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So why is @NYT printing this article that seems like an attempt to shut down the #RussianCollusion investigation. They are publishing an article sourced to Putin's Oligarch Oleg Deripaska, it aims to end the #MuellerInvestigation by threatening politicians…
This article is a transparent attempt to threaten or blackmail politicians of both parties into ending the #RussianCollusion investigation by exposing corruption & collusion in DC & London. It seems as though @NYT is transmitting Deripaska's ultimatum, if he goes down, so do they
@NYT is aiding Putin's Oligarch in an effort to escape justice & sanctions for his efforts to rig the #2016Election by threatening to expose a decade of politicians colluding with him before that election. He & his lobbyist Adam Waldman are even pointing fingers at Robert Mueller
@NYT Let's go through this article & see all the people that Putin's pal is threatening to expose for colluding with the Russians, likely in an effort to shut down the investigation no matter which party wins the #MidTerms2018. It is stunning @NYT is aiding this effort.
@NYT Are Andrew Higgins & @kenvogel so gullible that they did not realize they were being used to help bury the collusion investigations? Or were they trying to help Oleg Deripaska shutdown a serious look into a dozen years of US & UK politicians colluding with the Russians?
@NYT @kenvogel We'll go through this article & you will see all the political figures that Deripaska is hinting are involved in political corruption, selling out the US & UK to him & his boss Putin. It's an extensive list, a list politicians would rather not expose. So these threats might work.
@NYT @kenvogel So first they start by implicating a British leader, Lord Barker of Battle from the UK's Conservative Party. Also a protege of former Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron is now the Chairman of Deripaska's firm EN+. This Russian Collusion to avoid sanctions is pretty clear.
@NYT @kenvogel Imagine if a former US President became the Chairman of a corporation owned by one of the central subjects of the Russian Collusion investigation. Then had his friends lobby the government to avoid sanctions. That might expose or implicate them, as this article seems to do here.
@NYT @kenvogel Don't worry, the @NYT lets Deripaska bring former Presidents G.W. Bush & Obama into the picture too. Discussing how they were pressured by Obama to help his favorite Oligarch. That is a pretty elaborate influence operation if you can get Putin to personally appeal on your behalf.
@NYT @kenvogel So how is Deripaska doing it, other than his friendly stories in the @NYT? Deripaska once relied upon #PaulManafort to handle his sophisticated lobbying & PR campaigns, but with Special Counsel Mueller putting him in prison. Deripaska is still able to buy favors in DC & London.
@NYT @kenvogel The @NYT allows Deripaska to make pretty open threats, claiming that DC is a city where you can buy influence from politicians. Something that could be exposed if the sanctions against Deripaska & the #RussianCollusion investigation aren't made to go away by those politicians.
@NYT @kenvogel Deripaska's threatened exposures include former Republican Senator & Presidential candidate Bob Dole. Dole's efforts worked for awhile, but eventually he lost his visa, turning to #Manafort to get more accomplished.
@NYT @kenvogel Deripaska then tried using Manafort to directly influence President George W. Bush, but struck out with his administration. But Deripaska continued to try & buy his way into influence circles on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
@NYT @kenvogel So Deripaska next tried to entice Senator John McCain into colluding with him. It became an issue in the 2008 election. But McCain did celebrate his birthday party on Oleg Deripaska's yacht! Nice to have oligarch friends.
@NYT @kenvogel With Republicans poised to lose power in Washington in the 2008 election, Deripaska fired Manafort & began hiring Democratic linked lobbyists to collude with him in his efforts to make headway in the US. He even tried to buy part of @GM as part of the bailout of the automaker.
@NYT @kenvogel @GM Deripaska hired former DOJ official turned lobbyist Adam Waldman who was close to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Part of what @NYT calls Deripaska's extensive & elaborate efforts to buy influence in DC, paying lobbyists to get politicians to collude.…
@NYT @kenvogel @GM Waldman may play a central role in Russian Collusion, he developed an extensive relationship with @Wikileaks Julian Assange who may have published the DNC emails for the Russians in 2016 to influence the election.…
@NYT @kenvogel @GM @wikileaks Waldman may also have played a role in Deripaska handing over evidence against Paul Manafort in the Spring of 2017 to @DOJ. Possibly in exchange for gaining the early release of a Russian spy from prison. A Russian spy who could identify Male-2, in this #RussianCollusion case.
@NYT @kenvogel @GM @wikileaks @doj Male-2 was a wealthy Atlantic City casino investor who met with this Russian spy, Evgeni Buryakov in 2014, with a plan to violate sanctions to build casinos in Russia. Apparently Deripaska & his lobbyist didn't want Male-2 identified.…
@NYT @kenvogel @GM @wikileaks @doj Now why would @NYT want to help Waldman, a guy who may have prevented a Russian spy from identifying Male-2 whom he met with in Atlantic City? Why are they helping Deripaska & Waldman conceal the identity of that Russian colluder who wanted to build casinos in Russia?
@NYT @kenvogel @GM @wikileaks @doj Deripaska & Waldman have already published stories saying that Deripaska refused to assist the FBI in 2016, when they wanted to investigate Russia. Yet @NYT is letting Deripaska threaten all of these politicians to apply pressure to end his sanctions.…
@NYT @kenvogel @GM @wikileaks @doj The @NYT even allows them to imply that George Soros was working with Deripaska. Are they threatening to expose any corruption or collusion he may have with the Russians? Hoping Soros will pressure Democrats to end the investigations? We are left to speculate.
@NYT @kenvogel @GM @wikileaks @doj Which brings us to Special Council Robert Mueller, the man heading the Russia investigation. They are more coy about naming him directly but point to several incidents of Mueller's FBI collaborating with Deripaska.…
The first was a 2005 effort by Mueller's FBI to get Deripaska an entry visa to the US. Then a 2009 effort to free an FBI agent in Iran using $25 million of Deripaska's money, he again got an FBI parole visa to do business in the US. Are they really threatening to expose Mueller?
Did Robert Muller as Director of the FBI make these decisions to give Deripaska visas to the US? Or was someone else at the FBI his contact? Either way it seems like an attempt to influence Mueller to conceal Deripaska's role in collusion. Aided by @NYT by publishing it.
@NYT It is also funny that @kenvogel mentions these lawsuits accusing Deripaska of organized crime influence. Because Deripaska's lawyers hired former MI6 agent Christopher Steele to write the reports clearing Deripaska & accusing his competitors of being mobsters. Why include this?
@NYT @kenvogel Is the @nytimes trying to undermine Christopher Steele & his reporting on Deripaska's payroll? The same Chris Steele that wrote the Trump Dossier exposing Russian Collusion for Hillary & the @DNC? Is Deripaska threatening to expose them if the investigation & sanctions stick?
@NYT @kenvogel @nytimes @DNC Back to London, exposing Deripaska's links to another Conservative Party politicians George Osborne & Labor Party's Lord Peter Mandelson. Arranged of course by the ultimate person to include in any conspiracy theory, a Rothschild family banker. Again some vague accusations...
With @NYT allowing Deripaska to threaten to expose these people, in their story about how he is trying to avoid sanctions for #RussianCollusion.
@NYT At least the @NYT claims Deripaska had a much harder time buying friends & influence in the US prior to 2010. Which cost him a lot of business, and forced him to rely upon Vladimir Putin!
@NYT @NYT even includes innuendo against Lord Barker for leaving his wife to live with a male interior decorator. So we let Russian's shame people for this in The Paper of Record? But then they look at the funny money connection of having him as the face in front of Deripaska.
@NYT They make efforts to claim that Lord Barker is above reproach, but then lay out a series of actions that look questionable. Actions that could become criminal with a word or a document produced by Deripaska.
@NYT The Deripaska article then points to another target of Rober Mueller's investigation. Mercury Public Affairs, which was identified in the Mueller indictments of Manafort & whose partner former Republican Congressman Vin Weber has been referred for prosecution to the DOJ's SDNY.
@NYT So a lobbying firm identified with Manafort's crimes to lobby for pro-Putin Ukrainians by Mueller's office, is lobbying Trump to drop sanctions on Deripaska, a Russian oligarch at the center of #RussianCollusion? And @NYT is aiding this effort?
@NYT @kenvogel & @nytimes must be gullible, claiming Deripaska offered an exclusive interview to delay the publication of this story. A story sourced to his lobbyists & PR people who wanted it published. A story that threatens to expose DC & London politicians for colluding w Russians
@NYT @kenvogel @nytimes Deripaska's efforts are even lobbying foreign ambassadors to the United States to get them to help save him from these #RussianCollusion sanctions. Using a company that was investigated by Mueller, the scale of this effort is unbelievable.
@NYT @kenvogel @nytimes Of course, no one in the Swamp cares, because the lobbyists are getting rich, trying to undermine the Russian Collusion investigation that they seem to have played a role it. At least if you read Mr. Mueller's indictments, which few have done. End thead.
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