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Hora de entrenar.

Vamos a analizar la posición propuesta en la encuesta de un tuit anterior.

Movían blancas y preguntaba quién tenía la ventaja.

Vamos a explicar distintos elementos y claves.

Abro 🧵

#chess #ajedrez #aprenderajedrez #entrenarajedrez #hoyentrenoconHHH Image
Nos encontramos en la partida Korobov-Goloschapov 2001.

El Blanco presenta ventaja material (2 alfiles por torre) pero la clavada a lo largo de la columna "d" le pone en graves apuros.

Así, deberán demostrar importantes "recursos" o su posición puede estar perdida.

#ajedrez Image
Estos recursos podrían venir de distintas ideas:

1) Crear una amenaza superior a la amenaza rival. Aunque no hay ningún jaque ni ninguna amenaza realmente poderosa.
2) Capturar algo de material a cambio del alfil (ganar el peón de e7 o a7 si fuera posible)

3) ¿Otra opción? Image
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@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck unlikely but do you watch anime? i realised i actually have these 2 #anime conspiracy theories that combined are similar to your #chess-#poker theory. like you think chess is staged & poker is staged and there's a connection. similarly... #yuri #chessdrama #pokerdrama
@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck but not just any yuri ships but yuri ships between imouto's. i call these 'double imouto ships' (imouto is japanese for younger sister eg @GMJuditPolgar is an imouto of @SusanPolgar who ...
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Hora de entrenar.
Las "trillizas" salen a escena.

Muchos elementos estratégicos, estructuras, cambios, transformaciones, táctica...

El hilo será largo. Coged café, vino, cerveza, tila, algún refresco, ¡o incluso agua!

Abro 🧵
#chess #ajedrez #aprenderajedrez #entrenarajedrez
Empecemos con la primera posición, y vamos a fijarnos en la estructura de peones.

En multitud de ocasiones la estructura de peones nos puede "marcar" cómo queremos/debemos jugar.

Nos podríamos plantear la pregunta,¿qué ocurre con la ruptura c5?
#ajedrez #hoyentrenconHHH #chess ImageImage
Si la reacción negra d5 no es posible, entonces la estructura rival quedaría destrozada con este golpe de las blancas.

Un "sencillo" patrón que nos daría una ventaja posicional muy cómoda.

#chess #ajedrez #aprenderajedrez #transformaciones #laestructuraenajedrez ImageImageImage
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1/ "Fits at Chess" might seem like a punchline, but it's a real health concern 🧠. I've been exploring research papers on the negative effects of #Chess on well-being, societies, and ecosystems, and found the first report of chess triggering #epilepsy from 1965. #NorwayChess Image
2/ These cases fall into a category of reflex #epilepsy - seizures are activated by specific, identifiable triggers. Such triggers can be external (flashing lights, hot water 🚿), internal (emotions, thought 💭), or a mix of both.
#chess #NorwayChess #neuroscience #brain Image
3/ Among reflex #epilepsies, the most common are those triggered by visual stimuli or light changes (1 in 4,000). Much rarer triggers include eating 🍎, music 🎵(1:10 M), writing ✍️, orgasm 💋 and even lying. #Chess, other #boardgames, and #cards can also trigger seizures. Image
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1/4 Here we go! Chess eats your 🧠 gray matter!
"Grey matter volume and cortical thickness were reduced in chess players compared with those of control men in the occipitotemporal junction and precunei." #Chess #chesspunks #NorwayChess Image
2/4 Chess is a silent "killer" of 🧠 cortex locally.

💡Who holds the record for the thinnest 🧠 cortex among chess players in history? Will collective chess 🧠 solve this mystery despite the thinning? Retweet! 🔁
#Chess #chesspunks #brain #neuroscience #NorwayChess ImageImage
3/4 🧩 Stay tuned for more revelations from a treasure trove of almost 1000 scientific papers exploring the mental and other challenges of chess players. As a chess player myself, I hope for 1 or 2 papers highlighting the benefits of the game. #Chess #chesspunks #NorwayChess 🔁 Image
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🍃Here’s 🧵 samples of my customized wood chess/checkers boards. They’re 2’x2’x1” & made frm Birch
🍃Comes w/32 reversible chess/checkers game pieces made frm Birch branch slices & 3” diameter. DM for orders.
[This one: UNC vs DUKE basketball] #Handmade #SmallBiz #Woodworks… Image
2/.. [UNC vs DUKE] -cont.

🍃I paint the square spaces w/ custom colored paint, create & print the images contained in the blank squares using vinyl adhesive sheets and my #Cricut, and seal board and game pieces w/ 5 coats of polyurethane gloss.🙌🏽 #chess #checkers #gameboards ImageImage
3/.. the UNC vs DUKE board was a birthday gift order from a wife to her husband. He LOVED it! Especially after he noticed I put his name on the team jersey!💜🙌🏽🥳
#chess #checkers #woodworks #handmadegifts
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Based on Yuri Averbakh's categorization, what is your chess personality type?

1) Killers: They take the game's result personally & use chess as a means of breaking an opponent's ego. E.g. Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, Mikhail Botvinnik, and Viktor Korchnoi.
#chess #chesstype ImageImage
2- Fighters: They enjoy the process of struggling with the opponent & don't lose heart even if their position is inferior.
E.g, Arkadij Naiditsch & Valentina Gunina.

3- Athletes: who see chess as a sport & don't take the results personally.
E.g. Jose Raul Capablanca & Boris S. ImageImage
4- Gamblers: They love taking risks & competing in everything.
E.g. Anatoly Karpov & Magnus Carlsen.

5- Artists: Creating a masterpiece or making a fantastic move on the board is more important for them than the actual outcome of the game.
E.g. Vladimir Kramnik ImageImage
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“I am convinced that the reason the John Nunn never became world champion is that he is too clever for that. He has so incredibly much in his head. Simply too much. His enormous powers of understanding & his constant thirst for knowledge distracted him from chess”
Magnus Carlsen Image
Dr. John Nunn: at just 15, he began his journey in mathematics at Oxford & became the youngest student in 500 years. By 23, he earned a PhD in algebraic topology. Nunn went on to become a world-renowned chess grandmaster, dominating for almost 2 decades.

#Chess #oxford #Math Image
GM Nunn is recognized as one of the leading chess problem solvers, won 3 world championships in this field. He represented the British team in various solving competitions. In 1985, he published a book entitled "Solving in Style," which delves into this subject in greater depth. Image
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The congies 🤚 & commies 🛠 of #India are extremely stupid! 🤦‍♂️

They are SO stupid that they believe the #BBCDocumentary will hurt the (khaki) chaddies 🩳 !

The congie & commie morons don't even know that the #HindenburgReport is what actually & truly HURTS the chaddie horde! 😐
Electoral #politics is just like multi-dimensional #chess, even where politics is highly criminalised, like 🇮🇳.

To win a game, one not only has to have the moves to do so, but also have the sharpness, smartness, shrewdness & even cunning to outwit the opponent at their own game!
The congie 🤚 & commie 🛠 idiots of #India actually believe that they can hurt the (khaki) chaddie 🩳 horde by making more noise on the #BBCDocumentary.

Nothing indicates the sheer stupidity of the congies & commies of India more than this! 🤦‍♂️

Why did the chaddies ban it?
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We played a LOT of games in 2022. And fell in love with a lot of them as well. Now while they all can't get #GOTY, we can give out a bunch of silly awards to show these games just how much they mean to us.…

#indiegames ImageImageImageImage

Our 'The Bob Barker Award' goes to none other than @rednexusgames for Peglin!

"This game lets me live out my Plinko dreams and does fun things to my brain."

Congrats @DylanGedig! We gotta bring you back on the show again real soon.

#peglin #plinko #indiedev #indiegames Image

Our 'The Best RPG That None Of Us Talked About Award' goes to @ChainedEchoes!

@arkheiral is our hero. We didn't talk about your amazing game at all in 2022. Let's fix that. We have a cozy spot waiting for you on our podcast.

#rpg #pixelart #indiedev #indiegames Image
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"The Immortal Game". it's one of the most famous #chess games ever played, and today...nobody in professional chess plays like this, or *can* play like this.…

Adolf Anderssen launches a direct sacrificial attack on his opponent's King, and wins.

this was from the so-called "Romantic" era of modern #chess, when grandmasters were still working out the higher-level rules of chess—the "heuristics" that govern what we think of as chess strategy. the concept of "the center", for example, is just such a heuristic.

"the center" is a slightly vague term even now, in #chess. the sort of fool who thinks that everything has rigid definitions might draw a sharp line around the squares d4, e4, d5, e5 and define that as "the center", but center play *may* involve nearby squares as well.

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#chess fans might remember Claude Bloodgood, a chess master and *convicted murderer*. he murdered his mother in 1969 (so far as I know this is not disputed, although I can't find any details about the crime) and got a capital sentence in 1970, later reduced to a life term.


#chess mavens may know Bloodgood because he was an advocate of Grob's Attack, a questionable but tricky flank opening: 1. g4, which inflicts an open wound on the first player's Kingside in exchange for some tactical complications. it's not...good.

it's for "club play", as they say—i.e. it's the sort of trick you pull against a weak player in a low-stakes game, hoping that they'll fall for some trappy sideline.

anyway, Claude Bloodgood was a fan; he wrote a book about it, "The Tactical Grob":…

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how does the locked-in rigidity of the social structures established by #Christianity and #capitalism play out on an *individual* level? face-to-face, person to person?

Western society applies the values of *social dominance* to individual interactions and conversations.

the central principle is very simple: whenever two people interact, one of the two is *socially superior*, and the other is *socially inferior*. person A, interacting with person B, is in some unspoken way "better" than person B: they are the *socially dominant party*.

there's an unspoken ranking, or value of social credit, attached to every single person in Western society; this social-credit score might be thought of as equivalent to an Elo ranking in #chess--a single number that ranks *all chess players* from superior to inferior.

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Receiving the Asian Schools U15 Championship Gold 🏅 from His Excellency Mr. Dinesh Gunawardena, Prime Minister of #SriLanka.

#Chess #Gold 🏅

At the Temple Trees, residence of the His Excellency the Prime Minister of #SriLanka for the #AsianSchoolsChess closing ceremony.
With all the prize winners and the honourable delegates

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The #Niemann v. #Carlsen case is one of a kind in the #chess world. But the US legal system relies heavily on caselaw when deciding these matters. For my chess friends, here’s a 🧵 on a relevant & recent case I found in the same jurisdiction: I present to you Turntine v. Peterson
Turntine v. Peterson is quite similar to Niemann v. Carlsen. It’s a slander & libel case appealed from the Eastern District of Missouri. It’s in the context of a niche competitive sport (dart throwing), where the main defense applied is “Opinion Privilege.”
Opinion privilege is the argument that “there can be no liability under state defamation law for statements of opinion.” This privilege does not apply, however, if a statement “implies an assertion of objective facts,” even if couched as an opinion. (See later link for cites)
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On #Cheating, time to recall a moment in #Indian #Chess:
Prominent players led by @DibyenduBarua submitted a complaint about IM DP Singh, who played Turin Olympiad 2006 for the country.
In Ol prep camp, he couldn't even solve basic positions.
Coach GM Ubilava was clueless and
We submitted our proof with games anlysis to #AICF.
I was told by an office-bearer: we were making the complaint because of 'jealousy' abt a new talent.
When I asked him - he was once a prominent player too - if he saw our games file, he said 'no'.
AICF constituted
...a 3 member fact-finding committee.
It never submitted a report.
Meanwhile, Singh's associate Umakanth Sharma was caught red handed, and banned from playing #Chess by AICF for 10 years.
Sharma (peak 2484!) gained 495 Elos in 6 months, Singh (peak 2523) 250 points in a yr.
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Dear #Hans, I don't know much about #chess. But somewhere I am completely convinced towards your #honesty to improve your chess and win as much as you can.
You said that you said the know the #truth and you said it as well. Well, there are millions of people like me who believe you. Whatever happens in the future, go ahead full steam and defeat almost every chess player you meet over the board. #HansNiemann
Best players deserve wins, you are one of them.
I'm also believe that #MagnusCarlsen is too perceptive & a master at mind-games; he did this now with you. He wouldn't like your brutal honesty or straight-forwardness, more after losing to you, #Hans
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My personal experience with a #chess cheater - a thread:

Every year I organize a tournament at work. Two years ago, one player was about to compete in the 4th and penultimate round against a senior executive when I happened to log in to chesscom
to find out that their account had been closed for a fair play violation.
I emailed chesscom explaining that this person was participating in a tournament and asked for details on the account closure.
They emailed back that they can’t disclose specific information but that when they close accounts, they are willing to stand by it in a court of law.
This left me with a problem. I didn’t want this person participating in the tournament (my tournament!) but
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The Whole Hans Niemann–Magnus Carlsen Withdrawal Saga So Far.
#ChessDrama #Chess #SinquefieldCup
(Open thread)

Credits: Reedit
Post is for those out of the loop; includes links to clips and posts; everything is chronological; will be constantly updated until this fizzles out—most recent event added on 09/06, 9:53 a.m. ET. (#19, #20)
1. The broadcast for fourth round of the Sinquefield Cup is delayed by 15 minutes for an enhanced security check, in particular of Hans:
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Dear Indian players, plz develop comm skills as this. You got to mentally win to beat top #chess players.
While he beat Vishy, Magnus already had this sarcasm & carefree arrogance we see in Hans.
@DGukesh @ArjunErigaisi
@rpragchess @NihalSarin @viditchess
You command respect and Hans does that with his convincing comm skills, that comments on other's feelings or their mental state in a way which is factual & undeniable; it cannot be opposed. You automatically get agreement & alignment from others. #Chess #India #Communication
Top leaders across the world have done this, with purely in the way they talk - right from world history to current ones. #FraklinRoosevelt #BarrackObama #NarendraModi #Putin #SteveWaugh #SteveJobs.
Apple Inc's strategy is same - remind audience of their feelings. Its successful
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#Chess evolved as a metaphor for society. Every pawn aspires to become a queen. That's how we tempt them to be first into the fray and take the brunt of the battle. Little do they know the chances of changing their status are slim to none. So long as the king lives nobody cares.
Knights, they are brave, they are bold, they jump over friends & foe to get right to the heart of the battle, they can strike here, and over there too & you don't want one on your side of the board! They step to the side when they stop, that's what horses do when reined in short!
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#Live from #Madrid/#Spain in half an hour: Round 8 of the #Candidates2022-tournament:

Inter alia:
#Nepomniachtchi (leader) vs #DingLiren
#Firouzja(current LAST) vs #Radjabov

Some people say that despite the rather high number of draws, the quality of the play is rather low in the #Candidates2022.
A (small) surprise today: semi-retired #Nakamura will probably defeat World-Championship-runnerup #Caruana:
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Decades before world champion Viswanathan Anand powered the India's chess story, it was Sultan Khan who gave India its first hero in the sport. #Chess

#SultanKhan #Sultan #India #BritishChessChampionship Image
“Even if the world that #SultanKhan inhabited seems distant, he should be remembered as the first Asian to break through into the upper echelons of the international chess scene,” wrote #Anand about Sultan Khan in the foreword of Grandmaster Daniel King's biography on #Sultan
#Sultan won the #BritishChessChampionship three times -- in 1929, 1932 and 1934. Interestingly, he could not read, write, speak or understand English. This meant that he was not well-versed with the vast amount of #chess theory that all his opponents knew almost by heart.
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New #ChessQueens reviews: "Jennifer writes in a highly engaging style….a tour de force…amid decades of nonsense written about women chess players, this is an authentic, balanced and extremely readable celebration"- @CHESS_Magazine / IM Harriet Hunt 💥
"Jennifer (is) a barrier breaker committed to teaching us all to understand chess both as an aesthetic and a sport. A powerful example of what it means to be a feminist, advocate, and artist in the world of chess" @IBJIYONGI, author of one of my fave books, The Disordered Cosmos
"In reading [#ChessQueens, I felt a] pleasure of discovery as I’d had as a 9-year old (reading about the great legends of the game). If a young female player gets the same sense of belonging…it will have made a world of difference." @gmmds in @NewInChess Magazine
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