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📢 It’s going to get incredibly easy for dApps to start launching their chains with the rollout of @cosmos ’ ICS & @terra_money ’s Interchain Alliance.

But will #LUNA surpass #ATOM as the main hub, with feather and alliance?

Let’s find out! ⬇️
@cosmos @terra_money 1/ Alliance

🤝 It is an open-source @cosmos SDK module, that aims to boost economic activity across #Cosmos chains by leveraging interchain staking to form economic alliances and foster innovation, user adoption, and cross-chain collaboration.
@cosmos @terra_money 2/ Cont.

An economic alliance can be formed by staking the asset of a larger chain, such as #LUNA, on a smaller chain like White Whale. This results in increased staking rewards for users of the larger chain and a boost in users and activity for the smaller chain.
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I'm calling it now. The #FTX implosion was supposed to be a coordinated controlled demolition of retail crypto followed by CBDC rollout/regulatory crackdown by Biden Admin, SEC, WEF, et-al, but it went off before they could all get out of the way. ImageImageImage
Complicit VC's helped suck retail liquidity out of market, much going to Democrats in the form of donations. SBF himself was the 2nd largest donor to Democrats behind Soros. His aunt Barbara is WEF, and launched Dem leaning political operations just before launch of #FTX. ImageImage
Meanwhile, SBF and FTX were consulting with SEC on new regs, hiring former CFTC employees, testifying on Capitol Hill, and exhibiting some extraordinary regulatory capture cred for a 3 year old start-up run from a swingers dorm in the Bahamas. ImageImageImageImage
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#AMC #APES Plz🚨Retweet This🚨

Ken G has managed to build an Empire by Screwing the Average Person on a daily basis for years on end

➡️Since 2016 He's been Utilizing This (Specific Tactic) To benefit off of us, & line his pockets. That⌛️is running out🏴‍☠️…
The HummingBird Project👆- A Movie that basically tells this Same Story

➡️Neutrino/Microwave Tech utilized to outpace the Dark Fibers. A Fraction of a Micro-Second is EVERYTHING when it comes to HFT TRADING!

➡️The📽️is on Hulu, Worth Watching imo
#atAMC $AMC @GammaMonkey100 Image
#Citadel Securities & Ken Funded Aurora Illinois Mayor, & Richard Irvin to the tune of 20 mil.
➡️Scientel Solutions - Communications Company have given Irvin over 135k... Image
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My personal reflections on the $Luna $UST collapse.

This is a post-mortem from the perspective of a retail pleb from crypto class of 2021 during arguably the most hellish week of crypto history🌑


#Luna #UST #Terra #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
I considered myself a relatively conservative investor. I had exposure to $Luna and $UST but knowing the risks of algo stablecoins, I made it a daily routine to check the important indicators:

1. Anchor deposits and yield reserve 🏦
2. Top aUST wallets 🛅
3. Curve pools 🚰

All the signs were there:

1.Anchor’s UST deposits started decreasing since 8 May and accelerating.

2.A top UST holder has been sending UST to CEXs aggressively.

3.The % of UST in Curve pools has been increasing, means less liquidity for exit out of UST.

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LUNA is dead.
A story that will go down in the history books.

#LUNA #Lunacrash #Cryptocrash #UST


LUNA has dropped from a Top 10 coin to outside of the Top 140 in just a few days. Why?
LUNA’s main purpose is to act as a token for UST’s survival. The point of the Terra blockchain was always to issue decentralised stablecoins. To issue 1 UST (supposed to be worth 1USD), you’d burn $1 worth of LUNA

When demand increases, it’s positive for LUNA’s price. In fact, we saw it rise from less than a dollar to over $100 in 2021.

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Witnessing the collapse of a financial giant @terra_money when hit by a death spinral caused $UST to lose its peg and $LUNA to drop 97% it value, making #Lunacrash the top 1 trending search

What will the $USN of @NEARProtocol do if the market loses confidence in the stable coin? Image
@terra_money @NEARProtocol 1/ The article is referenced from: 👈

Here is the mechanism of $USN on #NEAR to avoid negative market impact 👇
@terra_money @NEARProtocol 2/ The stablecoin $USN is OVERCOLLATERALIZED. $USN combines on-chain arbitrage with a Reserve Fund that is DOUBLE-collaterized with $NEAR & $USDT to begin with. 🤑

In the worst-case situation, the @DcntrlBank may purchase back all of the $USN ever issued.
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A beginner guide to joining a DAO :

A Thread ! 🧵👇

Follow @lakincoder for more such content.

#Web3 #javascript #DAO #DAOs #Blockchain #SOLIDITY #Bitcoin #Cryptocrash #cryptocurrency #LUNAUSDT #Lunacrash
1⃣ Establish your goals
DAOs are highly mission-driven. Your personal passions and expertise should play a key role in which organization you join.
2⃣ Find a DAO that fits your goals
You could try exploring DAOlist and DeepDAO to find one with objectives that align with your interests.
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