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Kuss-Verbot durch die Polizei am Tag des #CSD in #Siegen.
Ein Thread.

Finde es immer noch krass, dass es scheinbar in Deutschland öffentliche Orte gibt, an denen man sich nicht küssen darf, die Polizei einem das auch noch untersagt.
#si2707 #CSD2019 #Pride @csdsiegen
Zum Hintergrund und derzeitigen Stand:
Am 27.7.2019 fand der #CSDSiegen mit Demonstration und Straßenfest statt.
Entlang der Demoroute hatten auch die Nazis rund um den 3.(irr)weg eine Versammlung gegen "Homopropaganda" und für "gesunde Familien" etc.
(Siehe u.a. @infozentrale)
In der Stadt gab es verschiedene Stände um sich gegen die faschos zu positionieren.
In direkter Nähe am Kölner Tor auch die SPD, auf der anderen Straßenseite der @AStAUniSiegen.
Während der CSD Demo sollte es am Kölner Tor auch ein "kiss-in" geben.
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▪Trump has attacked LGBTQ people in the US
▪Trump's DOJ disallowed discrimination suits brought by LGBTQ based on Title VII & Title IX
▪Trump banned trans people from enlisting in the military and tried to get those already serving out.
▪Trump has restricted #LGBTQ healthcare
And @RichardGrenell, the US funds countries that put gays to death, as I reported here:…
And, @RichardGrenell, Trump had his #HHS attack transgender healthcare access, as I reported here:…
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False @jerseycornelia
People are imprisoned & killed for being gay.
I don't have the same rights you have. I have been fired from jobs, denied housing, thrown out of public accommodations, expelled from HS, put in a mental hospital for #conversiontherapy for being a #lesbian.
You dismissing the impact of #homophobia on the lives of millions, @jerseycornelia, is saying that you really couldn't care less about the oppression and violence that #LGBTQ people suffer.
You might want to read up.
I wrote this for #Stonewall50…

Also @jerseycornelia, attitudes like yours contribute to circumstances like this, which I reported on this week:

REPORT: Almost half of #LGBTQ youth consider #suicide…
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This is the best headline you will see today, I guarantee it.
Women athletes don't have to do anything but be athletes
And objects of adoration.

On #MeganRapinoe: "An essential rebel: a defiant woman refusing to play by the antiquated be-cute-and-courteous rules that make many men feel better about female athletes."…
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Tomorrow, I begin my PGY-31 year: 30 years since graduating med school & 25 since becoming credentialed in #Radiology. Today is #PrideNYC & a celebration of #Stonewall50. Here are some lessons for all about how times have changed & how much more we still can learn. 1/
Med school coincided with the emergence of the AIDS epidemic. As a very closeted and too young medical student (graduated at 23), I watched as too many young (mostly) men were dehumanized. There were many heroes out there. More often, we didn’t do enough. 2/
I remember the frequent “joke” told by my peers/friends in school: “What is the hardest part about having AIDS? Convincing your parents that you are Haitian.” (Ask someone older if you don’t get it). The stigma was huge; the fears were great. 3/
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Don’t talk about #Stonewall50 if you’re not going to support trans ppl.
Don’t celebrate #Stonewall if you’re not going to fight for queer & trans ppl of color.
Don’t claim OUR history if you don’t intend to continue to struggle for freedom & justice for ALL queer & trans folks.
This means supporting sex workers.
This means fighting for disability justice.
This means condemning the prison industrial complex.
This means recognizing cis privilege.
This means no fucking cops & corporations at #Pride.
This means not being content until ALL OF US can live our lives free from racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, classist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamaphobic violence in a nation that provides the food, housing, education, & healthcare we need to thrive.
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E hoje, no dia 28 de junho, dia do #OrgulhoLGBT, fico sabendo da notícia de que o governo de @jairbolsonaro matou o Conselho Nacional de Combate à Discriminação LGBT (CNCD-LGBT). Segue o fio para entender o que era o CNCD e o que aconteceu com ele. #Pride2019 #Pride #Stonewall50
Para quem não sabe, o CNCD-LGBT foi um mecanismo participativo em que representantes da sociedade civil e do governo se reuniam para discutir as políticas públicas LGBT. Ali se fiscalizava o que existia, mas também propunha novas políticas
O CNCD surgiu em 2001 como um conselhão que agregava diversos temas e populações. O tempo passou, outros conselhos específicos foram sendo criados e o CNCD meio que sobrou pra gente. Aí no final de 2010 ele foi reestruturado e se tornou o CNCD-LGBT…
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For those who invoke #Eisenhower as a "good" Republican, please remember he ordered the firings of all homosexuals working for the US govt in 1953: Nearly 3,000 people.
I wrote about the #LavenderScare here:

Gay men, McCarthy and the Mattachine Society…
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To celebrate #PrideMonth, we have a special moment of our own to share… The first time a Pride flag has ever flown from our @NewYorkFed offices. 🏳️‍🌈 #MomentsOfPride #Pride #WorldPride #Stonewall50
Hi, I’m Kathi. I grew up a military brat and lived all over, including Tunisia & Bolivia. I’m grateful for the exposure to different cultures and social settings as I grew up. I believe it helped me understand myself and others in more profound ways. #MomentsOfPride #Stonewall50
The basis of the LGBTQ+ community is so fundamentally basic to human nature: equality, self-love, and acceptance. I find it no coincidence that synonyms of the word ‘gay’ are cheerful, jolly, and vivacious. It’s a human right to live an enjoyable life. #MomentsOfPride #PrideMonth
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Yesterday was a YUGE News day (against them). Attacks will

increase as the time draws near. #StayVigilant

Re_read QDrop #1400

💐 May 17, 2018 💐

What is the common They when bad news is about to break

(against them)?

Stay vigilant.


Once again bad news (against them) and another attack.

Remember The Aurora IL shooting? Eerily very similar.

Here is the current list of victims
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1/ Happy #PrideMonth!

This year, @HRC is celebrating 50 years of #Pride, and two momentous anniversaries in #LGBTQ history: the 50th anniversary of the uprising at #Stonewall in 1969 and the first Pride parade a year later. #Stonewall50 #Pride2019
2/ In the earliest hours of June 28, 1969, a group of LGBTQ people reached their tipping point. They were peacefully enjoying the evening at the #Stonewall Inn in New York City when police raided the bar and started hauling out the patrons.
3/ No longer willing to take the harassment and discrimination, the LGBTQ individuals at #Stonewall fought back. Their protest lasted six days … and sparked a movement that is still building today. #Pride2019
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QDrops 💐 May 23, 2019 💐

It’s Time Edition:

It’s finally here! #DECLAS IT’S HABBENING!





💐 May 23, 2019 💐

QDrop #3336

🗞… 🗞
Trump gives AG Barr authority to declassify documents related to 2016 campaign surveillance
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