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Lo stato finanziario della rosa dell'#ASRoma: per ogni calciatore riportiamo:

▪️Valore a bilancio al 30/6/2022
▪️Stipendio lordo
▪️Ammortamento annuo
▪️Costo totale annuo

▪️Valore a bilancio: 8.1 M€
▪️Stipendio lordo: 3.4 M€
▪️Ammortamento: 4 M€
▪️Costo annuo: 7.5 M€
▪️Scadenza: 2024 Image

▪️Valore a bilancio: 0.25 M€
▪️Stipendio lordo: 0.93 M€
▪️Ammortamento: 0.25 M€
▪️Costo annuo: 1.18 M€
▪️Scadenza: 2023


Cessione gratuita all'#Ibiza con 30% della futura rivendita.
Minusvalenza: 0.25 M€
Risparmio costo annuo: 1.18 M€ Image
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@SmartDeFi is now @Streams_xyz!

Streams is the Easiest and Most Secure Way to Earn Passive Income.

Join the Waitlist for Early Access and a Chance to Win Up to $50,000 in Prizes 💰

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#Streams #SmartDeFi #Investing #Ethereum…
Introducing @Streams_xyz: The Easiest and Most Secure Way to Earn Passive Income 💰

🏦 Disappointed in Your Bank?
📈 Tired of 8.5% Inflation?
🛡️ Worried About Self Custody?

Start a Stream Today!

#Streams #Ethereum #Investing #Crypto #Fintech
Streams ( is an easy to use mobile app, secured by #Ethereum, that protects traditional investors from inflation while they earn passive income from their digital assets.

@Streams_xyz #Streams #SmartDeFi #Ethereum #Crypto
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It was a sad week but it doesn’t stop me from exploring #NansenQuery 👊💪🏼
I am still pretty new to crypto and decided to explore #NansenMultiChainData! Let’s check out the utility of multi-chain in this thread. 🔎🧵
💣Spoiler: I made money in my simulation
1/ ✍️Nansen researcher put multi-chain data to test. We found that the more assets are bridged over to new chains / L2s, the higher the demand for the underlying chain token and the fundamental value of native chain token.
2/ In other words, the higher amount of tokens bridged over to to new chains or to L2s, the stronger the support of the native chain token’s price.📈
Read for more:…
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🧵 $30B in TVL wiped out by the $LUNA and $UST collapse. Total #DeFi TVL slashed in half over the last month.

What does the future hold for DeFi on the major #Layer1 chains and protocols? My thoughts in 10 tweets. 1/10
#DeFi exploded from $19B TVL at the start of 2021 to $280B by the end of 2022, holding steady until April of this year.

It now stands at $128B with the majority of that over 50% drop coming in the last month as investors rush for the exits. 2/10 Image
Why? A negative global macro outlook with inflation and rising interest rates leading to sell off in traditional markets.

The knock on effect on $BTC compounded by the shock from the $LUNA and $UST fallout has nervous investors going risk off. 3/10
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[THREAD] Où placer ses #stablecoins ?

J'ai toujours privilégié la diversification et la sécurité au rendement. Voici la répartition de mes stablecoins👇

⚠ Cela ne représente absolument pas la répartition de mes actifs sur ces blockchains.
⚠ Aucune solution est sans risque. Image
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As some of you may have read my previous #thread on @SphereDeFi
would know the projects strong fundamentals

I want to now cover a new feature QLaaS

Thanks to @SphereDeFi I have 4,000 $SPHERE (250 $USD) to #giveaway later in 🧵

🧵QLaaS, What is it? 🔮🔮

#defi #crypto #polygon
Table of Contents

1. What is Liquidity pt.1?
1a. What is Liquidity pt.2?
2. Quantum Liquidity
2a. What is QLaaS?
3. QLaaS Clients
4. TetuSwap
5. Improvements
6. Giveaway
1. What is Liquidity?

Liquidity is the amount of funds available in an exchange.

In Sphere's case, this is the WMATIC/SPHERE liquidity pool on #matic quickswap.
The pool contains $WMATIC and $SPHERE

Pools need to maintain a 1:1 USD ratio between two tokens.

#polygon #crypto
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TVL explained in details.

A lot of us here at CT have been hearing about the abbreviation "TVL" a lot lately.

Today, I'll be breaking down what TVL actually is in a way a 10 year old can understand.

Sit back. A thread. 🧵
A lot of us have been hearing about the term "TVL" so much lately.

Especially regarding some particular DeFi protocols.

First of all, I'll be explaining the term TVL and then, I'd go deep into protocols that are associated with this term.
Lastly, a tool we can use to check TVL of some of our favorite DeFi protocols.

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1/20 How I Find and Vent Projects 🧵


- Where I Find Them and What I Do Then

- Most Important Factors

- Node and Tokenomics

- Utility / Purpose

- Future Plans / Roadmap

#avax #eth #bsc #bnb #ftm #matic
2/ Where I Find Them and What I Do Then

1) Twitter - search #nodes #naas #daas #passiveincome #nft

2) @PreExponential, @DazaiCrypto, @TheBreadMakerr, @JamesPelton18 posts (to name a few)

3) People DM new projects often. Keep doing it! I love it

4) Shill channels in Discord
3/ First thing I do is pull their Twitter and look it over.

Next comes the Discord link, usually in profile info.

There I comb through Announcements, FAQs, and Official Links.

Next I go to website and read EVERYTHING. Yes... everything

Lastly, the WP. Most important piece. 👌🏻
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Bueno esto es un hilo de cómo opero yo los rangos, por si a alguien le puede servir.
Lo primero identifico el rango, ya sea en HTF o LTF todo depende de en que temporalidad quiera operar, no suelo fijarme en la tendencia si que es verdad que si la tendencia es favorable me da más confianza el trade.
Pongamos un ejemplo en gráfico #FTM.
Buscamos la desviación y que confirme que es una desviación, para decidir entrar en long, como vemos aquí era una operación mas sencilla buscas que se llene el imbalance y buscas cerrar ( yo prefiero cerrar lo mas cerca de la mitad del rango)
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[THREAD N°4 ] : Metamask🦊

Maintenant qu'on a vu les aspects de sécurité on vas maintenant installer votre premier Web-Wallet, le configurer et apprendre à s'en servir

I/ Installation🔧
II/ Fonctionnement 💎
III/ Ajout des Blockchains🌐
IV/ Configuration d'un clé Leger 🪛
I/ Installation🔧

Pour installer metamask ou un wallet en général, on privilégiera de se rendre sur les liens officiels pour éviter le fishing

En l'occurence pour @MetaMask,
Download Now > Ajouter à chrome puis une fois l'installation terminée vous devriez avoir une extension google chrome qui s'est ajouté

( Yo @0xKaelSisi )
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1/4 Allbridge is falling down with 28%, and it's not pretty. At $400m TVL, the protocol and its team reflect subpar development practices with a low-quality token audit, absence of details regarding their Access Controls, and a minimal amount of perceivable GitHub development.
2/4 We would also like to point out that @Allbridge_io audited contracts are in a private GitHub, therefore making the contents of the audit untraceable and unverifiable. This paired with no Bug Bounty, it is hard to gauge the protocol's commitment to security.
3/4 Although the team is fully doxxed and has provided their community with in-depth documentation on how to operate the protocol, we're urging the team to be more transparent about the backend of its software and the kind of control they have over it. #DeFi
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1/ Previously, I covered #L222 zk-rollup projects Starkware and zkSync but looking back, I should have begun with sidechains.

The who, what, why/why NOT, security guarantees, etc.

So, here's a 🧵 discussing sidechains generally and then a bit on #Polygon
2/ In the context of #Ethereum, sidechains are separate, Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Sidechains can be independent #EVM -compatible blockchains as well as application-specific blockchains catering to #ETH users and use cases like @0xPolygon or @Ronin_Network .
3/ Sidechains design themselves to be EVM-compatible so they can essentially copy and paste their code to easily interoperate with Ethereum and all of its infrastructure including wallets, block explorers, and more.
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还是先从活跃地址和 #BTC 价格的对比开始,蓝色的是BTC的价格走势,灰色是Uni的价格走势,基本上重合还是挺大的,但从另一个点也说明了,Uni这个Token基本是没有市值管理团队的,虽然这未必是件坏事,但是对很多的投资者来说,Uni就是大盘币,跟随大盘的走势既不会有独立行情,也不会被行情抛下。暂时
在活跃地址中也让我们看到了Uni虽然会跟随大盘涨幅,但是价格一直不能走出前高的原因,活跃用户太少了,这也是符合上边说的,Uni的Token可以说除了抵押以外,毫无用处。也是这种的毫无用处导致了新增用户的大量减少,没有新用户就意味着没有流通性,而到现在低流通性还能涨的除了 #BTC 还没有第二个。
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今天分析 #MATIC 的压力还是很大的,本身就对 #Polygon 不是很熟悉,自己基本也没用过,Matic的也基本没持有过,虽然前边分析的除了 #CRV 都不太熟,但是Matic的用户太多,懂的人也太多,一个不好就露怯了,不过话都已经说出来了,咱们就说说看,真说的不对的地方还请请喷,毕竟我只看了链上数据。
每次新的分析肯定是从活跃地址,以及和BTC的价格走势来对比,这也是最直观了解一个Token的方式。可以很清楚的看到在六月前 #MATIC 的价格走势和 #BTC 看上去完全没有重合的迹象,尤其是BTC在三四月份处于高点的时候Matic还在较低的价格徘徊,但其实这段时间的Matic也是属于高速的增涨阶段。
反而在六月份 #BTC 经历了519大幅下跌的时候 #MATIC 走出了一个逆势行情,也是在这个时候活跃用户和新增用户都有了大幅提升,应该是有什么较大的利好发生吧,而从这次的事件后走势和就与BTC高度重合了,甚至在十二月底一月初BTC已经处于大跌的状态下,Matic竟然又一次逆势走出了年内的最高价格。
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$LQD @LiquidSwapDeFi is a cross-chain DEX aggregator which allows users to perform swaps across #ETH, #BSC, #AVAX, #FTM & #MATIC, all in one place

🧵 👇
Fair launched last night, now at $6.5m FDV and fits the current cross/multi-chain infrastructure narrative

Comparable to:
#1INCH ($2.5b FDV)
$PSP ($360m FDV)
Aggregates liquidity from a number of DEXs including UniSwap, PancakeSwap, TraderJoe, SpookySwap and QuickSwap. LiquidSwap plan to quickly add more sources to this also
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$VSP Vesper Finance blue chip microcap DeFi platform co-founded by @jgarzik and @MatthewRoszak

$20.1m in revenue for 2021 & only has a $29m mcap ($35m fully dilluted). P/E is 1.7.

Yearn has $880B mcap (30x larger). Vesper more professional, focused on safety, & higher APYs.
First DeFi platform to partner with a hedge fund @BlockforceCap with @eervin1 collecting anchor investors now with $700k invested and a $10m seed.

TradFi has $100 trillion in AUM that will be soon be making its way to DeFi protocols to earn superior yield.
@VesperFi is positioning itself for TradFi to hold its capital on their platform with their professional approach and B2B emphasis on onramping Legacy funds.

All strategies are internally audited, externally audited (twice), pushed to beta, then finally to the main platform.
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Thread on MetisDAO

Imagine Ethereum, with their biggest challeges solved. Let's talk about @MetisDAO.

This 🧵, will cover the fundamentals, technology and more importantly the roadmap of #MetisDAO into 2022.
Resource Guide:

If you don't already have a brief understanding of #Metis DAO, I recommend reading this thread:…

1. A Brief Recap Of 2021.

#Metis Testnet was launched in September followed by November #Andromeda Mainnet.

Andromeda grew to over $500 million TVL in the first 8 weeks. They have attracted 75 ecosystem partners already.
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1/ @coingecko 2021 年度报告中文版完整版与重点总结

coingecko 的报告一直都是从非常宏观的角度看待行业的兴衰(大部分是兴),对于长线投资人而言还是挺有启发的。

2/ 2021 整体概况
- 2021 年整个行业市值收于两万亿美元,最高行业市值超过三万亿美元,比特币市值占比年底时已经低于 40%

- 公链(以太坊和以太坊竞争者),MEME 币涨的最多

- DeFi TVL 继续上涨,稍微有点起色的公链上都有不少协议,支撑 DeFi
3/ 2021 整体概况
- 下半年 NFT 爆发,Axie 游戏爆火,NFT 一年总交易量接近 240 亿美元

- 从 Facebook 改名 Meta 开始,原宇宙,Web3 概念爆发,NFT 为基础的 GameFi,SocialFi 概念继续发酵

- Coinbase 纳斯达克上市,比特币期货 ETF 美国上市,萨尔瓦多接受比特币作为法定货币
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#METAMASK, ¿Cómo enlazar las diferentes redes Blockchain? (#Polygon, Binance, #Avalanche etc)

Respondiendo de forma genérica la misma pregunta que muchos me habéis hecho por MD, os vengo a contar las formas que tenéis para enlazar redes a Metamask

¿Manual o Automático?

1/19 Image
Si eres más de cubateo rápido y no te importa tener un Dacia Sandero como coche, lo tuyo es la app de #Tokenmagicapp simplemente tienes que enlazar tu wallet de Metamask y haciendo clic en "add" añadirás las diferentes redes.

2/19 Image
Si encima te gusta probar cosas nuevas y no le haces asco a nada, tienes la sección de Tokens para llevar la experiencia a otro nivel.

3/19 Image
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Estoy con insomnio y con ganas de contarles como pagué mis vacaciones usando @AaveAave y @BalancerLabs ♥️

Espero les sirva 🧵
1. Soy una ferviente holder de #BTC #ETH y #MATIC creo que son una excelente combinación y Justo puedo usar las 3 como colateral en @AaveAave, primeramente se deben wrapear los ether y los btc luego se depositan, ya tienes tu colateral, no deposites toda tu cartera
2. Luego me vas a decir, pero Eva que onda? Cuando deposito y cuánto puedo pedir prestado? Bueno, primero, las 3 criptos son volátiles pero en tendencia alcista (lenta) asiq probablemente en el corto puedas tener miedo, lo recomendable es pedir sólo el 50% de lo colateralizado
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#BTC & #ETH are down.

You need to take profits in #crypto so you can buy dips like this.

This year i made big gains on $GALA , $SOL & #Polygon but i always took profits & managed risk

Here is a simple 🧵 on how i do it 👇

Retweet + share + follow if you found it useful 🤝 Image

A few people asked me to revisit this topic & had a couple of questions around my approach. So i hope you find it useful/ more detailed.

Any more Qs? Please comment at the bottom of the thread 👍

Whilst i made big gains on a number of riskier plays like $MANA $SAND $GALA & other #altcoins many of them are now down from all time highs.

However i am not worried because i de-risked myself and always took profits along the way. ImageImage
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SO they were actually hacked #Polygon #Matic $MATIC Image
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1/? Ryan saga megathread.

Ryan is a supremely wealthy penguin with a bangin sense of style. His adventures are becoming spread out across the cryptoverse and I decided to compile them here for easy access for his fans.

#ryan #penguin #xtz #tezos #adventure #nft
Ryan began with a drawing I made in MerMay, skateboarding Ryan:

Black tie renegade!

#xtz #tezos #hicetnunc #mermay #ryan #penguin Image
I had a lot of fun drawing Ryan, so I thought I'd make a little project on #hicetnunc featuring him. This was the first piece of the project:
Fabulously wealthy as he is, of course he has a gigayacht. Ryan is always trying to make new friends! Image
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