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Last night, I dreamt that my sci-fi images generated with #Midjourney had inspired a series on Netflix... I was quite disappointed when I woke up, hahaha! However, I decided to take it a step further and create a small poster for what could have represented the series... 🧵 Image
Even though it's far from perfect, if this series actually existed, I would surely be one of the first to watch it!

Here are a few of the images I created yesterday that I really love... I hope you'll enjoy them too if, like me, you like science-fiction!

1/20 Image

All the images come from multiple blends. The blend process takes long (for me) but the result always worth the patience in my opinion. Image
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Oldies but Goodies 11)

Mission : Impossible (1966 - 1973)
Mission : Impossible (1988 - 1990)
Mission : Impossible (film 1996)
Mission : Impossible 2 (film 2000)
Mission : Impossible III (film 2006)
M:I Ghost Protocol (film 2011)

#Series #TVSeries #60s #MissionImpossible

M:I Rogue Nation (film 2015)
M:I Fallout (film 2018)
M:I Dead Reckoning Part (film 2023)

Grant Collier, the son of Barney Collier, is played by Phil Morris, Greg Morris' son. The latter appears in an episode.

#Series #TVSeries #60s #70s #80s #MissionImpossible

Directed by Brian de Palma

First appearances of Ethan Hunt, Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell, and Henri Czerny as Eugene Kittridge.

#Series #TVSeries #60s #70s #80s #MissionImpossible

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Oldies but Goodies 7

Quantum Leap (1989 - 1993)
Sequel ssries (2022 and renewed)

Theme by Mike Post

#Series #TVSeries #QuantumLeap #80s

Original Season Two opening creduts. 1/4
Remastered credits., Une version utilisée exclusivement pour l'épisode 1 de la saison 5.


P̈our décrocher le budget de la saison 5, Bellisario a promis que Sam allait leaper dans Thomas Magnum P.I, très populaire. Une scrirpte a remarqué que la série avait été montrée a la TV dans QL. Donc, impossible. Mais, le leap de fin de l'eîsode précédent avait été préparé
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561. #OliveKitteridge (4epi)
Weird series with an interesting storyline. 
Little emotional and great performance from the lead actress
Good S1 - 3.5/5
562. #TheTerminalList (8epi)
Show started like 'punisher' series. Liked it..
But after 4 episodes, lot of lags in the middle..
Overall a fine series
S1 - 3/5
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Don’t worry about being original.
Plagiarism is stealing from one source. Originality is stealing from many.
Making a perfect copy is humanely impossible. Seek #Inspiration whenever you can find it.

Remember that #Inspiration is active though.
Play different #Games (#TTRPG, #Videogame, #BoardGame, just play).
Watch weird stuff (#Movies, #TVseries, #Documentaries).
Read #Books (#Fiction, #NonFiction, #Fantasy, #Crime, #Horror).
Just watch people (great for #NPCs).

Don’t worry too much about what’s good and bad. Look for stuff to steal, modify, reinterpret, corrupt.
A game you don’t like to play may teach you something yet.
A movie you don’t care about might have a cool character.
Keep your eyes open. We don’t see a lot.

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15 Top Mini series to Watch in Netflix - Ranked(Personal Opinion)

(A Thread)
#TopTen2blue #TVseries Image
15. #UnorthoDox (3epi)
Jewish woman flees an arranged marriage in Brooklyn to start a new life abroad, but her past catches up to her. Image
14. #Deadset (5epi)
Zombies + Biggboss set Image
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15 TV series to watch when you're aroused/horny - Ranked - based on (Content+Matter)

(A Thread) Personal Opinion
#TopTen2blue #TVseries Image
15. #OrangeIsTheNewBlack (7s - 91epi)
Woman prison show. Mostly lesbian. Lots of ugly and nasty stuffs.. I stopped after 2nd season. Image
14. #Satisfaction (2s - 20epi)
Wife went to male escort for satisfaction.. So husband started working as a male escort.. Image
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15 Must Watch Tv series

(A Thread) #TVseries #TopTen2blue Image
1. #GameOfThrones (8s - 73epi)
2. #BreakingBad (5s - 62epi)
Famous ones.. ImageImage
3. #Dexter (8s - 96epi)
Lots of Blood
Dexter Morgan💥💥 Image
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301. #MrQueen (20epi)
22. #Kdrama
Awesome series🔥🔥👌.
20hrs of Fun and Entertainment.
Not a Single boring scene in first 17 episodes.
Each and every character are awesome 👌
Sometimes so gay
OverallWorth watching
S1 - 4.75/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
302. #AreYouHuman (18epi)
23. #Kdrama

Nice sci fi drama..
S1 - 4/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
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A Thread For List of series I have ever watched(Part 1)
Series 1-100
#TvSeries #Kdrama #Anime
Some of my fav's👇 Image
1. #TheFlash (133epi - 6S - Currently Watching)
My First Ever series.
Started watching On - 07.11.2017
First Few seasons are great but after that becomes very average..

S01 - 4.75
S02 - 4.25/5
S03 - 4/5
S04-S05 - 3.25
S06 - 2.75/5

#Shows2blue #CW #DC Image
2. #StrangerThings (25epi - 3S)
Started Watching On - 12.12.2017
Great One

S01,S02 - 4.5/5
S03 - 4.25/5

#Shows2blue # Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/16/2022…
3D printed nanoparticle aerogels to enable new generation of solar energy devices - 3D Printing Industry…
#3DPrinting, #nanoparticles, #aerogels, #SolarEnergy, #TechnologyDevelopment
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Here it is! Proud to announce that I'm producing a live-action series based on Joe Dever's LONE WOLF series of adventure gamebooks. This high-fantasy series was a staple of the 1980/90s and I'm working with Joe's son Ben, to bring them to the screen. #lonewolf #tvseries #fantasy Image
The series follows the adventures of Lone Wolf, last of the Kai Lords of Sommerlund, as he battles against the evil forces of the Darklords of Helgedad. The books have sold over 10m copies worldwide. Image
I'm keen to hear from writers who are either fans of the series or the genre and have previous produced credits in film or TV. I'd also love to hear from producers who have worked with interactive video stories as this is an element we'd like to bring to the series. Image
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