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🇨🇦 Excellent report by @Breanna_KS about the Edmonton Police Service's "secret" surveillance plane, but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered, like, how didn't I notice that one before?

Let's go over (granted, with hindsight) all the details.

👮 🛩️ 👋
Let's look up the obvious, planes with an owner of "Edmonton"

There are 4 plane owners with that word in their name:
‣ Edmonton Soaring Club ❌
‣ Edmonton Flying Club ❌
‣ City Of Edmonton ✅
‣ Edmonton Regional Helicopters Inc. ❌
Re-do the search using the correct owner:

The City of Edmonton own four Canadian-registered aircraft:

‣ C-FEPS Eurocopter EC120B
‣ C-FEPU Aerospatiale AS350 B3
‣ C-GEPS Aerospatiale AS350 B3
‣ C-GMXM Cessna 182Q ✅…
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This is the noose-happy troll the @ReginaChamber invited to speak at Agribition. #yqr #regina
Here's the @ReginaChamber sponsored event. And here's their invited speaker calling for a military coup to overthrow a legitimately elected government.
My guess, the Chamber writes off Brett's lust for public executions as a lad having a larf on the internet. But I take this pretty personally as I'm the kind of guy Wilson says he'd enjoy seeing hanged.
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Finally out today! after 4 years of struggle here it is... we found that signals derived from chloroplasts control alternative splicing of several genes in roots! ...a thread... (1/9)…
We wondered how... what is the nature of the signals that reach the roots and affect nuclear decisions in root cells... (2/9)
as some of you might already imagine, this is a sweet story! sugars derived from photosynthesis travel through the plant and reach the roots... yes! we know, but that's just the beginning, you'll see... (3/9)
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THREAD: A concerned person sent me tonight's Saskatchewan Physician COVID-19 town hall slides. "This was a devastating, heartbreaking meeting," they said. "We need the public to know how dire the situation is."

Some highlights to follow. #skpoli
"Increased hospitalizations and deaths *will occur* [in] next 2-4 weeks." // Higher hospitlization so far in 2021 compared to pandemic months in all of 2020. #skpoli
-- Feeing impact of travel in and out of communities
-- Large outbreak at mining site
-- Low testing in some areas
-- Inconsistent mask use and distancing at play in nearly all workplace outbreaks
-- "vaccine selection anger" at clinics

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60 journalists from 25 media outlets coordinated by @FbdnStories picked back up the investigation into the murder of #Regina Martínez, killed in 2012. Her death was a major shift in the targeting of journalists in Mexico. #CartelProject
#Regina Martínez was the most-read journalist in Veracruz. “Everything that the local press didn’t dare to publish was published via Regina Martínez,” said Jorge Carrasco, director of @proceso, the news outlet Martínez worked for. #CartelProject
“Never in my career had I seen such an altered crime scene,” the federal prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Laura Borbolla, said eight years after the murder of #Regina Martínez. #CartelProject
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-- FLC daycare under 50% max capacity
-- Masks mandatory for adults at daycare
-- WATCH below for Premier Scott Moe's reaction today to the 5 cases in schools/daycare

#sask #skpoli #saskatchewan
I checked in with Regina Public, Regina Catholic and Saskatoon Public schools. No positive cases recorded at any of them.
#sask #skpoli #saskatchewan #yxe #yqr #regina #saskatoon
Reminder: starting on Thursday, the province will be issuing a weekly COVID-among-youth report. #sask #skpoli #saskatchewan #yxe #yqr #regina #saskatoon Image
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Grosse journée en #education francophone en milieu minoritaire aujourd’hui.

On s’attend à plus de détails sur la construction de la nouvelle école francophone à #Regina en début d’après-midi. Cela fait des années que la communauté réclame une nouvelle école à #yqr #frcan
Le gouvernement saskatchewanais versera 21 millions de dollars dans la construction d'une nouvelle école élémentaire francophone à Regina. Elle sera complétée en 2023 et va accueillir 325 élèves fransaskois. #frcan #education
Un protocole d’entente a été signé le 19 mars 2019 entre le Conseil scolaire fransaskois et le gouvernement de la Saskatchewan, dans lequel la province s’était engagée à construire trois nouvelles écoles francophones d’ici 2025, soit à Regina, Saskatoon et Prince Albert. #frcan
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Day 2 since the Saskatchewan government announced K-12 students and staff won’t be required to wear masks when schools resume in September. Anger, anxiety, and shock are still palpable among many parents and teachers. #skpoli

Expect tweets about #education on my feed today.
A petition demanding a "better back-to-school plan" has been signed by 8000 people in the last 24 hours. And counting.

"The government of Saskatchewan’s plan does not offer an effective way for staff and students to avoid infection," the petition says. #skpoli
The petition is asking the Saskatchewan government to implement six measures, including smaller class sizes. 👇🏾 ImageImage
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I just spoke to Tristen Durocher. He is on Day 4 of his hunger strike in Wascana Park on #Regina until meaningful legislation is passed on suicide prevention.

Yesterday, Regina police ordered the protest camp to take down the teepee and leave.

#skpoli #canpoli ImageImage
"Living on tea and odds and ends," Durocher said when we spoke, quoting @BuffySteMarie.

He walked 635 km from Air Ronge to Regina in response to the Saskatchewan government denying a suicide prevention bill earlier this month before starting his hunger strike. #skpoli #canpoli
Durocher says mental health services are urgently needed in Northern Sask.

"Suicide is the leading cause of death in Northern Saskatchewan among people aged 10 to 46," he added.

He anticipates he will strike until end of August and vows to stay in the park. #skpoli #canpoli
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#DarkNetflix Es la serie que conecta el pasado, presente y futuro en un circulo sin principio ni final.

No importando ¿Dónde? sino ¿Cuándo?

Las preguntas que se originen seran contestada a lo largo de este hilo

[HiLo] Image
La historia se desarrolla en un pueblo llamado #Winden, donde funciona una planta nuclear.

Muy cerca a la planta existe una cueva que contiene un agujero de gusano que conecta el pasado con el presente. ImageImageImage
En el pueblo habitan 4 familias

Los #Nielsen.
Los #Kahnwald.
Los #Tiedemann.
Los #Doppler. ImageImageImageImage
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Sask. police complaints body says new powers will make it more transparent but add to heavy caseload… #skpoli #sask #saskatchewan #yxe #saskatoon #regina Image
It’s still police investigating police, says Stephanie Lavallee, a Cree lawyer who grew up in #Regina. “Who should investigate police?" Lavallee said. "Should it be police or should it be civilians? Who's going to keep them more accountable?"… #skpoli Image
Lavallee said the addition of a second, Indigenous investigation observer “is a start to Indigenizing our justice system a little more." But how much authority will they have? she asked. “What if there’s a power struggle? Which one has more say?” #skpoli #sask #sasktchewan
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Only the judge will be in the courtroom in Prince Albert today. Lawyers will call in from #Saskatoon, #Regina. Vandewater will stay put in #Sask Pen. Victim Chris Van Camp's mom will phone in from Calgary, surrounded by friends and family, she says

Justice in the age of #COVID19
UPDATE: The phone-in sentencing hearing has been underway for 40 minutes now. Having been convicted of 2nd-degree murder, Vandewater faces a mandatory life sentence. The question for the judge to decide is, in how many years could he be up for parole?
The Crown says 16 to 18 years. The defence says 14 years. The minimum by law is 10 years.
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Person on FB claiming to have been in line: "That was our choice. We all know the risks. We feel safe in our town and it shows. Living in fear 24/7 is ridiculous. Everyone needs to do what they feel is right for them personally to get thru a time like this" #sask #skpoli #cpvid19
Carievale's "cruise night" parade wasn't the only such event this past weekend: The Saskatoon Police Service tells me it heard complaints about 9 large gatherings over April 24-26. #yxe #saskatoon #covid19 #coronavirus #skpoli #sask #saskatchewan
UPDATE: Some new numbers, including weekend numbers, from *Regina* Police Service. From April 17 to today, police received 81 calls for gatherings larger than 10 ppl. Many calls unfounded. "Lots of opportunities for education; no tickets issued." #yqr #regina #covid19 #sask Image
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Good morning. Follow this file today for all the major COVID-19 IN SASK developments:…
#covid19 #sask #skpoli #saskatchewan #coronavirus
43 year old Jennifer White's story puts a face to one of the statistics that jumped out the most on Thursday: more than half of Saskatchewan's COVID-19 cases — 49 people — are aged anywhere up to and including 44 years of age. #covid19 #sask #skpoli #saskatchewan #coronavirus
We've UPDATED our story with @SLangeneggerCBC
of The Morning Edition's full interview with Jennifer White about her symptoms and what led her to bypass the 811 health line. #covid19 #sask #skpoli #saskatchewan #coronavirus White began feeling sick after coming back from Mexico Image
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Hello again. Watch this story and this space throughout the day for all the latest COVID-19 in Sask news - Top doc recommends expanding testing to those who haven't travelled - Story: - #skpoli #sask #saskatchewan #COVID19 #coronavirus
A brief aside. COVID-19 has upturned plans at our courthouses. Let me give you an example. I've closely followed a trial into the construction site death of Eric Ndayishimiye. It was supposed to resume for the defence this past Monday.… #skpoli #sask
It has not. Instead, I'm now told the rest of the trial has been pushed to September 21, which also tells you something about the long-range thinking prompted by the virus. #skpoli #sask #saskatchewan #COVID19 #coronavirus #yxe #saskatoon
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BREAKING from @SLangeneggerCBC and I: An internal document from the Saskatchewan Health Authority provides an early estimate of as many as 15,000 deaths in the province from COVID-19. Full document here:… #skpoli #sask #saskatchewan #COVID19 #coronavirus
The Saskatchewan Health Authority has verified the document, says it's "a draft document based on early modelling and worst case scenarios." #skpoli #sask #saskatchewan #COVID19 #coronavirus Image
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0 CORONAVIRUS CASES NOW, but Saskatchewan's health ministry is updating this table on patient testing every Wednesday -- UNLESS there's a confirmed case, in which case it will be updated immediately in tandem with an emergency PSA/media release. #sask #saskatchewan #coronavirus Image
Here's the page where you can find the table.… The numbers come from the Roy Romano Provincial Lab in #Regina. #sask #saskatchewan
The province's chief medical officer, Dr. Saqib Shahab, will be answering coronavirus questions alongside Health Minister Jim Reiter in the provincial legislature shortly.
#skpoli #sask #saskatchewan
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🇨🇦#Canada #FridaysForFuture International update #ClimateStrike #'s for #ClimateActionWeek:
🇨🇦1,000,000 people🇨🇦 Thus 1 out of every 6 strikers globally was Canadian🇨🇦 as well as we were 3rd globally for total # of strikes. Thanks to all local organizers & national supporters.
1000 #Calgary AB
15 #Cambridge ON
40 #Campbellton NB
20 #Camrose AB
15 #Canmore AB
15 #Cannington ON
150 #CapAuxMeules QC
300 #Caraquet NB
300 #Chambly QC
200 #ChathamKent ON
65 #Chibougamau QC
400 #Chillwack BC
40 #Clare NS
45 #Clinton ON
500 #Collingwood ON
80 #Compton QC
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Für alle, die sich Fragen, wie der Arbeitsalltag eines #Freiberuflers so aussieht: Ich hatte heute um halb zwölf einen Skype-Termin. Mit meiner Mutter.
Warum? Weil die gute Frau A) eine völlig falsche Vorstellung vom Arbeitsalltag eines Freiberuflers hat und B) vierzehn Monate vor dem wirklich lange ersehnten Ruhestand noch eine digitale #DSGVO-Weiterbildung machen muss.
Offiziell übrigens allein.
Offiziell ohne Unterstützung.
Offiziell während ihrer Arbeitszeit.
Aber wir alle wissen, was das heißt.
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▶️ Aktionskarte (A3) für die morgigen Proteste & Blockaden gegen den Nazi-"Trauermarsch" in #Magdeburg:…. Wir werden genügend Aktionskarten an verschiedenen Punkten in der Innenstadt verteilen #md1901 #blockmd
🕚 Start der zentralen Gegendemonstration Hauptsache Zusammen - Nazis Wegputzen von #REGINA um 11 Uhr (pünktlich) an der Kreuzung Otto-von-Guericke-Straße / Ernst-Reuter-Allee vor MAGADO (H9/10) #md1901 #blockmd (1)
💩 Auftakt des Nazi-"Trauermarschs" soll um 12 Uhr sein. Bisher wurde zum Willy-Brandt-Platz bzw. Hauptbahnhof (G10) mobilisiert. Informationen über die genaue Route sind noch nicht bekannt #md1901 #blockmd (2)
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it... Image
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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