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[Post that is being widely shared on FB] Ram Parvesh & Abdul were childhood friends. The new pradhan elected in the village, gave daily lessons to Ram Parvesh who was changing soon. He told Abdul, 'cow gives milk, yet you don't call her mother'. Abdul agreed to term cow as mother
Ram Parvesh again said, 'you're strange, fields give food & you don't consider land as mother'. Abdul accepted. Then, Ram Parvesh said, Pradhan will check your house if you've black money, Abdul didn't like but finally agreed. Days later he told Abdul, this is not your village
Abdul came home but his mother got angry & raised voice against Pradhan. Ram Parvesh was upset, how dare she spoke against Pradhan. He told Abdul, 'your mother is taking Rs 500 to speak up against him". Now Abdul was hurt-angry, that it has come to this, even his mother targeted
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He was sitting there on a bench, in that chilly evening. Temperature was dropping lower as the evening set in. Freezing winds were turning his hands numb as he sat there waiting for the train...
He was shivering slightly as well, but he had no choice, he had to make it to his parents' 25th anniversary. It was supposed to be a surprise for them. He was glad, planning in his mind of all the events that were to follow.
Unintentionally, he pulled his bag closer.. it had gifts for the parents, a shawl his mother had eyes on for years but could not afford, a mobile phone for his father!
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How did the girl who loved flowers become the royal botanist? HERE'S A STORY.

#lgbt #webfic #weblit #vss

"I will not be crowned without you," said the future queen, "except..."

The girl who loved flowers approached the abandoned far tower from the parapet, unarmed. (1/8)
Its current tenant slithered out from under the door, bloomed monstrously in front of the girl.


(The old king's botanist loved his experiments.) (2/8)
"Love," said the soon-to-be royal botanist. "True love."

Dipping and ducking its bulbous pistil, the blossom growled.


"Don't put roots down in the capitol if you want the truth. Go literally anywhere but here." (3/8)
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Another story, same characters! ALLYSHIP!

(tw: subtle homophobia mention)

#microfiction #twitterfic #wlw #lgbt #fiction

The girl who became the royal botanist and the girl who became queen had been friends since childhood. They knew each other as sisters did— (1/6)
—that is, they read each other as easily as a scholar reads a text in his field.

So that day, the future queen leaned in to whisper, "What's happening that has your face so hard?"

(For her shy friend who loved flowers was typically quick to grin, to giggle.) (2/6)
The girl who loved flowers told her.

"Ah," said the future queen. "Is that all?"

"Not all! Where I'm from, it's...incorrect."

"Not so here. You've seen it! Love is freer than the wind. Although my father used to say it was about as capricious—" (3/6)
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...I didn't know what to what to do, I couldn't trust the justice system for it had failed many before me. I had given up hope, and I knew I wasn't the only one.
But this was my personal battle, I would do this alone.
I would avenge Daniel.
He had been shot by men of the SPECIAL ANTI ROBBERY SQUAD with trial, without a formal court hearing. They had appointed themselves judge and jury, and my brother had been cut down in his prime. He was never given a chance to be heard.
The video went viral.. The men were rounded up, but they were eventually set free by the DPP, the case was struck out, my brother's death had been in vain, and the world had moved on. Nobody cared about this injustice.
If the law could not avenge my brother's dear, I would do it.
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Have you ever heard about Nigerian-born Toronto-based Kolade Doherty?

Billionaire Drug Lord, Crime Kingpin, hobgoblin of every Ontario cop and the toast of Nigerian Fuji musicians in the 80s and early 90s.

Canada’s number one gangster and most wanted fugitive with a reward of 25 million CAD on his head.

There has been no public sighting of Doherty in the last 10 years, but in a case of incredibly dexterous management skills that make many Ivy League
business schools green with envy, he still manages to successfully run Ontario’s largest, richest and most-dreaded criminal empire from underground.

Over 1, 000 deaths - including 40 cops, 50 children and 100 women - have been linked to his criminal organization.
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Between 1960 and 1970 Penguin Books underwent several revolutions in cover layout, at a time when public tastes were rapidly changing. For today's #TuesdayThoughts I look back at 10 years that shook the Penguin.

This is the story of the art of the #book cover...
Allen Lane founded Penguin Books in 1935, aiming to bring high-quality paperbacks to the masses for the same price as a packet of cigarettes. Lane began by snapping up publishing rights for inexpensive mid-market novels and packaging them expertly for #booklovers.
From the start Penguins were consciously designed; Lane wanted to distinguish his paperbacks from pulp novels. Edward Young created the first cover grid, using three horizontal bands and the new-ish Gill Sans typeface for the text.
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The Habit
By @DickieArmour
A crime thriller


It was a clichéd habit.

He liked drugs & girls.

He was a monster too.

#CrimeFiction #fiction #crimethriller #thriller #mystery #writing #TheHabit…

A broker in The City.

Son of a famous F1 driver.

Best mates with a senior policeman.

Too many to name them.

Young women raped.

They were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

That place should have been somewhere safe.

The back of a black, London taxi
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Stormy Night: 1/20
Thunder cracks to the east. Local cops are streamin' in and out of the peep show here on 57th. Beat guys, not CSI. Just as likely to screw up my crime scene as not. But they've got a job to do. I'm sure they'll do their best.
#20TweetTales #Noir #Fiction
Stormy Night: 2/20
I've got a job to do too, to bad I have to wait for my new partner. Already ten minutes late. Haven't heard much about Agent Lance Popescu, but if this is how he does things... Let's just say I'm not sure how well we'll get along.
#20TweetTales #Noir #Fiction
Stormy Night: 3/20
The moon pokes out from behind the cloud cover, bright and silvery, but my eyes are still pulled to that corner window on the third floor. Splattered red, and enough of it to make things pretty clear. Someone died, horribly.
#20TweetTales #Noir #Fiction
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Clarice: 1/20
The woman stared at the lights emblazoned on the building. It was just a name, but somehow it wasn't fair a building could have a name and she didn't. But then, she thought a lot of things weren't fair.
#Scifi #Noir #Microfiction #TwitFic #20TweetTales #Flashfiction
Clarice: 2/20
Smoke wafted from the cigarette, creating a pale wisp of white in the dark night. She exhaled, dispersing the wisp in a balloon of gray. Again, she tried to think back, to remember the day before. And again, there was nothing.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
Clarice: 3/20
Carlo had told her that there was no record of her, that her DNA was not in the planetary registry, nor fingerprints or photos or anything else. For all intents and purposes, she really didn't exist. She was a non-person, a ghost.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
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Kayode chased me out of our home.

Three years of marriage with two beautiful daughters to show for it, and he chased me.

Chased me like a thief that I was not, chased me like an unfaithful wife that I was not, he chased me..

out and brought in another woman.

Now barely two years after, he is here, on his knees, before my family and our kids, begging for me to take him back.

As I stared at him in his burgundy long sleeved kafan and polished black shoes, pleading on his knees before my father and
mother,with nothing but emptiness in my heart,the memories of the pain he put me through,the embarrassment,the heart break, the agony flowed back into my head,fresh as if it were yesterday..

"Wumni please forgive me,” he said, turning towards me, “Please forgive and forget..”
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Courier: 0/20
Like #FlashFiction? Check out this #SciFi story told across 20 tweets!
I have a particular love for dark and gritty art with rough strokes. Ivan Khotenov's Sk_15 fits that perfectly.
#20TweetTales #SciFi #Fiction
Courier: 1/20
Over Talis' shoulder, the storm spanned the horizon. Thick, dark clouds of sand reached up to blot the searing sun from the sky. This wall of death stretched up more than a mile. Her death, if she didn't get out of the Razorsand Sea.
#20TweetTales #SciFi #Fiction
Courier: 2/20
Jefa's dying screams echoed in her head, even as she gunned the runnerbike and took off. On Toxous' order, she'd been fed to an acidworm for some perceived slight on his part. Seeing her lover's flesh disolve made Talis want to vomit.
#20TweetTales #SciFi #Fiction
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Runner: 0/20
It's time for another #20TweetTales. Started on this story a while ago, and finally finished it. This is inspired by Alex Ichim's military piece, Runner.
#Scifi #Fiction #Microfiction #TwitFic #flashfiction
Runner: 1/20
The creak echoed through the clearing as Private Tull shoved open the engine access hatch. A blast of steam washed over him and he cursed. The hydrocapacitor was shot. That meant that runner wasn't going anywhere until he fixed it.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
Runner: 2/20
"Whassa matter, Private NULL? That big-ass head ain't got enough brains t'fix a little runner?" Corporal Daught strolled by chuckling, an armload of comm-cable in hand. Tull bit his tongue to keep from spitting back a snarky comment.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
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Lakeside Gate: 0/20
Welcome to another #20TweetTales, where I try to take a really cool piece of art as inspiration and tell a story in 20 tweets. Today's is inspired by Sarper Baran's piece Portal Forest.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction #Thread #StoryThread
Lakeside Gate: 1/20
Bow in hand, Dav and his brother Shen tracked the deer trail through the fresh snow. The forest peeled back, revealing a frozen lake. A quarter-league away, a metal circle taller than a man stood on end at the water's edge.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
Lakeside Gate: 2/20
Leagues away, a larger arch--the Arch of the Gods--loomed over the mountains. Shen stopped. "We must go back, find another hunt."
Just then, a young doe stepped out of the trees near the ring to approach the waterline.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
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Once I dreamed I went upstairs to talk to management. Y'know, the heavenly creatures who keep the universe's clockwork ticking?

They're perfect.

There was one in particular: the kind of creature that makes you cry to look at. I looked at her in awe, but the surprise was...
She admired me back.

Me, in my muddy, duct-taped boots, camouflaged rags, scars, wrinkles, and all.

The chip on my shoulder, the bag of bones in the primal parts of my brain, the whole trauma & abuse bingo card whose every slot I filled by childhood.

All of it.
You see, they know harmony in ways I never will; beauty so bright I need shades to see.

But me? I'm a force of nature. The living fire they'd only heard of. I am become death: destroy the old; build anew.

There is no peace—only passion. Stay away or burst into flames yourself.
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Glacier: 0/20
It's been a little spell since I was able to do a #20TweetTales thread, but I'm glad to be back at it. Today's story is inspired by Joe Hill's fantastic piece, Glacier.
#20TweetTales #Fantasy #Fiction
(repost because of errors)
Glacier: 1/20
First as a child and now as an adult, Thessa heard the Prophet's words in her head. "And lo, the Ice Dagger in the heart of fire will melt, only then shall the Ratha Lands be reborn. But with the rebirth, shall also come death."
#20TweetTales #Fantasy #Fiction
Glacier: 2/20
Her knuckles turned white with strain on the pommel of her sword. Since that first time, she'd traveled thousands of leagues, through the Dead Empire and across the Sands of Purgatory. She'd even crossed the supposedly Endless Sea.
#20TweetTales #Fantasy #Fiction
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Sorry about the gum
Episode 3: In which I discuss, among many things, Swaziland, @NewYorker article #unreliablenarrator, #fyrefestival, Alice Munro and writing a short story. Also, there interspecies yoga.
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It's Time: 0/20
Time again for another #20TweetTales! Today's #postapocalyptic piece is partially inspired by a great piece done by Martin Lawrence Agleron over on ArtStation.
#Scifi #Fiction
It's Time: 1/20
The Stranger tugged at her reigns guiding horse Shala around the chunks and crumbled remains of the once-great city. The blazing sun vanished behind the ancient skeletal buildings, and it's heat fading with fresh green overgrowth.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
It's Time: 2/20
Rozo sidled up next to her, his own horse, Bo, neighing. "I hate this place."
The Stranger chuckled. "Ghosts of humanity's past?"
"No." He scoffed. "Just always feel like they're always watching from the dark corners."
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
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Here, for no reason at all, is a short story:
The thing I notice about Richard is that he has stolen my appetite. When we meet for the first time at that Ethiopian restaurant downtown, I am staring first at his thin mustache and brown eyes. And then I am staring at my noodles and brimming with doubt.
When he talks, I am disgraced by the realization that I do not know where my bathroom scale is. Did my ex husband take it? When Richard asks me a question about my work, I am looking down at the waist of my jeans shorts, furious with them for cutting into my flesh.
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Ruins: 0/20
It's time for a new 20TweetTales! This one is a #Scifi story about explorers on a distant planet, inspired by Flora Silve's piece, Astro Ruins.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
Ruins: 1/20
Captain Raj Arjun pressed the comm button on his suit. "Uh, Reit? I need you over here."
"What is it, sir? More rocks?"
Arjun took a step closer and noticed the faint static filling the background in the audio.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
Ruins: 2/20
"I'm not sure I can accurately explain what I'm seeing."
Lt. Karen Reit huffed into the comm. "Well, Cap, you could try. Seriously, why couldn't we just get a couple drones to do this?"
"Because those weren't the company's orders."
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
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It's Tuesday! For me, that means another #20TweetTales fiction. This time inspired by a really cool piece from Travis Lacey.
#Scifi #Fiction
Storm: 1/20
From the back of his he'esh mount, Ghalid studdied the encampment in the tiny oasis hidden among the shifting dunes below. Men and women ran about, yelling orders and trying desperately to prepare for the coming Razor Storm.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
Storm: 2/20
"Fools," he said. The polysphere drone hovering over his shoulder chirped a noncommital and ambiguous reply.
The migrant's garrishly colored tents flapped in the wind, the barest signal of what was to come.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
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My novel #TailoftheBlueBird has a fictional #Kenyan character called #Gawana who has run away from home to escape #British brutality. He's a vital sub character for me, but I'm often asked by Euro-readers who notice him: how is that possible? Nothing bad happened in Kenya! Well..
You can read more about things like the #DilutionTechnique used by the Brits to 'subdue' the #Kikuyu in this @guardian piece:… Other sources reveal varied sexual assaults, which echo in my story Scotch Bonnets from #TheCityWillLoveYou. Writers hide research
Writers hide a whole lot of research, but it's those snippets from history that add ballast to our work. It's why I always say a book is the beginning of a conversation (more on that later) and as readers we can always do more. In fact I think I love being a reader more... #books
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Night Fishing 1 of 20:
Our supplies were dangerously low, so we brought the rig down to about four meters and let our baited lines dip into the marsh below. The scoops dropped to gather the water.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
Night Fishing 2 of 20:
Our airship, a cobbled-together mass of old airplain, school bus and junk drifted over the murky water.
The pieces of the shattered moon streaked across the cloudless sky gave us plenty of light.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
Night Fishing 3 of 20:
We listened to the crickets chirp for a minute, letting the serenity wash over us.
"Are they really out there?" Kymee asked.
#20TweetTales #Scifi #Fiction
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Here's a guaranteed way for #Writing Contest Jurors to ruin an #emergingwriter's day: tweet to your followers (some of whom have to be thinking of entering the contest you're judging) that you're not a fan of certain kinds of stories, so maybe it's best if they "skip this one..."
...bc being an #emergingwriter isn't hard enough. It isn't hard enough that there already is a magical/frustrating subjectiveness and unpredictability to contests, and that entering one is an act of #faith, yet maybe your surprising story will be the one to enchant the jurors...
...nor is it a challenge to come up with the contest fee, which is usually significant, because you think your story's great and might have a shot, even though it's got #scifi or #specfic elements, because you've been inspired in the past by unexpected and genre-bending work...
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