses both Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn of
“probably trying to run the clock down as much as [each other] in all this.”
#Brexit #Article50 #PeoplesVote #F24 🇬🇧🇪🇺
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1. A short story of #Brexit in four acts. Act 1) in 2010 Coalition comes to power and presses on with dramatic #austerity, wrecking the UK's social compact... causing massive economic harm...leading to 2015 General Election
2.... in which Cameron promised an #EUref, while secretly speculating on another hung parliament with #LibDems blocking such a referendum… Yet, Act 2) lots of #austerity disgruntled #LibDems & 2010 non-voters, along with some Cons voters switched to..
3. #UKIP in 2015 General Election. #LibDems got wiped out, #Cons gained 27 seats from LibDems (out 28 overall seat gain), while #Labour lost massively to #SNP -- allowing Cameron to go alone, being pushed by #Brexiteers in #Conservative party to go ahead with #EUref.
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Which party has the oldest average age of MPs? THREAD
First off, we must thank-you all. We launched a poll on Monday expecting maybe 500 responses maximum. Instead we had a whopping three-thousand-two-hundred-and-thirty votes on our Twitter poll.

That’s ridiculous.
We asked you which party you thought had the oldest average age of MPs.

Most of you, 66%, thought it was the @Conservatives, then the @LibDems (15%), then @UKLabour (14%), with the @theSNP coming in last with (5%).

I bet the SNP are feeling fairly youthful right about now.
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