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Most Essential Stock Chart Patterns with @valuelevels

1. Ascending triangle
2. Descending triangle
3. Symmetrical triangle
4. Pennant
5. Flag
6. Wedge
7. Double bottom
8. Double top
9. Head and shoulders
10. Rounding top or bottom
11. Cup and handle
Cup and handle:
The cup and handle is a well-known continuation stock chart pattern that signals a bullish market trend. The cup appears similar to a rounding bottom chart pattern, and the handle is similar to a wedge pattern
Rounding top/bottom:
The rounded top and bottom are reversal patterns designed to catch the end of a trend and signal a potential reversal point on a price chart.
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Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #ADANIPORTS: ₹562
2️⃣ #ASIANPAINT: ₹2,552
3️⃣ #AXISBANK: ₹620
4️⃣ #BAJAJFINSV: ₹10,445
5️⃣ #BAJAJAUTO: ₹3,280

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

6️⃣ #BAJFINANCE: ₹4,668
7️⃣ #BHARTIARTL: ₹552
8️⃣ #BPCL: ₹255
9️⃣ #BRITANNIA: ₹2,534
🔟 #CIPLA: ₹850

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #Trader #OI

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #COALINDIA: ₹163
2️⃣ #DIVISLAB: ₹3,154
3️⃣ #DRREDDY: ₹3,365
4️⃣ #EICHERMOT: ₹2,431
5️⃣ #GRASIM: ₹1,221

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #BSE

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9️⃣ Animals of the Stock Market Investment & Trading that you may not know:

Almost every investor knows about Bull 🐂 & Bear 🐻 but few know that there are other animals in the market too.
Let's See Below👇🏻

#StockMarket #Trading #Stocks #Nifty #investing

Thread 🧵
1️⃣ Bull 🐂
Bulls are investors who are optimistic about the Stock Market. They believe the price will continue to rise. A sustained uptrend is called a Bull run.

#StockMarket #Trading #Stocks #Nifty #investing #DayTrading #NSE #BSE #SGXNIFTY #Traders

Thread 🧵
2️⃣ Bear 🐻
Bears are the opposite of bull. They are pessimistic about the Stock Market & believe that prices are likely to fall. When shares consistently decline, it is called a Bear Market.

#StockMarket #Trading #Stocks #Nifty #investing #DayTrading #NSE

Thread 🧵
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Globus spirits - Business Analysis

A great play on ethanol theme?

Sometimes I drink water to surprise liver, But can Globus spirits surprise with its performance?

A thread🧵
#globussprits #unitedspirits #diageo #radicokhaitan #investing #stocks #nse
2) Story/ theme

- Contract Manufacturing
- Ethanol blending
- Premiumization of spirits
3) About Company
It is engaged in manufacturing of IMIL, IMFL, bulk alcohol, hand sanitizer & franchise alcohol blotting

It's a unique 360° business model with forward & backward Integration
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How Mysterious #Chinese expert Tsoi guided India's largest borse NSE's High-Tech trading systems

Data theft/unfair access to brokers #China hand & more...#NSE #colocation scam gets murkier yet #CBI probe remains slow.. 1/4

my stry in @businessline…
2/4: DavidTsoi headed obscure #China tech Cos, had
People’s Bank of China/Shanghai Exchange key clients apart frm India’s #NSE & NSDL- two most imp stk mkt institutions!!

His linkdin Profile #Deteled
Cos he headed: Dissolved

Who benefited frm his appointment? @LevinaNeythiri David Tsoi, the China expert who was guiding India's NSE & h
3/4: Who recruited David Tsoi??Former SEBI says request or idea to get Tsoi came frm outside NSE management.

Both #NSE, NSDL had common threads & both suffered massive scams

Any background checks done? NO! Tsoi visited NSE, fortnightly or at least every mnth for several yrs! China is a closed country & allows only trusted ppl close to
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Are you looking to own the shares of #Apple, #Amazon or #Tesla in India ?🧐

Here are things you need to keep in mind while investing in US stocks👇…

By @jainrounak

Want To Invest In Blue-chip US Stocks ? 📈

Now with the NSE IFSC allowing access to some of the best US-based companies like #Apple, #Google, #Tesla and others, you can now trade in top 50 US stocks in India.

Fully-owned arm of #NationalStockExchange
(NSE) based in GIFT City, Gujarat that will allow investors and traders to buy and sell US stocks.
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9. BAT
This is the irrefutable king of dividend payment. Posted Ksh 6.48bn PAT and will pay a final DPS at KES 53.50 Because it's an established folk it will pay dividends at 82% DPR. Dividend yield stands at close to 13%. Book closes 22nd April.
8. Kakuzi
A non-financial corp, famous for avocado & macadamia, or simply an agricultural dealer. Kakuzi posted over 48% drop in net PAT attributed to the cyclical nature of avocado production to realize 319mn PAT. To pay Ksh 22 DPS despite a 16.3 EPS. DY=5%. Book closes 31/5
10. DTB
DTB has overtaken KCB to pay the lousiest DPR at 21.5% which cumulatively makes 838.8million despite posting a 4.4bn PAT. DTB gives a measly 5% dividend yield on the market price of the share. Worse than investing in T-bills. DPS stands at 3shillings
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*Tax Loss Harvesting*

As we are nearing end of Financial Year, note these points to save Capital Gains Tax

➡️(Long term capital gains/loss = For holding period more than 1 year

➡️Short term capital gains/loss = For holding period less than 1 year)
#investing #nifty #trading
➡️Rs.1 lakh profit in a Financial year is exempt as Long term capital gains. So book profits in shares & mutual funds together upto 1 lakh, and reinvest

➡️ If profits are more than 1 lakh, check if you can book loss in any of the holdings to set off.
You can buy back the next day or switch from 1 family account to another family account

➡️Short term capital gains are taxed at 15%, book losses and buy back next day to set off any profits.

➡️Both Long and short term losses can be carried forward for 8 years.
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A Delhi Court remands former NSE head Chitra Ramkrishna to 14 days of judicial custody in the NSE co-location scam case.

#ChitraRamkrishna #NSE Image
CBI: She's stopped cooperating. Evasive replies.

Court: Then why you're saying JC remand now?

#ChitraRamkrishna #NSE #CBI
CBI: She's very much influential.

Court: If she's the mastermind or there's a profit master.

#ChitraRamkrishna #NSE #CBI
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Volume represents the number of shares exchanged hands of a specific stock for a specific time period.
say the Daily chart and the volume indicates 10 lakh shares volumes, it means in total there were 10lakh shares trades in that day .
VOLUME is a very important tool used by any kind of analyst, as it shows the interest of the traders in that specific stock at a specific time, its a very imp. tool to know the mood of the traders for identifying the trend its trying to match with the force.
Generally, the higher the volumes better it is for the traders or analysts to help their decision making their buy or sell decision.

I personally give equal weight to the volume indicator while I decide to Enter or Exit the trade or my holding.
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Indian Market closed for the day. But you can trade on these stocks tonight with NSE IFSC.😍

• Tesla
• Apple
• Netflix
• Amazon
• Walmart
• Alphabet
• Microsoft
• Meta Platform

Let's find out the details⤵️

#NSE #stockmarkets
➡️What is NSE IFSC Exchange? Is it an index of NSE?

IFSC stands for International Financial Services Centre. It is a fully owned subsidiary company of NSE & has received approval from the market regulator to establish an International Exchange in Gujarat's GIFT city.
➡️What all things can trade in NSE IFSC?

Trading is permitted in:
• Equity shares of companies incorporated outside of India
• Depositary receipt
• Debt securities
• Currency
• Index
• Interest rate
• Non-agriculture commodity derivatives.
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As much as this sounds like a decent plot for a movie, this is reality that we're facing! Anand Subramanian has been caught up and arrested finally, what do you think about the whole shebang? Let us know in the comments! #cifltrivia #scam #sebi #nse #stocks #finance #trading
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Top 9 Upcoming IPO's for 2022:

A Thread 🧵 :

Retweet, Comment & Share.
1. LIC

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India is the largest and the most awaited IPO in India. The government plans to sell around 5% of its stake in the company.

@LICIndiaForever #LICIPO
#LIC #IPO #StocksInFocus #StockMarket #stockmarketcrash
2. OYO

OYO is a leading name in the hospitality sector led by @riteshagar. It plans to raise INR 8,430 crores through its IPO. This amount will be raised through fresh issue of Shares and Offer for Sale.

#oyo #IPO #StocksInFocus #stocks #stockmarketcrash
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1/n Trying a thread on where I will be looking for the next #corporategovernance lapse in India after #ILFS #yesbank #NSE . What exactly to look for is as important as what not to look for
2/n Do not differentiate between promoter driven or professionally run organisation. Remember while #Ranbaxy was promoter driven #ILFS was professionally run
3/n do not get over cautious on real estate , infra - remember India’s major corporate governance lapses happened in ‘clean’ sectors such as IT, Financial services, pharma - the fallen angels came from holier than though segments
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#NSE #ChitraRamkrishna
P. Chidambaram’s Regulatory Capture and Control over NSE – The flow of events
Karti Chidambaram actively started trading in the stock market

P Chidambaram (PC) became the Finance Minister

Act of Regulatory Capture by P Chidambaram
M Damodaran became the SEBI Chairman

M Damodaran didn’t agree over P. Notes as proposed by P. Chidambaram and therefore the relations turned sour.

PC made K.P. Krishnan (KPK) as Jt.
Secretary in Capital Markets Division – Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance (MoF)

M Damodaran was removed as SEBI Chairman, driven by KPK on behalf of PC

Since then Damodaran is silent as he has been settled by Chidambaram

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“Kali billi rasta kaat gyi.. You should change your path.”

Ever came across such superstitious stuff? Do you believe and follow them?
Probably not!

But MD & CEO of NSE Chitra Ramakrishna believes in all these.🤯

- A thread 🧵 (1/15)
#sharemarket #NSE
Can you believe a board member being a puppet of some spiritual yogi? This isn't a Netflix story that we are talking about. #ChitraRamakrishna, founding member and former MD and CEO of the National Stock Exchange of India has been doing this for many years.

Chitra Ramkrishna has been the hot topic again because of the recent order by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). This order has its roots long back to the co-location scam that came out in the year 2016.

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“Company is running only because of THY Grace and my G’s blessings, Swami” Said #NSE MD to Himalayan Yogi in her email. Part of SEBI order Para 28.7.12 @TVMohandasPai - Do you not believe her??? Lets not defend the indefensible. Where is the falsehood?
@TVMohandasPai Chitra, MD&CEO, 2nd highest paid exec in India further says: “Swami, we are still in preparation of the briefing note regarding the complaint....
However atleast the prima facie responses to allegations have been prepared. I am placing the same for They guidance and directions. I shall send the cover note as soon as I have received it once again My Lord”.- says CHitra
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#ChitraR Is this seriously the largest derivatives exchange in the world? @nseindia Has @FinMinIndia or @SEBI_India done a white paper to show a complete clean up? We know all the smut in Ernst&Young forensic audit is not mentioned in the report.
@NSEIndia @FinMinIndia @SEBI_India Same WTM has submitted a 9-page note to facilitate NSE IPO. Is raising money the primary objective or will this first level regulator with 29 broker defaults since 2020 be made accountable at all? Or is it that in #MeraBharatMahan SOME ENTITIES have #easeofdoingbusiness & living
Isnt it a fact that if details of the mantra-tantra stuff dug up by Ernst&Young was to be published, it would look like fictional Sacred Games or stuff. So who is being protected and why?
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CMP: ₹.2077.50
Total shares O/S: 45024297 shares.
Board OKs 2 new shares as bonus for every 1 share held of facevalue of Rs 1 each
#BSE Ltd came with an IPO in FEB 2017 at ₹806 and made 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒕𝒊𝒎𝒆 𝒉𝒊𝒈𝒉 𝒐𝒇 ₹.2373.70 low of ₹.530
#BSE LTD Q3 : CONS. NET PROFIT UP 86 % AT 58.58 CR (YOY), DOWN 7 % (QOQ)

REVENUE UP 60 % AT 192 CR (YOY), UP 2 % (QOQ)

EBITDA UP 2504 % AT 57 CR (YOY), UP 8 % (QOQ)

MARGINS AT 29.8 %V 1.83 % (YOY), 28.16 % (QOQ)
#BSE gets in principle approval from SEBI for #Gold Spot 💱

#BSE may be first exchange to start Gold Spot Exchange as it's already doing test run at #IFSC GIFT city.
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Everyone keeps talking about CPaaS as the next big thing which is an acronym for Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS).

Is Route Enroute to becoming a Big Player in IT Sector.

#bse #NSE #StockMarket #informationtechnology
CPaaS -
#Basics A CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables developers to add real-time communications features to their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces.

#cpaas #information
In simple terms - CPaaS is a cloud-based delivery model that lets you add voice, video, & messaging features to your existing business software using an application programming interface. It allows u to pick real-time communications features & embed them in your apps & services
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WhatsApp forward but intriguing ;

The highest bull markets in any nation happen when the economy moves from 2 Trillion to 5 Trillion.

1) China took 5 years to go from 2 Trillion to 5 Trillion (2004-2009) – During this time the Hangsang went from 8500 to 32000 – A 4 times gain.
USA took 11 years to go from 2 Trillion to 5 Trillion (1977-1988) – Dow Jones between 1977 to 2000 went from 700 levels to 12000 – Gain of 15 times.
Japan took 8.5 years to go from 2 to 5 Trillion (1978-1986) – Japanese stock market between 1978-1991 went from 2000 to 37000.
So historically the mother of all bull markets in any nation starts between 2 Trillion to 5 Trillion!

4) India and the Indian economy is just getting started. The next 5 to 6 years are extremely important for the Indian economy.
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@NSEIndia @SEBI_India @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc

I had purchased Hindalco 450PE 30 Dec 2021 expiry option at 2 Rs on 27th Dec 2021, When the cash underlying was trading at 457 Rs approximately. The price didn't rise in cash and the premium melted. 1/n
The price didn't rise in cash and the premium melted and came to 0 (zero) on expiry day. As a retail trader I thought my liability will be only the premium I paid for.
On 30th Dec 2021 expiry day after 2.35 PM there where no buyers for this option despite spot and future 2/n
price trading at 448.40 so i was unable to square it off despite the option being ITM (In the money). So how can one sell off when no buyer is available? After this the price shot up to 452 in last 5 mins. Where I assumed it to be expired OTM (Out of the Money) at 3.30 PM.
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My Long term equity investment setup

1. Identifying quality stock in watchlist
2. Selections amongst those for final watchlist
3. Final trigger to buy the stock in portfolio
4. Adding or pyramiding

(will explain this in detail step-by-step in this thread , so keep glued)
Some consideration kept in mind before following this setup

- this is a regular sip investment plan
- for 10-20 years of wealth creation
- cannot be used for trading or speculation
- not useful for those who want to allocate all the money at once
1. Identifying good quality #stocks

Use #monthly #charts

60ema should be below 12 ema, for a considerable period.. and 60ema sloping upwards

Logic is average price of last year is about the average price of last five years..
Examples 👇🏻
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How has Zerodha been crushing brokers like a pro since 2011?

Active users with top brokers:
Groww @ 23 lakh+
Upstox @ 40 lakh+
Zerodha @ 52 lakh+ 😯

A thread (1/3) ⬇️⬇️

#zerodha #broker
Fast fact🤓

Even without aggressive marketing like television or IPL ads, Zerodha has captured ~18% of the over 2 cr active traders in the #NSE. (2/3)

Read on!⬇️⬇️
To top this, Zerodha even charges to open an account but has been the market leader since its inception.

Find out how on:…

Retweet to help spread the word! 🔁🔁(3/3)
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