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OK: 1. Research on treatments should follow a pathway. It’s meant to begin with efficacy “can it work?” along with mechanistic studies on “how does it work?”. Once efficacy has been established, it’s time to move on to effectiveness “does it work for in the intended population”?
2. Efficacy studies are your classic placebo-controlled trial: ideal conditions, high internal validity. I think people misunderstand the role of efficacy studies. We don’t need many of these to answer “can it work?”.
3. Exercise in OA had shown efficacy, and the field moved on to effectiveness ages ago. That ship has sailed. That’s how the pathway works. Was it too early? Not good enough data? Maybe. But the ship sailed long ago, and how effectiveness is established too.
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Running is not detrimental to #knee #cartilage

1. The general health benefits of #running are well-established, yet concern exists regarding the development and progression of #osteoarthritis
A recent research examined the effects of running on knee cartilage using MRI scans.
2. Knee cartilage thickness and volume decreased immediately after running, with declines ranging from 3.3% for weight-bearing femoral cartilage volume to 4.9% for patellar cartilage volume.
#MedTwitter #marathon #fitness
3. Tibiofemoral cartilage T2 relaxation times on MRI recovered to baseline levels within 91 minutes.
Existing cartilage defects were unchanged within 48 hours post-run, as examined on MRI.
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Low dose exercise regimen is quite effective in patients with knee #osteoarthritis (OA)

1. Patients with knee OA suffer from #knee pain, poor knee function and poor quality of life.
A recent study compared low dose versus high dose exercise regimens in people with knee OA.
2. High-dose #exercise therapy lasted for 70-90 minutes consisting of 11 exercises, whereas low dose exercise therapy (consisting of 5 exercises) lasted for 20-30 minutes.
Both were performed three times a week.
Patients were followed up at 3, 6 and 12 months.
3. Both groups improved over time, but there were no benefits of high-dose therapy in most comparisons.
However, small benefits with high-dose exercise were found for knee function in sports and recreation and for quality of life (QoL).…
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How can one reduce the risk of knee #osteoarthritis?

1. Knee osteoarthritis (OA) causes knee pain. It limits mobility, hampers physical activity and contributes to sedentary lifestyle, which in turn, increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and stroke.
2. Who are at risk of developing knee OA?
*Non-modifiable risk factors:
Female gender and older age
*#obesity: Increases the risk of knee OA three-times. It also accelerates the progression of disease.
#MedTwitter #orthotwitter #orthopedics
3. Knee injury: Traumatic joint injury is a major risk factor for osteoarthritis, particularly at the #knee (i.e. meniscal damage, anterior cruciate ligament rupture, or direct articular cartilage injury). Ref:…
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💭When we think of #Rheumatoid #Arthritis , a mental image of this comes up 👇

But does it have to get to this🤔???

🙅NO! Definitely, NO! 🙅

#MedTwitter #MedEd #RheumTwitter #Rheumatology


(1/8) Image
🪜The first step is early diagnosis, do not wait until the deformities to form!

💬Think of RA when a patient presents with

🔸Morning stiffness>30 minutes


(2/8) ImageImage
🧪👨‍🔬A positive Rheumatoid factor is seen in ~70% of cases and anti-CCP in ~75% cases, so about 1/5th of the cases may be seronegative!!

So a good history and clinical examination is the king 👑

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It is #WorldArthritisDay and here is a list of resources to help manage these conditions.

Thread 🧵 1/ Image
The Joint Action Podcast. Brilliant content, consistency and guests. An absolute gold mine.

Follow @jointactionorg @ProfDavidHunter

🧵 2/
Claire Minshull for strength training for #Osteoarthritis but also with @JApproach which looks to be a super exciting project


🧵 3/
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The Gut #Microbiome is implicated in the pathogenesis of inflammatory arthritides & other health conditions

Gut dysbiosis is a broad term relating to an 'imbalance' of gut microbiota associated with an unhealthy outcome

I find this an interesting topic with several unknowns

🧵 Image
"Gut inflammation is strongly associated with #Spondyloarthritis (SpA), as exemplified by the high prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and the even higher occurrence of subclinical gut inflammation in patients with #SpA."… Image
"Gut #Microbiome composition differs across regions and ethnicities, changes over time, and can be influenced by multiple factors, including, among others, diet, lifestyle, hormonal cycles, disease, comorbidity..."

'Gut microbiome in #Rheumatic diseases'… Image
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Registration is open for the Taupuni Hao Huatau Kaikōiwi
Osteoarthritis Basecamp - a multidisciplinary OA action event…
#ostoearthritis #OABasecamp2021 #OA_AoNZ
Keynote speakers include @ProfDavidHunter, Prof Krysia Dziedzic, @BenD_NZ, Mr John McKie, a report on the MoH MAP programme and MAP providers, @ACastricum, health delivery innovators, OA scientists & researchers
A key aim is to establish "Priorities for NZ health delivery improvement initiatives for #Osteoarthritis" and
"Priorities for NZ Research in #Osteoarthritis" in workshops at this event, to inform the kaupapa for a planned r#OA_Summit_AoNZ2021
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Is #exercise before or after hip joint replacement better than usual care or minimal treatment?

#Metaanalysis in @JAMANetworkOpen @JAMA_current…

Led by Tobias, Jochen and Max from @PhysioMeScience

🙏for #collaboration!

#osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of #pain, #disability and healthcare resource usage worldwide.

Total hip replacements (THA below) done per year are expected to grow to ~600k per year by 2030…
Some guidelines (both from 2020) recommend exercises with hip replacement

-pre-op advice only
-post-op inpatient ex ✅, outpatient self-directed exercise only

-pre-op ex ✅for specific patients
-post-op ✅
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The @CMOR_Otago NZ-MOA Model shows walking cane and heat therapy cost-saving & QALY gain; aquatic exercise & intra-articular corticosteroids cost-effective, duloxetine, massage therapy, and oral NSAIDs are NOT cost-effective…
topical NSAIDs and CBT only cost-effective at high willingness-to-pay thresholds.
Core treatments (education+self-mgt, exercise therapy, weight loss where indicated) not modelled in this study, which focused on the 2nd line (adjunctive) treatments from the @RACGP #osteoarthritis #CPG
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It's now time for the third and last conference of the #OAFIPreCongress2020, The impact of #COVID19 pandemic on OA Research, with Professor Ali Mobasheri, President of OARSI, Dr. Leigh F. Callahan, Director Osteoarthritis Action Alliance (OAAA) and ... (1/2)
... Professor @ProfDavidHunter , Florance and CopeChair of Rheumathology at the @Sydney_Uni. The moderator is @DrJosepVerges, President & CEO of OAFI Foundation.


You can follow this conference here:
For OAFI is really important the collaboration between diverse organitzations in order to help improve the quality of live of #oasteoarthritis patients. One example of that is the cooperation between OAFI and @OARSInews and further collaborations with @oaactionallianc.
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Now it's time for the first conference of the #OAFIPreCongress2020, Pre & Clinical Research with OA Patients, with Dr. Mariana Vitaloni, Professor Ali Mobasheri and @DrJosepVerges. You can watch the Pre-Congress live here:
The moderator is Professor Krysia Dziedzic, Arthritis Research UK Professor of Musculoskeletal Therapies at @KeeleUniversity.
Follow the conference live here:
Professor Ali Mobasheri, president of @OARSInews:

"The cooperation of OARSI and OAFI is a perfect example of the collaboration between researchers and patients."


Watch it live here:
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Refreshing that the Boston U report described in this article supports what many physicians tell me in the clinic 👉 Immunosuppressive drugs palliate inflammatory symptoms short-term...but can exacerbate many of these same symptoms over longer time…
2/2 The report found that #corticosteroid shots in the hips and knees may accelerate the progression of #osteoarthritis and potentially even hasten the need for #joint replacement surgeries in the long run
3/3 “While patients may report temporary pain relief from the #corticosteroid injections, injections may be detrimental in the long run...They may actually harm your knee or your #hip” - Dr. Ali Guermazi, Professor of radiology at Boston University School of Medicine
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#FightingItOut Anyone with Osteoarthritis? Knees? I was advised BOTH knee joint replacement at 56 yrs seven months age. I limped everywhere. I decided to fight it out. Today, I walk 9-10 kms without limping. I cycle about 140-150kms a week. No medicines. Interested to know how?
#FightingItOut #FightingItOutOsteoarthritis
1. I simply wanted a doctor to tell me on my FIRST reporting for knee pain in 2014, at 54 yrs age, that 👉🏻if👈🏻 I strengthened muscles of legs ie thighs and calf & shin, they would reduce pressure on knee joint. NONE DID.
#FightingItOut #FightingItOutOsteoarthritis
2. I start my journey of pain & agony and how I recovered more than 80% & pushed knee joint replacement by at least a decade. A human body can stand only ONE knee joint replacement in life and the life of this replaced joint is 15 yrs.
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5 Life-Enhancing Benefits of Strength Training for Adults Over 55 🏋🏽‍♀️

Strength training and regular aerobic activity help prevent many chronic and degenerative diseases related to #aging.

Here are 5 #health benefits that strength training can provide to older adults...

1/7 Image
1. Stronger Muscles

Stronger muscles protect the joints of the body. Muscle weakness can cause the hips, spine, and shoulder to be less stable and more prone to injury.

A stronger body can withstand the #stress of daily activities.

2. Chronic Pain Relief

Many #chronicpain issues are a result of muscle weakness and muscle imbalances.

Strength exercises can correct these imbalances to restore the function and integrity of the joints.
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