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We're live RIGHT NOW with #KamalaHarris. Tune in now to watch the Senator answer questions directly from the women of the Supermajority community here:
On breaking barriers: "You don't start on one side and end up on the other. There is breaking involved. When you break things, it can be painful...It will be worth it every single time, but it is not without pain, hard work, and great effort." — @KamalaHarris #theMajorityRules
@KamalaHarris What is @KamalaHarris' superpower?

"One of the greatest powers that each of us has, and it's a matter of whether or not we see it or identify it for what it is, is to lift each other up. Women do that so well." #theMajorityRules
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SHE'S HERE! #ElizabethWarren takes the stage. #theMajorityRules
Tune in NOW:
When #ElizabethWarren was urged to run for Senate, she was also told she couldn't win.

"If a woman doesn't run, I guarantee a woman will never win. You won't get what you won't fight for." — @ewarren #theMajorityRules
@ewarren .@ewarren made sure she did two things every day:
— She found a group of people to talk about what's important and why she's in the fight.
— Every time she met a little girl, she'd tell her "Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and I'm running for Senate because that's what girls do."
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This week, NAPAWF, @NLIRH, and @BlackWomensRJ sent a letter to Congress demanding they protect #TitleX.

"Cutting off Planned Parenthood and other providers from this essential program further threatens women of color's access to essential preventive health services" @PPact
@NLIRH @BlackWomensRJ @PPact "This harmful and unlawful regulation denies people of color the ability to make healthy and fully-informed decisions for their bodies and their families, undermining individual agency and bodily autonomy." #TitleX @PPact
@NLIRH @BlackWomensRJ @PPact "Communities of color already face significant barriers to affordable health care services, and the implementation of the Title X rule poses a significant and immediate threat to these critical services." #ProtectX
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 09/08/19. This is our last recess report before we get back to normal business, as our MoCs are returning to Washington today.
#MoCTrack 1/24
If you’d like a reminder of where things left off when our MoCs left for recess, check out the Trump Tracker numbers, courtesy of the find folks at @538Politics. It gauges how much your MoC votes in line with the Trump Admin's agenda.
#MoCTrack 2/24
@538politics The rest of this report is a bit different than our normal offering.

We’ve pulled together info on official website statements, public appearances, town halls, tweets and quotes that each of our 20 MoCs made over the recess.
#MoCTrack 3/24
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@TheDemocrats @DNC @DNCWarRoom issued their barking points and all the #Democrats issued their #dire #TitleX #PlannedParenthood #EndoftheWorld tweets.

Weird, really.

Congress imposed limitations on use of Title X funds. The regs were held constitutional by #SCOTUS 30 years ago.
Yet, according to nearly every #Dem spreading their lies and legs for the #presidentialnomination, the rule is "unethical" and women will lose access to contraception and basic health services.
@PPFA could continue using #TitleX funds.

They really could.

All that is required is that @PPFA segregate out its abortion and abortion referral programs and services from its #TitleX programs and services.
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With the changes to #TitleX, access to contraception dramatically shifted for many low-income patients across this country this week and it's a complete shame. Access to healthcare is a human right, not a political game. Patients are not pawns.…
Providers should not be gagged when it comes to sharing information and offering care to patients. We must be able to refer them to services they need based on their individual situations. This interferes with the provider-patient relationship.…
The plan is to isolate providers offering contraception & abortion; stigmatize them out of existence. They're making it financially inaccessible for patients to go to their providers of choice for all of their reproductive healthcare. The goal is to further stigmatize abortion.
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3315...
[PP] in the news being defunded by $60mil that they'd been receiving thru the #TitleX family planning program.
The entire 9th circuit appeals court voted 7-4 2allow defunding this #Globalist enterprise.
2) #QAnon 3316...
#Q, drops a nod 2an Anon's thoughts on how the #QResearch Board is run.
If you have worked 8chan, you know what this says, as relates to how the "Breads" are running at this time.
The Anon, & apparently Q, agree, it should remain as is.
3) #QAnon 3417...
Image of prior drops on #AllisonMack.
@kim_sax1 ==> #NXIVM connections 2$

#IngramAngel - see @ 12:05min in...

#NYTimes ==> #ClareBronfman Pleads Guilty in Nxivm ‘Sex Cult’ Case…
#Q notes
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In 1965, #SCOTUS struck down a law which banned the use of “any drug, medicinal article or instrument for the purpose of preventing conception” in Griswold v. Connecticut.
That means in my lifetime, we have progressed from outright bans on #birthcontrol to affordable, accessible contraceptive care.
And now, those same forces are trying to take us back. Make no mistake, the wave of attacks on birth control, abortion care, #TitleX, and the #ACA are all connected.
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Right on cue, fiscally-solvent @PPFA is fundraising on proposed #TitleX changes by continuing to spread the lie that they're the "only" health care option for many women across the country—especially low-income women.

That’s not true.
Their employees COULD tell women they have access to dozens of higher-quality, comprehensive, FREE health care centers in their area—but they're instructed to tell women (many of whom have to drive long distances) they have no other resources but @PPFA.

Let's bust that myth.
Not only is @PPFA not the "only option" for women in need of health care—they're not even close to the best option. #titlex
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OPA posted the final regulations for the Title X family planning program and they look very much like the proposed regulations.…

They don’t become official until they are published in the Federal Register.…
The final reg blocks family planning providers from participating in the program if they provide or refer for abortion. This would effectively disqualify Planned Parenthood from the program & greatly reduce the existing Title X family planning provider network in many states.
The reg removes the requirement that family planning providers offer non-directive pregnancy options counseling that includes abortion, adoption and prenatal care referral to pregnant women. If offered, only MDs and Advance Practice Clinicians can provide this counseling.
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The @HHSGov released its final version of new regulations for #TitleX programs, which bans federal family planning funds from going to health providers who perform or refer abortion services—amounting to a domestic gag rule, repro rights advocates say.
@HHSGov But what will be the effect of banning #TitleX family planning program, and why are the administration’s policies such a threat to reproductive health access? @transscribe and @mlaurahuss explain:
@HHSGov @transscribe @mlaurahuss #TitleX clinics are the main source of medical care for 6 in 10 women who receive services there. Annual report data from HHS revealed that Title X centers served 4 million family planning patients in 2017. About 2/3 of these people live in poverty.
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