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Did you know there's a way to switch to Solar and have the banks pay and you save?

I am saving J$45K monthly by switching to solar. It cost me J$3.5M upfront, BUT the bank is paying for it, and I keep the savings.

The Sun is free. This is my story, folks! #Thread

Imagine opening your JPS bill, and you owe a whopping J$77,026.40. That's was me last summer. This was close to twice my average.

Solar seemed complicated. Kilowatt hours, inverters, batteries, all Greek. But with my JPS bill through the roof, I HAD to Maths it out.

2/ Image
Here's the key: Buy enough solar panels for day consumption and batteries for the night. I ended up with 17 panels, 1 inverter, and 2 batteries.

The price tag? J$3.5M. I went the bank, borrowed at 10% (J$350k annually or J$30k monthly), and paid the solar company in full.

3/ Image
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If you are the kind of person, who likes to have CONTROL over your ASSETS (energy, crypto, etc.)

@SolareumChain is your solution.🍃

It encourages decentralization and allows you to control what happens to your assets without a middleman or other centralized entities…… Image

Read Till the end to know when Bull Market Starts. 🐂 🗓️

🍃◈ Introduction
🍃◈ How It Works
🍃◈ The Problem
🍃◈ The Solution
🍃◈ Features
🍃◈ Token Allocations
🍃◈ Tokenomics
🍃◈ Roadmap
🍃◈ Team
🍃◈ Partnership
🍃◈ Conclusion

@SolareumChain is a renewable energy generation-based blockchain where producers and consumers can trade renewable energy peer-to-peer on a decentralized renewable energy marketplace without intermediaries.. Image
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“From Sun to Blockchain: Solareum light the way to Renewable Energy Transformation 🤩💡

Innovation at it’s finest, you don’t have to wait for no one to turn those lights on🤩

Don’t miss‼️A masterpiece super bullish🧵 on @SolareumChain

LFG🚀✨ Image
It’s no news that the importance of energy should not for a second be under emphasized and with evolution of technology and it’s ever-growing demand, it’s exploitation shouldn’t be placed in the hands of centralized entities but in the hands of consumers and producers... Image
creating a decentralized peer-to-peer renewable energy and this is where @SolareumChain comes into play

📌WHAT IS @SolareumChain ?
It is an L1 blockchain in development, on ETH for now that aims to stop the manipulation of the energy sectors and also to cut the need for... Image
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The EIA released its Annual Energy Outlook
Here's 15 forecasts that went right and wrong over the past decade - a thread #oott #oil #natgas #renewables
Oil Demand: In 2011, oil demand was forecast to be 19.1 Mbbls/d by 2022 (actual: 17.7 Mbbls/d) Image
Part of the energy revisions reflect changes to U.S. population growth (which has been revised down 6% since the 2018 - the first year with forecasts out to 2050). By 2050, U.S. population is expected now at 370 mln vs. 395 mln people previously. Image
U.S. Crude Supply: In 2011, oil production was forecast to be 3.8 Mbbls/d by 2022 (actual: 9.6 Mbbls/d).
2050 production forecast has been revised 5% higher y/y to 11.2 Mbbls/d. But overall, for the next ~30 years, the EIA expects production to remain mostly flat #permian #bakken Image
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🚨NEW WORK: In October 2022, the Indian govt declared Gujarat's Modhera as India's first 24x7 #solar village. A few days later, UN chief @antonioguterres also visited Modhera and praised the project. Then why do Modhera's neighbours feel driven to migration or in 1 case, suicide?
The solar power plant that makes Modhera’s #solar power ‘round-the-clock’ is constructed on part of neighboring Sujanpura’s grazing land. In return, Sujanpura got 7 smaller parcels of land, 5 of which are too far, 1 small and 1 disputed #NetZero @IndiaSpend
After the loss of this grazing land to a #solar plant, people of Sujanpura say they spend at least Rs 200-Rs 300/day to buy hay, a cost that makes milk prodn untenable. Many sold livestock to cope with the cash crunch #solarvillageofindia #netzero
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Looking for an easy and economical way to reduce your household's carbon footprint?

Check out these alternative energy options that you can easily implement at home! 🧵⤵️

#solarenergy #windpower #geothermal #bioenergy #hydroenergy #carbonfootprint Looking for an easy and economical way to reduce your househ
1/ Solar power is one of the most popular alternative #energy options for households.

It's easy to install and maintain, and can significantly reduce your electricity bills. #solarenergy #gogreen ⤵️
2/ Wind power is another great #alternativeenergy option for households.

Small-scale #windturbines can be installed on your property and generate #electricity for your home. #windpower #cleanenergy ⤵️
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$mmat industry awareness 🧵1/7

@Metamaterialtec makes materials engineered with properties not found in nature, such as superconductivity, negative index of refraction, and cloaking abilities. They will revolutionize #industries like #aerospace, #defense, & #telecommunications!
META can create transparent #antennas with greater electrical efficiency for improved #communications; concentrate #solarenergy in a much smaller area for increased efficiency; or reduce the radar signature of ships and submarines for a #tactical advantage.
In addition to #telecommunications and #military applications, metamaterials could be used to make buildings more efficient by providing smart glass that manipulates light in ways that can't be achieved with traditional construction techniques. #StructuralStability
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My #christmas Picture! #solar estimates from Wood Mackenzie from this time last year. I can only laugh at how wrong they are!
Their estimate for global #solarenergy installs was 181GW for 2022. The reality is that this year there could be as much as 300GW of solar installed which is more than they assume for 2030!
My point is that even the so called experts don’t even understand the #renewables revolution that is led by #solar. Let me make a prediction and that is by 2030 the #solar global market will reach 1TW or 1,000GW per year. Now that will change our world.
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1/17 En este hilo vamos a repasar la tesis de la #plata #silver y pensar porque podria ser unas #inversiones a tener en cuenta. Sobretodo porque puede ser una opción mas interesante que el #gold si pensamos en #preciousmetals 🧵
2/17 El #bear case esta soportado por un #dolar fuerte y unos #bonds yields altos gracias a las subidas de tipo de la #FED, ya que esta a dejado claro que va a subir tipos en noviembre y diciembre y mantenerlos en 2023 Image
3/17 Por otro lado, el #dolar hará peak pronto porque no puede si esta muy fuerte destruirá demanda ya que la mayoria de #commodities se compran en dolares Image
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"The key question around the #GreenEnergy transition is technological progress, and which technologies would improve..."
- SFI Prof J. Doyne Farmer (@INETOxford)

Follow this 🧵 for insights from today's seminar, streaming now on our YouTube channel:
"We're tracking the evolution of the global #energy landscape over about 140 years: which source is providing our energy, and how much is it providing us with?"
- SFI Prof J. Doyne Farmer (@INETOxford)

Speaking now:

#Solar #Wind #Nuclear #Oil #Gas #Coal
"#FossilFuels cost about the same now as they did a century ago. #Renewables have been dropping in price at rates of about 10% a year and deployment has been shooting up at about 30% a year, and this has been continuing for several decades."

- J. Doyne Farmer (SFI, @INETOxford)
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اپنے گھر اور دفتر کو #solarenergy پر شفٹ کرنے کے بہت سے فوائد ہیں۔پہلا فائدہ تو یہ ہے کہ یہ ایک بہترین انویسٹمنٹ ہے اس میں آپ جتنا پیسہ لگائیں گے 4 سال سے پہلے پہلے آپ کا وہ تمام پیسہ بجلی کے بل کی مد میں واپس ہو جائے گا اور اس کے بعد اگلے 20 سال تک آپ کو بجلی مفت میں پڑے گی۔1/5
ٹیکس چھوٹ کے بعد یہ شاید کسی پلاٹ میں پیسہ لگانے سے بھی بہتر ہے۔دوسرا فائدہ یہ ہے کہ پاکستان کا قیمتی زرمبادلہ بچایا جا سکتا ہے ۔ کیونکہ کہ سولر لگانے سے آپ سرکار کا وہ پٹرول بچا رہے ہیں جو ہم باہر کے ملک سے خرید کر اپنے ملک میں لاتے ہیں تاکہ ہم یہاں پر بجلی بنا سکیں ۔ 2/5
یوں ہم سرکار کا وہ پیسہ بھی بچائیں گے اور اپنا پیسہ بھی بچائیں گے۔ آپ جانتے ہیں کہ بجلی بنانے کے لئے بہت سارا فیول باہر کے ملکوں سے خریدنا پڑتا ہے اور جس کی وجہ سے ہم گردشی قرضے جیسے مسئلے کا بھی شکار ہیں۔ اگر ہم سب مل کر سولر لگانا شروع کر دیں تو ایک وقت آئے گا جب ہم 3/5
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#TodayInEnergy - EIA expects #solar and #wind to be larger sources of U.S. #electricity generation this summer #STEO #SummerElectricityOutlook
Our forecasts for #elecricity generation from June-August 2022 compared to 2021:

🌞Utility-scale #solarenergy generation will grow by 10 million MWh
🌬️ #Windpower generation will grow by 8 million MWh

Read more about our forecasts here:
Clarification: We're talking about our #electricity forecasts here.
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The Indian #cleantech startups have come up with new ideas to power existing clean energy technology and are doing their bit to save the environment in their own ways. 🌎

From startups dealing with rooftop #solarenergy or those focusing on bio-methanation technology to those providing solutions to clean and purify air and water...

☘ Inc42 has compiled a list of 30 #cleantech startups, which have come up with out-of-the-box solutions to to India’s clean energy goal and working towards 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐚’𝐬 𝐟𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞. ♻🌍

3/n Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/16/2022…
3D printed nanoparticle aerogels to enable new generation of solar energy devices - 3D Printing Industry…
#3DPrinting, #nanoparticles, #aerogels, #SolarEnergy, #TechnologyDevelopment
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You might have heard about the campaign to Save Solar in California, due to deliberations by state regulators to reduce compensation for solar producers. We're being played by utility lobbyists, my friends. Here's a thread 🧵 #solarenergy #NEM
If you haven't heard about the "utility death spiral," read the infamous Edison Electric Institute report that identified customer-owned solar as an existential threat to the profits for utility shareholders.…
So, Point 1: if we're debating whether solar customers get compensated adequately, let's keep in mind that utilities see it as their legal obligation to screw over solar customers to protect their market share. This debate is their debate.
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🔋 The demand for #copper from the #GreenEnergy sector could almost quadruple by 2030.
The rapid global transition to environmentally friendly generation increases #NorilskNickel's revenue. The copper business brings 26% of the company's revenue.
$GMKN $MNOD $NILSY #NorNickel Image
Now the demand from the #GreenEnergy sector is 1.4 million tons annually. By 2030, the aggregate demand for #copper may grow by 20% - up to 5.4 million tons.…
Transition to green power generation is impossible without #copper. Copper is high-capacity conductor of #electricity, used in #SolarPanels, hydro and #windpower plants. These #renewableenergy systems require 12 times more copper than traditional ones. #solarenergy
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Bei #Balkonsolar wird immer wieder von Menschen gesprochen, die ihr “Balkonkraftwerk” einfach einstecken ohne es dem Netzbetreiber zu sagen! Die nennt man dann #GuerillaPV und es fühlt sich verwegen an.
Aber #solarenergy hatte schon immer was von Guerilla, Beispiele im 🧵
1979 die erste Netzgekoppelte Anlage in Europa am Eidgenössische Institut für Reaktorforschung. Solarpaneele importiert aus den USA. Wechselrichter selbst gebaut. “Doch von der Innovation der Netzkopplung erfuhr in dieser Zeit niemand, nicht einmal das örtliche Elektrizitätswerk”
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.@fpjindia in association with SIES is organising a discussion on "The emerging challenges for the power sector in India" today at 3 pm with Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing director, @TataPower.

#power #energy #ceo #solarenergy #cleanenergy #renewables

Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing director, #TataPower says for the last ten years Tata Power has been worked a lot in the renewable energy space.

Watch the session here:
Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing director, #TataPower says Tata Power has shown leadership, both in thought and action, to become the first one in the country to meet the net-zero carbon targets.

Watch the session here:
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10 Largest Solar Power Generator of the world…

#solarpower #solarenergy #solarpanels
1. Bhadla Solar Park. 2245 MW
2. Huanghe Hydropower Hainan Solar Park, 2.2GW- China
3. Pavagada Solar Park. 2.050 MW. India
4. Benban Solar Park. 1,650 MW. Egypt
5. Tengger Desert Solar Park. 1,500MW. China
6. Noor Abu Dhabi. 1,177 MW. United Arab Emirates
7. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, UAE
8. Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park. 1.000 MW. India
9. Datong Solar Park. 1,000 MW. China
10. NP Kunta Ultra Mega Solar Park. 900 MW. India
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How to facilitate Digital Services Economy transitions in next decades?
Together with @dseinnovations team and @setcoingroup we develop #ESG transformation framework and roadmap for governments, international organizations, corporations funds & LP’s
Check overview in thread👇
#humancentric Global Economy
Benefits of services economy to local countries & #gdp growth
People become main asset of digital services economy
Next 👇
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Mainly, there are three types of solar power plants or solar energy systems. Type-1 is a photovoltaic solar energy plant; type-2 is a solar thermal energy plant, and type-3 is a concentrating power plant.…

#solarpower #solarenergy
A solar power plant provides the facility that converts sunlight either directly, like photovoltaics, or indirectly, like solar thermal plants, into electricity. It comes in a variety of designs, with each using discretely different techniques to harness the power of the sun.
There are many different types of solar power plants constructed in most parts of the world. It includes the photovoltaic solar energy plant, solar thermal energy plant, and concentrating power plant.
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The race is on! The declining COST of wind and solar power is in a race with declining MARKET VALUE: which will win? New research in Joule looks at trends by region, at… THREAD! Image
While solar has high value at low penetrations, value falls as output grows – solar is 19% of generation in CAISO, with major drops in value. Wind has low value at every penetration, but has faced less value decline with market share to date. 2/x Image
The biggest value penalties come from the timing of generation not matching high market prices, and from congestion causing pockets of low prices. Curtailment was not a major factor. Value penalties rise with market share. 3/x Image
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