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How much do purpose, customers and people remain a anchor in your organisations - no matter what challenges are thrown at them ? #ukhousing #localgov #NHS
Do targets become your sole focus at all costs ? Or do you think about the consequences for your customers and involve them in your decisions ?
Do you understand that your customers are individuals, and that if not addressing their issues means you still hit your targets, the consequences of you ignoring them could be absolutely devastating for them ?
#ukhousing #localgov #nhs
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Lee Rowley is the new Construction Minister, making him the 9th Construction Minister in the last 5 years and the UK currently averages 1 construction minister every 7 months...
#ukconstruction #construction
... Looking over the longer-term, Lee Rowley is also the 20th Construction Minister in the last 20 years, averaging 1 every 13 months. The lack of stability in the position is a long-term problem but it has clearly got worse in the last 5 years...
#ukconstruction #construction
... Unfortunately, government views the Construction Minister position as a 'stepping stone' position whereby, if you succeed then you get promoted to a higher-profile position or if you fail you get relegated (back) to the backbenches....
#ukconstruction #construction
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According to the ONS, construction output fell 1.6% in July 2021. It has fallen for 4 consecutive months & is 2.5% lower than in January 2020 although note the ONS appears to have issues estimating private housing output...
#ukconstruction #construction… Image
Looking across the sectors, the main contributors to the 1.6% fall in total construction output in July were private housing (-7.5%) & private housing repair, maintenance & improvement (rm&i) whilst the largest rise was in industrial (warehouses)...
#ukconstruction #construction Image
Looking at the evolution of construction output in the key sectors since Covid-19, infrastructure continues to go from strength to strength whilst industrial is rising sharply from a low base as warehouse projects are finally coming through &...
#ukconstruction #construction Image
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The key point from today's National Audit Office (NAO) report into the debacle that was the Green Homes Grant. BEIS initially announced it would retrofit 600,000 homes & yet it failed to even do 10% of that...
#ukhousing #energyefficiency #netzero… Image
... & note govt's terrible record of unrealistic announcements on retrofit & failing to deliver. e.g. With the Green Deal govt announced an ambition to retrofit 14 million homes & only 14,000 households used it...
#ukhousing #energyefficiency #netzero… ImageImage
... & the critical point is if government is really serious on energy-efficient retrofit there needs to be realistic long-term policies with time to gain momentum with financial incentives to give households the incentives to spend & also...
#ukhousing #energyefficiency #netzero
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Construction output in April 2021 was 2.0% lower than March's recent peak (that was above pre-Covid-19 levels). Comparisons with a year ago are irrelevant given April 2020 was the nadir during the initial lockdown but...
#ukconstruction #construction…
... as a more appropriate reference point construction output in April 2021 was 0.4% lower than in January 2020, pre-Covid-19 so it remains a 'V'-shaped recovery for construction output so far compared with a 'W'-shaped recovery for UK GDP...
#ukconstruction #construction
Looking how the key sectors have evolved since January 2020, pre-Covid-19, there remains a distinct difference between the sectors in which activity is considerably higher than pre-Covid-19 (private housing rm&i & infrastructure), in contrast to...
#ukconstruction #construction
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THREAD: Construction output in March 2021 was 5.8% higher than in rain-affected February & 6.0% higher than in March 2020 according to the ONS. Output was also higher than pre-Covid-19 & at its highest level since September 2019...
#ukconstruction… Image
... On a monthly basis, construction output in March 2021 was 5.8% higher than rain-affected February with increases in almost every construction sector & the largest rises public housing (+16.7%), private housing (+9.4%) & private housing rm&i (+7.7%) whilst...
#ukconstruction Image
... on an annual basis, construction output in March 2021 was 6.0% higher than a year earlier although it is worth noting that construction output from 23 March 2020 was affected by the social distancing restrictions during the initial lockdown...
#ukconstruction #construction Image
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THREAD: It is broadly a 'V'-shaped recovery for the construction industry overall so far... Construction output in February 2021 was 1.6% higher than in January 2021.
#ukconstruction #construction…
Construction output in February 2021 rose by 1.6% compared with January as activity picked up after the usual Winter slowdown but growth was affected by persistent rain affecting outdoor site activity so expect significant growth in March as well.
#ukconstruction #construction
Construction output in February 2021 remained 4.3% lower than one year ago (February 2020, the last month before the initial lockdown). Overall, it has broadly been a 'V'-shaped construction recovery but fortunes vary considerably by construction sector.
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@gordonphousing @RSHEngland @natfednews .@FionaMacRSH has been talking up #TenantEngagement & consumer standards for years but the most she ever did to further it was in a blind panic after RSH was dragged into court over her ex employer L&Q's mindless bullying & disability discrimination. #ukhousing @HousingOmbuds
@gordonphousing @RSHEngland @natfednews @FionaMacRSH @HousingOmbuds Fiona MacGregor did however decide the tenant who brought the action had breached standards but said nothing over the #LaraTate case which L&Q have just repeated except this time the harasser they protected was attacking someone because of their disability not race. #ukhousing
@gordonphousing @RSHEngland @natfednews @FionaMacRSH @HousingOmbuds Remember Fiona's predecessor claiming the tenant involvement standard, the one that covered disability was unbreachable & her only deciding it wasnt after a legal threat in 2019?…
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1/8 What does almost two centuries of data tell us about #ukhousing affordability? Here’s a chart-thread of my research which @martinwolf_ covered in his latest @FT piece.
Full article here:…
#houseprices #property
2/8 UK homes have only been this expensive vs earnings twice in the past 120 years.

Things were even more expensive between the year 1845 and early 20th century.

What happened to change things? More houses, smaller houses, higher incomes. ImageImage
3/8 most people didn’t really benefit though, as over 75% rented at that time. Home ownership didn’t take off until 2nd half of 20th century.

Note the reversal post-2001. Back down near 64% now. Home ownership becoming less attainable Image
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'V'-shape recovery for construction so far. Construction output in January 2021 was 0.9% higher than in December 2020 & 3.0% lower than one year earlier (pre-Covid-19) according to @ONS...
#ukconstruction #construction…
... The 0.9% monthly rise in construction activity during January 2021 (was after a 2.9% fall in December &) was mainly driven by growth in public housing repair, maintenance & improvement (cladding remediation), commercial & infrastructure...
#ukconstruction #construction
... & construction output in January 2021 remained 3.0% lower than a year earlier despite activity in repair, maintenance & improvement activity & infrastructure activity that is already above pre-Covid-19 levels already because...
#ukconstruction #construction
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In November 2020 there were 115,190 property transactions in the UK, which is 8.6% higher than October & 19.3% higher than November 2019 according to HMRC...
#ukhousing #housing…
... & as a reference point for housing market forecasts for the year, if UK property transactions continue at November 2020's level in December then, overall in 2020 UK property transactions would be 12% lower than in 2019...
#ukhousing #housing
... although note transactions in December tend to fall by around 1%-3% compared with November, which would imply that UK property transactions overall in 2020 are likely to be 13% lower than in 2019 despite monthly transactions currently above 2019 levels...
#ukhousing #housing
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The facts of the matter are this: people once helped by #SocialHousing now have to rely on the fag end of the #PRS because there isn't enough social stock in high demand areas. People who can't buy are also stuck in #PRS which, owing to demand 1/…
sees prices increase way above pay (though Covid has done some weird things to the London market recently). At the centre of this has been the wilful failure of Govt to properly invest in social housing. Purely for reasons ideological. Home ownership is king, so that's where 2/
the money goes. But #HomeOwnership isn't its own isolated ecosystem. The PRS, Social Housing and Home Ownership sectors are all part of the same whole. What happens in one affects the others. So the proliferation of buy to let landlords hoovers up stock for first time buyers. 3/
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Total construction output in September 2020 was 2.9% higher than in August but still remained 10.0% lower than a year earlier but there were considerable differences across the different construction sectors...
... & on a quarterly basis, total construction output 2020 Q3 was unsurprisingly 41.7% higher than in (Lockdown 1-affected) Q2 but it remained 12.6% lower than a year earlier...
... & note that whilst output in Q3 was 12.6% lower than a year ago, ONS employment data earlier this week shows construction employment in Q3 was 'only' 7.4% lower than a year earlier but hours worked in construction in Q3 were 17.1% lower than a year earlier...
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When I bought a 50% share in my #sharedownership flat in 1999 the flat was valued at £60k in total, so my initial mortgage was £30k. When I purchased the 2nd 50% share it cost around £80k. That's £110k so far. 1/3
In 2020, I still have £40k outstanding on the mortgage for the 2nd share, and my lease extension could cost a further £30k. So, 21 years after buying the initial 50% share of my #sharedownership flat, I still owe more than the flat was worth when I first moved in. 2/3
A #sharedownership flat worth £60k when I moved in could end up costing me around £140k. How is this #affordablehousing? How is it justifiable? 3/3
@LKPleasehold @LondonAssembly @NLC_2019 @mhclg
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The #GeospatialCommission has published a list of 300 or so datasets it says are used during the housing and planning process, and highlights in particular a list of 50, "49 of which are covered by OGL".… #Geo6 #ukhousing #geospatial #opendata (or not)

The GC's list includes some useful datasets, but also quite a few errors. The effect is to overstate the number of #opendata resources that are readily available for the purposes of housing and planning in the UK.

I'll just run through some of the licensing issues …

Land Registry's INSPIRE Index Polygons are not re-usable under the Open Government Licence in any meaningful sense, because use of the polygons is subject to additional Ordnance Survey terms.… +… #deriveddata not-#opendata

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A thread on the latest CPA construction forecasts & 'No Deal' scenario (I'll summarise the results initially and then provide background/context)...
#ukconstruction #ukhousing #Brexit #NoDeal
The CPA is forecasting that construction output will fall marginally (-0.3%) in 2019 & grow by 1.0% in 2020 assuming a smooth Brexit (either the Withdrawal Agreement with a fudge on the backstop or another delay to Article 50)...
... but construction activity is mixed by region & sector. Infrastructure, housing (North West, Yorkshire & Midlands) & industrial warehouses growth offsets falls in commercial, industrial factories & housing (London, South East & parts of the East)...
#ukconstruction #ukhousing
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I’m at #cx2019 today - a conference about ‘customer experience’. These slides are the crux of it for me. It’s about doing WITH, not FOR or TO.
Also, really pleased that I’ve heard one of the speakers point out that ‘customer’ implies choice. 👌
‘Don’t ever hide from the data’ - share the data about services with residents. Transparency about performance data and what your working on is really important. #cx2019
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THREAD: Today, our new report on #UKhousing sets out how the quality of UK homes must improve to reduce emissions and ensure they are ready for a changing climate. Read the report here:… #Homes #UKClimateAction (1/10) #climatechange
UK homes are not fit for the future. The Climate Change Act requires near-zero greenhouse gas emissions from homes by 2050 but efforts to reduce emissions have stalled. Most homes use fossil fuel heating; <500k have heat pumps or are connected to low-carbon heat networks. (2/10)
Today, 4.5m homes overheat in England, 1.8m people live in areas at significant risk of flooding and water consumption is higher than in other comparable countries. Risks are increasing due to climate change, but measures to adapt homes are not being taken up (3/10) #UKhousing
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A 'No Deal' Brexit would pose major problems for the UK construction industry in the short-term & long-term. A brief thread...
#ukhousing #ukconstruction #NoDeal #NoDealBrexit
There are skills issues in UK construction. In 2018 Q3, 82% of contractors reported difficulties recruiting carpenters & joiners, 78% reported difficulties recruiting bricklayers & 63% reported difficulties recruiting plasterers.
#ukhousing #ukconstruction #NoDeal #NoDealBrexit
In 2018 Q3, 70% of main contractors reported difficulties recruiting roofers, 63% reported difficulties recruiting plumbers & half of main contractors reported difficulties recruiting painters & decorators.
#ukhousing #ukconstruction #NoDeal #NoDealBrexit
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Thread: It's easy for government to make announcements like the Prime Minister's 240,000 homes per year (2007) or the Chancellor's 300,000 homes per year this weekend but...
I'm not trying to be negative. The point is that if government is serious about building 300,000 homes per year, we need a long-term government plan irrespective of constant changes in housing minister (lasting 16 months on average in the past 20 years)...
Announcing a large target for PR with a few gimmicks but allowing the market to collapse & blaming investors for land hoarding, house builders for land banking, lack of brick layers &/or bricks & complaining about low productivity helps no one.
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