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Big Tech steals from news, but it doesn't steal *content* - it steals *money*. In my @EFF series "Saving News From Big Tech," I show how #AdTech and #AppStore monopolies yield vast transfers from news to tech, starving newsrooms and gutting reporting:…

1/ EFF's banner for the save n...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Now we've published the final part, describing how social media platforms hold audiences hostage, charging media companies to reach the subscribers who asked to see what they have to say.

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Big Tech steals from the news, but what it steals is *money*, not *content*. Talking about the news, excerpting it, linking to it, quoting it - these are all beneficial, normal news activities. If you can't talk about the news, it's not news - it's a *secret*.

1/ EFF's banner for the save n...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

But tech *does* steal from news. A variety of monopolistic tricks allows tech to interpose itself between reporters, publishers and outlets, and the audiences they serve. By creating chokepoints between the news and its audience, tech can extract gigantic sums from the news.

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If you've followed me a long time, you've seen my transition from a "#linkblogger" (5-15 short hits/day) to an "essay-#blogger" (5-7 articles/week). I'm loving the new mode but returning to linkblogging is also intensely, unexpectedly gratifying:…

1/ A kitchen junk-drawer, full...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

My last #linkblogging foray was so great - and my link-backlog is so large - that I'm doing another one.

Link the first: "Siphon," @xkcd's delightful, whimsical "#physics-how-the-fuck-does-it-work" one-shot (visit the link, the tooltip is great):

3/ XKCD #2775: Siphon. Man: 'W...
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🧵on $BAX

During the #bankingcrisis people are losing faith in #traditionalbanking system. Users cannot access their funds, stock prices are plummeting, and impending #CBDC. THE WORLD NEEDS ANOTHER VIABLE SOLUTION!
$XRP $BTC $ETH #remittance #CryptoTwitter #cryptocurrency
Bank Accounts Based on Blockchain (#BABB) was created by @Rushdaverroes in 2018. The goal was to leverages #blockchain, biometrics and machine learning to offer revolutionary decentralized banking services for people across the globe building a new global banking network!
@getbabb intrinsic design has proven to be next generation as they offer a bank account on the #BABB platform, compliant with UK regulations, available to any eligible person or business in the world, instantly, without the need for a UK address or credit history.
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1/10 🌟 Let's explore 🔟 Fortune 100 companies and how they could potentially benefit from building dApps on @Conste11ation $DAG. Get ready for some exciting use cases! #Constellation #Fortune100
2/10 🚘 #1 Walmart $WMT: The retail giant could build a dApp on Constellation for supply chain management, tracking products from source to store, ensuring transparency, and reducing inefficiencies. #Walmart #SupplyChain
3/10 ⚡ #2 Amazon $AMZN: Amazon could leverage Constellation for a decentralized e-commerce platform, creating a secure, transparent, and efficient marketplace for buyers and sellers. #Amazon #eCommerce
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🚨 New Findings:
🧵 1/6
Apple’s analytics data include an ID called “dsId”. We were able to verify that “dsId” is the “Directory Services Identifier”, an ID that uniquely identifies an iCloud account. Meaning, Apple’s analytics can personally identify you 👇
Apple states in their Device Analytics & Privacy statement that the collected data does not identify you personally. This is inaccurate. We also showed earlier that the #AppStore keeps sending detailed analytics to Apple even when sharing analytics is switched off.
Apple uses DSID to uniquely identify Apple ID accounts. DSID is associated with your name, email, and any data in your iCloud account. This is a screenshot of an API call to iCloud, and DSID it can be clearly seen alongside a user's personal data:
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The recent changes that Apple has made to App Store ads should raise many #privacy concerns. It seems that the #AppStore app on iOS 14.6 sends every tap you make in the app to Apple.👇This data is sent in one request: (data usage & personalized ads are off)
As the user browses the App Store app, detailed usage data is sent to Apple simultaneously. The data contains IDs to map the behavior to a profile (redacted in the video). Data shown in the video is 152KB. Here's a log of the requests while using the app for 10 minutes: Image
The strange thing is that Apple introduced strict measures in #iOS 14.5 to prevent developers from fingerprinting users. Image
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How do you promote apps on App Store?

Here are five easy ways:
1. Leverage custom product pages
You can publish up to 35 custom product pages per app on the App Store. This includes screenshots, reviews and promotional texts.
2. Create custom links and assets
Make use of the App Store Marketing Tool to generate a content link, short link, or QR code.
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Many Apple products have suddenly stopped working 🚨 #Apple #Appledown…
#AppleDown #Apple #AppStore


Many of Apple’s services appear to have stopped working properly, with users reporting an array of errors and problems.

#AppleDown #Apple #Appstore

BREAKING: Everything from Apple Music to Maps and even iMessage appeared to be suffering with the problems. 🔴

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РКН забанил в ночи (ну, как «забанил»… как мог¹):

• App Store и Google Play! Да-да, владельцам iPhone теперь сложнее поставить себе VPN.
• Издания BBC, Deutsche Welle, «Медузу», «Радио Свободу».
• Twitter и Facebook (тред 👇)
• И, конечно, Wikipedia, а как советские могут обойтись без покушения на знания?! Никак.
• Днём ранее РКН бахнул из эфира «Эхо», станция потеряла FM, на следующее утро немедленно закрыта собственником и полностью ушла в YouTube. Её сайт заблокирован, как и у коллег, и продолжает работать.

— В частности вечером были отличный Шевченко
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1/47 If you're new to #cryptocurrecy, getting started can be quite confusing. Especially when you're having to use a #DEX to purchase your desired #crypto #asset because it isn't listed on a popular #CEX yet. So let me see if I can help you with this guide.
#CEX = centralised exchange, these are your typical #Mainstream #apps found mostly in the #app store
#DEX = decentralised exchange, these are more like a site that may host a broader range of projects not currently found on the #CEX. #LEONICORNSWAP falls into this category.
3/47 For the purposes of this tutorial, I'll be using the #binance #app. Some may not be able to use it in their countries so look around as they all basically do the same things.
- Register
- Verify
- Card crypto purchase
- Markets
- Withdraw/Deposit
- Wallets
& Extras
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Community #AMA session on Twitter with @XSNofficial #Stakenet #XSN

Let's start sharing the official media and some Introduction about Stakenet


#Stakenet is combining Layer 2 protocols (#Bitcoin #Lightning Network and @ConnextNetwork #Connext, interoperability protocol of L2 #Ethereum #ETH) to allow practically instant, feeless #CROSSCHAIN swaps backed by the Stakenet #blockchain and powered by its nodes.
Furthermore, they are focused on enabling connectivity between #Lightning Network, #Masternode networks, and decentralized applications (#dApps).
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Hello everyone! I want to talk about inconsistencies i’ve experienced in App Store Review process. This is my personal experience, I’m an Spanish dev that have uploaded 15 apps in the last 2.5 years with 40+ updates. Here are my thoughts about the whole process.
1. Whole review related time is a mystery. I don’t know why my app could be more than 24h In Review and other less than 45 minutes. This happens every time, doesn’t matter if i made really little changes or even is the same compilation.
2. Inorganic feedback. When i’ve had a message from Review team, is so long and could be hard to understand whats exactly the problem. This improved in the last years but is far to be great. More concise and user friendly message will improve the whole experience.
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This thread details the step-by-step development process for an App Like @Uber. The first step in the process is:
Requirement Gathering
This is the stage of getting to know the clients, analyzing their #requirements, and #designing a #solution.
Documentation & Blueprint
This stage is all about laying the foundation of the app – documenting scope, timelines, milestones, and creating wireframes, initial system designs, etc.
App Development
Your #softwaredevelopment team builds your ridesharing app using their #coding chops! At every stage, you review the milestone achieved & the solution is updated as per your #feedback.

Acceptance Testing
It involves #testing all the #features & the final solution
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(1) For the reasons I explained in my latest post, I have to focus on my own #AppStore issue and other priorities and obligations, so to my dismay can't follow the #EpicGames v. #Apple trial in real time because it's huge. This is likely my final thread on the topic for a month.
(2) #Antitrust has a vivid and at times "sensationalist" side, but the actual decisions are based on rather abstract elements -- and the rulings tend to be dry. #Apple won't look good when all the evidence is presented, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll lose the case.
(3) #EpicGames is heroic. I really mean it. I'm not saying I agree with them, their priorities, jurisdictional choices etc. 100%--the issue is too complex for that. But probably > 95%. I can't read minds, but an #antitrust plaintiff can't be more principled than @TimSweeneyEpic.
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Comme d’hab, le Twitter qui raisonne par l’émotion en prenant fait et cause pour le petit poucet face au grand méchant ogre Apple va applaudir des 2 mains, c’est pratique, une indignation servie sur un plateau.
Car la réalité est un peu plus complexe que cela. #Thread
Car ce sujet qu’il est super pratique de résumer (car ça évite de réfléchir, c’est compliqué, faut faire des efforts) à un simple problème de commissionnement sur un magasin d’application d’un acteur en position de monopole (han, c’est le mal absolu pour les indignés) est + vaste
Pour bien comprendre les vrais enjeux, Twitter décideur public qui t’es mis en tête de soumettre ces méchants GAFAM qui font rien qu’à grignoter ta souveraineté, un petit rappel du vrai monde de l’industrie culturelle (oui, car c’est une industrie) d’aujourd’hui de 2020
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Now that Adobe is creating clusters of app chunked from Desktop Softwares, it's even more important to distinguish between, Instrument, Apparatus, Tool, Equipment, Device and Appliance from Product Management's view point. #app #Software #productmanagement #UX #productdesign Image
#Semantics are very important for #Discoverability by the user in the marketplace and Market Positioning of Software Products by the company. It have a great role in defining the Product Vision. It's the right words that shapes the right reasoning, that streamline
the perspective, that streamline the #strategy and so on. #Software #industries have borrowed a lot of terminologies from traditional #domains. Semantics also attract or distract a lot of regulatory bodies like the word "cookies". Who cares about #cookies unless you
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