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Yesterday, w/ no media availability or even press release, ERCOT released its Capacity, Demand & Reserves (CDR) report. As has been a pattern lately, the communications with the public about issues of widespread conern is sorely lacking. #txlge 1/🧵…
Just this week, ERCOT CEO Brad Jones, in an article about political interference at ERCOT, said releasing a similar report (the Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy, or SARA) in the same way was a "mistake." But nothing seems to have changed. 2/…
The difference betw than the SARA & CDR is that the SARA looks at the upcoming season while the CDR looks several years out.

3 main takeaways:
(1) absent changes, these reports aren't useful
(2) climate change isn't considered
(3) renewables are increasing reliability
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@PUCTX meeting starts in a few minutes (9:30CT). Lots of agenda items, including one (#52373) on the future of the ERCOT electric market w/ major customer cost and reliability implications. I'll tweet about it here.
Livestream here:…
#txlege #txenergy
I put together two threads on the staff memo with the proposed changes.
For reference, the memo is here:…
Explanation of Phase 1 proposals here
Explanation of Phase 2 proposals here:

There are lots of members of the public in the room with what appear to be paper mache power lines (hard to tell from the feed). Public comment period was changed to 10:30, would normally be at 9:30.

Market design changes will be discussed at the end of the meeting.
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Texas' electric market is undergoing a redesign. The implications for everyone in ERCOT w/ an electric bill are huge. I'll translate the jargon in the PUC memo filed this week, summarize key points & describe market participants' reactions. 1/🧵 #txlege #energytwitter
As always, if I got something wrong or if I've misrepresented something (esp. if you're reading this & I've mis-characterized your position), please DM me & I'll correct it. I'm learning & appreciate the constructive criticisms. PUC memo is here:…
The memo is from staff but is quite obviously reflective of Chairman Lake's position. The first thing in it is Operating Reserve Demand Curve (ORDC). This was created after the 2011 winter outages (and near misses that summer). It adds $ for generators in scarcity conditions.
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1, #Germany's new government's #coalitionagreement of the @SPDbt, @Die_Gruenen and @FDP, on the #EuropeanEunion's #EasternNeighborhood: "We are working together with the #EU and its member states on the further development of the #EasternPartnership.
2. States such as #Ukraine, #Moldova & #Georgia, which are striving to join the EU, should be able to move closer through consistent rule-of-law and market-economy reforms. We will react decisively and reliably to democratic upheavals and be a partner to the democracy movements.
3. We want to facilitate civil society exchanges through targeted visa facilitation. We will continue to support Ukraine in restoring full territorial integrity and sovereignty. @UkrVerstehen @H__Ukraine @PromoteUkraine @NEC_Ukraine @intercourier_ua @UaPosition @CPD_UA @gazeta_ua
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Big day @PUCTX as two new concepts are introduced & discussed by Commissioners and stakeholders:

*Dispatchable Energy Credits from Cmsr McAdams
*Strategic Reserve Service from Cmsr Cobos

I'll tweet about it on this thread and put some key links below. #txlege #energytwitter
The dispatchable energy credits would come from a kind of Dispatchable Portfolio Standard akin to the Renewable Portfolio Standard and renewable energy credits. There are traded RECs for renewables, there could be traded credits for DECs soon.…
Cmsr Cobos proposal is to take a phased approach with a lot of quick actions to increase resilience and reliability while building toward a Strategic Reliability Service, mostly designed for winter, which is described here:…
#txenergy #txlege Image
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This is a regular open meeting, lots of water rates, tranmission siting, & the like.

Market redesign work session tmrw at 9:30. New proposal dropped by Cmsr @w_mcadams yesterday proposing "Disptachable Energy Credits".

More soon...…
#txlege #txenergy
There are public comments today. Haven't heard any public comments in many months. Emma Pabst speaks eloquently for #energyefficiency #demandresponse and public participation. Calls for a meeting targeted to helping the public understand what's going on at the @PUCTX
Misty O'Quinn not testifies to @PUCTX says her daughter had asthma during the outages and couldn't power her medical equipment. Called 911 but no one could come. Had to "slide" to the hospital to get help but they were on generators and it was cold there

"This shouldn't happen."
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Our team is at the @ICLEI side event at #COP26: "Game On: City Ambitions Towards Future-Proof and Equitable Mobility Systems."

🟡 Follow the thread for live updates ⤵️
🟡 Check out the summary here later ⤵️…
Moderator @TuMy_Tran, Head of Sustainable Mobility, @ICLEI, provided an overview of ICLEI's EcoMobility Alliance which promotes environmental and inclusive travel and EcoLogistics programmes which encourages circular and regional economies

An-Pang Kao, Deputy Mayor, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, and Chair of @ICLEI's EcoLogistics community, highlighted five demonstration projects in Taoyuan City to test various solutions, such as #renewableenergy and hydrogen vehicles.

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ERCOT's Jones tells Carrollton City Council: Generation fleet lost 50,000MW because of equipment failure and lack of fuel supply. That's equal to all of California's peak and was more than half of Texas' entire generation fleet.
#txlege #txenergy
When we lose supply, we have turn to the load side to keep balance. We turn to large facilities that have given us the ability to turn down their usage. (he's talking about #demandresponse which we need more of!!!) Once that's exhausted we have to turn off residential customers.
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The #GlobalMethanePledge is being launched now at COP26. Result of a massive diplomatic effort by the #EU and the #US, the pledge has now joined over 80 signatories, covering over 2/3 of the global GDP and about 46% of the global #methane emissions. 1/8…
The signatories pledge to cut 30% of global CH4 emissions by 2030, targeting all major emitting sectors #agriculture, #waste, #energy. This is a major step forward & the first time CH4 made it to the top of Global Leaders' priorities list. Many more steps needed looking ahead 2/8
The pledge covers emissions that can be reduced via targeted measures - a lot, but not enough to keep CH4 emissions aligned with 1.5C goal. another 10-15% of reductions must take place via indirect measures incl. #energyefficiency and changes in energy consumption patterns 3/8
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We need to #retrofit 2 homes a minute by 2050, says @AskNationwide.

25+ industry orgs have joined our 5 asks for government to unlock a self-financing deep retrofit market that can deliver warm & affordable homes for millions▶️ #DontForgetRetrofit #COP26 Energiesprong UK's 5 asks for government to unlock net zero
1⃣ #NetZero target for homes - now. 🏡

Stepped targets are creating a piecemeal approach to #retrofit that costly & difficult to finance.

A clear target for net zero homes ensures investment in cost-effective retrofit and industrial innovation. #DontForgetRetrofit #COP26 Energiesprong UK's 5 asks for government to unlock net-zero
2⃣ £250 million innovation investment.💷

5 – 7 years of innovation funding following the “commit and review” Offshore Wind Accelerator arrangement could:

▶️kickstart a self-sustaining market
▶️deploy existing methods to alleviate fuel poverty.

#DontForgetRetrofit #COP26 Energiesprong UK's 5 asks for government:  2: £250m innovat
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Long🧵on the provisions of #BuildBackBetter on all things #electricity & #grid. The act starts w/ ~3bn in loans for electric co-ops @NRECANews, incl. projects w/ #batteries. Co-ops have been very involved in @ENERGY-funded R&D & are now enabled to bring results to practice! 1/
It is funny that in my postdoc work @CMU_ECE & @NRECANews w/ @eeregov funding, we actually studied the added value of #battery to #photovoltaics for residential customers' energy cost savings:… & [1],[3], [4] here… 2/
Another ~10bn to co-ops for loans until 2031 to improve #resilience & #reliability w/ investments in #renewables & #transmission . Co-ops 'own' transmission lines & this money can motivate adjacent upgrades. Also critical that #renewables & #transmission appear together here! 3/
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Hey, maybe we should all install one of these in our homes?🤔 A heat pump!
A heat pump extracts heat from the cold outside air and transfers it inside our home...
- @ThisOldHouse

#HeatPump #HomeHeating #Heating #furnace #airconditioning #EnergyEfficiency
In depth Explination, like really in depth; by Technology Connections

#HeatPump #HeatPumps #HomeHeating #Heating #furnace #elecricity #EnergyEfficiency #Energy
... To this end, a compressor inside the device uses electricity to increase the temperature of the heat extracted from the outside air. The heat pump can also provide cooling by transferring warm indoor air to the outside.…
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Starting now. After brief opening statement by Chair Schwertner. Sen @whitmire_john asks why do we have to incentivize power plants to do what they're supposed to? Sen Nichols says they're profit seeking companies and they won't invest unless they can make money.
Whitmire responds: are you talking about providing government subsidies for gas generation? Tells Nichols he's sounding like the Biden Administration. Not sure why we would throw incentives at thermal generation.

#txlege #txenergy
Whitmire says we've reshuffled boards and commissions but we may be worse off now in terms of energy reliability than we were in February.
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#unpostalgiorno dal trimestrale #ENERGIA 3.21
@palmisval Lettera da Bruxelles: The survival of the fit(test) for 55 (pp. 76-81)

#Fitfor55: “Chi ricorda il Clean Energy Package del 2016 sarà alle prese con un déjà-vu”

1/8… Image
L'ultima lettera da #Bruxelles non poteva che essere dedicata al #Fitfor55

@palmisval propone una versione ‘light’ dell’articolo su, evidenziando gli aspetti inediti dell’ultimo pacchetto di iniziative legislative UE

Per il gruppo dei Socialisti e Democratici “La transizione dovrà essere #giusta, o la transizione non ci sarà affatto”

Il Partito Popolare Europeo afferma: “Vogliamo la decarbonizzazione, non la deindustrializzazione”

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Moderated by @DamilolaSDG7, @UN SRSG & CEO of @SEforALLorg , the Opening Plenary of the #EnergyActionDay will focus on the ambitious #energytransition action.

Watch here: ImageImage
Opening the #EnergyActionDay, the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, underlines the urgency of taking action to meet the #SDGs and goals of the #ParisAgreement.

#HLDE2021 Image
Decarbonising the energy sector is one of the most crucial tasks to meet our #globalgoals. Today’s #EnergyActionDay plays an important role in raising ambition under #HLDE2021.

- @AminaJMohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the @UN. Image
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The key point from today's National Audit Office (NAO) report into the debacle that was the Green Homes Grant. BEIS initially announced it would retrofit 600,000 homes & yet it failed to even do 10% of that...
#ukhousing #energyefficiency #netzero… Image
... & note govt's terrible record of unrealistic announcements on retrofit & failing to deliver. e.g. With the Green Deal govt announced an ambition to retrofit 14 million homes & only 14,000 households used it...
#ukhousing #energyefficiency #netzero… ImageImage
... & the critical point is if government is really serious on energy-efficient retrofit there needs to be realistic long-term policies with time to gain momentum with financial incentives to give households the incentives to spend & also...
#ukhousing #energyefficiency #netzero
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Work session at the @PUCTX on rolling outages, load shedding, and transmission starting momentarily. I'll tweet some of the major takeaways here.
You can watch here:…
Speaker slides here…
Agenda below
#txlege #txenergy #energytwitter Image
@AEPTexas said they had 11 critical load customers before the storm in Feb, 171 now. 160 facilities didn't fill out a 2 page form pre-Feb. Wow.

This adds new detail to this from @byjayroot @jblackmanChron @Dexinvestigates #txlege…
@TNMP had 2 gas facilities registered as critical infrastructure before the storm. Now has 177. This really is stunning. They're a small player but have a significant Permian footprint.
#txlege #txenergy #TexasBlackouts Image
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Texas' energy woes will persist, and costs will be higher, unless demand side resources like #energyefficiency and #demandresponse, #solar and #storage, are deployed at scale. Alison Siverstein wrote a great piece in @UtilityDive about this. A quick 🧵…
Silverstein is a former FERC & PUC staffer w/ decades of energy experience. She wrote that Texas policymakers and the @PUCTX and @ERCOT_ISO need to "shore up grid reliability by aggressively managing electricity demand, not just throwing money at supply-side measures." #txenergy
She writes that over the last decade TX population increased 16% while energy use increased 20%. Much of that increase is driven by inefficient homes & buildings. We have #energyefficiency programs in Texas that deliver savings at 1 penny per kWh. Try to buy energy for that!
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Here we are ! Finally, after 18 months of big talks and long-term objectives about #EUGreenDeal, @EU_Commission releases its mammoth package #FitFor55 #FF55.
Here is my key take-aways: the good, the bad, the ugly. #Thread 👇
Good 1: that’s a massive policy push to transform #EUGreenDeal promises into concrete actions to change our ways of life. @FransTimmermans recognises this will be “bloody hard”, but righly underlines that our future depends on it.
Good 2: Creation of the Social Climate Fund that we @DelorsInstitute have been calling for years. This Fund should start as of 2025 with EU budget, and could invest up to 70Bn€ from 2025 to 2032 to finance national plans to ensure social justice in the transition. #EnergyPoverty
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So an update thread on this...I bought a smart controller for my AC, per the suggestion from @Silmarillion88 .

It was pretty easy to install...just plug the device into the wall and plug the AC into the device. Then you download the manufacturer's app and pair with the device. Image
Now I can control my AC from my phone, which is sweet for reducing energy usage.

I like coming home to a nice cool apartment, but I don't want to leave the AC running all day while out.

Last night I turned it on while landing at SZ airport and watched my AC work from the taxi.
Here's the interface from my phone (took this picture right after I turned it on yesterday).

It even gives me two pieces of information I can't get from my AC remote: the current indoor temperature and the power draw in watts. Image
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#CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec is Live!
@li_fuxin is opening the 1st "Workshop & Challenge on #ComputerVision in the #BuiltEnvironment for the #Design, #Construction and #Operation of #Buildings"
The winner of the 2D challenge is the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The winner of the 3D challenge is Purdue University

Congrats! #CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec
First Keynote talk by Prof. Derek Hoiem @Illinois_Alma @reconstructinc #CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec
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(1/5) Thread: Some good utility-side #electrification insights from @ICF:…
(2/5) In an @ICF study of 2050 #decarbonization pathways for NYC buildings, #energyefficiency and #electrification are both substantial contributors… in all scenarios providing ~60% of the total decarbonization potential. The point: We must do *both* to be successful!
(3/5) In an @ICF study of 2050 #decarbonization pathways for DC, the 2050 annual peak demand shifts from summer to winter, increasing ~50% in the electrification case relative to BAU, while total annual kWh sales also increase by 22%.
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#hb4492 in the Senate.

@RolandForTexas asks Chairman Hancock for a commitment to pursue a ratepayer assistance program. He commits. Bill passes 26-5.

Patrick says he wants this on the special session call.

#TxLege #txenergy
Patrick says he will only work on these things if we're helping ratepayers. Great.

He's indignant about House not taking ratepayer assistance program which was only brought up in the last few days. It's been 100 days since the storm. Where was this proposal in April/early May?
It makes sense to help ratepayers. The Senate had #SB243 to increase #energyefficiency programs which helps customers to save money AND make their homes more resilient. Never got out of committee. The House had #HB3460, the Power Act, to give direct payments to Texans

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#SB3 and #HB4492 conference reports are filed. I'll add thoughts to this 🧵as I go through them over the next hour or so.

#txlege #txenergy
#SB3 Headlines:
- Weaker gas regs (House version) are IN the bill.
- Most egregious anti-renewable language is OUT of the bill.
- one minor #demandresponse provision kept IN the bill
- #energyefficiency and most local power gen/storage backup OUT of the bill.
more details soon
Conf report kept House language that required gas supply to be mapped by the Electricity Supply Chain Mapping Committee before any regs are created. Cmte report due 1/1/22, @txrrc rules 6 months later. There will be no gas regulations required before this coming winter.

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