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How Donald Trump rebuilt America's economy after it was destroyed by the China Virus 🇺🇸💪

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1/ Securing $3.4 trillion in relief, the largest aid package ever. Our economy needed a lifeline, and President Trump delivered.
With this historic aid package, he provided crucial support to businesses, workers, and families who were affected by the devastating impact of the China Virus. #EconomicRecovery #StrongerTogether
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@writenrun @TimHoustonNS @CH_ABeswick @NS_Justice @nspc I recently heard @CTVSteveMurphy tell @TVeinotteShow that Tim Houston is a lot more like Stephen McNeil than most people realize.

In other words, they're both "my way or the highway" kinda' guys. #WhiteMalePrivilege
@writenrun @TimHoustonNS @CH_ABeswick @NS_Justice @nspc @CTVSteveMurphy @TVeinotteShow @skimber The new Tim Houston has morphed into the old Stephen McNeill: arrogant, angry, self-righteous. (paywalled) #nspoli #nspc…
@writenrun @TimHoustonNS @CH_ABeswick @NS_Justice @nspc @CTVSteveMurphy @TVeinotteShow @skimber Last week, @MLABarbAdams announced plans to build 600 new #LTC beds, doubling the number under development.

Good news, but… Is it playing politics to note that most of those beds will not open until 2025, the year the Tim Houston govt. is scheduled to seek a new mandate? Image
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So it begins. We can’t afford to pay for citizen testing for the uninsured & @RepMcKinley @BillPascrell @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats WON’T ENFORCE THE #CARESACT #FFCRA so Insurers will continue to stiff bills & premium paying patients will be used as human shields for COVID19 bills. ImageImageImageImage
What country do we live in where those who can afford to pay stick the bill to those who can afford least to pay? So what happens to the test to treat debacle? It appears the uninsured are left to fend for themselves. And $CI wants to doctors to sue the patients! #caresAct #FFCRA ImageImageImageImage
The wastewater is climbing, the government has left governed to fend for themselves? @EdGainesIII @drdanchoi @misterchambo @RepMcKinley @BillPascrell @FrankPallone @michaelcburgess It appears $CI $UNH $ANTM is in charge. They are violating law, so who will pay for the patients? ImageImageImageImage
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In #Mississippi a bill expanding death benefits to include HEALTHCARE workers that DIED from COVID... DIED in committee. Currently, the bill ONLY includes firefighters and law enforcement, DESPITE healthcare workers face-to-face with COVID over 2 yrs.…
The proposal stated that any cause of death would be covered under the America’s First Responders Act of 2020. Currently, it ONLY includes firefighters and law enforcement.
.@CTZebra has documented the 1000s of healthcare workers that gave their lives for this country to treat patients with COVID19. I'll share some of the stories of the families from her post who would benefit from this bill.
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Anti-vaxxers resort to personal attack and threats against child advocates because they don’t have facts and #science . #PutKids1st #StopAntiVaxViolence #Ivax2protect @AmerAcadPeds @SC_AAP @ShotsHeard @ThisIsOurShot
“physicians are sexually harassed and personally attacked online on the basis of their religion, race or recommendations. About one quarter of doctors said they had been harassed online” #StopAntiVaxViolence @AmerMedicalAssn @NorthwesternU @UChicago…
Lawmaker who faced anti-vax attack: 'The movement is growing more violent' #StopAntiVaxViolence…
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This 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻 This is why #BLM exists & why “implicit bias” is not only real but it kills

Why, when you see it, say something, do something
The system changes not by sharing tweets & hashtags but actions & consequences & removal of toxicity from the system

Follow #BlackTwitter
Above #MedEd #TikTok improvement: #citeblackwomen who lead this work (not only utilized the savior mindset of Black & brown as victims) #Blackexcellence @citeblackwomen center Black women
Send #SoMe traffic to Black creators & activists. #healthcare…
Take #sharethemic initiative. It allowed #Blackexcellence to speak thru #influencer accounts to large followings for a day. I looked at before/after numbers, it did NOT drive any additional traffic to the actual accounts of those voices. Resurfacing this:
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This 🧵 resonated. Trained in Houston, #asthma central, I was in this scenario SO many times.

I had the best #pediatric training at @TexasChildrens & @bcmhouston - you see it all.

Amazing that mere tweets can transmit humane, quality #MedEd teaching across the globe.
After moving to Boston I found myself surrounded by highly anxious doctors. We have an over abundance of resources and a healthier population. I saw people quick to overreact and manage (poorly) their own anxiety & need for control, with harmful aggressive overintervention.
I also do get being “Harvard” makes one a target. Juries are not going to understand “at the brink of death” and not intubating or the equivalent action in another scenario. “Jury of peers” is not present in a malpractice case. Good care can seem negligent, paradoxically.
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Ok this may be a long one and I don’t know how to do that 3 of 3 bull shit so here goes
My sister who is amazing and I love her to death has been saving lives as one of those #HealthCareHeroes and loves her work more than anything she is tired, sad and depressed … post
Today she said to me last year we were heroes this year you have to move through screaming crowds of anti vaccinated anti mask assholes with giant posters of the CEO along side hitler as she tries to get inside to save the same lives of the fuck heads protesting …. Next post
She is ready to give up people Give up the thing she loves so much. She has saved countless lives and comforted as many dying You fucking POS red hat dunces are driving the very people we need out of the profession Here is a fun fact for you dumb fucks ……next post
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1| "Physician #burnout is real. The rate of suicide is really high. On top of that, with all the stressors of #Covid, we're hurting & we're afraid to show that we're hurting for fear of repercussions, for fear of being termed weak."

Watch the full video:
2| "It's the mentality of the patient comes first, which is great. But where do the providers come? And maybe that's a paradigm that needs to shift. We need to take care of ourselves. We need to take care of each other so that we can then take care of our patients."
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If #HealthCare positions itself as public priority number one during a #pandemic, then it goes without saying #nurses in fact perform a critical and central role in delivering said #health care. #NursesWeek2021 #NursesWeek #NursesDay #NursesMonth #Nursing #NurseTwitter #Nurse
By not only advocating for #HealthPromotion in general, but by also educating #patients directly and the public at large of the preventive measures necessary to avoid illness and injury, it's not an exaggeration to call #nurses out as #noble..
...or, at the very least their selfless #professional #nursing pursuits can be considered as such. Conjoined with providing actual #MedicalCare AND assisting with #rehabilitation AND providing emotional & psychological #support AND...
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In a phone call with nurses at Cabell Huntington Hospital, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden expressed gratitude for their work at the hospital amid the COVID19 pandemic. #Union #HealthcareHeroes…
During the call, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden also acknowledged and honored fallen nurse and healthcare hero Mary Meadows. #HealthcareHeroes #Union
Thank you so much also to the Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff. @FLOTUS @SecondGentleman @WhiteHouse
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@MParshleyMD @adamIMdoc @InduPartha @primarycarechat @ACPinternists Urgent need to provide MORE time for ambulatory visits. Us ambulatory specialists have all felt the time crunch of seeing complex patient w/ 5-10 issues (or more) in 15-20 minutes. NOT good #PatientCare. NOT #PatientSafety. Thread 🧵 1 @ACPinternists #IMProud
@MParshleyMD @adamIMdoc @InduPartha @primarycarechat @ACPinternists We need major payment reform so reimbursements & physician “productivity” is NOT volume-centered based on number of visit encounters. THAT drives ambulatory schedules to have visits that are far too short to maximize numbers of visits. Thread 🧵 2 @ACPinternists #IMProud
@MParshleyMD @adamIMdoc @InduPartha @primarycarechat @ACPinternists Focus on value of care, NOT number of visits. Have flexibility of visit lengths based on appropriateness for care complexity. Get rid of “one size fits all” 15-20 minute visits. Simple 1 issue visit ok for that. Complex multi-problems-NOT ok w/ that. Threads 🧵 3 @ACPinternists
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If you are NOT a clinician with DIRECT patient contact or other frontline service worker (janitor, delivery person, receptionist checking in patients F2F) and offered a vaccine, do the RIGHT thing and step back in line. #HealthcareHeroes needs to be more than a hashtag.
This is NOT okay.

#HealthcareHeroes my foot.

Actions > words

Trainees doing intubation daily should not have to protest to be heard that their LIVES are at risk as compared to administrators or non F2F care doctors.
I posted on #LinkedIn because, frankly, no administrator really follows #MedTwitter apart from “gotcha” policing to discipline or fire a whistleblower clinician.

This is unacceptable.

Admin before F2F care trainee?

Momma grizzly mode activated.…
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1/ ICYMI last week, this is a wonderful, heartwarming story about a #COVID19 survivor named Jeff Gerson who tracked down the 116 doctors and nurses at @NYULangone who saved his life, so he could thank them.
2/ Jeff Gerson and I were at @NYULangone at the same time. I arrived on 3/16, he arrived on 3/18, and we both stayed several weeks.

We have other things in common too. Before getting hospitalized and intubated, we were relatively healthy, 44-year-old males.
3/ I'm posting Jeff's eloquent and heartfelt letter here. I suspect that many of the 116 doctors and nurses who cared for him at @NYULangone cared for me as well. #healthcare #HealthcareHeroes #COVID19 #COVID
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A friend sent me this letter Idaho’s Lt. Governor and other leaders have signed against any action @CDHidaho might take tonight to protect our community.
Just a reminder that while some people may think that life just needs to continue as normal without taking steps to protect one another, there are people in Idaho DYING every day and exhausted #healthcareheroes sacrificing and doing everything they can to try to save others.
Thank you, @TransitGeekJoe.
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Before we all start prepping turkeys & making pies, I just want to take a moment to start a thread to share our collective thanks to all our @StLukesHealth #healthcareheroes who have our gratitude this Thanksgiving. If you would like, please add your own thanks in a comment. 💙
THANK YOU to each COVID19 ICU Nurse who holds the hands of someone's loved one because their families can't be there, even when it's time to say goodbye.
We are grateful to every single @StLukesHealth Environmental Services worker who takes care to clean COVID-19 rooms to ensure patients & staff are as safe as they can be, & to keep all areas in the hospital sanitized.
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New thread just for Southwest District Health's Board meeting. @StLukesHealth was asked to come speak to the board and will around 9:55a:
OMG... "This is a scam!" People are shouting at SWDH Board meeting.
People are thanking the board for bringing in the "other side" and speakers with different views on #COVID19 because they're only hearing "one-sided" information from health care organizations. This is where we are folks. SCIENCE and evidence-based data is "one-sided"
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It’s feeling like a marathon of important meetings this week and it’s only Tuesday. @CDHidaho is up next with a meeting tonight at 5:15p.
Important context if you are watching
@CDHidaho: Treasure Valley may not be the hot spot now, but our hospitals are supporting small, rural hospitals at a breaking point. @StLukesHealth's Dr. Jim Souza said on a call today, "The cavalry is not coming over the hill. We are it."
Holy cow. Dr. Souza's talk to @CDHidaho. Speechless. I recorded it on my phone and will share shortly.
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Woah..that was freaky but familiar. Was lying down & decided to get up to take pain meds for #endometriosis and #fibroids and it felt as painful to get up as the day after surgery. In kitchen, sweating, lightheaded. Quickly squatted to avoid passing out holding onto fridge door
..which swung open..but I did not fall. Then once head feeling better, stood up long enough to take meds...then walked, wobbly and lightheaded to chair. I can't quite feel my palms but that will come back. This probably gets to be called 10/10 pain..but maybe really an 8/10
Great..and a migraine too..scotoma.. taking a migraine med and lying down. Man, when it rains it pours.

Mother Nature is such a misogynist.

SO glad I did not decide to rent a car and try to go Finger Lakes this weekend to see peak foliage.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Strengthening and Supporting the Health Care Workforce
Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring the safety of our brave healthcare workers & first responders the other party has no plan at all 1/11
The #COVID19 pandemic has made plain to people across the country that our health care workers are heroes. 2/11 (cartoon by Mike Luckovich) #DemPartyPlatform #HealthcareHeroes
Our doctors and nurses,our home health aides & physician’s assistants,our public health professionals,our home care workers and nursing home workers, and our cleaners and service workers have shown up to work every day despite dire shortages of personal protective equipment. 3/11
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We are only a few days away from #WIMStrongerTogether #WIMSummit. Let's spotlight some of our incredible speakers. If you haven't registered yet, there is still time! If you can't attend all sessions live, they will be recorded and available for 1 year!
Let's start with ER Physician, regular @CNN and @MSNBC contributor and @researchaffirm and @BrownDigiHealth leader, researcher, advocate, and healthcare leader Dr. @meganranney. Come and hear her speak on How We Can Join Together to Make Change. #womeninleadership
Dr. @DrBonnieMason is the VP if Diversity and Inclusion @acgme, founder of @beyondtheexamroom, orthopedic surgeon and national healthcare leader will be speaking on leadership. She has decades of experience educating mentoring and sponsoring the next generation of clinicians.
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Joe Biden has a plan to combat #COVID19.

You can read it here.

Here's a nice summary in graphics.

Free #testing for all with a national testing board. #BidenCoalition
Doubling the number of drive-thru #testingsites for the #CoronavirusPandemic.
A serious #ContactTracing force of 100,000 people.

This also creates #Jobs.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This section is called: Securing Universal Health Care Through a Public Option
Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will have access to quality healthcare as a human right..the other fights to TAKE IT AWAY. 1/10 Image
#Democrats believe we need to protect, strengthen, and build upon our bedrock health care programs, including the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Affairs (VA) system.2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #Healthcare Image
Private insurers need real competition to ensure they have incentive to provide affordable, quality coverage to every American.3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #PublicOption #Healthcare Image
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@GOP @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump you guys all want a #greateconomy and to be the party of jobs then do the right thing. Why would you let extended unemployment benefits lapse? You know that causes a #housing crisis. You dont want to fund testing either? That causes cases to
surge. It causes citizens unable to work. It causes children unable to go to school. But you want to cut off #testing for #Covid_19 #CoronaVirusUpdate . You know all of your actions and inactions make things worse not #MAGA. If you wonder why poll numbers are in the tank its bc
people know what youre doing to them. It seems like you all have abandoned America. Youve abandoned #HealthcareHeroes. Youve abandoned our nations #children . Youve abandoned our #nursinghomes. Youve abandoned #mothers and #fathers. Youve abandoned looking out for #Americans. You
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