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Need a quick overview of our new report assessing progress in preparing for the impacts of climate change in #England? Look no further! Read the full report…, take a look at our new infographic… or check out the following #thread
[1/10] Ministers must strengthen policy on adaptation & put resources in place to drive action to prepare for climate impacts in #England. Our report finds that support services/funding have been eroded over past 10yrs & latest National Adaptation Programme is not strong enough.
[2/10] There are many examples of dedicated officials+organisations doing great work to try to build resilience to #climate impacts. But a better, strategic national framework to underpin and drive action on the ground is needed. Piecemeal action does not match the scale of risk.
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CCC Progress Report 2019

Today the CCC launches its annual Progress Report (…). Government & Parliament recently adopted a net-zero target for GHG emissions in 2050. What happened in the last year & what is needed for net-zero?

(1/10) #UKClimateAction
UK emissions fell by 2.3% in 2018 and are now 40% below 1990 levels (including emissions from international aviation and shipping)
Almost all recent progress has been in reducing emissions from electricity generation. Emissions from transport and aviation have been increasing.
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Chris Stark, @theCCCuk, says this is a 'crunch moment' for the CCC, thanks to renewed interest in climate change and #NetZero emissions, ahead of the Committee's forthcoming advice to Government on the UK's long-term #climatechange targets, due out on 2 May 2019 #UKClimateAction
Chris takes us back to 2008, and the CCC's initial advice to Government which was commensurate with keeping global temps to below 2degsC - an 80% reduction in emissions below 1990 levels - which Parliament agreed. But 'a great deal has changed' since then he adds #UKClimateAction
"We have to stop burning fossil fuels or start sequestering carbon, or both," says @ChiefExecCCC, and we "are now on the clock". If not, "we risk locking in a set of emissions that will not be easily unwound. The impacts are now really upon us," he adds #TowardsNetZero
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THREAD: Today, our new report on #UKhousing sets out how the quality of UK homes must improve to reduce emissions and ensure they are ready for a changing climate. Read the report here:… #Homes #UKClimateAction (1/10) #climatechange
UK homes are not fit for the future. The Climate Change Act requires near-zero greenhouse gas emissions from homes by 2050 but efforts to reduce emissions have stalled. Most homes use fossil fuel heating; <500k have heat pumps or are connected to low-carbon heat networks. (2/10)
Today, 4.5m homes overheat in England, 1.8m people live in areas at significant risk of flooding and water consumption is higher than in other comparable countries. Risks are increasing due to climate change, but measures to adapt homes are not being taken up (3/10) #UKhousing
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*New thread* Today we've published two new reports on UK #land use & #biomass setting out why they're important in tackling climate change & how our land can help to build resilience to climate impacts. Here's a summary of both:… and…
Kicking off with land use: Our report says fundamental reform to how land is used and managed is needed to deliver the UK’s climate goals. There is now a unique opportunity to define a better land strategy that can tackle the challenges of #climatechange. Read the Exec Summary.
Significant changes in land use could help reduce emissions by 35-80% by 2050. Figure 2.5 explains. Deeper cuts in emissions by 2050 require ↑↑ tree planting & peatland restoration, while the harvesting of biomass could help to displace emissions in energy & construction.
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CCC Progress Report 2018

Today the Committee launches its 10th annual Progress Report to Parliament. What happened to UK emissions last year and what more needs to be done to meet our climate targets? (1/11)

In 2017 global emissions rose by 1.4%, for the first time in several years. EU emissions also rose, by 1.8% (2/11) #UKClimateAction
UK emissions fell by 3% in 2017, and are now 43% below 1990 levels. Over the same period the economy has grown by over 70% (3/11) #UKClimateAction
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Our independent assessment of the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy - and whether it is on track to meet carbon budgets - is published today at… 1/10 #UKClimateAction
Our June 2017 Progress Report assessed the gaps to meeting the fourth & fifth carbon budgets at 155 & 260 MtCO₂e. Government is required by the Climate Change Act to publish their plans to fill these gaps /2 #UKClimateAction
The Government published their Clean Growth Strategy in Oct 2017. This emphasised the economic opportunities, put clean growth at the centre of the Industrial Strategy, & made a strong commitment to meeting carbon budgets /3 #UKClimateAction
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