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1/ Someone I know just posted this little video on FB from someone a member of “Patriotic Millionaires”.

I watched the video, and scoffed.
2/ It was full of that double speak I’ve learned to suspect thanks to Thomas Sowell.
3/ It launches with a member, showing his total income from 2016 being north of $1MM.
4/ And it says he paid on the order of $100,000 in taxes that year.

Sounds terrible, right?
5/ What’s missing from that, which is key, is HOW did he make $1 MM?

Was it from ordinary income? Did his business pay him a $1 MM salary? Probably not.
6/ As the most reliable form of income “ordinary income” carries the heftiest tax rates.

Or is is possible his company paid him $100,000 in income (or less???) and the rest was from investments?
7/ What kind of business does he run, anyway?

Did he rake in $1 MM gross revenue and then spend $500,000 on business investments as a sole proprieter?
8/ This is the type of class warfare that is flat out evil.

These people pick the most damning of numbers in order to push a #narrative.

So I did something else. I started googling.
9/ When he pointed out that “ordinary income” tax cuts had a sunset provision but investment oriented things did NOT, I knew he was playing an angle.

That is the structure of current tax law. Tax cuts on ordinary income AUTOMATICALLY have sunset provisions.
10/ Googling, I kept hitting their website, with lots of “Republicans are evil” type stuff. So I filtered that out using “”, and uncovered some crazy stuff.
11/ Group was founded years ago to oppose Bush tax cuts.
12/ They have one message on their website (A softer message) compared to their REAL message handed out during rallies.…
13/ “Patriotic Millionaires wants to radically transform America by its 250th birthday, according to its organizational overview obtained by the Free Beacon at last fall's California gathering of the Democracy Alliance…”
14/ “…the left's largest donor network that was co-founded by liberal billionaire George Soros.”
15/ “The book obtained at the donor retreat is a different version than the copy uploaded to the Patriotic Millionaires website, which contains much softer language regarding its mission.”
16/ “The group of wealthy progressives hopes Americans will sign up with their rejection of limited government, and traditional family values within eight years and have their preferred government framework implemented, creating a "new American paradigm.””
17/ Read the book that was passed out, and is NOT found on their own website.…
18/ Opening paging of their handout reads,

“If elected officials will listen only to those with power and money, then those of us with power and money must leverage our position to advance the common good.”
19/ This is EXACTLY what’s wrong with lobbying and money in gov’t.

EVERYONE thinks THEY are doing what’s right. It’s the OTHER guy that is doing what’s WRONG.
20/ Liberals have decried Citizen’s United because it “gives corporations too much power” with their money poured into elections.

Yet here they want to USE their OWN money, POURED into elections.
21/ Their bullet points:

* Equal political representation
* A livable minimum wage
* A fair tax system
22/ Dissecting point by point, the first is hogwash.

Book reads “Every American deserved as much political power as millionaires.”

Yet this group wants to USE their money to influence things.

23/ “Every American who works full time should be able to afford their basic needs”

Liberals have sought to expand “basic” needs with things like cell phones, Twitter, cars, TVs. What exactly IS “basic” need?

And didn’t one liberal advocate crushing capitalism using “needs”?
24/ Additionally, liberals are seeking Universal Basic Income in their quest for handouts that will secure them power.
25/ “A fair tax system” has been veiled liberal dogma for decades.

They want (same as the Communist Manifesto) a steep, graduated tax system. Anytime we lower the rates and generate a BOOM they whine.

They did so when Reagan cut taxes in 1986. And now under Trump.
26/ “right-wing extremists and cynical political operatives have fomented hate, fear, and divisions in our citizenry in a craven effort to control the country’s political dynamic.”
27/ We’re not the ones saying America was never great.…
28/ A pamphlet that quotes Jimmy Carter isn’t batting 1000.
29/ It’s really revealing how this is supposed to be aimed at economic fairness, but veers into their REAL platform with the following quote:
30/ “Our most difficult issues-race, immigration, reproductive freedom, social equality, mass incarceration, and global climate change among others-can all be effectively dealt with if we first create a political economy capable of meeting the basic needs of ALL of our citizens”
31/ “…the values we support will make the country more stable and more prosperous…”

They think that either this really WILL grow for everyone or THEY will end up on top.

It’s either a poor version of #ProsperityGospel or #Socialism101.
32/ They brag about meeting with Obama back in 2012, celebrating minimum wage hikes for federal employees.

They cheer the $15 minimum wage efforts in multiple states. A hike that is KILLING businesses.
33/ Given they list abortion rights as a top value, it reveals them to be a radical #Left wing group. Not people looking out for you and me.
34/ Given the timing of hundreds of editorials from our supposed #FreePress, all colluding to release at once, all aimed at @realDonaldTrump, the following screenshot FROM THEIR HANDOUT kind of makes sense.
35/ I’d research their advisory committee but I don’t have the time.

Be warned: these people want to sound warm & fuzzy, people like you and me.

But they preach a radical philosophy. And wish to use THEIR money to silence YOU.

@_ImperatorRex_ @BrowningMachine
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