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CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against #BillGates #vaccine Maker #Gilead maker of #Remdesivir for DELIBERATELY Hiding Side Dangerous Damaging Effects & withholding better drugs they had responsibility to inform & change to, harming MILLIONS of people ON PURPOSE.
CORRUPT #Gilead has been Sued MANY TIMES now for their CORRUPT Anti-human actions DELIBERATELY hiding new more safe less risky & less damaging treatments ON PURPOSE knowing they will damage people FOR OVER 10 YEARS. They now DEMAND your Blind Trust as does #BillGates & #Fauci
All #HIV patients & EVERYONE who knows someone with HIV is advised to IMMEDIATELY contact the lawfirm of Miller & Zois at 800-553-8082 so they can check their eligibility for a LARGE NUMBER of #medicalmalpractice Lawsuits that may help them get some #Justice & @FBI u shud look
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If you are on treatment with annual zoledronic acid for #osteoporosis then do not be distressed if treatment gets delayed by a few months in the current crisis. Intervals of 18 months or more still give good protection.
If you are on denosumab /Prolia then it is important not to delay the next 6 month injection because bone loss can be very rapid in these circumstances. Seek advice. Some patients can temporarily use other osteoporosis meds but many can't.
If you are on teriparatide injections and approaching the planned two years then you will need a plan about which maintenance treatment to switch to. Seek advice. Ideally don't be off teriparatide for more than a few weeks as effect lost.
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1/x I’ll be teaching on #osteoporosis diagnosis and management tomorrow to future physicians @MUCOM_Indy. A few thoughts... #WorldOsteoporosisDay
2/x For most people #osteoporosis is a silent disease until a fracture disrupts and potentially changes their life. Many never regain full mobility or independence. Just 1 fragility fracture raises risk of a second fracture and increases risk of mortality. #WorldOsteoporosisDay
3/x For other #osteoporosis patients, fear of fracture causes elevated anxiety and decreases their well-being. The anxiety may cause patients to self-limit their physical activity and actually increase fall risk and fracture risk. #WorldOsteoporosisDay
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5 Life-Enhancing Benefits of Strength Training for Adults Over 55 🏋🏽‍♀️

Strength training and regular aerobic activity help prevent many chronic and degenerative diseases related to #aging.

Here are 5 #health benefits that strength training can provide to older adults...

1. Stronger Muscles

Stronger muscles protect the joints of the body. Muscle weakness can cause the hips, spine, and shoulder to be less stable and more prone to injury.

A stronger body can withstand the #stress of daily activities.

2. Chronic Pain Relief

Many #chronicpain issues are a result of muscle weakness and muscle imbalances.

Strength exercises can correct these imbalances to restore the function and integrity of the joints.
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Thread: Decreasing muscle mass in aging: The harmful effects and how to counteract ––

Tags: #sarcopenia #aging #ageing #HealthyAging #MSKover50 #resistance training, #weights #physicalmobility #muscle, #protein
#osteoporosis #bone #fracture #falls

Thread: 🔽muscle in #aging ––#Sarcopenia RX, prevention –––

#MSKover50 #resistance #physicalmobility #osteoporosis #bone #fracture #falls

Lifespan vs. Healthspan: Why We Need Muscle for #HealthyAging.…
Live Strong and Prosper...…
Thread: Sarcopenia in #Aging: RX, prevention –––
Biochemical Pathways of #Sarcopenia &Their Modulation by Physical #Exercise: A Narrative Review…
H/T @MathewPiasecki Tags: #MSKover50
LT: Key RE: onset & progress
RT: Rec. of @ACSMNews & @American_Heart
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