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1/ Hey there, frens! 👋

Are you tired of missing out on opportunities in the crypto space?🥺

Well, not anymore!🤝

In this thread, I'll introduce you to @staderlabs ( $SD ) , the rising star of the LSDFi world, and offer you the opportunity to join in! 💪🚀💰 Image
2/ If you're not familiar with LSDFi, don't worry, I got you! 💪

Check out this thread that explains LSD-LST topics and then come back here to discover @staderlabs' details! 🧐

3/ In this thread, we'll cover following topics :

@staderlabs introduction,
✅LST opportunities on @staderlabs

Stay tuned! 🔥
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Gm Frens ✨

The rainy season is here ☔️

And, events are raining in Bangalore 🌧️

Here are the all events happening this Week in India💧🧵 Image
📍 Bangalore

1️⃣ MOI Connect 2023

Wen? 22nd June | 4 PM TO 8 PM…
2️⃣ Web3 Soirée by @CapX , @ComdexOfficial & @vurse_official

Wen? 24th June | 6 PM to 11 PM…
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1.În momentul ăsta în timp ce scriu, majoritatea influencerilor din mediu românesc îți râd în nas că oameni precum #Burry și #Kiyosaki vorbesc de cea mai gravă recesiune urmează, iar tu ești un prost că te iei după ei și ratezi bullrun-uri la greu și n-ai acumulat și tu un #EGLD
2Uite cum e cu bullrunu de acum, majoritatea cripto monedelor sunt la low-ul din decembrie, știai? Nu știai, dar pui botul și îți faci sânge rău că n-ai cumpărat. #BTC și câteva proiecte mici AI stau mai bine, curând si ele. în rest gaură #matic #ftm #qnt #icp #shibainu #dogecoin
3. Toți cei care au cumpărat la sfârșit de ianuarie 2023, februarie 2023, toți sunt în minus 30%-60%, adică au rămas agățați și speră, au cumpărat topul cum s-ar spune. Adică fix toți cei care au crezut influencerii în perioada aia că urmează mega bullrun.
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In #Crypto, everything happens at lightning speed, and sometimes we miss very important news that could affect our portfolio.
So, here is a list of all the important news of the past week, which I have compiled 📰🗞️

#CryptoNews #cryptocrash Image
🚨Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations 'illegal'.

🔔 #TUSD temporarily stopped issuing TUSD through Prime Trust.

🔔 #Robinhood will no longer support #Solana, #Polygon and #Cardano after June 27, 2023.
💥 #OKX burns 5.5 million #OKB exchange tokens — worth roughly $244 million.

🔔 Binance_US suspends all USD deposits following SEC lawsuit.

💥 #Kraken launches its NFT marketplace on #Polygon.
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In my 10+ years of Crypto experience, I have never seen that kind of market condition where #BTC is down only 3%, and major #altcoins are down 20-30% 😱😳

Let's take a deep dive to know what's going on in the #Crypto market 👇
🔻In the past few hours, the #altcoin market has crashed like there is no support.

🔻So let's take a look at the factors crashing the market, which also include some #FUD.
1. #Binance is selling its holdings.

🔻An account started the rumour that @binance sold mass amounts of coins over the last few months, which caused the market crash.

🔻He also claimed that Binance moved a large chunk of its reserves. Image
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The SEC's recent lawsuit against #binance and #Coinbase has sent shockwaves through the Web3 community

But the Spotlight shifts to the SEC's classification of tokens as securities in the lawsuit 🪙

Here's a rundown of the top 8 tokens in the spotlight 👇 Image
👉 The SEC says digital tokens are securities, following standards from the 1933 Securities Act & landmark court decisions.

👉 And Cryptocurrencies pass the Howey Test” criteria to determine whether a transaction qualifies as an investment contract, a type of security
What is a SECURITY? 🤔

👉 Generally, if an investment is made in a business, expecting profits through the efforts of someone else, it is considered a security.

👉 The SEC applies these criteria to crypto, highlighting that several tokens meet the definition of securities Image
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🧵#DidYouKnow? You can now purchase #HyperCycle #MasterNode through #NFTs on #BTC, #ETH, #MATIC & #ADA #CardanoNFT! The NFT is simply a pointer to the node ownership. As a #node owner, you can transfer or split ownership up to 512 nodes.

Check it out at Image
2/8 #Crypto incentives? Yes, please! As a #node owner, you can earn rewards for providing #AI computational services. It's a fantastic way to utilize your #digitalassets, and you play a key role in the maintenance and security of the #blockchain. #CryptoRewards #Security Image
3/8 You become a vital part of the infrastructure. #Node owners directly contribute to the health, speed, and resilience of the #HyperCycle network. This role isn't just technically significant; it's also personally fulfilling! #NetworkHealth #BlockchainTechnology Image
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Gm Frens ✨

The weekend is here & so are we 🥳

And, we are seeing a sudden spike in the number of events happening in India & Globally as well 📈

This weekend we have 20+ events happening in India & here are all of them ⤵️🧵 Image
📍 Bangalore

1️⃣ Art & Chill by @DazeIndia & @MeebitsDAO

Wen? 20th May | 3 PM to 6 PM…
2️⃣ Blockmeet Bengaluru by @FoundershipHQ & @0xPolygon

Wen? 20th May | 4 PM to 6 PM…
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🔊 #Move2Earn fam! After over a year using #Stepn, I'm checking out @HibikiRunTeam. Our M2E experiences give us a head start in new games. Just a note: I'm not an ambassador, just sharing my perspective. Psst...there's a giveaway at the end! (1/17) 🎵🎮 #hibikirun
So, what's #HibikiRun? It's like your personal concert on the go, blending physical activity with music discovery. It's a new take on the 'move to earn' concept. Let's break down the key features. (2/17) 🏃🎧 #M2E @HibikiRunTeam
First off, you need an invite code to join. Then, crack open your free Gachapon (a type of capsule-toy vending machine game popular in Japan) in the collection to get your first pair of headphones NFT. (3/17) 📩🎧 #NFT #hibikirun
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加密鲸鱼在 4 月份都买卖了哪些代币,查看下面这些风投机构和 Smart Money 的持仓变化

最近,加密风投机构和 Smart Money 的投资组合发生了一些重大变化,例如 Blockchain Capital 抛售了价值 3000 万美元的加密资产。

下面我们看看过去 30 天这些大户的持仓变化,他们都卖出和买进了哪种以及多少代币。
1⃣加密大户 Andrew Kang

4 月 4 日以 1.25 美元的单价买入 80 万枚 ARB。
4 月 5 日以 1.23 美元的单价买入 151 万枚 ARB。
4 月 19 日以 1.55 美元的平均价格抛售所有 ARB。

• 净赚:72.3 万美元

此外,Andrew 还关闭了 GMX/Kwenta/Mux 平台上的所有多头/空头头寸。
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La #ASRoma sì er Feye NO - comincia così il mio thread su #RomaFeyenoord - che il mio amico @lucatermite chiamerebbe #pippontoot - per una serata da mal di cuore, una sfida infinita con sti olandesi che ce fanno soffri' ma poi... E vediamo che ne pensa il #RomaTwitter 👇🏻 Image
Parto dalla formazione, avendo provato a immaginare il piano di gioco di #Mourinho 👇🏻
Nel primo tempo si parte forte, poi caliamo e loro sono pericolosi. La qualità davanti manca e si sente ma io uno come il gallo #Belotti nella mia squadra ce lo voglio sempre. Si fa male #Wijnaldum e piove sempre sul bagnato ma ci regala un #ElShaarawy prezioso più tardi 👇🏻
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I didn’t understand the hype around @0xPolygon

But after joining #Web3 full-time, I noticed that EVERYONE is building on it

So I dug in to see what all the excitement is about

Here's 10 reasons everyone loves $MATIC

(including @mcuban)

A microthread⚡ 🧵

1/15 Image

$MATIC is crushing it 🔥

Along with ETH, it's one of the few blockchains that appreciated over the past 180 days

(and it outperformed its nearest competitor by nearly 3x)

So why is the protocol outperforming? Image

Is it due to its high TPS? Novel architecture? Strong word of mouth?

I’d argue it’s none of those things

As noted VC John Doerr said:

"Ideas are easy. Execution is everything."

And #Polygon EXECUTES … Image
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#Polygon is surging in the gaming blockchain space, becoming second only to Ethereum.

Users have flocked to the platform, with engagement up 53% in March alone, according to @DappRadar

Here's what this means for the future of gaming on the blockchain: 🧵 👇 Image
2/ Polygon, originally known as $Matic Network, is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution.

Because of its cheap gas fees and fast transaction times, it is a popular alternative for decentralized applications like gaming. 🕹️💰
3/ Polygon's daily active unique wallets for gaming surged by 65% in March, exceeding other gaming blockchains such as Wax and Flow, according to DappRadar.📈🔥

Image Source @Cointelegraph Image
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1/ Nearly every non-native #ERC token including ALL #NFTs are FLAWED! 🚨

Yes, that includes most on #EVM compatible ⛓️

#ETH tokens FLAWED
#SOL tokens FLAWED
#BSC tokens FLAWED
#XRP tokens FLAWED
#AVAX, #FTM, #MATIC, #HBAR, #TRON all flawed!

You get the idea…

But why? 🧵
2/ Well first, unless you are brand new to #crypto then you’ve heard of a wallet being drained from interacting with a token/#NFT

Someone sends you an #NFT. You try to sell it or even burn it. Poof all your #crypto is gone! 🤯

WTH just happened?!? Read on…📖
3/ #ERC tokens are specialized smart contracts NOT actual tokens

This includes ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens

So every token action be it fungible or non-fungible requires interaction with a smart contract
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L2 wars are the narrative of 2023.
ZK ↔ Optimistic rollups.
Arbitrum ↔ Optimism.
Polygon's zkEVM ↔ zkSync ↔ Scroll ↔ Starknet.

Polygon entered the L2 dominance battle with the release of its zkEVM's mainnet beta and has good chances to win the race.

Why & How? 🧵 1/16
First and foremost, @0xPolygonLabs is a well-established ecosystem.

It is the second most popular EVM blockchain and the most common L2 for Metaverse projects. Polygon is very close to Ethereum in terms of the number of active users and sometimes even outperforms it.

🧵 2/16
As of today, Polygon is the 5th largest protocol in the world, with over $1 billion in TVL and $MATIC is the 8th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $10 billion.

Becoming the best blockchain scaling solution is vital to Polygon.

🧵 3/16
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1/14 There is so much speculation about the $ARB price on Twitter that I'm tempted to make my own 😎
Enjoy 🪂
2/14 First, the rumors.
I already heard that we have 4 years of vesting. Not true!
4 years old team, investors, etc.
Airdrop is unlocked immediately on March 23.
3/14 Many people talk about $ARB at 0.3 - 0.5$ per token. It would be very disappointing. I don't believe this will happen. If it's for a while.
Why ?
Let's use benchmark.
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Vì hạ viện là cơ quan dân biểu, đại diện cho dân, như Quốc hội VN vậy, nơi sẽ thông qua các chính sách về thuế và cả bầu chọn Tổng Thống, bãi nhiệm, bổ nhiệm các chức vụ quan trọng.
Vậy nên, ông Powell sẽ phải chiều lòng Hạ Viện Image
2/ vì tiếp theo ông ấy cần 1 chính sách tăng thuế với người giàu từ Hạ Viện. Để CP Mỹ có nguồn thu (nguồn thu thuế hơn 60% nguồn thu của CP Mỹ), CP có tiền thì mới trả lãi và nợ cho FED được.
Vậy phiên tối sẽ diễn ra ntn?
Để t suy đoán vài câu hỏi nhé
3/- Về lạm phát, thì liệu LS cao có giải quyết triệt để vấn đề không? Và sẽ tiếp tục là bao nhiêu % nữa?
- Powell, dĩ nhiên, như hôm qua tao có nói, sẽ còn tăng nữa.
- Vậy còn về nguồn thu, liệu việc tăng thuế có bù được tình trạng thâm hụt ngân sách ko?
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$MATIC has outperformed every major L1 by ~5x over the past 180 days

Unfortunately, fewer than 1% of people truly understand what drives their success

It all comes down to ONE reason – one thing they do better than anyone else

Keep reading to learn @0xPolygon's secret


🧵 Image

As mentioned, $MATIC has appreciated 27% over the past 180 days

That’s almost 4x better than its closest competitor (most comps were actually in the red for this period)

So why is the protocol outperforming? Image

Is it due to its high TPS? Novel architecture? Strong word of mouth?

I’d argue it’s none of those things

As Chris Sacca famously said, “Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.”

And #Polygon EXECUTES … Image
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📣 Our latest integration and vault partner is @0xOlive

Factor = the infrastructure and liquidity layer for on-chain asset management!

Olive = multi-chain composable structured products that amplify yields without exposing funds to principal/credit risks.

Details below 👇

/1 Image
🫒 Olive offers a suite of options and structured products enabling users to outperform across all market cycles.

They are on #ETH and #MATIC and recently launched their $GLP strategy on #Arbitrum.

Check out the @0xOlive $GLP vault here:

🏭 Factor offers the building blocks for modular asset management vaults.

We integrate multiple DeFi assets to enable these protocols to optimize their products.

We enable vault creators to utilize these products to create innovative strategies.

The mutual benefits?

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Le azioni asiatiche e i futures dell'equity statunitense sono scesi a causa delle crescenti aspettative di un aumento più rapido dei tassi di interesse negli Stati Uniti a seguito dei commenti di due funzionari della Federal Reserve.
L'indice del dollaro è salito, annullando le perdite dell'anno, mentre i rendimenti del Tesoro sono saliti per il quarto giorno consecutivo. I rendimenti dei titoli del Tesoro a due e dieci anni hanno raggiunto i massimi del 2023 in questa settimana.
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1/ #Matic
Let's do a quick data dump.
2/ Consolidation for nearly 6 months with one fakeout pump and dump and now in Jan again broke out of that range.
3/ DYDX funding rate %, fluctuations show some minor insight into proceeding price action. Negative funding rates together with a dump most often seem to coincide with scalp buy opportunities.
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Di fronte alla dominatrice assoluta del campionato l'#ASRoma gioca una delle migliori partite della stagione ma esce senza punti dal Maradona per le prodezze di #Osimhen e #Simeone

🧵#NapoliRoma, storia di una sconfitta immeritata
Partita tra il migliore attacco e la migliore difesa (in termini di xG) e che ha confermato le rispettive forze delle 2 squadre.
L'#ASRoma è riuscita a tenere il #Napoli sotto 1 xG, cosa successa ai partenopei solo all'andata e vs. #Inter ed a #Liverpool
La squadra di #Spalletti è riuscita a girare la gara a proprio vantaggio grazie alla qualità dei suoi interpreti. La giocata di #Osimhen sul 1o gol è stratosferica (xG 0.07), l'efficacia di #Simeone da subentrante un fattore (3o gol dalla panchina in soli 171 min giocati)
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Il Bitcoin non si è lasciato impressionare dai dati recenti sulla crescita del PIL degli Stati Uniti e dalle richieste di disoccupazione e attualmente si trova appena sotto la sua linea di supporto di $23,000. la crescita di Bitcoin del 35% quest'anno rimane positiva.
Si rimane ancora scettici sulle prospettive a breve termine per il Bitcoin e le altre criptovalute, che ancora fanno i conti con le malefatte del settore del 2022. Il prezzo di eth segue un percorso simile, scendendo leggermente sotto la sua attuale linea di supporto di $1,600.
Altre alts hanno subito perdite più marcate, con il token APT Aptos Network che ha recentemente registrato un calo del 5%. Il token MATIC è stata l'eccezione,registrando un aumento del 7%. Arkham Intelligence ha dichiarato giovedì che inizierà a supportare la blockchain Polygon
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