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Do you want #TheWHO to be able to determine whether you are allowed to travel 🛫or not⁉️ And that they prescribe you in the future which drugs 💊 you may use and which are BANNED - if they just declare an "emergency"⁉️🙏👇
From May 21 - 28, 2023 such laws are created behind closed doors‼️‼️
(#InternationalHealthRegulations = #IHR)

The WHO is currently changing their International Health Regulations (IHR) from 2005. The content of this updated "#PandemicTreaty" is shocking‼️🙏👇
At the International Friends Meeting 2023 with 45 countries online Kla.TV founder Ivo Sasek explains how existentially threatening this whole WHO Treaty is and shows how to resist against this worldwide WHO Conspiracy‼️🙏👇
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Remember this ⁉️‼️
Tedros G@slighting the People About How the Treaty Won’t Empower a Globalist Government‼️

Tedros says the Pandemic Accord will not give "WHO power to dictate policy to any country."‼️

"We have the duty to make the world safer," Tedros added‼️🙏👇
Below are the links to the World Council of Health’s policy documents Rejecting Monopoly Power over Global Public Health highlighting the issues with the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (#IHR) and #TheWHOPandemicAccord‼️🙏👇 Image
It’s important to consider both the proposed #WHOPandemicAccord and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (#IHR) IN TOTALITY‼️

This is because the globalists are running a ‘bait-and-switch’ holding up the Pandemic Accord as an innocent document, - 🙏👇
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The @WHO Director-General terminated the Public Health Emergency of International Concern #PHEIC in relation to #COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with the #IHR, and issues revised Temporary Recommendations for the transition period.…

The Emergency Committee also advised the Director-General to issue Standing Recommendations for the long-term management of the risks posed by COVID-18, following the advice of a #IHR Review Committee.…
At the same time, Member States of WHO continue to negotiate a #pandemicaccord, to agree in May 2024 on a legal framework for preparedness, declaration and response to future pandemics, taking into account learnings from Covid-19.
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MisterBond's #RollOfHonour for various #Debt scheme categories for the year ending on March 31'2023.

#IHR - Investor High Returns Score - Higher Returns in Higher Bands
#IER - Investor Experience Returns Score - IHR divided by Std Deviation
#BI - Beating Industry Average Image
MisterBond's Roll of Honour - #BankingAndPSUFund: Image
MisterBond's Roll of Honour in #CorporateBond Funds: Image
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MisterBond's #RollOfHonour for various Equity scheme categories for the year ending on March 31'2023.

#IHR - Investor High Returns Score - Higher Returns in Higher Bands
#IER - Investor Experience Returns Score - IHR divided by Stabd Deviation
#BI - Beating Industry Average Image
MisterBond's Roll of Honour in #ELSS schemes Image
MisterBond's Roll of Honour in #FlexiCap schemes Image
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🧵1/ PANDA's @bell00david uses his working experience with WHO to analyse proposed IHR amendments in-depth.

🚨 Some key points in thread ⬇️…
2/ #WHO is working on two agreements that will expand its powers & role in declared health emergencies & pandemics. These include widening the definition of ‘health emergencies’ within which such powers may be used.
3/ The #IHR amendment process in WHO is relatively transparent. Amendments are proposed by national bureaucracies & collated by WHO. WHO has gone to unusual lengths to open hearings to public submissions.
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Announcing MISTERBOND'S ROLL OF HONOUR for Mutual Fund schemes under all categories of #Debt, #Hybrid and #Equity.

This will showcase Top 5 schemes in each category.

This should become the #GOLD standard in ranking Mutual Fund schemes on #QuantitativeAnalysis
This will be based on monthly analysis of daily rolling returns in each category and then
12 month average of such monthly analysis
We compile daily rolling returns over different periods based on Asset classes like:
1. Daily 60 mth rolling returns over past 7 yrs for Equity
2. Daily 36 mth rolling returns over past 5 yrs for CreditRisk
3. Daily 12 mth rolling returns over past 3 yrs for Low Duration Funds
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Today @PNASNews published one of the most important studies I've conducted. We asked: do international treaties produce the effects their negotiators intended? The short answer is "no".

Here I will try to summarize almost 10 years of work in 10 tweets.🧵…
1. To start, treaties are often used by countries to address issues that transcend national boundaries, like the environment, human rights, humanitarian crises, maritime issues, security and trade. Today there are at least 250,000 treaties, yet few have been evaluated for impact.
2. So we conducted a systematic field-wide evidence synthesis. We searched 11 databases, combed through 24,096 records, and found 224 quantitative impact evaluations of treaties. We then used statistical techniques to integrate all unique quantitative estimates of effects. Image
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A thread: Why Africa needs ownership of its health security 👇🏾

Despite @AfricaCDC recording 10000 monkeypox cases & 600 deaths in 2 yrs (20/21), @WHO stockpiled vaccines were only mobilised when monkeypox was identified in far fewer cases and no deaths in rich countries in 2022 The Numbers shown in the chart for Africa are for 2022 only!
The 1400 cases & 66 deaths in Africa in this chart are only for 2022! It’s only after going beyond Africa that stockpiled vaccines are being released & a Public Health Emergency being considered - note no death has been recorded outside Africa yet - we pray none occurs!
The continent has been containing Monkeypox since 1970, Are International Health Regulations (IHR) really fit-for-purpose for Africa? Africa needs its own instruments for emergency response at @AfricaCDC aligned and not contradictory to @WHO and the #IHR but supportive
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I welcome the recent engagement by sections of the media and public to engage + participate in global pandemic governance thru #stopthetreaty … but first there needs to be greater understating of what @WHO is + what currently is for discussion in #IHR reform #pandemictreaty 🧵
This is happening here in the UK too (thanks Russel Brand @rustyrockets for a plug to our work @LSEnews )
There are so many errors that I am seeing, as an expert in global health security and @WHO processes for pandemic preparedness & response I thought I would share some thoughts, this is complex and multi-stranded
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Statement on the eighth meeting of the International Health Regulations #IHR (2005) Emergency Committee regarding the coronavirus disease (#COVID19) pandemic @WHO…
The @WHO secretariat highlighted factors driving the current situation including:
➡️variants of concern,
➡️inconsistent application of public health & social measures,
➡️increased social mixing & mobility, &
➡️highly susceptible pop due to lack of equitable vaccine distribution
“The Committee noted that, despite national, regional, and global efforts, the pandemic is nowhere near finished. The pandemic continues to evolve with four variants of concern dominating global epidemiology….
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#Taiwan says @WHO failed to act on #coronavirus transmission warning ~ @primroseriordan @KatrinaManson @KathrinHille @clivecookson

Taiwan said its #doctors had heard from #mainland colleagues that medical staff were getting ill — a sign of human-to-human #transmission. 1/n
#Taipei officials said they reported this to both International Health Regulations (#IHR), a @WHO framework for exchange of #epidemic prevention and response data between 196 countries, and #Chinese health authorities on December 31. 2/n

#CCP_is_terrorist #CCPvirus #ChineseVirus
“While the #IHR’s internal website provides a platform for all countries to share information on the #epidemic and their response, none of the information shared by our country’s [@Taiwan_CDC] is being put up there,” said Chen Chien-jen, #Taiwan’s vice-president. 3/n

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An #outbreak of 27 cases of unidentified viral #pneumonia in #China, including potential exposures at a local market, has drawn comparisons to the emergence of #SARS. But does the evidence support those concerns? #OutbreakThursday…
#Wuhan Update- Jan 3: 44 cases of viral #pneumonia, incl 11 "critically ill." Monitoring 121 contacts. Still no evidence of person-to-person transmission or HCW infections & no identified cause. Conducting genetic and culture tests. #SARS #Flu #China…
#Singapore has identified a #pneumonia patient with recent travel to #Wuhan. Preliminary tests are positive for #RespiratorySyncytialVirus (#RSV) & the patient is in isolation as a precaution. #China #SARS #Outbreak…
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Exciting week ahead for us, as we carry out our mid-term Joint External Evaluation of International Health Regulations capacities.

Two years after #NGJEE17, time to re-evaluate, see how far we have come and identify priorities for the next three years

#NCDCSundayReflections Image
During the JEE in 2017, we were only just starting our journey and it seemed like an impossible process.

However, with support from @WHO and partners, we carried on.

The most important part of the process was identifying key priorities to strengthen our #IHR capacities

#NGJEE ImageImageImageImage
Since then, we have worked with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies in Nigeria to improve our capacity across the technical areas.

We now have a fully operational reference lab, EOCs in States, carried out a review of the various IHR laws etc. Image
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I've had interesting and very stimulating discussions this week, that highlight the critical difference the government structure in a Federal Republic like #Nigeria creates for health security, compared to countries with unitary systems of government

Our role at @NCDCgov as included in the #NCDCAct requires us to 'support' states in outbreak preparedness and response. However, the dependence from states on the national agency is very high. Yet, we cannot ignore, because when we do, people die.
Health is on the "concurrent" list in #Nigeria, i.e responsibility of Federal & Sate govts. Unlike our security architecture which is centralised, our #healthsecurity is de-centralised. No clear line of control & we've to work hard to collaborate & cooperate across govt levels
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