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The more I read, the more I'm amazed about Charlie Munger. Today, I'd like to write about the mental model of "Thought Experiment". Charlie Munger is the right-hand man of Warren Buffet and he's known for his practical and straightforward approach to investing. thought experiment mental model
2/15: Thought experiments involve imagining a situation and then examining the possible consequences of that situation. Munger believes that doing this can help us make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes.
3/15: For example, let's say you're considering investing in a new technology startup. A thought experiment would involve imagining the best-case and worst-case scenarios for that investment.
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Dear Indian players, plz develop comm skills as this. You got to mentally win to beat top #chess players.
While he beat Vishy, Magnus already had this sarcasm & carefree arrogance we see in Hans.
@DGukesh @ArjunErigaisi
@rpragchess @NihalSarin @viditchess
You command respect and Hans does that with his convincing comm skills, that comments on other's feelings or their mental state in a way which is factual & undeniable; it cannot be opposed. You automatically get agreement & alignment from others. #Chess #India #Communication
Top leaders across the world have done this, with purely in the way they talk - right from world history to current ones. #FraklinRoosevelt #BarrackObama #NarendraModi #Putin #SteveWaugh #SteveJobs.
Apple Inc's strategy is same - remind audience of their feelings. Its successful
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Today is the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs' passing. I'm not one for role models, but I looked up to Steve Jobs and he was someone I really wanted to meet in person. Sadly that's not possible so I want to share how Steve impacted my life #SteveJobs
I looked up to Steve Jobs not because he was the mercurial CEO of Apple. I admired him because he overcame massive hurdles and his dedication to his vision.
In 1985, the company he founded in his garage fired him. He would later come back to save Apple…
Under Steve Jobs, Apple began putting a lot of effort into the design of their products. Their iMacs were colorful and their iPods were fun. This was when I began paying attention to Apple and loved watching Steve announce new products with his "reality distortion field"
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Como todos sabemos el parásito bueno para nada de Palacio Nacional ha estado saliendo con espuma en el hocico en sus últimas marraneras después de perder la CDMX y ha estado atacando a la clase media de forma desmedida y majadera.

-Abro hilo-
Seamos claros, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, olvidemos los calificativos y adjetivos que este engendro ha dictado desde hace años con la finalidad de dividir y polarizar. Repito, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, hagamos un solo país.
Estoy seguro que muchos seguidores de López no están de acuerdo con sus últimos ataques hacia los que buscamos un mejor futuro, no caigamos en su juego político de SEGUIR DIVIDIENDO A LOS MEXICANOS,
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1/ Why #Tesla will be much more successful than #Apple, and much harder to compete against.

I am still admiring #SteveJobs and the great #Apple success, while I think #Telsa will have much greater success than Apple. This will have huge implications to $TSLA and competitors.
2/ It is easier to understand this from #Apple’s own loss of opportunities or strategic mistakes (Only IMO) over the last 10+ years:
. Chose to make iPhone exclusive only for ATT, leading Verizon and other caries no choice but to power the rise of #Android.
3/ Delayed the large screen phone for years, leading to the rise of Samsung/competitors.
. Chose to keep iPhone at high price (& profit), leading to the rise of Chinese phone makers like Huawei, Xiao Mi etc. They are really good now, many of my friends in China switched to Huawei
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#Hilo🧵‘Mis cosas favoritas de la vida no valen nada. Es claro que el recurso más precioso que todos tenemos es el tiempo’, Nueve años de la muerte de #SteveJobs, nueve años de mi muerte, pero mejor recordemos la vida, los años de inventos para un futuro que se reinventa. Image
⚡️Las biografías consignan mi nacimiento en San Francisco, California, allá por febrero de 1955. También que desde muy pequeño fui desplegando un extraño interés por la electrónica y sus aparatos. Image
🧐También que fui parte de un peculiar grupo de exploradores conocido como ‘Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club’ que era una especie de incubadora de la empresa que luego sería mi contrincante en el mundo de los negocios y las innovaciones, ahora sí que ‘nadie sabe para quién trabaja’. Image
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Aramızdan 9 yıl önce ayrılan #SteveJobs ile ilgili şaşırtıcı 10 bilgi
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El 5 de octubre del 2011 falleció #SteveJobs.

El hombre que junto con Steve Wozniak cambiaron el mundo al inventar la computadora personal, la interface grafica de ventanas (que Bill Gates se robó) el ratón(Xerox) el procesador de palabras, etc.

Después sólo Jobs nos regaló el
iphone y con ello cambió el mundo para siempre, logrando que POR FIN la gente tuviera un celular que realmente navegaba internet, que en verdad mandaba fotos&video y que se volvería el centro de la comunicación humana, de hecho, las llamadas de voz quedaron obsoletas, el diseño
del iphone fue copiado por el resto de las marcas y tecnologías como la de BlackBerry quedaron obsoletas, llegaron las redes sociales y se lo deben a Jobs

Si estás leyendo esto sin importar la marca de tu celular es gracias a Steve Jobs.

Recordemos a Jobs y THINK DIFFERENT 
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#Thread 1/11

A lot of the male bias are not Intentional,sometimes it is inherent as mindsets,historical trends & many a times simply because the #MensWorld forget to factor women.

#GenderEquality will start with collecting & analysing data about women. #tweet4bharat
#Thread 2/11

Data is fundamental to #DigitalIndia we are dependent on data to make critical decisions & allocate resources for economic development,health care,education, & public policy.
#GenderEquality can be easily brought through #Technology
#Thread 3/11

When you get an over-the-counter medication, it doesn’t tell you male and female doses — it says “child” and “adult,” and that adult is a man. It’s Reference Man.
#genderequity bias starts with, person=human=man
#Tweet4Bharat @iidlpgp
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I really look up to #SteveJobs and you can tell just by my bio and the quote I have in it.

He would have been 65 years old today so here are some of my favourite quotes from him that have helped guide my life and decision-making.
Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations - #SteveJobs
Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. - #SteveJobs
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Asked by Tom Cotterill - Does user-centred design fuel narcissism? As a consultant for many companies, I come up against people who are constantly complaining about leaders being narcissistic. It's surprising how as a UX industry we have to be naturally compassionate and
empathetic towards our users but some people struggle to show the same empathy and open-mindedness towards their peers.…
Every action triggered have a backstory. Some of the stories are as follows.
1) Its the result of Steve Jobs Pseudo Corporate
Culture, not the way he actually was but the way he was projected in promotions & movies.
2) Art is about Attitude but UX is not, although aesthetic UI design is about attitude. Some goes with skeuomorphic & other be with flat. In flat too the trend keep changing.
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It seems, Steve Jobs used to run Apple more like a Film Production Studio than a Technology company. Replicating a 2 year movie production pipeline to a 2 year mobile production. Releasing with no half done incremental product improvements because there is nothing like
half done movies, half done movies are bad movies, so there exist only good movies and bad movies. Leading and commanding the teams like a Movie Director and then preparing the red carpet launches. Cohesive Design Vision at its best.

#SteveJobs #Apple #filmproduction
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