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Recently Across bridge Announced their #Airdrop🚀!
Congratulations to those who are eligible and don’t worry if you are not.

Today we are talking about @wormholecrypto Bridge and possible #Airdrop.
#Bitcoin #Cryptobridge #Airdrop
🤔What is @wormholecrypto?
✅A wormhole is an interoperability protocol powering the seamless transfer of value and information across 18 high-value chains with just one integration. The wormhole is not only a bridge, moreover, but it’s also a blockchain.
🔥Recently @wormholecrypto Performed AMA on Binance lives with @Moonbeamnetwork.
The project is being built strongly day by day so better to be an early user.
There is no doubt if everything went good, then @wormholecrypto will surely deploy their native token.🔥
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#Trump #MidtermRally
#Midterms2022 #TrumpVsDS #PatriotesVsEtatProfond

Les républicains traitres qui ont voté pour impeacher Trump.

Il n’en reste que 2 à éliminer 😁🔥

Gardez la liste à jour!

@Lamia79643508 @AntoineAH2020 @ReinfocovidIDF @FrexitTV_Twitt @EndGreatReset Image
#USA #mondialistes #PCC #Chine
#ThinkTank #GreatReset
🇺🇸 🇫🇷 Le général Flynn discute de l'infiltration du PCC dans le gouvernement américain et au sein des Think tanks "groupes de réflexion" à DC :

« Wuhan est également un endroit intéressant pour certains de ces
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How to do "white-hat" link building even @JohnMu can get behind.

SPOILER 🚨: it's not as easy as buying content with a 🔗 insert and this is what makes it so effective.

🧵 ..
@JohnMu FWIW, white-hat link building is a made-up term.
It means nothing.

One person's white hat is another person's grey/black.

In this context, #whitehat #linkbuilding = not paying for a placement or 'admin fee'.

Now we got that out of the way let's dive in.
@JohnMu This method gets called a few things:
• statistic pieces
• research reports
• "content marketing" 😏

💡 It involves collecting YOUR OWN data.

💡 It differs from the common approach of regurgitating the SAME data sources.

💡 This differentiation is HOW you will EARN links.
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🚀✨ Layer 2 Landscape #11 ✨🚀

(1/15) Hello! Another busy week for #L222 #Layer2 #Ethereum. Let's dive in! 🧵👇
(2/15) Growth of the #Layer2 #Ethereum ecosystem will drive ETH to new heights! Check out this thread by @RyanBerckmans for more on L2s and ETH economics:
(3/15) We were treated to a 🔥 educational thread this week by @pythontony on how he technology behind zk proofs works:
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Our first real life white hat #hacking exercise came to a happy end 🥂

What happened? 👇

[hardcore #solidity security nerd warning!]

🧵 1/16 HOPR developers build a whitehat smart contract to recover u
If you are interested in learning advanced #solidity - maybe try to find the issues yourself 🧐

In fact, you are looking for two issues in the #staking contract, can you find them? 🔍…

🧵 2/16
Hint 1: A bug in the HOPR #staking smart contract prevented users who manually claimed rewards after the end of the program from unstaking their principal & boost #NFTs 🛑

🧵 3/16
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💬 Parlons de @publish0x, une plateforme qui permet de gagner de la #crypto en lisant, en écrivant et en partageant du contenu de qualité.

Oui Messieurs-Dames, lire des articles peut vous rapporter de la crypto avec le #EarnToRead & #EarnToWrite, c'est GRATUIT et c'est ici ⬇️ Image
La plateforme @publish0x a été fondée en 2018 par @bigbirdvc.

Son but vise à rémunérer avec de la #crypto, les auteurs ET les lecteurs autour d'un contenu de qualité sous forme de #blog comme @Medium.

C'est totalement #GRATUIT et ça vous permettra d'arrondir vos fins de mois. Image
Pour pouvoir commencer à participer et #gagner de la #crypto, vous devez préalablement vous inscrire à la plateforme.

Ci-dessous, mon lien d'affiliation (non obligatoire) qui me permet de récupérer 5% de vos gains en guise de #parrainage.
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1/ So nun werde ich hier noch mal zum angekündigten, Zusammenhang Zwischen der Webseite ⛔️linke-blockt ⛔️und der #Doxing Szene geben, dies wird ein langer #Thread
Wie kommen #Hacker an #Daten ? #Doxing

man lockt Sie auf eine Webseite #OSINT #WhiteHat…
2/ Man landet auf einer sog. #LandingPage
, diese ist schnell geladen und hat nur 10 html Zeilen und ca. 10 #Javascripte ,
Diese #Sripte tun Ihre Arbeit, und der Anwender wird abgekloppft, #knocking ,
zu diesem Zeitpunkt kennt der Server schon einiges #dnssniff #ipgeoilog #CSS #Ports ! und #JavaSkripte#Twitter  #Java#Remote #Get der #Knocking ...Dies #CSS wird im Hintergru...
3/ Da jeder #Hacker faul ist lässt er natürlich andere seine Arbeit machen #Browser , #CPU, #framework #Cookie #Cloudserver #Datenbank wo die Ergebnisse des #Doxing dann in Millisekunden je nach verfügbarer Internetleitung gespeichert werden ohne das der #User was merkt ! #SSS #CSS #Framework Freeware au...#Favicon vektor angiff ? @h...#SSS Server Side Scripting ...#Browsererweiterung mit #ph...
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They call him 'White Hat'. #MEGA
@FLOTUS is an inspirational fashion icon. #whitehat
Is it a coincidence that Melania's hat looks like the Pleiadian Craft that POTUS toured recently?

Done With Intent!
Message Of Love And Unity!
We Are Close And POTUS Is Protected!
Her Heart Is With You, Beloved Ones!
We Love Her So!

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