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Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your #healthcare strategy?

As @salesforce's Chief Medical Officer, it's my job is to anticipate questions surrounding health and wellness.

Read my 5️⃣ predictions that stand to shake up every #business 🧵👇 Graphic reads: Health is your business, no matter your indus
Sustainability and health are intrinsically linked. 🌎🩺

Orgs can help our communities by prioritizing business practices that conserve resources, fight #ClimateChange, and promote #HealthEquity.

In the journey to #NetZero, we must be part of the change. Graphic reads: Prioritizing sustainability and stabilizing o
We’re facing an alarming mental health crisis. It's past time for #business leaders to take bold steps.

Companies must do their part to understand and meet employees needs all while destigmatizing #MentalHealth.

As @hyder_brent says, “Without our people, we have nothing.” Graphic reads: The pandemic jolted global rates of major dep
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There are things that happened that led to things that happened that led to things that are happening. If you don't want to call it by a name, just describe it.

And instead of it feeling like some pressured mandate, look at it the way we look at all things.

As history.

Not something designed to make someone else feel ashamed. Not a wagging finger or even a quest for moral distress. Just the things we do when we care for patients. We ask questions.

About the things that happened.
That led to things that happened.
That led to the things that are happening.

You know?

And this is necessary to know. Not just "the in thing." But just a thing that we need in our arsenal to do a good job caring for human beings.

You know?
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1/3: In part 1 of this #MedProf series, learn about @CherylWillmanMD, executive director of @MayoClinic Cancer Programs and director of Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center:
2/3: @CherylWillmanMD discusses Mayo Clinic's roots and commitment to diversity, inclusion and #HealthEquity, and the importance of community involvement and support in #CancerCare:
3/3: @CherylWillmanMD discusses the role data plays in @MayoClinic's cancer programs, innovative and upcoming treatment options, and
Mayo Clinic's plan for cancer #ClinicalTrials:
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What else for a @CMSGov coding and payment geek to do on a Friday night except dig into the 2066 page #PFS proposed rule! @SEricksonACP @BobDohertyACP @RobertBlaser1 @signaturedoc @BetsyNicoletti
Have to start with a shout out to @RobertBlaser1 coding guru from @RPANephrology who has his own thread on the #PFS. It was great to connect with him in Chicago last month
I have to start with a side rant on the conversion factor though. The CF will go down $1.53 to $33.08–a 4.4% decrease! This reflects a statutory freeze on automatic increases to the PFS coupled with the expiration of the some $3b that was pumped into the fee schedule last year
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ICYMI - thanks for having me! Follow up: in the middle of egregious corporate practices that have lead to infant deaths & the formula shortage, the Senate failed to pass the PUMP Act. 1/
Sen Lummis [R-WI] "objected to the bill, arguing that it would be particularly burdensome for companies in the transportation industry to create separate accommodations for breastfeeding parents, something that could further hurt the supply chain" 2/…
Looking forward to seeing the financial relationships that led to that objection. In the meantime, Abbott has a lot of work to do on the basics of food safety. 3/…
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"This new wave of entrepreneurs has a different set of expectations. The new social contract is a commitment to make on their own. It’s a promise to themselves. They want to build their own island of stability in a sea of uncertainty." -- Pippa Malmgren…
Mental Health Care Should Be Available for All, Not a Luxury…
#OpEd, #MentalHealthCare, #UnderservedCommunities, #HealthEquity
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Please help us help you #MedTwitter

By working together we CAN get the Government to 🛑 Interfering in the Practice of Medicine


Please consider Signing to help restore Clinician Autonomy & eliminate the use of this Criteria
⬇️ to 🎯 Drs Image
Our Requests include:

The Department of Justice, all federal agencies and federally funded programs shall immediately cease any program that targets clinicians for investigation and/or prosecution that uses a subjective definition of Legitimate Medical Treatment.
Congressional Hearings shall be scheduled by the House Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee to investigate these issues and form a plan for corrective action.


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As concerns grow about containing #monkeypox and the evidence continues to come into focus, a few lessons from COVID and #healthequity should inform our public health and policy response to as well as media coverage of the current outbreak. 🧵
1/Structural inequities—and not simply social activities— reliably play an important role in driving transmission of infectious diseases. Early attention is needed to understand, anticipate, and address the specific inequities for #monkeypox.

2/Public health strategies should identify & target high-risk settings and groups, including prisons, congregate shelters, and populations experiencing housing instability. Epidemics thrive in crowded housing & working conditions.……
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Today marks the start of #WHA75!

This week, @WHO, Ministries of Health, civil society, & more will discuss #GlobalHealth priorities.

Missing on agenda? #GlobalSurgery & 🫀 care.

Hence, I'll be sharing key points, papers, & developments in #GlobalCardiacSurgery in 75 tweets 👇 Image
(1/75) To start, what *is* #GlobalCardiacSurgery?

GCS extends far beyond OR, from community-based disease detection & efficient referral networks to timely care, long-term follow-up, robust supply chains & adequate financial risk protection. #WHA75

Read:… Image
(2/75) Why does #GlobalCardiacSurgery matter?

⚠️ Every year, 18 million people die from #CVD

🫀 500 million live with CVD; 100s of millions more to come.

🏥 Up to 1/3 will require #CTSurgery or interventional care in lifetime

Data @IHME_UW:…

#WHA75 ImageImageImage
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STOP Criminalizing "Patient Centered Care" & End Systemic Health Discrimination - Sign the Petition!

@aander1987 @life_is_art___ @Irishbrat1966 @fightpaindaily @ChadDKollas @ibdgirl76 @jillyannjiggs @tal7291 @speakingabtpain @PlayLynny4U via @Change
"Disabled individuals with incurable painful diseases and debilitating injuries are experiencing systemic discrimination which has left them without any good options. Their choices are to exist in agony, attempt to self-medicate via the black market, or suicide.
To ensure health equity, reduce discriminatory practices in medicine and improve the quality of life and function to disabled individuals, we respectfully request the following actions be considered to correct this grievous inequity.
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Happy Monday to all my new/existing follows! So excited many people are willing to share their experiences with racism and are READY to dismantle it! I’m a nurse, speaker @NSB_Speakers, writer @ByBlacks, medical contributor @CBCNews @globalnews @CP24 and podcaster @GrittyNurse! Image
I discuss & advocate for #mentalhealth #healthequity #poverty.
I am mom of neurodivergent twins and a little girl. I am a #autism & #disability advocate and anti-racism educator who specializes in anti-racism in healthcare. I’m also an intersectional feminist! #Speaker
I have also advocated for #nursing as a profession, discussed the intersection of policy and healthcare and openly advocate for healthy and safe work environments free from bullying and harassment (got no time for bullies!) #NurseTwitter
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 3/ Social determinants of health #SDOH
👉Conditions in places where people live, learn, work, & play shaped by 💰wealth, power, & resources that affect a wide range of health risks/outcomes
📌SDOH can lead to unfair & avoidable differences in health status w/in pops #disparities Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 4/ #SDOH impact health outcomes
📌Unemployed >6yrs👉2x⬆️mortality
📌Chicago area👉16yrs⬇️ life expectancy
📌Social isolation👉2x⬆️ risk of CAD
📌Unsafe childhood👉5x⬆️risk mental health disorder
📌Dual M/M ins👉24%-67% ⬆️readmission
📌Language services👉60% ⬆️risk ED utilization Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 5/ How do #SDOH impact pts w/ #IBD?

📌 Low socioeconomic status (SES) in pts w/ IBD 👉
⬆️ICU admissions
⬆️hospitalizations 🏥
⬆️mortality risk
⬆️use of steroids >2,000mg/yr
⬆️outpatient visits
⬆️narcotic/psych med use

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And others.

"Need to effectively utilize #CNMs has never been greater," says Kohl from

Finding a supervising provider may prove difficult.
Body of evidence has consistently shown that although these barriers do not improve care.
"Time to follow the economics and evidence and remove supervision of practice"

Notes that team based care is the "future of #healthcare in the US"
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We've sent a reading list of the #structuralracism articles @pbaJackson, @tysonbrown, @rolandjthorpe, & @RRHDr mentioned during their panel out to attendees of the @minnpop/@CARHEumn #ImprovingMeasurement #Barnraising!

It's an amazing list, so we're also sharing here!🧵1/
Each panelist referred to @CamaraJones's (2000) foundational "Gardener's Tale" piece in their working definitions #structuralracism.

This celebrated article is a must-read for everyone engaged in #publichealth & #healthequity. @AMJPublicHealth 2/…
Panelists also cited the more recent @zinzinator et al (2017) article "Structural racism and health inequities in the USA: evidence and interventions" for their working definitions of #structuralracism. @TheLancet 3/…
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Today I asked @AdrianDix whether he thinks that having a for-profit corporation that delivers profits to shareholders also delivering healthcare in BC is aligned with the principles of equitable, universal, public health care. 1/ #bcpoli #HealthCare #Health #HealthEquity
In BC, access to virtual health care, covered by MSP, is happening through Telus. But at the same time, @TELUSHealth is charging $1000 for annual screenings. But that is not all. 2/ #bcpoli #HealthCare #health
There is also LifePlus, offering the care we expect from a family clinic. The annual cost of enrolment in LifePlus is $4000 for the first year, and $3000 every year after. 3/ #bcpoli #HealthCare #health
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The @CDCgov is listening! Today, @EthnicMediaSvc hosts a roundtable with Bhutanese, Burmese, and Uyghur refugees and how these communities have managed the pandemic. #refugees #COVID19 #healthequity #publichealth #RIM
Speakers include: Faustina Palmatier, Karen Society of Buffalo; Aung M. Naing, President and Co-founder, Network of Myanmar American Associations @netmaa Sudarshan Pyakurel, Executive Director, Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio
Also: Parshuram Chamlagai: Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh; Omer Kanat, Founder and President, Uyghur Human Rights Project @Omerkanat1 @uyghurproject
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(1/10) ❗️Disclaimer❗️: Not an #intersectionality expert but care about #intersectionality & #healthequity. I want my research to reflect personal values. Below are just some of my musings on this ⬇️
(2/10) In my #epidemiology research, often constrained by what data is available to me...

e.g. forced to conflate #sex & #gender, treat gender as binary construct, collapse #ethnicity into meaningless categories etc. This is not good research! ☠️
(3/10) Most importantly, not doing justice to the people my research is aimed to serve. Want to change that.
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Encouraged by a very + response to the "RFA" for our new Summer Research Institute (SRI) Heart +Lung +Blood Program (CHP2SRIP) for undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds, funded by @nih_nhlbi (R25 HL158295) and now part of the SRI Program at @ChildrensPgh 1/3
Indeed, we had 67 undergraduate students from groups URiM apply to the @ChildrensPgh SRI Program this year, compared with 5 such applicants last year (a nearly 14-fold increase)! Very grateful for the leadership + help from Drs. Sunder Sims-Lucas + Michelle Manni in our team. 2/3
Very appreciative of help from friends at @PittTweet, other institutions, + @atscommunity for "spreading the word". First step of a long journey, but looking forward to the future! @NHLBI_LUNGDir @PittPediatrics #NextGen #RepresentationMatters #HealthEquity #Diversity #SiSePuede
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Dr. Wong's recent MS is 1 of 31 papers authored+co-authored by our T32 post-doctoral fellows since 2016. Grateful to @nih_nhlbi for funding our Training Program (T32 HL129949), given a pressing need for physician-scientists and scientists in pediatric pulmonary medicine. 1/3
Thankful for our T32 fellows -Drs. Tim Perkins, Anjani Ravindra, @catarmbruster, Rob Abood, @EricaLStevensMD, Soyeon Kim, @jeremy_landeo, Bo Zhai, Kristina Gaietto, + Matt Wong, our outstanding mentors and faculty, and our Exec. Committee-Drs. @EForno+ John Alcorn+ @morrisa1668
And very appreciative to our External Advisory Board - Drs. Tom Ferkol + Ed Silverman + Ben Gaston, @PittPediatrics + @ChildrensPgh. @NHLBI_LUNGDir
#BestGeneration #FundTheFuture #HealthEquity #Innovation #Discovery #Asthma #CF #ALI
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1/ So tired of smug garbage thought pieces in pubs like @TheAtlantic trivializing #COVID mass death & #HealthInequity

Thousands dying daily & cont'd health inequity means we haven't done what's needed to stop mitigations or "open" things that aren't even closed #UrgencyOfEquity
2/ Pieces like this endorse society brushing past those who remain at most risk from #COVID to move to a past inequitable "normal," while making a passing, half-hearted "that's tragic" comment about continued COVID health inequities & suffering.…
3/ Interesting that the author expressed concern that "Many white-collar workers still haven’t returned to the office" but failed to mention healthcare, retail, or factory workers. #UrgencyOfEquity #COVID
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.@JCScottPCMA you say PBMs advocate for patients by ensuring drug access, yet when CVS Caremark dropped Eliquis from formulary it forced 150,000 stable heart patients off their effective therapy for non-medical reasons. Have a position @pcmanet? 16 nonprofits do. #StopTheSwitch
Here's the letter the American Society of Hematology sent Caremark. They also met with execs. Still Caremark went 🤷‍♂️
"gravely concerned"
"serious impact" on patients
"ASH urges CVS to reconsider"
They cite clinical data showing bleed risk, outcomes…
And here's 14 additional nonprofits urging CVS to reverse course because:
"this abrupt change will be dangerously disruptive for patients"
"unquestionably exacerbate health equity concerns that exist in cardiovascular care"
Still CVS went 🤷‍♂️…
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In a country that grows SO much food, it's unjust & unethical that this is real:

#PlantBased diets are at the cornerstone of every national rec for disease prevention, and yet...

Only 1/10 Americans eats the recommended amounts of fruits/vegetables.…
And this is a pretty low bar...

The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend only 2 cups of fruits and 3 cups of vegetables daily!
And, of course, tragic to see that "meeting vegetable intake recommendations was... lowest among those living below or close to the poverty level (income to poverty ratio [IPR] <1.25) (6.8%)."

#FoodIsMedicine #HealthEquity

@MassGenBrigham @elsiemt @Kristenrisley @FoodisMedMA
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Our new piece: #Racism as a Leading Cause of Death in the US. "To address racism, understand its impact on health, & identify remedies, a national set of metrics is needed to galvanise action & promote accountability."… @bmj_latest #HealthEquity @YaleMed Image
@bmj_latest @YaleMed "Black people in the US are more likely to die young—not because there is some intrinsic biological risk, but because of racism… For many racial & ethnic minority groups, particularly for descendants of enslaved Africans, equality in health and longevity remain beyond reach."
@bmj_latest @YaleMed "The excess deaths associated with race can be understood as a toll that is in large part a result of racism in the United States. There is no biological reason, independent of social context, that Black people should die younger than White people."
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If the aim is for cultural humility, which is an ongoing attitude about how we approach DEI learning instead of competence, which is a one-time accomplishment, why do we solve DEI issues with one-time trainings?

What if we had equity practices instead?

(2/6) An Equity Practice is a routine habit of creating space to continually examine our biases, advance our understanding of social justice, and take action to minimize inequities. Like a meditation practice, the more consistent you are, the more you get out of it.
(3/6) We are not what we say we are, what we think we are, nor what we project to the world that we are. We are what we do repeatedly. Practice > training. Cultural humility > competence.
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