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This headline 👇 will be no surprise to anyone who's been following @NHSEngland's plans (and actions) for a while.

But @JonUngoedThomas's article reveals some crucial details about what's intended for your #NHS #HealthRecords that are worth unpacking...… Controversial £360m NHS Eng...
First, and possibly most significantly, is @NHSEngland officials' confirmation that its '#FederatedDataPlatform' will incorporate patients across England's #SharedCareRecords: Health officials confirmed ...
Why is this so important? Because #SharedCareRecords - which every new #ICS* is supposed to have - include your #GPdata, which @NHSEngland has been trying to get hold of for years (most recently last summer)...

*#IntegratedCareSystem explainer here:… Map 1: The 42 integrated ca...
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@hfeldwisch erklärt hier wunderbar, warum #Homöopathie als wirksam beworben werden darf… #fplus
Zugleich zeigt er aber auch auf, wie der Einstieg in eine Politik funktioniert hat, die sich nicht mehr an Fakten orientiert. Die Dinge werden juristisch, nicht medizinisch-wissenschaftlich belegt. So ist es auch z. B. mit der #Gentechnik-Freiheit.
Viele Produkte @OhneGentechnik sind real gar nicht ohne Gentechnik. Nur juristisch. Das betrifft auch viele im Biolandbau gezüchtete Sorten. Sie gelten in einer Art "Binnenkonsens" als normal gezüchtet, obwohl sie mit (alter) Gentechnik produziert wurden.
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Bad enough that @SensyneHealth has cost NHS Trusts nearly £15 million - Lord Drayson's claim to be 'giving something back to the NHS' lies in tatters - but what people should *really* be asking about is the MILLIONS of #patients' data the company claims to be processing...
...because, as our letter to the Trusts in April pointed out, at least some of their patients' data that they handed over is #linkable #pseudonymised data - i.e. it is #identifiable, thus #PersonalData in UK law:… Pseudonymised Data  On the matter of the data itself, whethe
So while @SensyneHealth's #shareholders might want to check the company's claims about the #amount of NHS patients' data it actually has, those Trusts that HAVE passed #identifiable data to #Sensyne should terminate their agreements asap - and demand certified #deletion, too...
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Stellt euch mal vor wir hätten eine #Regierung die die richtigen Entscheidungen treffen würde. Ein Thread!
Stellt euch mal vor wir hätten ein #Tempolimit! #VerkehrswendeJetzt
Stellt euch mal vor wir hätten ein bedingungsloses #Grundeinkommen! #BGE
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Good to see #motivation in addition to #competence, #honesty & #reliability.

It always bothered me that #sociopaths could pass Onora's three tests of #trustworthiness*; they can be entirely #competent, brutally #honest & (predictably) #reliable but...

...I still wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable #trusting them. (The same applies to corporate entities - some possibly even more so.)

@medConfidential's formulation - #consensual, #safe and #transparent - addresses a subtly different problem, which is that NO system will...
...always be 100% #trustworthy, and certainly not 100% #trusted - given #trust is ALWAYS 'in the eye of the beholder', and NEVER a property of a system.

#Governance and #accountability are key, of course. And maybe this time, we'll actually get what is #needed - rather than...
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The most menacing aspect of #StandardizedTesting is the way it trains kids to fear making mistakes by labeling & shaming. Misunderstandings should be opportunities for breakthroughs in comprehension, but the tests teach that miscalculations are perverse transgressions.
Playwright Oscar Wilde made a magnificent observation in his novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" when he wrote, “Most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.”
Oscar Wilde understood that creativity cannot exist without mistakes, & without creativity life lacks meaning. Kids live in fear of getting low test scores because they are used to label & shame at best—& sometimes carry extreme high stakes (closing schools, denying graduation).
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@Microsoft @ubuntu Image
3 hours ago I spun a Ubuntu 18.04 on Azure with a corporate subscription.
Now I get spammed over non-corporate channel by Ubuntu.

What the fuck is happening here?

For the folks that think is a fake...
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Margaret's blog refers to @NHSDigital's #DataProtectionNotice for the #COVID19 #GPES extract, but somehow omits to mention that people's #Type1 objections (#OptOuts) WILL be upheld: Image
And also that, according to…, actually *enhanced* #InformationGovernance processes - involving both @TheBMA & @rcgp - will be in place for data #access, which "may" include respecting #NDOP on a "case by case basis": ImageImage
Meanwhile, @NHSEngland/@NHSX in their notice to health & care professionals (while notably failing to mention #Type1s...) confirms patients STILL have the right to #OptOut of having a #SummaryCareRecord, and that existing #SCR #OptOuts will be respected:… Image
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Today the Italian DPA (Garante) released the GDPR APP "GDPR in your pocket".
The app has 2 trackers for crash management and analytics.

The privacy note:…

The app:…

#GDPR @meobaldo ImageImage
1st #tracker: MS Appcenter Analytics
Real-time #analytics that highlight users’ behavior. It also provides push notifications to mobile devices.

At first sign, a #consent may be asked by a DPA.
and an #OptOut should be granted to users.

None of them in the app!
2nd #tracker: MS Appcenter Crashes
Automatically generates a crash log every crash. The log is written to the device's storage and when the user starts the app again, the crash log will be sent to App Center.

MS will collect a lot of data regarding my mobile, installed app, etc
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I’m operating this morning so may have to halt this tweet stream midstream but want to talk about My Health Record and #optoutMHR.
By way of disclosure, I was invited on an ADHA Committee about MyHR last year. It’s unpaid & I’ve never attended because I’m already fully booked with patients when they announce the meeting dates. Also, I’m an AMA Federal Councillor. The AMA is broadly in favour of a national
medical record, but I make these tweets as a private citizen & surgeon, not because I’m AMA affiliated. Also, I did a project on MyHR last year with non-directed funding from @avantmutual - a practice grant that supported a study into MyHR implementation in specialist practice.
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