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🧵🧵 THREAD: 10 reasons why #bioinformaticians should use #Nextflow 🧵🧵
1. #Nextflow is an open-source platform for #bioinformatics #pipelines and #workflows, designed to make them #scalable, #reproducible, and #portable.
2. #Nextflow allows #bioinformaticians to write their #pipelines and #workflows in a simple and expressive domain-specific language, called #Nextflow Script.
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Have you ever found yourself missing credit card debts, or losing money on subscriptions you made a year ago?

Reason: Your finances are not organized 💸

Let's fix it 🧵 👇
⚠️ Caution: Not trying to give you any financial advice.

Showing you how my Smart Finance Tracker @NotionHQ template solves the most common financial mistakes most people do.

Know more about the template 👇
You need to get mindful of your finances. The most common mistakes people do are:-

- Going Without a Plan (Budget)

- Not clearing your debts first

- Never trying to invest

- Not tracking your subscriptions

- Not Reflecting on your transactions
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🔴 Responsabilité numérique : l'exemple des #musées 🏛️

Je publie aujourd'hui une étude pour analyser l'état du web muséal français autour des enjeux d'#opendata, de #privacy, d'#a11y et d'#ecoconception.

Thread à dérouler ⬇️ 1/33
tl;dr : déroulez le thread ;

📰 Sinon, l'étude est accessible ici :
📊 Les données sont ici :… (eh oui, #opendata oblige)

Tout est sous licence @creativecommons, n'hésitez pas à la réutiliser. 2/X
❔ Partie 1 - Méthode - Quel périmètre d'analyse ?

Je me suis intéressé aux 100 #musées les plus fréquentés en France, en 2018. En repartant des données en #opendata du @MinistereCC.

Si on soustrait quelques doublons de sites, on obtient 89 sites web étudiés.

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It thus become more important than ever before to document instances of free speech violations by the state and build a repository from all over the country.
#RightSideBroadcasting #FakeNews #HumanRights
The #tracker entails publicly available data collected by volunteers with via various sources including news sources, court orders etc. as well as by crowd-sourcing information from the public at large and verifying it.…
The aim of this project is to ignite conversations & deepen understanding around the status of #FreeSpeech in India. Right to freedom of speech and expression is the spine of a #Democratic nation. A tracker like this is a mirror which shows us how deep the water is.
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We are thrilled to launch our new initiative! Researchers around the globe are working to develop safe and effective #COVID19 #vaccines as soon as possible. How long will it really take? We've developed a simple resource to track progress-check it out 1/n
We collate & curate COVID19 #vaccine clinical trial data from @WHO & multiple other publicly available sources. Our tracker features vaccine candidates designed specifically to prevent #COVID19. We begin tracking vaccines once they are part of a registered clinical trial. 2/n
Using an innovative card-based system designed by our team, each vaccine candidate is given a summary card which displays the name, primary developer/sponsor, highest phase clinical trial underway, and shows the technology used to develop the vaccine. 3/n
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Dear Italian #DPA, #Garante #Privacy, please, take a stand and help us:
New Lombard regulation "highly recommends" the employer to use the local #ContactTracing App, and asks to push the employee to use the App, daily submitting the health checklist.

@meobaldo Image
AllertaLom #App is quite far from @edpb and DPA guidelines.
The privacy policy is opaque, contradictory, and misleading. There is even a #tracker embedded.

App rises a lot of worries and is almost compulsory.
Local government will enforce the use of this warmly-suggested App Image
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Stanno arrivando gli SMS in Lombardia.
Un fiume di SMS.

C'è un "errore" però: il questionario non è affatto anonimo.

I terminali di chi usa la app sono identificati eccome!
Consultare il DPO prima di premere invio trasforma un "errore" in una bugia.
#GDPR Image
La app è stata limitata all'Italia, certamente NON per evitare di essere analizzata da @ExodusPrivacy. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Rimediamo: 1 #tracker e 9 permessi.
google firebase analytics significa analisi TOTALE di ogni interazione e condivisione di tutti i dati con Google ImageImage
Non vorrei essere tedioso ma non è affatto carino acquisire dati degli utenti senza avvertirli e senza consenso.
E' quel genere di cose che squalifica il fine insozzando il mezzo.
E fa sorgere tanti sospetti... verrebbe voglia di analizzare il traffico dati della App! Quasi quasi
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La piattaforma per l'analisi gratuita delle #APP per #Android parla ora ITALIANO
Consiglio di fare una verifica con @ExodusPrivacy PRIMA di installare qualsiasi APP: è facile scoprire quanti e quali #TRACKER siano nascosti e pronti a condividere ogni tipo di dato a tua insaputa
Non sai cosa sia un tracker?
In breve: una funzione dedicata alla condivisione di dati con terzi.
Tanti dati: la posizione geografica, l'indicativo univoco del tuo cellulare, le altre app installate. Persino lo screeenshot del tuo schermo.
Molto peggio di nome cognome email
Funziona così:

Apri un gioco o il meteo o l'app dei taxi.
Poi passi alla app della banca online o alla chat.
A quel punto il gioco si blocca, il tracker fa screenshot (del tuo conto o dei tuoi messaggi ecc.) e lo manda agli sviluppatori in giro per il mondo.
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Today the Italian DPA (Garante) released the GDPR APP "GDPR in your pocket".
The app has 2 trackers for crash management and analytics.

The privacy note:…

The app:…

#GDPR @meobaldo ImageImage
1st #tracker: MS Appcenter Analytics
Real-time #analytics that highlight users’ behavior. It also provides push notifications to mobile devices.

At first sign, a #consent may be asked by a DPA.
and an #OptOut should be granted to users.

None of them in the app!
2nd #tracker: MS Appcenter Crashes
Automatically generates a crash log every crash. The log is written to the device's storage and when the user starts the app again, the crash log will be sent to App Center.

MS will collect a lot of data regarding my mobile, installed app, etc
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Let us talk about recent #Trends in #Global #Monetary #Policy, say, from 2015 to 2019...
Before I do that, let me give you an updated list of #CentralBank #MonetaryPolicyCommittee meetings for 2020...The matrix attached shows MPC dates for #CBL #SARB #FED and #ECB...
Surely we are conversant with the terms #dovish #hawkish #loose #tight #expansionary & #contractionary when it comes to #monetarypolicy jargon. What did the #global monetary policy landscape look like from 2015 to 2019? Was it loose or tight, expansionary or contractionary?
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