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I stayed off Twitter for 24hrs to try &reclaim my personal time &prioritize writing, finishing this next book,since my health is so dire.
But also,Saturday I was utterly disgusted by the overt racism of white women claiming to be Dems/progs/left in my mentions.It was awful.
#Cancer makes you both more patient & less so. I never curse or name-call on here, but I don't sit back & watch WOC being shafted by WW.
The ugly truth I wrote about in my Nov 9 column on the worst election in my lifetime is white people--including 53% of WW--elected Trump.
I've covered politics for 30yrs, since Bush1, so I never expected #GOP women with their fanaticism about #abortion to vote Hillary. BUT>
>I absolutely expected every Democratic woman, even all the ones who didn't vote Obama, to vote for her. And more did than for Obama BUT>
>At least some alleged Democrats voted for Trump. AND in my state alone 16% of Sanders supporters voted for Trump.So take responsibility.
And by "take responsibility" I mean STFU when WOC are talking about WW. Stop jumping in to say "It wasn't meeeeeeee!!!!!" Listen to WOC.
I've never felt compelled to jump into a black or Latina woman's mentions to assert I voted Hillary. My actions over time are clear.
But also, IT'S NOT MY PLACE TO INFORM WOC. It's my place to LISTEN. We are in a battle right now for the soul of this country. LISTEN.
#Racism + #misogyny won 2016.They drove the primary because Sanders relied on both, consciously or unconsciously & it drove the general.
I am not saying Sanders is a #racist. But he IS a 76yr old who thinks all black people live in "the ghetto"--like my poor black 'hood.
So while Sanders speaks to economic uncertainty, he also demanded that the first black POTUS be primaried in 2012 but not Bush2 in 2004.
So while Sanders is not overtly #racist like Trump, he has yet to fully embrace POC & that racism isn't all (at all) about Wall Street.
Hillary listened between 2008 and 2016. She listened to black women especially who grabbed her by her pantsuit and said "Seriously?"
The speech HRC gave to AME conference here in Philly last yr to 20k black men & women & about 30 of us white journalists was incredible.
That speech on race & the one HRC gave in Harlem, her private meetings with women whose kids had been killed by police--those mattered.
POC didn't just"vote Dem"as some claim.POC are just as capable of sitting out an election as white hipsters.HRC had to EARN their votes.
But POC--esp WOC--also knew what was at stake with Trump.They weren't about to play some 3rd party bs games. 86% of 3rd party votes? WP.
And now, as people ARE running for 2020 already AND the DNC has its head up its collective ass yet again, we are talking white people.
I am not voting for white men in 2020. I will vote for women of any race and men of color but I will not vote for white men. Period.
Dems MUST understand that for those of us who are independents (I'm a Socialist) who vote with you in POTUS elections, WOMEN ARE NEEDED.
This reliance on whites as a voting bloc is lunacy.WHITE PEOPLE DON'T VOTE DEMOCRATIC. Grow the POC & female base. THAT'S who votes Dem.
DNC/Democrats are still talking about "Reagan Dems" in 2017. THAT WAS 37 YEARS AGO. Those folks are REPUBLICANS. Move on.
Yes, Democrats lost white women by 3%. THAT is recoverable. Unlike the 19% by which Dems lost white men. Focus on women & POC.
If white men want to stop being #racist & #misogynist as a class, you are welcome to join us. We WANT you to join us. PLEASE join us.
But Democrats need to know who their base is and NOT dismiss them nor abuse them as I witnessed at the DNC Oct.21 as well as on Twitter.
If you are white and you are prioritizing yourself over POC at this point in historical time and this administration, ask yourself why.
If you are male and are prioritizing yourself over women at this point in historical time and this administration, ask yourself why.
If you are str8 and are prioritizing yourself over #LGBTQ at this point in historical time and this administration, ask yourself why.
If you are non-disabled & prioritizing yourself over #disabled at this point in historical time & this administration, ask yourself why.
Some Sanders folks are spending their time attacking POC & women & LGBTQ on here & FB. You are the bots we were warned about. Go away.
We are at a critical time in this nation's history.Women,POC, #LGBTQ, #disabled,immigrants--under constant threat.WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?
So when you feel the urge to NOT be accountable for the race or sex whose privilege you wear every day,STOP.Imagine being POC or female.
It's hard to admit white folks own the Tiki torch folks. Black people do not. So WP: You're either fighting #racism or perpetuating it.
There is no time to be anything but mindful of who's in the White House & what he's doing. He's hurting women, POC, #LGBTQ, #disabled.
Whether you fit one of those categories or not, you know folks who do.(I fit three.) But I am not fighting just for me. I FIGHT FOR YOU.
Biden & Sanders are NOT America's future. Step away from these old white guys toward women & POC in the most diverse nation on earth.
Stop thinking only white men can speak for all Americans. Stop thinking with #racist & #misogynist inculcation. Be intersectional.
241 years and we've had one POC as POTUS and no women.
Get rid of EC, make ALL votes matter & elect a woman as POTUS in 2020.
Folks are asking me about that HRC speech: Here it is:
Hillary Clinton FULL SPEECH 7/8/16 AME Church Conference
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