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This week Google will release the new Helpful Content algorithm update, specifically targeted to de-rank sites that create content purely for SEO. It is going to absolutely destroy a large chunk of the #videogame publications that rewrite content and create How Tos that are spam.
Particularly, #Videogames websites that appear as if they will answer a question and then guide you through content without ever actually answering the content are going to be targeted. Bad for re-write journalists - great for actual users.
If your website does the following you are likely to be impacted by the Google update:
1. Compile or aggregate information as opposed to write unique content.
2. Solely write content to ask and answer questions Googled by users without providing NEW UNIQUE CONTENT,

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Don’t worry about being original.
Plagiarism is stealing from one source. Originality is stealing from many.
Making a perfect copy is humanely impossible. Seek #Inspiration whenever you can find it.

Remember that #Inspiration is active though.
Play different #Games (#TTRPG, #Videogame, #BoardGame, just play).
Watch weird stuff (#Movies, #TVseries, #Documentaries).
Read #Books (#Fiction, #NonFiction, #Fantasy, #Crime, #Horror).
Just watch people (great for #NPCs).

Don’t worry too much about what’s good and bad. Look for stuff to steal, modify, reinterpret, corrupt.
A game you don’t like to play may teach you something yet.
A movie you don’t care about might have a cool character.
Keep your eyes open. We don’t see a lot.

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#fiction Vs #défense : #RedTeamDefense
1 projet pour bâtir 1 vision prospective 🇫🇷 des risques conflictuels sur 2030-2060 :
1/ Piloté par @Agence_ID avec @EtatMajorFR @DGA & DGRIS, il mobilise des auteurs de fiction pour secouer les décideurs en pensant des scenarii #outofthebox
#fiction Vs #défense : Le projet #RedTeamDefense
2/ Décidé fin 2019, lancé par Florence Parly fin 2020, ce projet impliquant l'université @psl_univa a publié ses 1ers scenarii crédibles à l'Automne 2021.
Une partie est classifiée, le reste public...…
#fiction Vs #défense : Le projet #RedTeamDefense
3/ Le concept & la Saison 1 étaient présentés dans cette vidéo de @Agence_ID dont l'habillage très #Videogame rompt avec la froideur institutionnelle...
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Why Fan Controlled Football Embraced Ethereum #NFTs for Its Interactive League
Bored Ape holders and Steve Aoki are among team owners for the physical-meets-digital league, which lets #NFT holders call plays and more.
Fan Controlled Football will use #NFTs as part of its new season.
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Come si fa a credere al #complotto mondiale dei #vaccini che ci uccidono e #Putin supereroe che salverà il mondo con l'aiuto di #Trump e dei #leoni #guerrieri sui #social? È lo stesso meccanismo della #ludodipendenza da #videogame sostanzialmente. Per essere eroe e guerriero ci
vorrebbero decenni di esperienza, studi, addestramento. Un campo di battaglia, soldi ed energie. Oppure puoi eccitarti dietro una tastiera sognando scenari fantastici e inguaiandoti insultando gente sui #social nella speranza che un #eroe ti noti. Così ti distrarrai dal fatto che
non puoi fare quelle cose perché hai sprecato tempo, soldi, esperienza ed ora sei rimasto un povero disgraziato con la rabbia in corpo e il vuoto intorno. E non hai nessuno da incolpare
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Release #digital products under #company's #brand / #website or create an individual brand for that #product?

What do you choose and why?
1/ #Company #Brand vs. Individual Brand

Large corporations tend to experience the most advantages as multiple brands work together to generate multiple revenue streams.

Small businesses may not have the capital available to start multiple brands.
2/ When the individual #brand structure is better? One of these should apply for products or services:

- serve different #audiences
- have separate #visions and #purposes
- each is strong enough to stand on its own without the endorsement of the parent #brand
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I've asked you about the best ways you know to market your game. Here are your answers:
#indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #IndieGameDev #gamedev #gamedevs #GameDeveloper #gamedevelopment #videogame #videogames #gamers #gaming #indiegaming
Leading Answer: Build a community organically. You can do this by doing two things

First off, stay active and consistent in posting progress about your project. Gifs and Videos are best. Post even if you feel like you have nothing to show
Secondly, engage with other creators - help them when possible, be social, try to grow THEIR project. What goes around comes around
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One of the newest phenomena, video games. The gaming industry, such complex and detailed understanding of navigating the digital platform with the result of telling a story on screen, usually via a digital code controlled by you, the player.
For the our community, it can mean a lot! Such as the strengthening of language, traditional practices and connection with community. I want to put a call out to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander game developers, game designers and mob in the gaming world...
What are you currently doing in the gaming world? Where do you want to get to? And, What can help you get there?

This is our platform #IndigenousXgamers
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Prisoners "...are not paid overtime, cannot organize or go on strike, have no vacations or sick days, never show up late to work, cannot complain, and if they try to protest they can be beaten or tortured in solitary confinement."
By @AlanRMacLeod… #prison
The United States #AirForce has a new #recruitment tool: a realistic #drone operator #videogame you can play on its website, the Airman Challenge
by @AlanRMacLeod…
"...many firefighters today are not the burly full time professionals of another era, but underpaid convict laborers risking their lives for pennies. Almost 40 percent of California’s firefighters are prisoners."
by @AlanRMacLeod…
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Story from old #VideoGame times - used to have the game of The Hunt For Red October - it was a submarine simulator, where you look at control panels, and occasionally through the periscope. The idea was to be stealthy using the caterpillar drive.
I tried time and time again, being slow, being stealthy, as the reviews and magazine guides suggested, hiding in the terrain of the undersea canyons, but every time, I’d get killed.
Eventually I decided “fuck this for a joke”, ignored the Caterpillar Drive, and floored it under propellers at periscope depth, directly for the American coast, as soon as I got out of port.

And that’s how I won at the game Hunt For Red October.
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#VideoGame Hot Take: I detest unlockable content (ex. characters, levels). I payed full price for the game. I want the full experience right out of the box. I don't have 100s of hours to play a single game. It is hobby, not a lifestyle. Gimme!
I don't mind #VideoGame achievements, but the notion that I need to "work" to unlock something that I already paid for is rubbish.

If you insist on unlockable content, then provide cheat codes to unlock them immediately for those of us who don't have the time to spare.
Imagine if #videogame logic applied to real life. "Oh yes, you paid for both milk and cereal. Now, if you want to put them together in a bowl, do 20+ hours of bullshit busy work for us." Screw you. Need my breakfast now!
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Thread: #MobProgramming seems to create a really positive impact on #collaboration. Here are some resources that helped me exploring Mob Programming. I also share my own agenda for introducing it to teams. Thank you lovely filter bubble for teaching me. You are awesome!
Two very valuable #Podcast episodes for understanding the concepts of #MobProgramming with two of its masterminds. Great interviews by @timothep in his Podcast @DevJourneyFM:
Interview @WoodyZuill:
Interview @LlewellynFalco:
The Mob Programming Guidebook by @maaretp:

Read this and you can start with your first session using #MobProgramming.
This document was, what got me hooked. Thanks to @timothep for showing me.
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The 1st #videogame based on *frontline #HongKongProtester* who resist #PoliceBrutality backed by evil Gov!!

And @blitzchungHS is playing live tonight!…

#blitzchung #games
#LiberateHongKong #光復香港 🇭🇰
Understand the controversy— @Dystopia992 is sharing this simply becoz this is one of the *many ways* everyone around the 🌍 can #StandWithHongKong. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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