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1/5 Singles and doubles build strength faster than any other rep counts, but these gains are unstable and not supported by muscle growth.
2/5 Tens rule for pure hypertrophy. Unfortunately, the muscles built with them are not as strong as they look. In addition, 10s make athletes very sore, interfering with other types of training.
3/5 While heavy fives do not build mass as quickly as bodybuilding 10s, the quality of this meat is much higher. We are talking about the finest steak versus a mystery meat.
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Running is not detrimental to #knee #cartilage

1. The general health benefits of #running are well-established, yet concern exists regarding the development and progression of #osteoarthritis
A recent research examined the effects of running on knee cartilage using MRI scans.
2. Knee cartilage thickness and volume decreased immediately after running, with declines ranging from 3.3% for weight-bearing femoral cartilage volume to 4.9% for patellar cartilage volume.
#MedTwitter #marathon #fitness
3. Tibiofemoral cartilage T2 relaxation times on MRI recovered to baseline levels within 91 minutes.
Existing cartilage defects were unchanged within 48 hours post-run, as examined on MRI.
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Does stretching make you weaker? New meta-analysis
A new meta-analysis of 14 studies found that the addition of stretching to weight training programs reduced strength development.
Technically, the effect was not statistically significant in the main analysis but became significant when including all literature regardless of quality. The negative effect of stretching also became significantly greater with time.
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What are the biggest and smallest muscles in the body? Image
Most people’s idea of which muscles are small and which are large is based on their outward appearance. This is like trying to determine how many square feet an apartment has by only looking at it from the street.
My research team has compiled the data from all studies we could find that measured or estimated muscle volume in various muscles of the human body. These data are in untrained individuals to exclude confounding the measures by training experience.
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Lowering the weights (dumbbells) alone is as effective as lifting+ lowering them (with only half the effort)

1. In a recent research, the effects of lifting+ lowering weights were compared with either lowering or lifting weights alone on biceps.
2. The training group participants performed dominant arm elbow flexor resistance training in extended elbow joint angles (0°–50°) twice a week for 5 weeks.
#fitness #StrengthTraining #Resistancetraining #dumbbell #bicepsflex
3. The total training volume (dumbbell weight × number of contractions) in Lifting-Lowering (5745 ± 1020kg) was double of that in lifting (2930 ± 859kg) and lowering (3035 ± 844kg), because 3 sets of 10 contractions were performed for both directions in lifting-lowering group.
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Intermittent fasting (IF) diets are worse for your blood sugar and blood pressure, new meta-analysis finds. Image
In yesterday's post I discussed a large-scale study showing that IF diets are no better for fat loss than other diets, given the same macronutrient intakes. Many people are aware of this now, but many people still practice IF diets for their proposed health benefits.
A new meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials finds that intermittent energy restriction diets are actually not healthier than diets with constant energy restriction.
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Regular #exercise effectively reduces #headache days in patients with #migraine

1. Migraine is a disabling disease that causes repeated episodes of headaches.
Exercise is very effective, however, it is uncommonly prescribed in migraine.
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
2. In a recent research, strength/resistance training reduced monthly migraine days (MMD) by 3.5 days, followed by high-intensity aerobic exercise (3.1 days) and moderate intensity aerobic exercise (2.2 days).
3. All exercise modalities showed higher efficacy compared to placebo.
The reason for strength/resistance training to rank top could be because of targeted muscular strengthening and reconditioning, particularly involving major muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper limbs.
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Red meat consumption does not cause cardiovascular disease,
new systematic review says Image
Red meat consumption is correlated with cardiovascular disease in many studies. However, people that eat more red meat on average also have a significantly worse lifestyle than people that eat less red meat.
They smoke more, they consume more sugar and they're less wealthy. So is red meat or one of these other factors the culprit? Covariate analyses are always limited by knowing the covariate and having it in your data set, among other limitations.
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Many people are under the impression that keto diets are better for fat loss but worse for muscle growth than higher-carb diets.
Last week I posted a review on the ketogenic diet for concurrent athletes that concluded keto diets are actually equally effective for both fat loss and muscle growth.
Now a new meta-analysis specifically on strength trainees, both male and female, concluded that keto diets are indeed equally effective to gain muscle.
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The researchers had 2 groups of women and 2 groups of men train to either a 20% velocity loss per set or a 40% velocity loss per set. In other words, one group trained closer to failure than the other by performing more reps per set.⁣
Overall, there were no statistically significant differences between the groups, but the magnitudes of improvement differed between groups. Women showed greater effect size gains from training closer to failure than men for 1RM strength and power.⁣
I agree with the overall conclusion of the researchers, although we need a lot more research on strength training women.
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Horizontal Pushing in #GAA

Athletes competing in Gaelic Games need to effectively transfer energy through the kinetic chain.

Done right, horizontal pushing can develop a great deal of foundational upper body strength and can enable GAA athletes to produce more power.

Bench pressing can get a bad rap, due to being over-emphasised, poorly executed and not part of a balanced programme that should develop the shoulder in many ways & planes of movement.

But if programmed appropriately, it can be hugely beneficial for all #GaelicGames athletes.
Bench pressing is excellent for #Hurling & #Camogie athletes as it directly targets muscles that generate power during sliotar striking.

Bench press strength is also highly correlated with striking velocities,as the pectoralis major is highly activated during the down swing.
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5 Life-Enhancing Benefits of Strength Training for Adults Over 55 🏋🏽‍♀️

Strength training and regular aerobic activity help prevent many chronic and degenerative diseases related to #aging.

Here are 5 #health benefits that strength training can provide to older adults...

1/7 Image
1. Stronger Muscles

Stronger muscles protect the joints of the body. Muscle weakness can cause the hips, spine, and shoulder to be less stable and more prone to injury.

A stronger body can withstand the #stress of daily activities.

2. Chronic Pain Relief

Many #chronicpain issues are a result of muscle weakness and muscle imbalances.

Strength exercises can correct these imbalances to restore the function and integrity of the joints.
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