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The last 4 days have been busier than normal for us at @NCDCgov

We‘ve been responding to our 1st #COVID19 case, & associated panic. One thing we’re grateful for, is that the structures we built in the last 4 years have enabled our response in last 4 days

Within 12 hours of the case presenting at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, we carried out laboratory tests, confirmed #COVID19 and issued a press release. Within 24 hours, we updated our advisory for the general public and other response activities
The 4 labs with the capacity to test for #COVID19 in #Nigeria are the NCDC Reference Lab & 3 other labs within our network of molecular labs

When #COVID19 started in China, we were able to set up testing in Nigeria in weeks, because we already had labs with required equipment
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There has been a lot of concern globally, about the capacity of African countries to respond in the event of #COVID19 outbreak

One clear difference between the 2014 Ebola outbreak and now, is the rise of regional health institutes- @OoasWaho & @AfricaCDC

Since the beginning of the #COVID19 outbreak in China, our coordination in Africa has been anchored by structures developed by @WHOAFRO, @AfricaCDC & @OoasWaho

These institutions have created a platform for collaboration, data sharing, training & capacity building
Through @AfricaCDC, colleagues from Member States have been trained in various areas in the last one month:

*Laboratory diagnosis
*Infection prevention and control
*Point of entry surveillance
*Risk communications

The use of regional resources for these training is exemplary!
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There is a thin line between contributing to knowledge through research and prioritising public health response during outbreaks. For us at @NCDCgov, our responsibility is to find the right balance, as they are interdependent.
Both research and response are critical. We can not do one without the other. It is important for countries especially like ours, to focus on building strong foundations. Supporting communities to improve health systems that will build trust and save lives
Over the last 3 years, there has been an increased interest of global institutions- public health, research and funding institutes, in the work we do especially in response to #meningitis #Lassafever #monkeypox. We need research to develop new tools to improve response
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Ahead of Workers Day on Wednesday this week, I would love to share about the amazing Team of people working to ensure health security in #Nigeria
This tweet by my brother & colleague @chukslassacare has several RTs! Grateful that people are learning more about the extraordinary efforts done by health workers in managing infectious diseases in #Nigeria. The growth of #FMCOwo is an amazing one to tell
Nearly every week, we have colleagues deployed as NCDC Rapid Response Team members, away from their families and 'comfort zones', working in states to support outbreak response, with no extra benefits but the personal fulfillment each person feels
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I've had interesting and very stimulating discussions this week, that highlight the critical difference the government structure in a Federal Republic like #Nigeria creates for health security, compared to countries with unitary systems of government

Our role at @NCDCgov as included in the #NCDCAct requires us to 'support' states in outbreak preparedness and response. However, the dependence from states on the national agency is very high. Yet, we cannot ignore, because when we do, people die.
Health is on the "concurrent" list in #Nigeria, i.e responsibility of Federal & Sate govts. Unlike our security architecture which is centralised, our #healthsecurity is de-centralised. No clear line of control & we've to work hard to collaborate & cooperate across govt levels
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On Friday at @NCDCgov our Director of Laboratory Services, Dr Adebayo Adedeji who has been there since the beginning of the agency officially retired from public service. An amazing colleague to celebrate!
Following the Avian Influenza outbreak in Nigeria over 10 years ago, the country became a recipient of an Influenza grant from @CDCgov. Dr Adedeji has led this grant from start, ensuring Nigeria's surveillance of #influenza virus. This is published in our #NCDCWER
Despite the difficulties experienced in managing sentinel sites across the country, Dr Adedeji's leadership has made remarkable progress. Prior to our operationalisation of the National Reference Lab, the #influenza bench was the biggest learning platform for our lab scientists
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One of our biggest but admittedly most interesting challenge has been responding to a lot of #fakenews. Headlines and stories that do not reflect the true story at @NCDCgov despite our #opendata

I'm grateful that journalists and organisations are doing more to ensure better reporting of health data. Two weeks ago, the #NCDCTeam supported the facilitation of a health journalism masterclass. We do this to show our willingness to be held accountable by the public
Over the weekend, we saw a publication stating @NCDCgov has relied solely on funding from @CDCgov since its establishment. This is not true as the Government of Nigeria funds NCDC as a government agency and partners like the US-CDC support
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This has been one of the most exciting weeks for all of us at
@NCDCgov. The signing of the #NCDCBill has been a seven-year dream for many people. Finally, we have a legal mandate to continue protecting the health of Nigerians
Monday November 12- Long flight from #IMED2018 panel in Vienna, to @AFENETAfrica Ministerial meeting/conference in Maputo. While reflecting on the engagements and what it meant for @NCDCgov, the good news came- Mr President had announced the signing of the #NCDCBill
The #NCDCAct means a lot to us and for the country. It means our national public health institute has improved access to required specialised resources to protect the health of Nigerians. One we recognise with a high sense of responsibility
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One problem that keeps me awake at night is the recurring outbreaks of #cholera in parts of Nigeria. More worrisome is the water, sanitation & hygiene facilities in our country that contribute to these. In the midst of this, we're finding solutions
Over the last five months, States in #Nigeria have experienced outbreaks of #cholera. Although the numbers are now declining, it was hard to get States to prioritise water and sanitation! No reason we should be having #Cholera outbreaks in 2018.
Driving across States in Nigeria (and even within cities), the sight of people openly defecating, refuse poorly disposed, water carriers (mai ruwa) washing their watercans is not rare. We have a situation in our hands with regards to #WaSH
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