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I’d love to say I find this amusing. But in truth, I’m heartbroken.

I am heartbroken because I watched peoples loved ones die while they partied.

🧵 1/7
I am heartbroken because healthcare workers - including myself - risked their own lives to care for those Covid positive while they partied.

I am heartbroken because the conservatives made “extensive use” of emergency procurement contracts and misused £9BN pounds of taxpayers money to pay their mates for unsafe and unusable PPE, leaving healthcare workers exposed to a deadly virus.

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GREAT SPEECH Lord Newby 25/2/22 #russianinvasion #ukraine

"Ony 6 mths ago we were describing the chaotic retreat from #Afghanistan as the biggest failure of western foreign policy for decades.."
1."We are not a global military power, despite the Govt's hubristic rhetoric"!
"The pivot to the east was a MAJOR STRATEGIC MISTAKE & should be reversed..."
2. "our most important security and economic relationships are with Europe. Windy talk of GLOBAL BRITAIN CUTS NO ICE when the Russians can seize a friendly European democracy." 😢
3. "we need to strengthen global structures & programmes which promote our values. With #Russia & #China on the Security Council, this is not going to be easy, but we should at the very least do what we can within our own powers & resources to begin to address this..."
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“Then, to my considerable surprise, I was ambushed by a can of lager that was thrust into my hand during the course of the birthday party I didn’t know I was at, and I turned towards my official photographer in what looks like a pose, but was in fact me trying to leave at once.”
🚨 Nick Gibb has now sent in a letter too.
Bit silly of the Prime Minister to fire all his staff before the beer photo appeared as he can’t now fire all his staff now that the beer photo has appeared. #JohnsonMustGo
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Don’t worry, whilst you were saying goodbye to your dying relative on FaceTime Carrie was holding an Abba party.

Be gone. Now. Immediately.

Carrie Johnson's friends 'held a Downing St Winner Takes It All Abba party' on day Cummings quit…
‘I didn’t know it was an Abba party’.
“I entered the flat and was surprised to find my wife, then my girlfriend, playing the tracks of a popular Swedish beat combo, surrounded by friends who had apparently been given the pin code to the back door entrance, as civil servants gathered around her to kiss her ring.”
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Amazing we’re actually sending a chicken to Kiev.
Since you’re, here please consider a donation to @rnli
USA, EU and Boris Johnson - I wonder which two of those will have more international sway on the Ukraine issue.
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For the ‘party of law and order’, they didn’t half giggle, roar and bray a lot in Parliament earlier, just a day after their PM and his top cabal of advisors were literally placed under formal investigation by the police.

I think they’re actually sick.
#JohnsonMustGo #PMQs
I mean seriously.
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I’m very happy for a lawyer to be a leader as he might even obey the law.
#pmqs #JohnsonMustGo
Lawyer or twice sacked right wing journalist for best leadership material? Tricky one 🤔
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Who amongst us hasn’t invited our interior designer in for birthday cake and nibbles during an illegal social gathering whilst she was busy installing gold wallpaper paid for by a political donor, the details of which we told our ethics advisor we had forgotten.
Remember how shocked and furious he was when he heard there had been, er, one party. 🤦🏻‍♂️
New logo:

The Conservative 🎉
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2017, and still completely correct. It’s time for some grown ups.
#JohnsonMustGo #BrexitHasFailed #BrexitShambles #BrexitDisaster
Always astounding that people can’t simultaneously agree with Blair on Brexit and disagree with him on Iraq at the same time.
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There is no government.

Everyone in it is dealing full time with either bullying or blackmailing, being bullied or blackmailed, or denying there’s any bullying or blackmailing.

This isn’t how you run a country facing vast challenges, mostly created by the very same people.
No EU countries are currently dealing with endless allegations about or formal enquiries into their governments’ lockdown breaking drunken antics. We look so bloody awful. Again. This regime has totally demolished our reputation as a serious nation. #JohnsonOut #JohnsonMustGo
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💥 💥
My god. They’ve now managed to create an even bigger scandal. This is huge. Really huge.
#JohnsonMustGo #JohnsonOut
This MP is a Brexiteer too, not exactly some left wing Tory rebel. Asks colleagues to go to the Police. Incredible.
A Tory committee chair asking his own colleagues to report his party to the police over blackmail and intimidation, would you like a different government yet?
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I’ve just watched some of the clips of Nadine Dorries ‘debating’ in Parliament today.

If you’ve put someone like that in charge of your nation’s culture you’ve basically conceded it no longer has one.

Truly pitiful.
#ToryBritain #ToriesOut #JohnsonMustGo #idiocracy
Populism isn’t very popular.
They constantly purport to speak on behalf of the ordinary neglected silent British voter but the vast majority of ordinary neglected silent British voters want to be governed by anyone but the Tory Party. Our voting system is a total farce, a dark comedy of errors. #ToriesOut
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👀 👀 #JohnsonMustGo
Why can’t people see this stuff is almost endless? It’s just going to keep on coming, these weren’t a handful of isolated incidents. Totally systemic, institutionalised behaviour. His senior MPs need to go and see him and tell him to go. On Monday morning. #JohnsonMustGo
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The ‘patriotic’ party that drones on about the stability of monarchy, the Union, law & order, economic competence, respect for our flag, anthem, police, institutions, traditions and our global influence has traduced all of them and made 🇬🇧 a vast laughing stock.

It’s incredible.
Apparently Number 10 Downing St publicly apologising to the Monarch via the global news media today still isn’t enough evidence for the Metropolitan Police.
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There is no way Tory associations will tolerate this latest twist. No way at all. #JohnsonMustGo
It doesn’t matter whether he was at this one or not (he was at enough others). It’s the rotten culture from top to bottom, carved in his image. Goodbye.
At least there will be a finally be a new biography of Shakespeare out for Christmas. #JohnsonOut
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I’d like a PM who comes to Parliament to present a weekly vision and progress report, not a weekly half-hearted apology for insulting the country’s intelligence.
#JohnsonOut #BorisResign
The gaslighting ‘line to take’ has become that the lockdown rules had all become far too complicated. But they weren’t, they were very clear and simple, which was why the breaking of them is so blindingly easy to spot. Bringing booze to an outdoor event at work wasn’t allowed.
When your last line of defence comes from a deranged colleague famous for blocking legislation to ban up-skirting and to protect girls from female genital mutilation, it’s probably time to leave public office and go and write your Shakespeare book. #JohnsonOut #JohnsonMustGo
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He may well say people were working v hard, the garden was a place of work, it was extraordinary times. But you won’t find any exhausted, devastated #NHS staff who were on their knees organising ‘bring your own’ parties at their places of work. So that line won’t wash.#JohnsonOut
I have just written to my MP @GregClarkMP asking for his views on the PM’s suitability to remain in office and look forward to his reply. #JohnsonMustGo
My bingo card for #PMQs:
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
Sue Gray Sue Gray
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If you’re Prime Minister and you’ve told people the rules are so strict you can’t even visit a dying relative but you then go to a bring your own wine party of 100 people, I’m afraid you can’t be the Prime Minister anymore. It’s that simple.
#JohnsonOut #JohnsonOutNow #ToryLies
Completely unacceptable and the public simply won’t tolerate this nonsense anymore. #JohnsonOut #ToryLies
So far this doesn’t fill me with much confidence given the recent history. Why would a Dame enobled with a peerage and a contract recently extended investigate the very patrons of her privilege?
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why has army been called in to vaccinate,
drive ambulances
& HGVs

why is the govt desperately trying to recruit teachers who've left / retired

reducing the self isolation period from 10 to 7 days

asking hospitals to prepare for mass casualty events next month
how are hospitals going to separate out #Omicron from #Delta patients, given both can infect you at the same time - they are *separate* variants

we don't need a #Delta #Omicron super variant where the *supposed* mild #Omicron combines with the deadlier #Delta variant!!!!!!!
I could really go on, but I just can't

oh, except to say

why the *fuck* aren't all hospital staff being issued with FPP3 masks

who will care for us, if 50% of hospital staff end up isolating 2 weeks from now, when everyone rings 999 after xmas mixing
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Another terrifying article from @BylineTimes

Scientific Racism
Nazi Eugenics (currently happening under the guise of COVID in my opinion - in plain sight) Image
we desperately need to rid ourselves of the current govt & cabinet. They are platforming and employing academic KKK! FFS... Image
yesterday I complained about BOJO's xmas message re boosters for Christians, as earlier in the day the media reported how the Pakistani community is less than 55% vaccinated, today I read this:…
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And… Boom💥

A few days after the party that wasn’t a party that didn’t happen even if it was within the rules, which it wasn’t.

There are always receipts. Always.

Now, the list, the fines, the resignations. #WhoWasAtTheParty
#ToryLies #ToryBritain
Now that it’s confirmed on the record that it took place, there is no reason not to release the list of attendees, and take swift appropriate action. This is going to run & run until that happens so may as well get on with it. #whoattendedtheparty #ToryLies #ToryBritain #COVID19
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We can now say with confidence that the government's NHS strategy is leading to more people dying (all-cause).

This report by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine is a shocking and sickening indictment of the Johnson leadership.

Under this government, the number of available hospital beds (and therefore frontline staff) has declined dramatically...
And look what happened during the pandemic...
[Bed capacity fell dramatically]
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Last week @BorisJohnson charted an Airbus A321 to fly him back to London so he could dine at the Garrick Club with someone from the @Telegraph. This week he can't get back to London for the HoC corruption debate because the train isn't fast enough. He's just taking the p¡ss. 😡
Here's @AngelaRayner detailing this incident last week. I'd like to know who paid for that flight? Was it Johnson, a party donor, the Daily @Telegraph or tax payers? #TorySleaze #JohnsonMustGo #StandardsDebate #ToryCorruption
Can't quite get my head around how so many of you have liked this tweet. Thank you one and all. 😊 I have read that Johnson skipped the #StandardsDebate on legal advice. Also, we need to know who paid for that private charter flight?
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Between 2010-11 & 2019-20, England’s total no. of #NHS hospital beds fell by 11%, from 144,455 to 128,943. The number of available general & acute beds fell by 8%, from 110,568, to 102,194.…
- Defund the NHS
- Demonise the NHS
- Underpay its workers
- Put a tax hike onto them
- Drive them out of their jobs
- Make the case for privatisation
1. Underfund
2. Leave the EU, lose staff
3. Corrupt £Billions
4. Lower realterms pay
5. Demoralise to point of suicide
6. Raise NI
7. Offer Private Healthcare as solution
8. Publish Anti-GP propaganda
9. Publish Anti-NHS propaganda
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