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For the next 99 days leading up to the election, @LawsonForIN and I will be discussing our vision for the future of Indiana and what we will do as Governor & Lt. Governor to achieve it. Follow along with us to put #PeopleOverPolitics
Day 1: Criminal Justice Reform. Recent police-involved killings and public outcry have made it clear that our systems of policing and criminal justice need to be transformed. You can read our entire R.E.F.O.R.M. plan on how we will address this issue here:…
Day 2: Repairing our Criminal Justice System. We need to expand intervention efforts to keep people out of traditional courts and prisons. This includes decriminalizing mental illness and addiction, growing homelessness intervention, and ending the school-to-prison pipeline.
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"Governments are spending vastly more in support of fossil fuels than on low-carbon energy in rescue packages triggered by the #COVID19 crisis"
If Europe's "#GreenRecovery" is a hoax, it's also a missed opportunity (1/3) 👎…
2/3 - Focus on short-term recovery and 'saving' our out-dated energy system neglects the additional social benefits of clean energy: reduced #airpollution; energy sovereignty; clean #jobs; system #resilience and local value chain creation
3/3 - Governments need to #BuildBackBetter with strong policies for #renewables & #energyefficiency: priority dispatch, use of renewable electricity over #fossilfuels, boosting shares of renewable heat.
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This big breakthrough from @RishiSunak is to be welcomed unequivocally as a stimulus measure - & for #NetZero too, provided it becomes a piece of a larger puzzle, a #GatewayDrug to next-level #decarbonisation and credible #COP26 presidency - THREAD (1/11)…
🧩 rented homes: my reading is that private landlords will be able to access the voucher scheme, but lets see. Social housing has a £50m pilot - I think this will kick off the £3.8bn Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, but let's see. (2/11)
🧩 jobs: safe to say we want the 120,000 jobs from this to be around for more than a year. This is a big number and more will be needed - let's think how these can be folded into a #justtransition, which includes ending #fuelpoverty. (3/11)
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Small #netzero infrastructure investments, writ large, @RishiSunak: @eeiguk today sets out #energyefficiency's offer for net-zero compatible stimulus and resilient recovery:…. Coverage here:… THREAD 1/
First off, @eeiguk is a growing and broad-based coalition of over 25 industry groups, NGOs, charities and businesses asking for rapid improvement in energy efficiency for UK homes and buildings. It's vision is set out here:… 2/
The 2-year stimulus of £2.8bn public investment, unlocks £3.4bn from homeowners, social landlords and the public sector. It would support 42,500 jobs, while 1m households would save £270 on their bills. It dovetails into a programme that puts homes on track for #netzero 3/
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Improving the #energyefficiency of buildings is fundamentally about both today and the future. Here are 5 reasons we think building retrofit should form a key part of the #GreenRecovery:
1)It's an infrastructure project that can start now and will span decades, providing sustained employment opportunities across the UK and building a skilled, green workforce. @VividEconomics/@wwf_uk research found that 85,000 direct jobs are created to 2030 through green retrofit
2)It enables exciting new, low carbon heating options, such as heat networks that utilise waste heat from the underground or abandoned coal mines. These innovative solutions are vital to the future of heat decarbonisation and are not viable in cold and draughty buildings.
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Thread (1/9) Proud of our new report! So many messages distilled for you, by our team @EU_ScienceHub and from a polyphony of #EnergyScenarios. Let the deeper understanding of it mature now. Enjoy its taste !… #EUGreenDeal
(2/9) Scenarios achieving 50-56% CO2 reduction by 2030 see total #coal use reduce by 70%, #oil by 25-50% and #naturalgas by up to 25%. The use of total #biomass ranges from limited growth to an increase of up to 60%. All compared to 2017.
(3/9) The growth of #wind power generation varies between a factor of 1.5 and 3.5 and the growth of #solar power between 1.5 and 4.5. Between 2017 and 2030.
#Hydrogen and #CCUS emerges in some but not all scenarios.
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I see discussion has started about possible ‘green’ recovery plans once we are passed the worst of #COVID19. What can we learn from @CambridgeEcon analysis of green recovery plans after the 2008 financial crisis? (1/8)…
First, the recovery plans weren’t very green. Even ones that were it was often for non-green reasons (e.g. building green stuff to help the cement sector). There is definitely scope for more ambition. (2/8)
The most ‘green’ common policies were 1) #energyefficiency, 2) vehicle scrappage schemes (not green), 3) investment in #renewables and 4) support for low-carbon innovation.

Looking back, funny to think how much attention car companies got. (3/8)
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On Thursday, the @EIB board (Member States, @EU_Commission) decides whether funding #gas infrastructure is still in the public interest.

I shuffled through the extraordinary amount of voices saying "no, we've got better things to fund" and put them in this THREAD.

30 businesses, investment groups and scientific institutions including @WMBtweets @cisl_cambridge @PIK_Klima @ClubOfRome @climatebonds…
Economist Prof. @CKemfert clearly tells us that we're setting us up for another badly managed transition with #strandedassets if we use public funding for #fossilfuels as renewables and efficiency will undercut the market for gas.… @OlafScholz
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Welcome to the Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending November 10, 2019. With Congress on recess this week, we are going to do things a bit differently this week. We are going to take a dive into #McConnellsGraveyard.
#MoCTrack 1/33
#GOP keeps trotting out their tired talking point about the “do-nothing-Dems” and all we can concentrate on is #Impeachment.


What you’ll find below are 30 bills of the 300+ that #McConnell has stalled in the Senate.

#MoCTrack #DemCast 2/33…
HR 1 - #ForThePeople

A bill that would improve voting rights, fix campaign finance regulations, and mandate ethics and accountability reforms.
💯 over 100 co-sponsors (236)

#MoCTrack #McConnellsGraveyard 3/33…
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A bold statement of practical support for #CommunityEnergy from @CoopParty []. We can't wait to hear @Conservatives @UKLabour @LibDems @TheGreenParty's plans to support the communities tackling #climatechange & supporting their most vulnerable citizens. 1/3
@CoopParty @Conservatives @UKLabour @LibDems @TheGreenParty We fully support @CoopParty's proposals:
-Reinstatement of SITR for #CommunityEnergy
-Urban Community Energy Fund ✅
-Below-market interest loans ✅
-Community #SmartExportGuarantee
-#EnergyEfficiency funding, ensuring vulnerable customers helped the most ✅
@CoopParty @Conservatives @UKLabour @LibDems @TheGreenParty -Zero VAT on Energy Saving Measures ✅
-Community #FeedinTariff
-Removal of punitive business rates for roof-top solar ✅
-Reforms to enable community energy groups to become energy suppliers ✅
-Doubling the size of the Co-operatives sector ✅
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Today we launch ‘Uncomfortable Home Truths’, which sets out a plan to put households at the heart of a transition to low carbon heat (1/13)… #uncomfortablehometruths #UKClimateAction
Moving away from high-carbon heating systems presents a massive challenge, with almost every existing home needing to be retrofitted to a low carbon heating system. It must be a priority area to ensure we meet our net zero targets (2/13)
Despite heat from homes contributing as much carbon as all cars on the road, @YouGov and @Survation polling for this report showed that both the public and MPs rank decarbonising heating at the bottom of their priorities of sources of emissions the Government should tackle (3/13)
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I was sorry not to be able to spend more than 20min at this @HighlandCouncil event yesterday. Some really good looking plans, but...

2 big housing developments, a big development of holiday accom & a hospital, none to very good energy standards.


Yesterday @scotgov announced a target of 75% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030, and the Highlands have even more ambitious targets under discussion of net zero by 2025. Fantastic, but we need focus on #EnergyEfficiency as well as #renewables.

Continuing to build inefficient houses is crazy, not just environmentally but also in terms of the health, fuel poverty and comfort of the people living in those houses. This sounds v critical, but it’s exactly what @theCCCuk said here.

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Our second panel discussion 'Pushing back the frontiers' has just started with Alex Gilbert @TfL Tanya Groth @tanja_groth SWECO and Nigel Cornwall @CornwallInsight @Pixie_Energy #smart19
.@TfL Alex Gilbert speaking on their four focus areas for #flexibility. #energyefficiency, #procurement, generation, and road transport #electrification. #Smart19 Image
.@tanja_groth of sweco on integrating #thermalstorage to provide balancing services, and the interplay between heat and power. Image
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#NetZero target is incredibly welcome to focus minds so, from our work on over 3 million homes so far, here is what we have learned so far about the Home Front in the #climateemergency THREAD 👇
1. Carrots and sticks: Legal targets cut through ROI & get #retrofit to top of agenda. The #CleanGrowthStrategy targets are already driving investment amongst our public and private sector clients and action will accelerate once the standards, and their enforcement, are clarified
2. Sell the sofa not the finance: Of the carrots, our research amongst home-owners shows there is appetite for good-value #retrofit finance to overcome upfront costs, but the rest of the offer has to appeal first. Again, multiple levers are needed.
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In April, Alberta, Canada, will elect a new provincial government. Many may be unaware that the current @rachelnotley govt has adopted a globally significant #climate plan. Here is what's in it, what it has done, and what is at stake next month. A THREAD #abvote 1/24
First, where did Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan plan come from? (George Soros, perhaps? Foreign-funded radicals?) No. It came from Albertans. A volunteer panel led by @andrew_leach spoke w 1K residents in-person and heard from 25K+ online. 2/24
The panel also engaged with 350+ stakeholders and met w Aboriginal Peoples in three cities, and received hundreds of detailed submissions from NGOs, industry groups and others. 3/24
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World Energy Outlook 2018 highlights 7 key themes for policy makers that are critical to a reliable, affordable & sustainable energy future.

In this thread, we lay them out 👇

Adapt power systems to the transformation that is underway in the electricity sector, or risk compromising the reliability of electricity supply

Realise the full potential of #energyefficiency, the one policy instrument that can reliably target all aspects of energy security
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We have positive news today: reinventing house retrofits could cut UK head demand by 40% 🌍🏠 Our very exciting report on the Dutch ‘#energiesprong’ (energy leap) approach is out today. Read it here or follow this twitter thread for its main findings: 1/12
The UK has some of the least heat efficient housing stock in Europe. In 2017-18, there were an estimated 50,000 excess winter deaths, a figure not seen in over four decades. Heating our homes, inefficiently or otherwise, is also a major source of carbon emissions. 2/12
With over 60% of loft and cavity walls insulated, cheap solutions to #energyefficiency are running out. Current schemes are 3x more expensive than older versions and will at best reduce building emissions by 53%, well below the 80-100% we will require towards 2050. 3/12
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We have just published our Review of Energy Policy: 2018!
Check out the thread below for a summary of all our recommendations.
Read the review in full here:
On #Transport: The target for phasing our conventionally fuelled vehicles is inadequate. The @transportgovuk ‘Road to Zero’ (‘ICE ban 2040’) may neither hit the target nor make the early gains needed for a 1.5°C trajectory. @_chris_brand_ @jillian_anable
On #electricity: policy should build on Electricity Market Reform that has worked well & adapt in the light of technology/cost changes. Change in ‘black start’ incentives & other ancillary services are needed to ensure the system remains resilient @energyukcomms @ngcontrolroom
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Twas the day before #HeatDE18 and all through the office, all the coworkers were stirring, making quite a raucous! The delegate lists were prepped, and packed by the door, in hopes that a courier would show up before four!
The menu was prepped with all dietary requirements noted, while visions of tasty food floated. Tim in his suit, and Joanne with her pen, had just settled down into a chat about the #CCAat10
When on twitter there arose such a clatter! We sprang to our laptops to see what was the matter? The day before Conference, what could it be? But another trial from #imacelebrity
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1/7 #EnergyEfficiency: a cross-cutting #Infrastructure investment priority that addresses countless departmental objectives. Time for coordination to secure sufficient investment & realise those objectives @hmtreasury @beisgovuk @DHSCgovuk @mhclg @eeiguk #GreenGB #CleanGrowth
2/7 Energy bills would have been £500 higher today if it weren’t for #EnergyEfficiency improvements since 2004. Time to deliver through a national #Infrastructrure programme and reduce bills by £270. @hmtreasury @beisgovuk @mhclg @eeiguk #GreenGB #CleanGrowth
3/7 To meet the Gov’s #CleanGrowth commitments, there is a £4.5bn annual investment gap in residential #EnergyEfficiency improvements. An extra £1bn per year is needed from Government to drive household investment to fill the gap. @hmtreasury @beisgovuk @mhclg @eeiguk #GreenGB
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⬇ [THREAD] ⬇

How Total is integrating #climate into its strategy?
We are positioned in fast-growing #lowcarbon markets, which means we offer an #energy mix whose carbon intensity is steadily decreasing.
In support of this change, we have created a tool for measuring the #carbon intensity of the #energy products we make available to our customers. That metric indicates the average of our products’ greenhouse gas emissions.
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