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1/5 Fascinating work from Jae-Hyun Yang and colleagues on #mammalian #aging, published in Cell...

An abstract thread 🧵...

"All living things experience an increase in #entropy, manifested as a loss of #genetic and #epigenetic information."…
2/5 "In #yeast, #epigenetic information is lost over time due to the relocalization of #chromatin-modifying proteins to #DNA breaks, causing cells to lose their identity, a hallmark of yeast #aging."
3/5 "Using a system called “#ICE” (#inducible changes to the #epigenome), we find that the act of faithful #DNA #repair advances aging at #physiological, #cognitive, and #molecular #levels, including #erosion of the #epigenetic #landscape,..."
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L’agriculture de conservation des sols, vous connaissez ?
#AgricultureDeConservationDesSols #ACS #SCV #SemisDirectSousCouvertVegetal #NoTill

Cette agriculture qui apporte des solutions #agriculture #environnement #biodiversite #climat
[Thread vidéo]👇
On démarre avec une problématique mondiale : l’érosion des sols (ex ici au Laos)
Le coût de cette #erosion sera de plus en plus élevé avec le dérèglement climatique.
(Ex en Essonne 600k€ environ par an)
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El retroceso #litoral en la zona del #Fangar (#DeltadelEbro), cerca del restaurant #Vascos, se acentúa. Cada curso vemos su #evolución con nuestros alumnos del @DeptDto (@UniBarcelona).

Comparemos la foto de este viernes con la del pasado año!👇

@PDE @GRCGM @CentinelasCosta
Pero ya hace años que visitamos la zona. Veamos cómo estaba en 2011.

@daniforcadell @montsecastella @FontMatilde @aiguaifang2 @martisoriano @ingeododo #DeltadelEbro #DeltadelEbre #Fangar #Vascos
En esta foto transcurría el año 2015:

#DeltadelEbro #DeltadelEbre #Fangar #Vascos
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Mieux comprendre les catastrophes naturelles et nous en protéger : voici l'objectif de plusieurs services nationaux d'observation #SNO de l'INSU ⛈️🌪️☀️🌊🌋
On vous en parle toute la semaine dans ce #thread

#OnlyTogether #DRRday #CatastropheNaturelle Image
@UNDRR @CNRS Le #SNO Dynalit étudie les risques qui menacent le littoral : érosion, #submersion et pollution🌊
Pour en savoir plus ➡️…

#OnlyTogether #DRRday #CatastropheNaturelle Image
Le #SNO BCSF-Rénass est dédié à la #détection et la localisation des #séismes en France 💣
Pour en savoir plus ➡️…
#OnlyTogether #DRRday #CatastropheNaturelle Image
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Updates on the Collaroy seawall from @wendy_harmer 👇.

This is one of many ways to manage our #coasts & deal with #erosion issues. 🧵[1/5]

Other options include:
1. Do nothing. This is cheap in theory but may have hidden costs due to having to deal with the impacts of erosion.
2. Retreat and relocate. This involves moving infrastructure and property back away from the area of risk and allowing the coast to do its thing in a more natural manner. There are big challenges with how you do this and manage people who own beachfront property.
🧵[2/5] Image
3. Soft engineering solutions. This includes doing things like beach nourishment and rebuilding dunes using "soft" approaches like fences. It has costs and does not provide a hard line beyond which the beach cannot erode.
🧵[3/5] Image
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🙋‍♀️Bonjour, c'est Fatima Jomaa, doctorante à @IGE_Grenoble, qui travaille avec l'équipe C2H (Climat, Cryosphère et Hydrosphère). ⤵️
🔎L'équipe C2H cherche à mieux comprendre les interactions entre le #climat, la cryosphère et l'hydrosphère dans les régions froides de la planète, et leur positionnement dans le système climatique global. Suivez mon fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur mon travail !🧐
➡️Les risques naturels associés aux précipitations extrêmes, tels que les #inondations 🌊 et l'#érosion côtière, ont provoqué la mort de milliers de personnes et d'énormes pertes économiques. Image
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"The greatest danger for the United States in this competition is the erosion of conventional deterrence..Absent a convincing deterrent, the [PRC] will be emboldened to take action to undermine the rules-based international order"…
ADM Davidson:

"In September 2020, #Cambodia razed a #US-built facility on #Ream Naval Base that served as the headquarters for the National Committee on Maritime Security, reportedly in order to make way for a #PRC #naval #base."…
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🚨My first #phd @EarthArXiv #preprint!🚨

"A Storm Hazard Matrix combining coastal flooding and beach erosion"

Consider these two locations. Did they face the same type of coastal storm hazard? A thread 1/7
Coastal #storms and #hurricanes can bring flooding (elevated water levels) and beach #erosion, but how much of each depends the coastal setting and the storm conditions. If we can understand and predict what hazards may threaten a coast, we can better prepare for them. 2/7
Coastal flooding and beach erosion hazards on sandy beaches should be considered separately. We're building off the existing Storm Impact Scale and proposing a new erosion hazard scale which is based on changes to the beach and dune profile. 3/7
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/25/2020…
AI peer reviewers unleashed to ease publishing grind…

#publishing #AI #peer
Deforestation and world population sustainability: a quantitative analysis | Scientific Reports…

#sustainability #population #deforestation
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“In many ways, the #GrizzlyCreekFire is a public works fire, threatening the viral #infrastructure for millions of westerners”
“ground crews are not fighting flames in the precipitous Glenwood Canyon. They can’t even reach them.”

#firefighters #firefighting #cofire
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/11/2020-2…

China Could Force Donald Trump And The Fed To Destroy The U.S. Banking System…

#china #digital #banking #trump
Stephanie Kelton: MMT Simply Describes Monetary Reality In The US – Heisenberg Report…

Erosion of the Himalayas governed by tectonic movements, limiting climate change impacts on landscape formation…

#landscape #Himalayas #ClimateChange #erosion
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En Angleterre, l'#érosion des #sols est aussi présente là ou les sols ne sont pas assez protégés...
Quel est le coût environnemental et économique de cette #érosion des #sols ?

En Pologne, cette photo montre une différence suivant le type de gestion des sols...
Si nous voulons assurer notre sécurité alimentaire demain il faut préserver nos sols. #ErosionSol
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Healthy #soil sequesters #carbon, promotes the growth of nutrient-dense crops, holds more #water, and fights disease. What #farming practices can get you there? A thread:
Cover crops 🌿 When fields are bare, they're vulnerable to #erosion and #nutrient loss. Planting cover crops protects against this, while also smothering weeds, controlling pests, retaining #water, and enhancing #biodiversity.
Crop rotation 🔄 By refusing to plant the same #crop over and over, #farmers can return nutrients to the #soil without synthetic inputs. Crop rotation also wards off pests and disease, which have a harder time adapting with constantly-changing crops.
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Need a quick overview of our new report assessing progress in preparing for the impacts of climate change in #England? Look no further! Read the full report…, take a look at our new infographic… or check out the following #thread
[1/10] Ministers must strengthen policy on adaptation & put resources in place to drive action to prepare for climate impacts in #England. Our report finds that support services/funding have been eroded over past 10yrs & latest National Adaptation Programme is not strong enough.
[2/10] There are many examples of dedicated officials+organisations doing great work to try to build resilience to #climate impacts. But a better, strategic national framework to underpin and drive action on the ground is needed. Piecemeal action does not match the scale of risk.
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This month we'll be doubling up on #WomenInScienceWednesday to feature black women in STEM for #BlackHistoryMonth. Today we're featuring Marguerite Williams, the first African American to earn a PhD in geology in the United States. 1/n
Williams completed her BA at @HowardU and then went on to complete her MA at @Columbia and PhD in geology at @CatholicUniv in 1942. Her dissertation work was titled "A history of erosion in the Anacostia drainage basin." 2/n
Throughout her education & academic career, Williams taught at the Miner Teacher's College, now part of the @udc_edu, where she served as Chair of the Division of Geography. She was promoted to full professor after receiving her PhD and also taught at her alma matter @HowardU 3/n
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