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Collectors: It's not just about status or money, it's about supporting artists who have invested years into developing their craft. Artists have been overlooked for far too long, yet continue to pour into what they are passionate about. Artists make our world a much better place.
Being an art #collector, whether in #cryptoart, #nft's, traditional #art, or many other art forms - it must primarily stem from a love for beauty, skill, creativity, nature, meaning, and thinking. Great art makes us appreciate, connect, aspire, reflect, and adjust perspectives.
As collectors, we help to recognize these talents in original artwork. Collecting from underrated, undervalued, underappreciated, unknown #artists who display stunning aptitudes for creating is a joy and a privilege, as it communicates to artists that they are valued and seen.
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We've gone gold! 100 unique arts and metadata generated by AI are dropping 25th September with the first collection "World Cities"! Check the mint page here:
Unique traits generated by GPT-3.

GPT-3 was trained on the context of talking about cities and then proceeded to generate metadata (traits and description) for each one of the 100 cities available in this collection.
Unique art generated using high-end deep learning focused GPUs.

We have used cloud GPUs to run deep learning AI which received the name and description of each city and then generated a unique PNG for each of them. All images do not have any human interference.
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Class Note for Columbia Engineering magazine.
Founded ACityZen dba Ally Capital. - a Crypto Global DeFi DAO VC. Go-to-market target in late 2021. [DeFi= decentralized finance, DAO= decentralized autonomous organization, VC= venture capital].
Over Summer, completed two Ethereum blockchain hackathons organized by @ETHGlobal. In both, solo-hacks, my role was Strategy Growth Product Manager/ UX Design/ Developer. Here is my Crypto Project Portfolio

#HackMoney2021 Project: Yasss Decentralize Web3
Application for Creator Entrepreneur Economy. Use case: Creator-Owned decentralized Creator-to-Peer Marketplace of NFT digital hyper-media.

#HackFS2021 Project: OwnYou Crypto Decentralized Web3 App: The Key to Unlock Value: Smart Profile with PRIVACY. Use case: unlock VALUE of
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1. Poggiati sulle spalle di chi già si innalzò sulle spalle dei giganti, affermiamo insieme a Pico della Mirandola la dignità dell’uomo, la sua irripetibile posizione intermedia con le radici in Terra e mente e cuore rivolti al Cielo.
La volontà, il genio, l’arte, l’operosità intrisa di cultura altissima e pratica artigiana ci guidano nell’esplorazione di ciò che appare minuziosamente studiato e risulta in larga parte avvolto nelle tenebre di una inconsapevolezza plurisecolare
2. Noi vogliamo riparare lo sguardo, l’occhio, l’attenzione e la mente nell’approccio alle opere d’arte, restituendo considerazione all’osservatore
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Breaking News #hacker

There is no single work of #LeonardodaVinci has been fully and conclusively understood,often disproven by later critic,or triggering unanswerable controversies.
#DeconstructingLeonardo we unveil a freakish 3D monster inside Leonardo's SelfPortrait
#ioRinascimento #History #Art
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
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#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
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NFTs, copyright, and licensing are the topics everyone’s debating right now. Tensions are running high, and for good reason. This issue poses nothing less than an existential threat to the cryptoart community. If we get this wrong now, there’s no going back. A thread 👇
To have this debate in a productive way, we need to be clear on the definitions. Half the arguments I’ve read don’t seem to really know what copyright is or how it works. Check out this great primer by @ankaris. TLDR: Ownership of an original copy ≠ copyright ≠ usage rights
To put that in a way that makes intuitive sense: If you buy the original manuscript of a @StephenKing novel, does that give you film adaptation rights? Of course not. Does King sell his copyright to the film production company that licenses the story? Hell no.
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Project: DotKittySkull

DApp: OwnYou

Description: DApp: OwnYou - your KEY to unlock VALUE, Own and Control PII (Personally Identifiable Information) for Person or Project who valued Privacy

Idea: Use cases to unlock VALUE of the tech built in ecosystem,
for users with shared-privacy-VALUES
Design and build Dapp prototype for privacy (PII data Ownership and Control) and to speed non-crypto native mass-on-ramp #HackMoney #ETHGlobal

YouTube Premiere: via @YouTube
OwnYou Presentation:…
OwnYou Demo Video:…
OwnYou YouTube Premiere:

Check out project submission!
Public URL:…
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🙏 great questions @jespow May I use artist feedback for #DAO #CryptoArt #HackMoney2021 idea?
#NFTCommunity @NFTCollector @jespow ✨ feedback welcomed, in fact appreciated ✨

Imagine, 180-shift. Artist governed DAO. Creators deterministically setting criteria for curatorial
essays, interviews, publications, irl and metaverse exhibits, art experiences/interactions.

If crypto will be first global ruled based monetary system; a store of value controlled by none. We are free to imagine a decentralized creator, collector, art services DAO colony.
Creators governing art management and curation of art portfolios. Collectors, investors, individuals as allies, sharing crypto values, aligned in furthering education and global reach of #CryptoArt and #CryptoArtists.
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@Pxhita thanks for invite to peak into @GiselFlorez works. my quick 1 hour, does no justice to the evolution of her still life commercial photography to the power, vibrancy and dynamism of her on-location is where I have fun, #CryptoArtEmpire. At first, though it was NYer energy,
then discovered rollerderby's babe!!! (that's badass awesome! of course living is in the ring with speed, when no moment can be immortalized, only cherished with deep passion forever). Gisel is playful and has fun with use of light to soften rigidity and, in abstract,
architecturally shape, the unstructured. Subjective opinions my own. Truly, enjoyed traveling into @GiselFlorez art! 💓

#DegenerateArtLover #ArtislifeLove #DegenArtLover

#nfts #nfts #nftcollector #nftcollectors #nftartist #CryptoArt #cryptoartist #NFTcollection
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Does anyone else get tingly talking about #NFT metadata? I'm doing a couple new things on my NFT that is part of #NativelyDigital, that I'd like to briefly explain. (1/9)… #cryptoart
As an artist who works with code, it's important to reference at least some software and libraries that I use. Personally, I don't want to get carried away into processor speeds, but some high level context of my development environment is in order. Let's use metadata! (2/9)
@intellijidea is my preferred IDE for @Java development. I utilize an older version of @ProcessingOrg with the help of @lager_p's G4P GUI tools. Acknowledgement in the metadata of an #NFT feels appropriate for a whole host of circumstances any artist runs into. (3/9)
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I'll be breaking down the NFT #cryptoart being auctioned on @Sothebys this next week. @nameless_nft helped me with a custom contract solution for my specific needs. This detail of the closest haystack is archived as part of the NFT on both IPFS & Arweave. #NativelyDigital (1/3)
And this detail of the previous detail is also archived on both IPFS and Arweave. It just hits different...👀 #cryptoart #nativelydigital (2/3)
And why don't we get a little closer? It's important that all these experiences are archived in order for the future to understand my NFTs are not singular JPEGs or GIFs. The artwork I tokenize is a multitude of expanding experiences. ♾ (3/3) #cryptoart #nativelydigital
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Please join me in visiting the @cryptovoxels installation I've made in order to bring a metaverse experience to my #cryptoart work being shown with #NativelyDigital at @Sothebys.…
Begin on the ground floor: the exterior walls are lined by the master copy #digitalart I created after studying #Monet in early 2019. Across the hallway, they gaze into their inspirational counterparts, the original Monet paintings housed at @artinstitutechi.
Then, we travel up the staircase & enter into The Great Hall of Layers. Step inside the #dimensionalpainting of "Meules after Claude #Monet" for a truly unique experience. Imagine with me how this VR experience will scale seamlessly into the future along with the growth of tech.
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this project is lit.
one of the top projects i recommend to new people jumping into the space.
been sitting on this a moment, needed to take a second after reading through the comic to offer my thoughts.
tokenomics are super interesting and well-considered. @beaniemaxi is essentially inviting us into his mind and asking holders to participate (and profit) as he expands on this highly-imaginative/goofy world (ie metaverse).
but that’s the most superficial aspect of this project for me. what’s more intriguing is the stamp this work is going to leave on the evolving #cryptoart #nft movement
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in honor of Earth day, i explore a future in which she isn't, because human power structures prevail

this thread is: how white men started the apocalypse, in 5 acts

@hicetnunc2000 @hicetnunc_bot
#xtz #cryptoart #hicetnunc #NFT #cleanNFT #cryptoartist #nftcollectors #glitch
[act i]
(we) drowned all the oceans
[act ii]
(we) burned up the sun
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1.After gifting some @VolatilityArt NFTs, I began selling VLY tokens last week, starting at 0.21 ETH. Why so low? This project is an artwork centered on value and volatility. The artist applies their own values as a measure of value. Price becomes a medium of artistic expression.
2. Bitcoin required a market to be built from zero. So did #cryptoart and #nfts. I began with gifts, then asked some collectors who already participated in building my NFT market to come join this project & do the same. This mirrors #BTC & cryptoart market building.🧡📈
3. I value my early collectors who also reached out with relational human interactions. I value art collectors who care to learn about an artist, their work, and collect because Art. I value #connection, not just transaction. So let's apply #values to an artwork about value.🤝
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Many artists come to me looking for advice on how to be successful in the NFT space.

Here's 4 tips to get you started.

THREAD 👇👇👇 #NFTs #Cryptoart
1/4 Know your medium

You're working with pixels, not paint. I have a personal affinity for animated digital artwork, as I think that's what best demonstrates the medium. I'm always going to have a preference for a physical oil painting over an image of an oil painting.
2/4 Build relationships

It's not a matter of just following big collectors and begging them to buy your artwork. You first need to earn their respect and friendship. Actively engaging on Twitter, ClubHouse and Discord are great starts.
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TEN THINGS TO KNOW FOR PEOPLE NEW TO BUYING #NFTs ON @opensea! I know there are a lot of you!!

1) You will need to open a new #wallet. I prefer @MetaMask for many reasons.
2) Use Chrome as your browser as Safari doesn't link up well with @MetaMask!
3) If on a mobile device, download the metamask app first and follow the steps to create your account, carefully storing your seed phrase!!!!!
4) You can then access your wallet by opening the metamask app and in the apps web browser, go to @opensea.
5) You will probably want to transfer ETH to your metamask wallet first, as it is the first wallet automatically opened for you, but you can transfer many others if you search for them and add wallets for each coin.
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I think Foundation is not like one month ago. Right now is super crowded, the hype is huge, and every day gets worst. I mean, is still cool to have your work on that platform but all of us, the artists...
we can't take for ground that our NFTs are going to be sold right at the moment we put them there, and I mean the common mortals, not the superstars with 50k-100k followers or another kind of famous people.
All the hype behind getting an invite increase that feeling that you will be rich right away you get a ticket to get in, and list your art. Well, is not like that, at all. Not for everybody. Not anymore (in my opinion).
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We gotta embrace the future. #NFT is really something for digital artists.

I never sold my digital artwork back then because there was no place for me to put my work. I only managed to put them at galleries few times as an exhibition, not for sell because it was digital art.
Joined few exhibitions, my digital art on canvas also some animation work displayed on vertical screen. But people couldn't own it, since it's always just an experience and digital artwork always meant to be in digital space. So putting artworks online was the only way
Also there's no way to authenticate our digital artwork or some sort of certification. Once you put it online, it's always on public domain though you could set a creative commons license. But that's it. No way to own or track, unless you put your work into a physical format.
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NFT Predictions for 2021

NFTs have become the hot topic for Q1 2021, but is this a natural market evolution or a "flavor of the month"?

Based on observation, here is the market trajectory and a couple of trends that I see for the rest of 2021:

Let's Geddit:

Digital Art to Mainstream

The auction by @beeple and @ChristiesInc has blown open the doors for mainstream commercialization of digital art.

This will be the first of many auctions to come with digital artists taking the stage.

Digital Art as an investment? Choose wisely.

Music: Accelerated Blockchain Growth

Equitable music streaming via blockchain through projects such as @AudiusProject.

Music NFT collectibles via infrastructure being built by @OriginProtocol.

#Cryptoart set the path that Music can now blaze through.
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#NFT #NFTs #nftart

A perfect replica will never be like the original...
...but only because we are humans and we attribute value to the first instance of something.

The more unique something is, the higher is its preciousness.
Sometimes the uniqueness comes with the fact that it would be really really hard even for very artistically skilled people, to replicate the piece of art.

If I can make perfect copies of Leonardo Da Vinci's pieces, they won't be his... but surely they'll look like his.
Their beauty is still there, it doesn't matter if there are 1 or 100000 equal pieces spread all around the world.

The point is, IMHO, you guys can pay whatever you want for something, I am certainly not gonna think it's cool to do that.
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