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1. What is the last time a perceived leftist liberation army won? Did the #IRA win? If they did it was done gracefully. What separated them from other groups to buy a deal? IMO because they showed they'd kill the Royals. When they killed Dianna's uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten
2. it all changed. Things got more violent but peace in the end.

In 1978 I lived in #Sunnyside #Queens. @AOC District. There was a small magazine shop at the corner on Greenpoint. It had IRA publications in the window & they were openly collecting money for "the cause."
3. Twenty years after Mountabatten's killing the Good Friday agreement was the culmination of hard work of many including the Mitchell team to bring peace. Bitterness may remain but Ireland had moved on. Until #Brexit. @BorisJohnson @foreignoffice @GCHQ
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NEW: Senate Intel Committee concludes #Russia's Internet Research Agency (#IRA) "sought to influence the 2016 US presidential election by harming Hillary Clinton's chances of success & supporting Donald Trump at the direction of the Kremlin"…
"The Committee's analysis of the IRA's activities on social media supports the key judgments of the January 6. 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment" per the report "'#Russia's goals were to...denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency'"
BUT unlike the 2017 IC assessment, Senate Intel Committee found rather than "discrediting Secretary Clinton & publicly contrasting her unfavorably to [Trump]" #Russia "was overtly&almost invariably supportive of then-candidate Trump, & to the detriment of Sec Clinton's campaign"
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#1 As manchas negras que estão sendo observadas no litoral brasileiro têm "uma assinatura". É do tipo que se extrai na #Venezuela. O vazamento pode ser um indicativo de que o regime está violando as sanções impostas ao transporte de petróleo.…
#2 Minha suposição é simples. Navios petroleiros estão fazendo operação de transferência do carregamento em alto mar. Possivelmente violando as águas territoriais brasileiras. A @RevistaEpoca ouviu fontes do Ibama que confirma que o óleo é venezuelano.…
#3 Muita gente torceu o nariz para mim quando eu disse em uma audiência públicas na Câmara, no mês passado, que as sanções dificultam, mas não impedem estados criminalizados de seguirem fazendo o que fazem.
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THREAD: As #TheShadowKingNovel gets ready to launch, follow me through moments in history & meet a few of the #women who helped to shape it.

#WWII #WomensArmyCorps #AfricanAmerican
THREAD: As #TheShadowKingNovel gets ready to launch, follow me through moments in history & meet a few of the #women who helped to shape it.

Working on a dive bomber, 1943. Photo by Alfred T. Palmer

#WWII #WomenInWar #AfricanAmerican
THREAD: As #TheShadowKingNovel gets ready to launch, follow me through moments in history & meet a few of the #women who helped to shape it.

#Army #nurses, Greenock, Scotland

#WWII #WomenInWar #AfricanAmerican
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BXP has no manifesto, no detailed policies & no plan for #Brexit (no, "just walk away" isn't a serious plan outside of a pub!)

Why are people willing to vote for a shady outfit that isn't a party, has dodgy finances & will likely adopt #UKIP's *no work* habit?
What's more, BXP now say they want to run in the next GE, even though the leader admits #Brexit isn't the answer to any of our domestic problems — you know, all those problems Leave voters thought Brexit was going to fix.

Somehow it feels like this is all about the salary and perks for some of the BXP's candidates, and that they're not taking the business of representing our country in an international forum seriously - as indeed those who were previously part of UKIP never have.

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This thread contains images with passages from the Mueller Report. I will add new ones as I create them.

If you want, share them on Facebook, Instagram, print on fliers or t-shirts or postcards.

I want to show America what's in that report.
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#1 O ditador @NicolasMaduro se mantém de pé graças à ajuda da #Russia e #China. Entendo, que o chavista só cairá quando esses aliados interromperem o suporte que dão a ele. Além das duas potências, há uma dupla que compõe o "tripé" de sustentação: #Turquia e #Irã.
#2 O regime instalado na #Venezuela foi construído e mantido com apoio de amigos regionais. @LulaOficial, por exemplo, montou estrutura de sustentação à reeleição de Chávez, conforme esse documento oficial produzido pela embaixada venezuelana no Brasil.
#3 Para @LulaOficial, uma derrota de Chávez na eleição de 2012 teria as mesmas proporções da queda do Muro de Berlim. Aqui está um documento que publiquei pela primeira vez em 2016, quando era de @VEJA. O @ptbrasil escalou João Santana para cumprir a missão.
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Back in the time early 2014.

More Trump Russia coincidences.
FEB 4, 2014
💻 🇷🇺 LEAKED AUDIO reveals EMBARRASSING U.S. exchange on Ukraine, EU
designed to BOLSTER charges from RUSSIA that the UKRAINE is being MANIPULATED by US…
MARCH 1, 2014
VESELOVSKY leads a “Cossack self-defense unit” to storm the offices of the independent Crimean Center for Investigative Journalism
Would later...
publish stories attacking US sanctions Mueller’s investigation, among other anti-American content.
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Nelson Mandela, who died on 5 Dec. 2013, would have been 100-years-old today. He oversaw the transition from apartheid to majority rule in South Africa, gaining a near-saintly reputation. But his legacy, and that of his party, the African National Congress, is more complicated.
The Soviet Union before the Second World War had little knowledge of Africa. One of its few focuses was South Africa, the most developed state, and the #ANC from its foundations was tied up with the slavishly pro-Soviet #SACP and more directly with Soviet intelligence.
By the 1930s, the Soviets lost interest in revolution in Africa, though retained its #ANC assets. In the 1960s, the U.S.S.R. moved to try to win the Cold War in the Third World. It provided money and other support to the ANC, plus encouraging a virtual merger with the SACP.
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
July 12, 13, 2018
1. Former Border Patrol Agent Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute 4ANPP Used in the Manufacturing of Fentanyl

#BorderPatrol #fentanyl #4anpp #drugtrafficking #SanYsidro #mexico…
2. Phony “Prince” Charged with Committing Child Sex Offenses

#DavidMilliner #childpornography #childabuse #childsexabuse…
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Cú Chulainn is believed to be an incarnation of the god #Lugh, who is also his father! His mother is the mortal Deichtine, sister of Conchobar mac Nessa, the King of #Ulster who ruled from #NavanFort near #Armagh. #CúChulainn #Irishmyths #Irishlegends #FolkloreThursday
Born Sétanta, Cú Chulainn gained his name as a child, after killing Culann's fierce guard-dog in self-defence & offered to take its place until a replacement could be reared! Used a standing stone or by driving a sliotar down its throat with his hurley! #FolkloreThursday
Cathbad the druid announced one day that anyone who drew arms would have everlasting fame! So Cú Chulainn only 7 years old, asked for arms! But Cathbad grieved because he had not finished his prophecy-the warrior who took arms that day would have a short life! #FolkloreThursday
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Either #reddit is intentionally hiding the full extent of what the Internet research agency was doing OR they just have no clue how to identify the accounts. The 940 accounts they list were mostly trash.

#TrollFactory #IRA #Putin #Russia… via @reddit
while digging around in the list they posted i noticed a website some of the accounts posted links to
The site is gone now. But there is an archive of it here:…
This is kind of an obscure website, a lot like,, and
All known IRA ran websites. All posted to reddit by known IRA ran accounts.
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1. Was the story about a "black man employed by Comcast being given a ticket" a russian psyop? #IRA #ActivLkL25EVq70
2. The same Crystal Johnson account listed by RBC, and a Blacktivist connection.
3. The @dailydot did a piece featuring the tweet by Crystal1Johnson talking about a viral facebook post Oct 10, 2016…
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1 Some of the tweets from Jeblary2016 "Jeblary Bushton", listed by RBC as Russian Intel #TrumpRussiaCollusion #IRA #ActivUIIMm6AqYt
2 from this google web cache. Account Created 27-11-2015. Followers 7,4K.…
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