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Johnson's legacy of pursuing a mass infection policy.

One fact will dismantle the Johnson Government’s entire defence at the Covid Inquiry and harm them irreparably at the General Election…

[#JohnsonOut #JohnsonTheCorruptPM #YourNHSNeedsYou]
The PM embarked on ‘freedom day’ without making provision to treat the inevitable increase in severely unwell cases. Just pause for a moment and consider that…
The UK has less inpatient capacity than before the pandemic. Freedom day has led to so much Covid Pneumonia it has TRIPLED the healthcare burden from 'normal' pneumonia - one of the highest burden diseases in the UK - and still the capacity of the NHS is less.
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If there’s ANYONE at @educationgovuk @CommonsEd with a heart or a conscience, please understand that forcing millions of unvaccinated children into mitigation-free schools day in day out is a level of #WilfulNegligence I didn’t imagine possible in modern 🇬🇧.

If you’re unsure of what that means for CROWDED, POORLY VENTILATED, INDOOR SPACES, like SCHOOLS…

❗️#ThinkSmoke ❗️

@halfon4harlowMP @peterkyle @KateGreenSU @sajidjavid
@RCPCHPresident @ChildrensComm @NAHTnews @karamballes @10DowningStreet
Whether the motivation is a flawed #DeliberateMassInfection policy to reach “Herd Immunity” or part of a wider plan to crush & crash the #NHS (hastening #NHSPrivatisation ) by letting #COVID “rip” … is wholly unacceptable, unethical & immoral to “experiment” on our young.
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We can now say with confidence that the government's NHS strategy is leading to more people dying (all-cause).

This report by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine is a shocking and sickening indictment of the Johnson leadership.

Under this government, the number of available hospital beds (and therefore frontline staff) has declined dramatically...
And look what happened during the pandemic...
[Bed capacity fell dramatically]
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Message from2019:Imagine a new deadly airborne virus swept across the world that without simple protection, would result in death & long term disability for millions. Imagine if powerful rich companies didn’t care, especially as
Affording the temporary protection meant disruption to cash flow. Would you believe it if I told you that the elite decide to dupe the population into thinking it was all a hoax, a bit like a cold, and normalised the idea that the most vulnerable weren’t worth saving,
That preventable death & disease wasn’t a thing? And that great chunks of society fell for it? That despite over 5 million deaths globally, mounting evidence of harm, vaccines, still the elite got their way? 2021 update: it happened
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Hi Mr Javid 👋, I wanted to check in with you briefly today.

As Health Secretary, currently overseeing the management of #Covid19UK from a HEALTHCARE perspective, I know you’ll be keen to be up to speed on the current situation ON THE FRONTLINE.

@sajidjavid @DHSCgovuk
There’s really no point in me mincing my words…


Telling the public that “pressures on the #NHS are currently sustainable”, is frankly a disingenuous lie.

You & I both know that!

Incase you think I’m being hysterical, I’ll recount 2 examples from my experiences of the past week.
As a Dr in A&E & UTCs I’m well placed to see how the government’s catastrophic management of #COVID19UK is effecting patient care in both Primary & Secondary care.
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Why are so many willing to let the NHS go under?
I have found a lot of bad assumptions at the heart of those who want to see the NHS fail and a new system take its place. A few tweets to add to the debate..
Some argue that no health system has copied the NHS.
The reality is that most high-income countries have copied the NHS-model and have a very similar model. Few have however, managed to make healthcare provision the sole duty of the state...
Although in 2012, I believe this current government pushed through an amendment to make it NOT the responsibility of the Health Sec.
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More people will die this week from COVID-19 than died of FLU in the whole of 2019.
And just to be clear: if you are in hospital you will be tested for the flu. And excess deaths last week = 1400. That is, 1400 people are no longer here that would be here if we stopped behaving like spoiled children - gov and others included. Norway excess death = -6.
Ok. Just to be very very clear!!!

FLU and COVID are like Ghandi and Boris Johnson….yes, both human but one causes much more damage and destruction.

Thread explaining the ACTUAL facts!!!! Happy to answer any reasonable question
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When government policy is not evidence based and is not in the interest of the patient...we must speak out.

#YourNHSNeedsYou #FBNHS
@dgurdasani1 @trishgreenhalgh @doctor_oxford @theAliceRoberts @mikegalsworthy @YourNHS2021 @NHSMillion @docrussjackson @PeoplesNHS @NurseSayNO
As panic gripped a rudderless nation, worst-case scenarios were being projected and simulations cast doom over the healthcare service’s ability to cope, the relative unknown fatality of this new infection foraging the globe loomed over our heads.
It was March 2020, and within this culture of fear, speculation became an acceptable basis for decision-making. Fear of needing to ration became rationing itself; protecting the NHS became failing to protect the people, and government policy suddenly became 'clinical guidelines’
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Restricted access to the NHS during the pandemic...

...the evidence and policies that led to excessively rationed healthcare provision in the UK.

Summary thread
RT pls
This paper was developed from a collaboration between primary, secondary, and public health care specialists. Its aim was to examine and highlight the policies that have led to restricted access to healthcare in the UK.
It shows:
1. No triage for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases

Despite WHO recommendation to triage all patients with this novel coronavirus, patients are told to NOT contact their GP and instead use an AUTOMATED, online patient-led triage system,... BUT only if concerned... NHS England Suspected Coronavirus, patient information leafl
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Our PM is a populist nationalist liar, a corrupt opportunist charlatan, a bigoted antidemocratic cheat & a regressive global embarrassment who serves the interests of a cabal of rich disaster capitalists & has overseen 140,000 mostly completely avoidable deaths - so far.
And if you're not extremely concerned about the parlous state of British society & democracy, you're really not paying attention:

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Thank you Dan, once again you’ve explained with absolute clarity one of the most significant failings of @10DowningStreet ‘s catastrophic #COVID19UK management.

1/22 - Sorry🙏🏻💙
I qualified as a GP in 1996, but no longer work in “normal” General Practice & have not done so since Oct 20.

I now spend 90% of my time as a “GP in A+E” & work in our 2 local UTCs.

I’ve also been part of the local #COVID “hot” services - in our #HotSite & doing home visits.
From talking to my GP friends & colleagues, I believe my experience is not at all uncommon & has played a HUGE PART in the current #GPCrisis - both for the health & wellbeing of our patients but also for the recruitment/retainment AND wellbeing of GPs themselves.
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The NHS response to the Pandemic.

The public have a right to feel ABANDONED... many ways they were.

But give me a moment to convince you: it was NOT the NHS that abandoned the was our Leadership who abandoned us all.

[RT pls - people need to know].
All but the most suggestible would agree: the UK have sh*t the bed with COVID-19. A series of colossal and deadly failures led to the highest mortality rate in Europe,...
3/10 of the worst economic declines in the world, and a devastating effect on non-COVID diseases.
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We're forever being told by the press & the government that our schools & universities are hotbeds of 'woke Leftist indoctrination'.

Are they fuck. They're places where a range of expert voices debate ideas, evidence & knowledge.

If anyone's been radicalised, it's this lot: Image
Relentlessly subjected to a barrage of right-wing free-market propaganda from some of the richest, greediest & most unethical people on earth, British people have put up with creeping privatisation of OUR assets for forty fucking years.


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At the start of the pandemic The UK Government reduced NHS bed capacity. The further into Winter we get the more catastrophic this failure/decision becomes.

There is still time...


Make Some Noise!
RT pls

The math is quite easy:

Going into the Winter we normally have 15% bed capacity available. We currently have 5%.

6% of beds taken up by COVID-19 patients
4% of beds cut at the start of the pandemic (was 8%)

That is the 10% loss. Or a 70% reduction in bed availability.
Almost every other country in the world increased basic care capacity..

It was one of the first things the World Health Organisation advised.

More people to treat = more capacity to treat them.
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Why didn't you follow the WHO guidelines and increase basic healthcare capacity?...Why leave us with less beds to deal with more patients?

And why, after 20 months, do we still have less beds than before the pandemic?

[Counts as one question! tweet, my rules 😉]
@IanMaher7 @trishgreenhalgh @dgurdasani1 @DrSimonHodes @DrAmirKhanGP @DrSelvarajah @chrischirp @Kit_Yates_Maths @martinmckee @alisonleary1 @Katynurse27 @TigressEllie So far, in this entirely uncontrolled biased sample, and assuming we permit democracy to rule..
Why didn't we follow sage advice sept; increase hospital capacity; listen to other nations/WHO, and why CMO is not independent..
Keep them coming...repetition allowed, as is venting...
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To those that use the NHS,

You will have no doubt heard about the pressures on the NHS just now. It is true, we are worried. We have begun this Winter under considerable strain - more than usual. And, I won't lie, we expect things to get worse.
We have little capacity - both emotional or beds. We are short staffed, and on top of all this we have a pandemic to deal with.
I understand you too may be running out of capacity... to face even more calamity after a calamitous 20 months. You too must be worried.
Firstly, can I say, we are still here. We get up in the morning (or night) and come to work. We donn our PPE, roll up our sleeves and face the avalanche of patients, requests, relatives, battle-hardened colleagues, and a pathogen that we have lost many colleagues to.
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1/3 Calling all former registrants! Have you left the #HCPC register in the last 3 years? Are you willing to come back & help in this time of crisis? We are setting up a temporary COVID-19 register! #YourNHSNeedsYou
2/3 Advice for former #HCPCregistered #BiomedicalScientists #OccupationalTherapists #ODPs #Paramedics #Physiotherapists & #Radiographers and info about the temporary COVID-19 register is available here ➡️
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