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I had the dubious pleasure of developing a lit review on thermal comfort back in 2010 for DECC so perhaps less surprised than @Adam_Grant_Bell - a few less well set out thoughts in response
First - the reason for the lit review was some top civil servants & Ministers couldn’t seem to get their pointy heads around the fact some folks wouldn’t be able to pay back energy saving measures though bill savings (oh and could be cut off if they didn’t!).
The findings presented a big challenge with the Green Deal’s ‘golden rule’ as theoretical consumption was assumed to be much higher than real energy use (true in most homes but particularly the poorest households).
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Everyone, this is a thread about the work that people at @Enhesa have done in research on EHS legislation, upcoming changes, insights and trends.

Please give a like and a share if you think this can be useful for someone in your circles.

#EHS #EHScompliance #ESG #industrial
There’s been a lot of talk about ramping up energy efficiency in the EU. Now revisions are on their way. Read what to expect in 2023.

Read all about it in this article by @Beatriz Barbieri

#netzero #sustainability #energyefficiency #eu…
EHS regulations spotlight: Serious Accident Punishment Act: Dive deeper into one of today’s standout EHS regulations and what its regulatory changes mean for businesses operating in South Korea.

#EHS #EHSCompliance #Seriousaccidents…
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The @PUCTX is about to recommend a direction for a new market design called Performance Credit Mechanism (PCM) (aka Pretty much a Capacity Market). It won't fix the problems with the grid but it will cost consumers dearly. PUC has an open meeting on the PCM today. #txlege 1/
The biggest problems with it: it won't solve either of the biggest challenges facing the grid: long cold snaps and summer nights. The "credits" given to generators will be random and impossible to predict. You can't build a power plant on a credit generated at random hours.
Bank of America's energy analysts put out a note this week about the immanent adoption of the PCM: "We see the latest developments as a positive for incumbent IPPs." That's independent power producers like @nrgenergy, Vistra, Constellation & Exelon who will make a killing.
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A few #TXenergy takeaways as we thaw:
1) The grid's still vulnerable. #ERCOT CEO requested an emergency order yesterday, writing ERCOT “may not be able to avoid the need to curtail firm load.” That is, outage risk was real. He cited “natural gas delivery limitations.” #txlege 1/
Heard about this from @shelbywebb, see below. The language from ERCOT CEO Vegas was clear: "the loss of power to homes and local businesses in the areas that may be affected by curtailments presents a far greater risk to public health and safety."…
2) Communications are still terrible. Not one state official held a press conference or did a media availability to inform the public of this letter or why it was needed. This from @adelauchida was a common experience among journalists yesterday.
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Grid update: Demand forecast is much lower than last night but ERCOT missed its forecast by 23% last night so that's cold comfort. A miss that bad tonight & conditions would be tight. Reports of gas supply ⬇️ 8bcf overall, ~3bcf in the Permian. Gas/coal outages ~9.5GW. #txlege 1/
Add it all up & still low chance of outages tonight, though higher than last night, esp. given the massive demand miss. #ERCOT and @PUCTX simply have to get better at forecasting demand and improving #energyefficiency. More on that here: 2/…
I said coming into this the two biggest wild card were power demand & gas supply. The drops in gas output weren't enough to cause problems yet. I don't think this level of reduction would cause outages. Keepin an eye on it though. #energytwitter #natgas 3/
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Why I don't think there will be power outages this week, a thread:
1) It'll be ~10° warmer than Uri w/no snow/ice so:
- peak demand will be lower
- shouldn’t be nearly as many issues for gas supply & power plants
2) Peak demand @ 10am instead of overnight
#txlege #txwx 1/
Peak demand forecast is 69.5GW. Peak during Uri was between 76-82GW. However, the power went out in the early morning hours of Feb 15 at ~69.5GW, so that is very high demand. *But* the peak hitting at 10am instead of 1am is a massive difference. #txenergy 2/
There is little to no expected snow or ice so at 10am:
1) we'll have lots of solar production (more on that below) and
2) workers can get to sites where there are freezing issues. In many cases, they couldn't during the Uri #texasblackouts 3/
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"Residential demand is the low hanging fruit in Texas... For every dollar spent, the benefit reaped was roughly $3.80 in 2021...demand-side fixes would take less time & money compared with building new gas fired power plants." #txlege #txenergy 1/4…
"Texas households tend to use electric resistance heating, which involves an electricity-intensive system of warming up coils & then blowing air over them (much like hair dryers). Heat pumps, which use refrigerants, require much less electricity." 2/4
"@ACEEEdc estimates that implementing a set of residential energy efficiency & demand response measures in Texas would offset about 11.4 GW of winter peak load." But we haven't increased #energyefficiency at all since Uri!
#txlege #energytwitter 3/4 Image
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The Senate weighed in on the grid & the @PUCTX's proposed market design changes last week. Today, the House State Affairs Cmte meets to ask questions of the PUC, #ERCOT, the Independent Market Monitor & industry. I'll tweet some highlights here. #txlege 1/…
@PUCTX Livestream is here and the first panel has just started.…

Another good summary of the events of last week from @rtoinsider and @tkleckner1 here…
Chair Lake starts by saying it was "misinformation" that extremes weren't included in the study. They in fact did not include Uri.

Here's the quote from the study: "The 1980-2019 sample does not include the extreme cold weather event caused by Winter Storm Uri in 2021... (cont.)
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The Texas Senate dealt a major setback to the efforts of the PUC Chair & some generators attempting to redesign the #ERCOT market, telling them to hold off. The PUCT's biggest mistake? They never defined the problems they're trying to solve. 1/🧵
Unfortunately, it seems that #txlege is repeating that mistake. I think there are three major problems we need to solve: (1) prolonged extreme winter storms (2) hot summer evenings & (3) cost.

*There is no one thing that will solve all of these problems*…
We need to identify & diagnose the problem correctly. Acc'g to @FERC & @NERC_Official, during Uri, Texas had massive demand (spiked by inefficient heat) & frozen gas supply & power plants (made catastrophic by lack of effective regulation). #txenergy 3/
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2022 was a big year for #EnergyEfficiency

A 🧵 on some of the ways that governments, businesses and citizens are looking to efficiency to address the energy and climate crises

Read more in @IEA’s just-released, Energy Efficiency 2022 report ➡️
The global economy is using energy 2% more efficiently than it did in 2021

That’s 4x better than the past 2 years - but only half the rate needed this decade to get on track for #NetZero

But there are signs that 2022 may be a turning point for #EnergyEfficiency progress
Global investments in efficiency grew significantly to $560 billion in 2022 - a 16% increase from last year

This was driven mainly by investment in EVs, up 47% from 2021

However, spending crucial to improving the efficiency of buildings has stalled. Much more is needed
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#ERCOT Winter Seasonal Assessment is out. While ERCOT and @PUCTX disputed @FERC's October assessment that we would have a deficit of 18GW in extreme cold, ERCOT finds in an extreme event, we would be short 9-12GW which would result in lenghty outages. #txlege 1/
The biggest problem with the SARA report is they only account for three major problems:

- high demand
- high thermal outages
- low wind

They still don't account for gas supply disruption, which could make outages >9-12GW in the winter. This is not yet fixed. #txenergy 2/
Good to see ERCOT finally acknolwedge that extreme winter demand could reach 80GW. I still think that undershoots it a bit (@AndrewDessler & team think demand in Feb 2021 was 82GW) but is closer to reality than ERCOT has ever acknowledged before. 3/…
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Big day at #txlege today. Hearing in Senate B&C focused on fixing the grid, proposed ERCOT market changes and in Sen Natural Resources on economic development programs (incl. for energy) and implementation of a bill that bans state investment in sustainable investors #txlege 1/🧵
Here's the first part of the agenda in Senate B&C. Mostly usual suspects. None of the panels will have represention for residential consumers, community groups, renewable energy, battery storage, academia, etc. #txlege #txenergy
You can see the hearings here:
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After 5 months of intense work the @FT published this piece that involved a ton of hands-on work. Check it out ➡️…. It looks sleek but I do want to raise a few further points that I think could be discussed differently
#EnergyCrisis #EnergyBills #energy ImageImageImage
Point 1: We provided bill estimates under multiple price scenarios. Treating the #EnergyPriceGuarantee as the "price" I find problematic. The EPG implies a #EnergySubsidy benefitting mostly the well off that we all need to fund through #austerity and/or higher #taxation. So this
does not represent the full economic cost. It also ignores carbon prices which we all need should be MUCH higher. Using estimates based on the Oct 2022 Ofgem price cap ~ £3500 per year which is inline with predictions for most of 2023 (see forecasts from @CornwallInsight). Image
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The @PUCTX continues to neglect some of the best solutions for the grid and customers—like energy efficiency and a backstop reliability service—in favor of (acc’g to their own consultant) an untested, complicated mechanism that’ll take 3-4 years to implement. 1/🧵 #txlege
The biggest problem: @PUCTX still has not clearly defined what problem they’re trying to solve. That should be obvious, right? We need to make sure there are never any prolonged outages during a winter storm.

You would think so, but you would be wrong.
#energytwitter 2/
.@PUCTX hired @ethree_inc to find a way forward to increase reliability.

But the $600,000 taxpayer funded study “does not include the extreme cold weather event caused by Winter Storm Uri… Such analysis is beyond the scope of this study.” Really? Wasn't that the point?
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Research Report of the Week: The #Revolution in #Semiconductors and what it means the #Power sector and the #energytransition…
I am firmly convinced that we are in the middle of a revolution in the #energy world. One of the crucial points is around #digitalisation which enables #energyefficiency but at that same time depends on #electricity.
This spiral of digitalisation leading to electrification is one of the primary reasons why we are electrifying our energy systems. I can do without coal but I cannot do anything in this modern #digital world without electricity.
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1/ When writing to a school about #ventilation, I don't mention COVID at all. It carries a lot of baggage.
Focus on minimum standards first. Everyone can accept that poor ventilation results in poor academic outcomes. It's been proven, over and over.
2/ Use the same approach for #EnergyEfficiency. If people cared about the environment or saving money or the safety of others we wouldn't see people driving pick-up trucks everywhere. Focus on comfort or lifestyle.
3/ Maybe those who drive enormous lifted pickup trucks around the city do care about the environment or saving money or the safety of others. It obviously isn't enough to overcome the perception of lifestyle benefit they use to outweigh the societal impact of their choice.
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Second webinar of the day, and looking forward to hearing more about the challenges and opportunities for Data Centres to contribute to the wider #NetZero agenda #CleanTechCam
First, @NovAzure_'s Phil Cholerton notes that #DataCentre workload has grown by 120% over the past five years, with the global market now worth $60bn dollars #CleanTechCam
Cholerton prescribes this growth to increased demand for data from electric cars, 3d printing and general internet use, as well as the growth of "dark data" (data that is created and only used once #CleanTechCam
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FERC & NERC released their winter reliability assessment & it's not good for Texas. In a Uri-like event we would be short "by about 19.7GW," almost as much as Feb. 2021. To the suprise of few, the ERCOT grid still has major problems.
#txlege #txenergy 1/…
"For extreme winter conditions, such as occurred during Winter Storm Uri, ERCOT indicates the need to allow for a resource derate of 11.5GW. This would reduce available resources to 64.3 GW for an extreme winter condition, which is below the extreme winter peak load of 84 GW...
" about 19.7 GW. During extreme winter conditions, while ERCOT can gain 1.6 GW of benefit from operational mitigations, this still leaves a shortfall of up to 18.1 GW. These above-normal winter peak load and outage conditions could result in the need to employ EEAs...
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Meeting focused on #energyefficiency just started. Cmsr Jackson will speak in a minute. When she was introduced, Chair Lake said she would focus on EE. The agenda for the mtg is below. Discussion @ 1pm of potential rule changes to the programs. #txlege…
In 2021, Texas' energy efficiency programs saved 775GWh at a cost of 1.5c per kWh. Average cost of energy in Texas is ~10x that amount. Unfortunately, our programs are tiny relative to other states.
The report is here:…
#txlege #txenergy #energytwitter Image
#Energyefficiency programs in Texas are highly cost effective, saving customers $3.80 for every $1 spent in 2021.

Crazy idea, just spitballing here, but maybe we should, I don't know, do more of it? Maybe we could, dare to dream, reach the average state's savings level?
#txlege Image
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This Friday, EU energy ministers aim to decide on measures to soften the impact of the escalating #gas and #electricity bills on households and businesses. The decisions should be guided by the following principles. A 🧵 1/10
Direct, timely & targeted payments to households & companies that need support are better than general public spending to lower energy prices for all consumers. The latter is very costly & can undermine the crucial need to save as much energy as possible before winter. 2/10
Current pricing mechanisms in #electricity market work and must be maintained. Marginal pricing is central to the integration of renewables and necessary to incentivise uptake of #heatpumps and #electricvehicles. Read more in our new paper (in German) 3/10
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These 6 videos could massively slash fuel bills! 💵 + COULD COST NOTHING!

Please share far & wide you could be really helping someone out this winter!

The first 'The Secret to Boiler Efficiency' is full quick wins anyone can do for up to 15% saving.
The second is more advanced to really refine your efficiency to its max! It's all about squeezing those last flow temperature drops down.

Maybe one for the more technically minded, or find a Heat Geek who knows all this! This could save up to 15%.
This next one is all about timing your heating, should I leave my heating constantly on, or time to come one as often as possible..? Savings possible here could be over 10%.
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The two thirds of households living in leaky homes face bills £1,000 higher than those in energy efficient homes when energy prices rise again in October to an average bill of more than £3,500. 🧵

#CostOfLivingCrisis #EnergyCrisis #FuelPovertyCrisis 1/n
With successive price cap increases, we could be looking at a £1,500 inefficiency penalty by April of next year if price cap predictions for £5,000 energy bills materialise. 2/n
Collectively in England alone, we face an increase in annual bills of £54 billion, based on expected price cap increase in October, compared with October 2021.

Inefficient homes are set to face £39 billion of the increase.

65% of households get 72% of the increase in costs. 3/n
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In addition to the very cool name (#FalconCurve), you’re *really* going to want to know what’s in our paper if you’re at all interested in:


Direct fossil fuel consumption by buildings, burned in water heaters, furnaces, and other heating sources, account for nearly 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.
Switching to an electric system that powers heating through renewable energy sources, rather than coal, oil, and natural gas—the process known as building electrification or building decarbonization—is a crucial step towards achieving global net-zero climate goals.
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Another week, more record-setting electric demand on the #ERCOT grid:

All-time record (Tuesday): 78.4GW
Projections for today: 79.5
Tomorrow: 80.8
Wednesday: 81.7 (higher than ERCOT's most extreme scenario)

#txlege #txenergy #energytwitter 1/thread
It’s possible we’ll get more conservation alerts. If so, hopefully, @ERCOT_ISO and @PUCTX will get information out faster and be clearer about what resources are available. The public deserves more and better information.
#txlege #txenergy 2/
Last week, on Sunday, PUCT and ERCOT said there were 12GW of "dispatchable” offline. It's not clear what that represents or why it's offline. On Wednesday, that number was up to 13GW. Note they lump all dispatchable into one category while separating out wind and solar. 3/ Image
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