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@DrTedros "Globally, newly-reported cases of #COVID19 have now declined for 8 weeks in a row, and deaths have declined for the 7th straight week. This is good news, but new infections and deaths remain high globally"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Last week more than 2.5 million #COVID19 cases and almost 64,000 deaths were reported – that’s 250 cases and 6 deaths every minute, that we know of"-@DrTedros

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/19/2021…
The Importance of Understanding the Nonspecific Effects of Vaccines…

#vaccines #consequences
Health Equity, Schooling Hesitancy, and the Social Determinants of Learning

#HealthEquity #education #LowIncomeFamilies #PostPandemic #consequences
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Excellent story by @bshelly on the amazing work done across the KC region to reinvest in our neighborhood infrastructure.…

@mkelleykc (@BikeWalkKC) & Andrea Clark (@KCHealthyKids) deserve a ton of credit here.

Also want to lift up others doing the work:
With @shannonrcriss & @NilsGore, we co-founded @DotteAgency at @UnivOfKansas to bring #CommunityHealthDesign services to residents of #NortheastKCK.

#DotteAgency worked in response to the @RWJF #CountyHealthRankings & with @CHCofWyCo on the 1422 @CDCgov grant on #Type2Diabetes.
The @CHCofWyCo deserves special recognition for their work with the @KirwanInstitute to produce the HEAT Report on #HealthEquity and health disparities in @CityofKCK.

Be on the lookout soon for an update from @JordanAyalaKC & the @CHCofWyCo.
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In 2019, @jared_w_magnani & I were invited to give @PittGIM Grand Rounds on the social determinants of #AFib.

Today, thanks to our incredible co-authors, we published some of those thoughts in Nature! 👇🏾

A 🧵 on gaps & opportunities for future work.….
The pandemic has taught us so much about our health system, but it has especially shone a bright light on the social determinants as key drivers of #HealthEquity. Our review focused on:
🔸 race/ethnicity
🔸 finances
🔸 rurality/neighborhood
🔸 health literacy
🔸 social network
The social construct of race has been one of the most well-studied determinants of #AFib incidence, treatment (including our work in anticoagulation disparities), and outcomes. Here we discuss why such inequities exist across the AFib care continuum.….
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Today I received the Larry E. Davis Excellence in Race Research from @PittCRSP.

I met Dr. Davis when I first got to Pitt and was amazed by his fierce & enduring commitment to racial justice. He is greatly missed in our community and I am incredibly honored for this award. 🙏🏾
I am grateful for my community here @PittTweet, especially the Black Pittsburgh #COVID19 Equity Coalition that has truly been *doing the work* this past year to help keep our communities of color healthy, safe, informed (and now vaccinated) throughout the pandemic.
I am grateful to so many who have inspired, collaborated with, and taught me so much over the past year, pushing my thinking and scholarship on #HealthEquity, justice, and examining racism as a driver of health in the US, during & beyond the pandemic.…
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1/ Folks have recommended Richard Rothstein’s “The Color of Law” to me for a minute now. Finally had a chance to finish it this weekend.

Absolutely rocked.

The insidiousness of state & federal policy to maintain racial segregation in the US is devastating.

A thread of quotes.
2/ “...said that black students were concentrated in the city, not spread throughout the Detroit suburbs because of ‘unknown and perhaps unknowable factors such as in/migration, birthrates, economic changes, or cumulative acts of private racial fears.’”…
3/ “That the SF region was segregated by policy is striking bc in contrast to other metropolitan areas, Northern CA had few African-Americans before migrants arrived during WWII for jobs. The government was not following pre-existing racial patterns...”…
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Still reflecting on a Grand Rounds presentation by @TaraLaguMD last week on people with disabilities as an unrecognized health disparity population. And how there needs to be systemic change, with attention to detecting, understanding, and reducing. #DisabilityPolicy

A 🧵 (1/8)
A selection of articles discussed in the talk:

Paper #1

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Persons with disabilities are disproportionately impacted by #COVID19
Especially when vaccine supply is limited, countries should ensure that eligible persons with disabilities have equal access to vaccination like others.
👉 #VaccinEquity Image
To stop the spread of #COVID19, all prevention measures should be inclusive of persons with disabilities, including vaccination.

No one is safe until everyone is safe! #VaccinEquity Image
During #COVID19, women with disabilities may face
🚨 domestic violence
🚨 economic stress
🚨 health shocks
🚨 prolonged period of isolation
🚨 reduced access to health services
👉 #HealthEquity Image
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Excited to attend health equity symposium #AANAM @AANMember supported by Cheryl Jay Endowment. Dr. Jay made incredible contributions to our neurology training program in Haiti and I'll never forget how she took all the applicants out to lunch when I interviewed @neurores_ucsf Image
"Zipcode is a greater predictor of health outcome than genetic code" Dr. Joseph Betancourt @MGHMedicine , Health Equity Symposium @AANMember #AANAM
"Structural Racism isn't up for debate, this is our history"
Reminds me of one my favorite quotes from Paul Farmer @PIH "History didn't begin when you arrived..." Image
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CHALLENGE: What will Academic Health Centers and health organizations learn about #healthequity and #antiracism from COVID-19 Vaccination?
We learn by doing: by running a public health campaign we can see more clearly what works, and what changes are urgent for equity. See our full article with P Shorett- Lessons in Equity from Front Lines of COVID Vaccination via @JAMAHealthForum
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LIVE on #WorldHealthDay with @DrTedros: An urgent call to work together to tackle health inequities…
"#HealthEquity is the theme of #WorldHealthDay this year. This is one of the core challenges our time, which is why we are launching a campaign to build a fairer and healthier world"-@DrTedros

"Inequity is a not new problem, of course, but the #COVID19 pandemic has brought it into sharp focus. More than 2,850,000 of our sisters and brothers have lost their lives – and we have lost them"-@DrTedros #WorldHealthDay

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On #WorldHealthDay, let's build a fairer, healthier 🌎🌍🌏

#COVID19 highlighted how some 👱🙎🏽‍♀️ live healthier lives & have better access to health services than others, due to their living conditions.

It's time for #HealthEquity to reach #HealthForAll!

It's #WorldHealthDay

To achieve #HealthForAll, everyone needs access, without discrimination, to the health services they need without suffering financial hardship.

We can and must build a fairer, healthier 🌎🌍🌏 for everyone, everywhere.

#COVID19 shows that #HealthEquity is more urgent than ever. It’s laid bare inequities in access and coverage of health services, mortality and socio-economic impacts.

On #WorldHealthDay, let's make the 🌎🌍🌏 fairer and #HealthForAll a reality!

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"Tomorrow is #WorldHealthDay.
#COVID19 has exacerbated inequalities both between and within countries. While we have all been impacted by the pandemic, the poorest and most marginalized have been hit hardest - both in terms of lives and livelihoods lost"-@DrTedros #HealthEquity
"In the year ahead, the 🌍 needs to make 5⃣ vital changes:
1⃣ we need to invest in equitable production and access to #COVID19 rapid tests, oxygen, treatments and vaccines between and within countries"-@DrTedros

#ACTogether #HealthEquity
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As @Eugenia_South underscores, #HealthEquity isn’t hard, but it does take intentional work to overcome the inequitable inertia of the status quo.

This weekend in Chicago, our @OakStreetHealth team vaccinated 2000 Latinx people in Belmont-Cragin. Here's how we made it work. 🧵
Our first event launched #ProtectChicago Plus, @ChiPublicHealth + @chicagosmayor's bold strategy to get vaccines into the 15 communities hit hardest by #COVID19.

For months, we'd partnered w local CBOs (@NWSHC @gilbert36ward + others) on testing + more. We'd built trust. 2/
Our partners - trusted messengers who know their communities - told us what to seek: a safe, central location for all to congregate, + one that the community trusts. @ChiPubSchools + @SteinmetzCPHS provided that home - one w walkability + great parking (no easy feat here!). 3/
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Thread to follow giving overview of new papers from @bmj_latest special collection: '#Covid19: The road to equity and solidarity' cc @CroakeyNews #PMAC2021 @baumfran @WePublicHealth
The collection explores political economy of the response, role of international institutions, overwhelmed health systems, #SDOH, value of indices of preparedness, need for all countries to act together to reduce inequality, protect health, and act on climate #PMAC2021
"As we move forward, it is vital that we explore the drivers of the pandemic, learn from the global response, and become more prepared for the future." Also, you can watch the launch featuring various authors, inc @baumfran #PMAC2021 #HealthEquity
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In December, the @American_Heart published a Presidential Advisory statement on working against structural racism and health disparities in response to recent news events and #BLM advocacy. #healthequity #CQOSpotlight…
The writing committee on behalf of the @American_Heart in the second sentence of the abstract cite COVID-19, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor as recent examples of structural racism, health disparities for disenfranchised groups.
The statement provides a background on why these issues are relevant to cardiovascular health and the importance of eliminating structural racism.
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Excited to hear @McDougle2020, president of @NationalMedAssn, to speak at panel discussion about health equity during #COVID19 #healthequity #MedTwitter
.@JaniceNevinMD quotes Dr. King in her introduction: "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhuman." #MLKDay
Forum is being moderated by Dr. Lisa Maxwell, and she is asking @McDougle2020 about hesitancy in the Black community about getting the #COVID19Vaccine.
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To celebrate #NewYearsEve, we present the past year’s top 10 Health Affairs Blog posts. To see the #healthpolicy analysis and commentary that captured the most attention in #2020, please view the full post, and have a #HappyNewYear: 1/11
1) Could – Or Should – The Government Impose A Mass #Quarantine On An American City? by @LawrenceGostin of @oneillinstitute #COVID19 #pandemic #InfectiousDisease 2/11
2) Mapping #Misinformation In The #Coronavirus Outbreak by @a_rutschman of @SLULAW 3/11
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My public comment at #ACIP meeting today about Phase 1b & 1c #COVID19Vaccine focused on equity. A 🧵
Question isn’t whether to incorporate concerns for #healthequity but HOW.
First come first served worsens inequity. Bright line age cutoffs also can worsen inequity due to preexisting disparities in life expectancy.
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I have a few thoughts I'd like to offer about #vaccine acceptance. To my fellow (esp White) clinicians who are asking, "What are your strategies for convincing #BIPOC communities to take the #COVID19 vaccine?" this thread is for us…
First, I'd suggest that this is an unhelpful question & is racially problematic. It centers the holder of the mistrust as the target of the problem & intervention, not the system & history that caused the mistrust in the first place.

For more context on appropriately framing the source of the problem (system, history not mistrust), See the following thread from @DrJessIsomMDMPH:

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1/ @AmerMedicalAssn adopted two resolutions we wrote (CC @glass_heff_full @FaithCrittenden + more).

For the first time in AMA history, we have policy to explicitly & actionably fight for #antiracism in #MedEd, health care delivery, research, & practice.

🧵 from the #AMAmtg ImageImage
2/ First, let's be clear: we passed these policies by standing on the shoulders of giants, & especially women of color.

We cited almost 100 references by scholars including @CamaraJones @DorothyERoberts @zinzinator @DrMaryTBassett @RRHDr @tsaiduck77 @AmakaEMD @IHJM_ & others. ImageImageImageImage
3/ By telling the truth & reconciling harms, and by advocating for actionable paths forward, these new policies will foster a brighter future of robust AMA advocacy for #HealthEquity and #Antiracism.

The adopted Resolved clauses (our resolutions are 005 & 010) are as follows: ImageImageImage
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📊NEW (painful) data from #ColorofCoronavirus:

-1 in 875 Black
-1 in 925 Indigenous
-1 in 1,275 Latino
-1 in 1,325 Pac. Islander
-1 in 1,625 White &
-1 in 2,100 Asian Americans has died of #COVID19 (through 11/10).…

#healthequity #coronavirus #epitwitter Image
NEW (11/10 data) from #ColorofCoronavirus.
Documented US #COVID19 deaths by R/E:
-Asian: 8,687
-Black 46,211
-Indigenous: 2,251
-Latino 46,912
-Pacific Islander: 334
-White: 123,429
-5,373 “other” race (incl. Indigenous & Pac Islanders)
-8,510 unknown… Image
Compared to Whites, the latest U.S. age-adjusted #COVID19 mortality rate for:

-Indigenous people is 3.2X as high
-Blacks is 3.0X as high
-Latinos is 3.0X as high
-Pacific Islanders is 2.3X as high &
-Asians is 1.1X as high.… Image
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@ReeseSTyrell 1 of 2
#Surveillance of millions of Americans, physicians, pharmacies; brought to u by #DEA
#DataMining in #healthcare incl but not limited 2
#ChronicPain #intractablepain #OUD
#Anxiety #PTSD #Cancer
Request fo proposal:…
See pics for "Statement of work"
@ReeseSTyrell 2 of 2
Remaining pics, "Statement of work" required for proposals to #DEA #Surveillance & #DataMining in #healthcare!
States & DEA already going after drs who dare 2 treat, Rx med necessary #opioid analgesics for #ChronicPain #intractablepain pts

#MMEMafia will only get worse.
@ReeseSTyrell #PatientSurveillance by #DEA…
#DataMining in #healthcare for specific populations.
Have #chronicillness #ChronicPain #RareDiseases #Anxiety #OUD? Your medication will determine if you'll b under surveillance.
Think your privacy is protected? Think again
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