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A few points on the #NIProtocol that some U.K. commentators would do well to reflect on 🧵

1) the NIP was signed as part of the WA alongside the Political Declaration before the trade deal was agreed

It was agreed before the 2019 GE under conditions of Benn Act

Signed post GE
2) The PD states that any future trade deal should protect the internal markets of both the EU and the UK

The current implementation of it by the EU is only protecting the internal market of the EU and undermining the UKs
3) The NIP contains within it article 16-which allows unilateral safeguarding action


Both the EU and U.K. agreed to the clause being contained within
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Westminster voted for A hard tourism border on the island of Ireland tonight.

Ireland had zero say.

To be clear:

This means that a French or German person cannot take a trip to Belfast from Dublin for the w/e without UK border documentation.

Disaster for #NI.

Another own-goal for the UK Union.

This will go down like a bucket of cold sick amongst Irish born people in Northern Ireland.
Full story in the Irish Times

(In case UK media doesn’t consider it even newsworthy. Chances of that?)

#Brexit impact upon island of #Ireland.…
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BREAKING. EU Commission: "The decision by the Northern Irish Minister for Agriculture is therefore unhelpful. It creates further uncertainly and unpredictability for businesses and citizens in Northern Ireland"
#Brexit #Poots #Checks #NIProtocol
EU: "The European Commission will closely monitor developments in Northern Ireland pursuant to this announcement. It recalls the responsibility of the UK Government for the respect of the international obligations it has entered into"
#Brexit #Poots
EU:"Vice-President Šefčovič will speak to the UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss on Thursday afternoon to continue our discussions on finding durable solutions for the people of Northern Ireland. He will recall that controls on goods arriving in Northern Ireland from Great Britain..."
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1. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

During this #COVID I am going to create a rolling thread about key issues and articles of interest, just so as you can see the evolution toward a return to normality in 2022, 2023, 2024 or 2025; according to predictions by #Aviation!
2. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

Interesting article about #staycations and their price!!

The attitude of some UK h/makers, is I'm afraid, a common feature found in holidays abroad. I've heard many a tale about the Master vs Serf behaviour of some Brits!…
3. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

It's not done with us yet:

"...hard to anticipate what the timeline will be for the expected shift of COVID-19 to endemicity..."…
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@Dominic2306 is talking again. What have we learned? Did he ever have a plan for a successful Brexit? And did it involve staying in, or leaving, the #SingleMarket? THREAD
@Dominic2306’s discussion with @DavidGauke is worth a read. He admits that costs of 🇬🇧 leaving SM were supposed to fall on 🇮🇪. This is foolhardy in itself, but symptomatic of the lack of a wider plan. /1
@Dominic2306 @DavidGauke Staying in SM under #EFTA would of course solve #NI. But did @VoteLeave say to stay in, or to leave, the Single Market? Well, both. But the important promise was that of no adverse changes. /2
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#Coronavirus: Vanuatu Island Records First Case Of COVID-19 In Traveler From The #US 😥…

#Vanuatu has recorded its first #Covid_19 case, health officials announced Wednesday, ending the Pacific island nation’s status as one of the few countries...
... in the world to remain virus-free. The health department said a 23-year-old man who had recently returned from the #UnitedStates was confirmed to have the virus on Tuesday after being tested in quarantine."

#Vanuatu #Covid19
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Analysis: #NYSE $NI

Case 159 #NiSource Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#NI 1/3
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Pausing for a moment just below the all time high of 30.67 and heading for 31.77 - a close above targets 32.90-33.60. The main target zone is 34.85-35.35. Good support at 28.40-26.95 and much stronger at 21.15.

NI 2/3
Chart 2
Daily Chart: The #Strategy is printed on the image.

$NI 3/3
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So we all know the Northern Ireland border is a big issue for #brexit. But what about all the other British territories that don't make the headlines? Let's try to gather them up!

1) The Falklands, where 94% of fishing exports go to the EU single market:…
2) The Rock of Gibraltar, which voted remain but is firmly British Communities both sides of the border face 'economic disaster' if a deal cannot be reached:… Apparently just 'small' issues like the the border and tax yet to be agreed..
3) The Caribbean island of Anguilla relies on free movement:… Its tourism & postal industries depend on EU flights to the French & Dutch halves of neighboring St Martin. Citizens get medical treatment on St Martin. Third of its capital budget came from EU.
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