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are there people here on twitter that would argue woodstock 69>woodstock 99? because im going to start watching performances from 99 for the 20th anniversary and i just dont see myself being convinced 99 wasnt better
the guy from lit just asked the crowd if they had his new cd and when a bunch screamed he said that was badass and started playing miserable. its a level of poetry got at the original woodstock.

"you make me cum

you make me complete

you make me completely miserable"
the physicality of Lits live act really has to be seen to be believed. the frontman is like if mick jagger ruled instead of was mick jagger
oh wow, this performance of ziplock bag (a classic) has the main guy from lit play a tambourine in a subtle nod to the spirit of 69 and then at the end the bass player and drummer vibe out to little green bag in a subtle nod to the spirit of reservoir dogs, a sick tarantino flick
damn this set is an emotional rollercoaster. before the last track the singer is drinking jaeggermeister straight from the bottle and the guitarist busted out a vibrator to use on his guitar. they left it all on the stage that day.
if you told me before i started this set the guitar player lit his shit on fire and smashed his guitar i would have said thats probably a bit much but this was earned honestly. KoRn is autoplaying. Im not sure if im ready for that. at the real show, Lit was followed by Buckcherry
damn i didnt think i was ready and then of COURSE korn opens with blind and jonathan davis is like AARREEE YOUOUUUUU RREEAAAAADDYYYY!!?!??? and i found myself, in that moment, extremely ready.
the raw emotional vulnerability davis was willing to put on display was wild. its like a therapeutic breakthrough every fucking song while hes on stage in front of thousands of people while wearing pumas, a wifebeater, and a leather studded kilt. also munky dropped his guitar lol
jonathan davis fittingly ended this curled up in a fetal position, convulsing, and singing words to a song that wasnt a hit. wow. anyways im thinking creed next.
scott stapps ability to alternate from like a very spiritual sensitivity to raw power is on full display in his wardrobe choice here with the billowy white soft shirt and a badass bootcut jean pant.
the dudes of creed have no unified visual aesthetic. stapp is dressed like a rock messiah, obviously, but then the guitarist is like the manager of a bar and grill, the bassist is a prison inmate, and the drummer is just in track pants and a black t. take the look higher can you?
so far, my own prison, my own worst enemy, and freak of the leash were all the biggest hits of these performances and they all center around men who have made tremendous life mistakes and i realize its possible i have too. oh wow
lol my mans @danceformyhorse said he recalled thr original guitar player from the doors coming out and jamming with creed in an undertaker shirt and yellow ass pants. he did. what a dork. very fitting for the doors imo. creed would never.
lol wrestling fans really do be having this kind of energy though. "if you saw nakamuras matches in japan youd know how badly vince is booking him imo" okay man just play the doors songs you came to play and let creed rock for these people
lol the doors<<<<<creed and its not even close. man wears the undertaker on his shirt the other man lives with that american badass spirit every day. no comparison. anyways im thinking DMX next.
lol a man in a captain america hat introduced stephen baldwin (the worst baldwin) and rosie perez (undefeated in life) to introduce dark man x
dmx, in front of a sea of white flesh, holds up the mic to get them to sing the words to well umm... this song...
dmx has controlled this crowd like nobody else. every person knows every word. and still he asks where his dawgs are at. DMX, theres like 200,000 of them hanging on your every word. i think you know that.
lol dmx fully sweat through his shirt and exhibited how its impossible to pop that off while wearing comically oversized monogrammed red overalls, them shits gonna just fall off man. still no word on where his daaaawwwwwgggss aaaatttt
lol for fucks sake, this is the rapturous experience creed was hoping for. he literally is just doing a prayer where hes like flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, bless everyone here tonight WHERE MY DAAAWGGS AAAATTTT
oh wow, so dmx finished his set and i swear to god, ascended into heaven. just vanished into the ether while everyone kind of just processed what they witnessed. holy fuck. dmx went off. anyways everclear also played and came out in cowboy hats. those goofballs
this band is rocking the fuck out but the sound mixing is off. the lead guitar is quiet as shit and the singing is slightly under everything else. i think its starting to effect everclear tbh. hes just kinda like whats going on here? why is the sound NEVER clear?
haha my man everclear is wildin. he was all, fuck all the people who want to make this a commercial venture. umm... my man... you're everclear. you wrote i will buy you a new life. you have a goldberg tat. i love you but youre not the deliverer of this message. save it for ratm
damn the homey everclear is rocking tbh. i gotta be real though, i didnt know it required 6 band members to do santa monica or any everclear song. 3 more guys and they would have had a full slipknot. that rules.
everclear grew bored of his 5 bandmembers so he invited a fuckton of people on stage with him. considerably more people than necessary for a full slipknot. anyways bleached blonde dudes were super on one in 99.
lol dharma came out to tell us her favorite band OF ALL TIME brian setzers orchestra is coming out but i think what actually came out was all of the guys from green day that got merged together in a fly like accident. dharmas trippin regardless.
tfw YOUR FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME is performing in front of 120k people like five feet away from you. lol jk im not trying to gatekeep the brian setzer orchestra. im sure shes a huge fan. it just doesnt show on her face.
lol damn i am feelin dharmas energy re: brian setzer. no wonder nobody listened to that music outside of commercials. the offspring musically is on another level to any orchestra much less brian setzers. still a lot of bleached hair and wallet chains regardless so im here for it.
the offspring really are out here at woodstock 99 dressed like someones little brother. which makes a lot of sense actually because they make music for someones little brother. my older sister would fuckin know tbh
damn dexter holland was singing about how he hoped the world was a better place and they hit him with a bottle in the face. i think weve all been there.
oh wow, they took a quick break to bring out a bunch of blow up dolls with the backstreet boys faces taped on them. AND THEN DEXTER SMASHED THEM WITH A BASEBALL BAT. then he launched into the song cool to hate about how its actually not cool to hate. levels.
the offspring are now just joyfully playing amidst a bunch of trash hurled at them from their adoring fans. it really captures the pernicious spirit of a pre 9-11 america. pretty fly for a white guy was basically the national anthem.
oh shit they brought that kid from the pretty fly for a white guy video. replace the statue of liberty with this kid imo
offspring closing this set out with self esteem as it should be. just realized dexter has been wearing one of those leather cuff watches. truly taking that "younger brother who drinks hella mountain dew and tells people he can ollie" aesthetic to the highest level. good song also
as a person whose been to a number of slipknot shows, ive never felt so offended to have people confuse slipknot (a great band) with ICP (an insane clown posse). ive also never felt so perilously close to becoming a juggalo
this one clown just press slammed a random fan into a display of soda while three songs play at once. and another clown pours more soda into the audience. i think im being broken mentally and indoctrinated into their way of life.
not helping my mental state: multiple demons just showed up to dance with the soda drenched clowns.
oh no, a pair of cops came to shut down everyone's good time. luckily our heroes had remedies for this eventuality. im only surprised they didnt literally drown them in cola. oh yeah music is playing too. woodstock is wild.
lol the clowns took a reprieve from mass hypnotization to throw balls full hundreds of dollars into the crowd to protest the expensive ticket prices. somehow this didnt cause a riot because we had a national surplus. try that shit today clowns.
wow, these clowns did nothing but spray soda on stage for a full hour and still they have so much soda left. they actually under performed based on their own expectations. theres a lesson here about always aiming high or knowing ones limits. either way my soul needs saving.
lol, so many "marry me jewel" signs. one guy had it written on his chest. We all want to marry an angel. theres a lesson here though about always aiming high or knowing ones limits. either way my soul needs saving.
im so here for jewel being bookended by two different types of guys who will vote for obama in 08 and trump in 16. lol marry me jewel
who is responsible for the jewel reign not lasting forever? shes out here dressed like master of puppets era james hetfield but with capris and an sensible emerald heel with 200,000 people fully enraptured by her grace. is it kurt loder? no one man should have all that power imo.
holy fuck, jewel playfully put on her guitar players hat and then transitioned from like "cute lol" to "OH WOW SHES HAVING LIKE A COUNTRY MOMENT" effortlessly. showmanship on another level. marry me jewel!
jewel casually shut shit down and scatting and improvising a version of who will save your soul. it was again another display of earnestness and raw emotional power of a KoRns or DMX that i dont think our 2018 minds can handle. thats prob why jewel performs on cruises now. sad.
lol a dude took the mic when jewel sat down when her set was up and proclaimed himself the official king of woodstock. there was a sinister edge to him and he was escorted away. jewel came out and did a quick acoustic song and yodelled as an encore. queen.
lol i assure you i have no idea what an oleander is or why theyre playing woodstock but i love the energy. theyre exactly like dudes that would have been my teachers in middleschool and thats fucking sick they all found glasses that fit their personalities. especially the bassist
lol my man took a hard swig of corona and said theyre oleander from sacramento home of deftones (amazing) CAKE (amazing) and every other badass motherfucking band from northern california and I AM FUCKING LOVING IT.
lol damn oleander is doing a cover of Boys Dont Cry and the guitar player has a fucking sick sacramento kings sticker on his guitar. I wanted to shit on these guys but theyre basically me if i was rock band in the late 90s. Oleander for life.
oh wait i know this song why im here. a legendary song here in northern california. you know what? good for oleander. im happy for them.
hmm they are telling me this guy is a new york native that made good and is on the show frazier. ive never seen frazier so i can neither confirm nor deny but his shirt is wild as hell and im about to watch something miserable lol lets go
does anyone know if the twisted brown trucker band is maga too? i used to think the orange hair guy ruled. im trying so hard to get in the pit and love someone right now. the drummer is wearing a 7/11 uniform. thats amazing.
lol this piece of shit is like hey america show the whole fucking world some fucking attitude. hes always been a walking maga hat. i hate how much bawitaba still lowkey does it to me.
lol i went looking for redemption for uncle kracker like hey what if hes like "you know i dont always agree with bob ritchie politically but..." and then nope fuck this im out before i learn joe c was more problematic than he was already being joe c. gonna cut out of this one tbh
lol dawg dave matthews band's violin player is buff as shit. i bet he was backstage at woodstock g checking kid rock. like walking up to him all "sup bro.... heard you were talking shit in the future? whats up?"
this man just ripped a fucking sax solo and did it while wearing a shirt so peach colored i believe its actually made of the essence of peach and not some sort of polycotton blend. how does one even acquire shirts made of the essence of colors? idk lmk
unfucking believable. men are garbage tbh. i literally just cut off kid rock for this same shit. dave matthews band too? really? sigh, alright ima put on sheryl crow i guess
lol they said sheryl crow is a candidate for the 'heart and soul" of woodstock. her music sucks and shes appropriating native american culture with those pants so maybe they mean the old woodstock.
sheryl crows actual favorite mistake was buying guitars that were always so comically oversized. what the fuck for real
i cant really express the extreme apathy sheryl crow is drawing in this crowd. shes playing massive hits but doing it in a way where shes daring them not to give a shit. shes like here i am world, see me but have no emotional reaction what so ever. its a bold performance strategy
no sheryl crow all *I* want to do is half some fun and now that youre done maybe i can. oh nevermind this band is from canada theyre probably gonna suck lol
the guitar player from the tragically hip looks like paul rudd doing a bit where he plays in a stupid band that performed at woodstock 99. this bands chill tho, i cant lie. its been 8 minutes and its been all build up, im hoping a song starts soon.
the guy i the front looks like hes going to "challenge" me to answer questions about myself while eating increasingly spicier chicken wings. the guy behind him looks like hes super over that being his friends deal. so far theres been two songs in theory but not songs in practice
this band is catching a vibe but nothing overtly interesting is happening probably because theyre canadian. theyre kinda like if you listened to radiohead songs that arent losing my religion/nightswimming. im not sure why anyone would do that but this band is for you if you would
disregard what i said about nothing overtly happening. the lead singer who is not michael stipe of radiohead has a maraca now. credit where its due. also im being told by canadians hes actually a legend who recently passed away. no disrespect to canadian icons meant. RIP this guy
i didnt think this guy could get any more chill but he straight took a lie down during the set. hell fuckin yeah. RIP Gord Downie for real for real. true inspiration to the rest of the chill boys out there like me. this band also is rocking like hell right now while hes chillin.
RIP to this canadian style icon. i meant no disrespect to you. especially now that i think its a very distinct possibility you might have been tragically crip.
lol someone asked me to talk about this band guster which im not even sure is a word but its whatever, rich voss from last comic standing and tough crowd with colin quinn strolled out looking like this. comedians are real funny tbh
this band guster is pretty cool. its like the guy from angel and bones teamed up with kyle mooney. they also have a bongo player but he doesnt really look exceptionally like anybody on tv so i got nothing. i do question why he doesnt have drum sticks though.
so strike what i said about this band guster being pretty cool. theyre kinda like if trader joes was a band and all the dudes in the band just work there. tbh those dudes are usually chill when i go in but i wouldnt want to listen to them in a band. this sax guy is the manager
this bands whole energy is like these dudes work at a trader joes and just like to jam and shit and then their annoying too into it manager comes in with weird ass instruments and bums them out but they play pranks on him and shit. but the music is kinda boring
i seriously needed a break from whatever those last 3 bands were. ice cube in a raiders jersey and top hat screaming about how hes a natural born killa is definitely it. what a sophisticated legend
oh my god, ice cube brought out fieldy in a t mac jersey to introduce his song fuck dying. they said he looks like hes from fucking inglewood and then they dubbed this inglewoodstock. fieldy is from bakersfield. doesnt matter its inglewoodstock now!!!
lol ice cube said fuck this crowd two songs in and walked off the stage. it was a bit so his hypeman could get every middle finger in the massive hive of people to chant fuck you ice cube and draw him back out. its amazing what doing interesting things does to a performance imo
the main guy from bush is what every early 2000s anime fan assumed they looked like with this kind of get up/hairstyle. the other dudes in the band dont even get spotlights btw. this is how the world saw those anime fans. sad.
lol this goof had the band keep repeating the same annoying two seconds of a song so he could crawl in front of a crowd and get a shot where theyre all reaching for him like hes a rock god. all these jim morrison ass dudes were desperately chasing what dmx effortlessly had
bush is rolling around on the ground and popping his shirt off, whatever it takes to get people into songs like the chemical between us. respect tho cause they suck so whatever gets the job done, definitely do it.
lol i definitely fell asleep watching this bush performance. i cant believe people thought they were good. heres the guy from bush singing the radio head classic this goes out to the one i love. bush and radio head both make bad music for dumb people who think theyre smart.
heres some fucking good music for dumb people who think theyre smart hell yeah. its pretty easy to figure out which band members believe in socialism and which band members believe the moon landing was staged based on how bad the tattoos are tbh.
this set is absolute fire. they opened with the song from the godzilla soundtrack and then did the song about mexicans. lets fucking go. i dont expect anything interesting to actually happen but im just glad theyre not doing songs about chemicals, machines, or systems like bush
pictured here: a man who has always wanted like 200000 people to have to stand around and listen to his goddamn poetry.
lol this dude thinks hes performing wizardly with this guitar, and sure, hes making his guitar sound downright silly but we saw the dude from Lit bust out a vibrator on his guitar. DO BETTER.
lol rage ends their set and are like whoops we accidentally set this thing on fire. all i can think though is how zach looks like a waiter who just defiantly quit his job and this is his first day hanging with his unemployed friends.
goddamn alanis morrisette wasting no fucking time getting this shit rocking. also i love how her fit is like a subtle homage to reptile from mortal kombat. he was always my favorite too, alanis!!
lol my mans fitted behind alanis like a straight creamsicle, the very worst of popsicles if we're all being honest with ourselves. alanis going off regardless. i only know the 3 big songs of hers but this shit is tight, no lie.
fucking hell, alanis broke out a harmonica for one hand in my pocket which owns because it was almost the theme song to dawsons creek and dawson played that for jen when she was gonna die in the hospital in the finale. beautiful song. shes going at this guitar player too tbh.
alanis bringing the emotional vulnerability of jonathan davis by openly weeping on stage mid song AND doing the standing straight up and doing the perfect right angle headbang. sheryl crow could never
alanis just spun in a circle for like, no joke, a full minute and didnt get dizzy at the end of it. she might be a legit canadian spirit goddess tbh. also, i so much prefer these daytime performances to the night ones. they offer grand ass moments like this
lol at this 12 year old girl cold chillin during alanis performing you oughtta know like "psh, you aint shit either, alanis..." relaaaaxxxxx
alanis finished with ironic, like really all these people should. i watched modest mouse perform recently and DIDNT end with float on and i was like why tbh. anyways, such power, such grace, such a reptile from mortal kombat meets harriet the spy energy. now im thinking wyclef.
lol wyclefs little sister melky is here. incredible fit. shes been performing for like 6 minutes and everyone is kinda like... wait... wheres wyclef though??? i thikn even some members of the band. shes killing it regardless. good job melky
this dude on keyboards is the only member of the band thats actually backing up melky. though randomly he keeps playing the line from the odb song i like it raw and i keep half expecting odb to come out instead of wyclef, who btw, is not here 11 minutes in. scam icon.
im dying right now. wyclef finally came out and demanded a drumroll so he could do a couple backflips. i swear melky looked like she wanted to beat his ass
wyclef out here playing some 1950s rock and roll behind his head and complaining about his shit not being loud enough. is this an homage to chuck berry? did chuck play at '69? the things a man resorts to when he realizes lauryn hill was the fugee people actually gave a shit about
okay so wyclef played queen's we will rock you (probably not talented enough to play santeria) and then asked the crowd if they liked nas. crowd goes nuts thinking nas is coming, instead he tells them to throw bottles at him so he can light his squire on fire. fails to do so.
lol wyclef had the dj play house of pain's jump around so he could crowd surf. legitimately have no idea what is going on. I hope to someday give as little of a fuck about anything as wyclef does this show.
this scam legend wyclef ceded the mic to a woman simply known as "diane" who is here to sing some janis joplin amidst his stage full of trash. you best believe melky peaced out long ago. middle of the song he said "lets hear it for kid rock!!!" so glad this was the last song tbh
i dont think theres ever been a band ive actively hated more without ever hearing a single bit of their music than buckcherry. im not unreasonable though, i can be swayed to like them even though they dress like a burger king commercial's idea of a rock and roll band.
lol he really got a tattoo that says chaos across the stomach with the a in an anarchy symbol. it really is a shame his band's music sounds like shit that plays in a bar that needs to be rescued by jon tafferty.
update: buckcherry sucks but this guys pretty cool.
i have absolutely no idea how i fucked up this thread but it continues here in the same thread. very strange.
About to watch godsmack in a sec but lets take a second to honor the GOAT baldwin Daniel Baldwin real quick. We respect legends imo
lol im posted up at starbucks and sullys energy is on another level to start off godsmack's set. they started the set by playing audio of smoky from friday telling craig he was gonna get him high so i wasnt expecting this. foolish off me
the other dudes in godsmack are just so even keeled and chill at all times. meanwhile im constantly worried about sully having an aneurysm. im like only half sure the main guys name is sully, theyre from boston for sure so im as sure his name is sully as im sure my name is ramon
godsmack is a band that sounds like id imagine a vape store smells.
lol my man sully caught a nerf football thingy out of midair in the middle of his speech about how all these people should be smoking "da killah greeen grass." so wicked.
im here at starbucks mouthing along and tapping my foot to every godsmack song. i truly love this bands early output. hate me, they give me the spirit i need to defy your hate.
loool my guy sully is so full of rage he took time to place a sticker that says suck it beneath the strings of his guitar. that required him to acquire that sticker and carefully place it beneath the strings. thats so much manufactured fucking defiance.

hell yeah.
holy shit sully just went over to a set of bongos to dual solo with the drummer. is it possible andy kaufman didnt die but- hold up let me finish- he didnt die but he became sully from godsmack?
when boomers @ me telling me all the performers of woodstock 69 made it into the rock and roll hall of fame:

when people imply im only the second funniest comic artist behind @zdarsky:
well godsmack ruled. anyways im watching sevendust now. the leadersinger is a black dude and theyre all wearing track pants which rules but this bass players shit has me looking at them suspect
lol all these dudes got the wildest late 90s looks. all of them i bet were super good at dreamcast games exclusively. i bet they mourned the passing of storm soda. i bet they all thought boy bands were just the WOOORST
sick headdress alert. still cant contain the RAGE beneath the feathers though. as if anything could.
lol they did a cover of sweet home alabama and some pantera song and im getting even more uncomfortable. they let this guy sing sweet home alabama though tbh. wonder why
the guy from sevendust just shouted out canadians and people who are on drugs haha. hes talking about how when he closes his eyes he sees no color and how it could never be like it was before, we have too much love now. i got some bad news for him
lol we reached the trash throwing part of the show and the guitarist did a crazy back kick to a bottle that came at him. pretty sick. easily the highlight of this performance. their music sounds like filler from the ost for an i know what you did last summer sequel.
well sevendust was kinda boring. vertical horizon i only know from that one song and having a dumbass name. the vibe is chill though if you like nonsecular worship music and dudes with satin pants.
lol these dudes are really doing songs about "your love lifts me up" and they want me to believe its not about jesus? yeah OKAY. the dude has an acoustic guitar, i know church band music when i hear it. cover here i am to worship and end this imo
for some reason theyre letting this young jon favreau looking guy sing one of the songs. hes pretty good! i bet the bald guy lets him sing the second service worship sometimes when he has to work a closing shift.
lol nah this man has this face and his drummer has one of those shaker things and hes talmbout "you sailed away into a gray sky morning." pass the collection plate. im not even mad, im holding my palms up to the sky and praising His love. this shit goes.
tfw god is good and the front pew is feeling His glory. lol they legit gave each other a high five after this.
hell yeah counting fucking crows lets get it. if you expect me to slander #DubNation icon alan durfowitz or whatever look elsewhere. we respect legends
a mood
lol im so full of shit. i made fun of guster for looking like they work at trader joes and vertical horizon for sounding like worship music and these motherfuckers arent he food co-opiest dressers on the planet doing songs about heaven and im gonna pretend like we aint. oh well!!
ive watched a truly psychotic amount of performances from this festival and only the counting crows and the offspring showed any shred of concern for audience safety in what was a historically violent swarm of humanity
i know its "cool" to shit on counting crows because they look like dudes that are like creepily into the muppet show and are very specific about milk preference but theyre fucking rocking and i love them.
for some reason the camera followed these dudes around for a longass time. not fully sure why or who they are but it felt slightly disrespectful to my golden state counting crows tbh
lol i dont know who this dickhead jamiroquai is but hes grooving
whelp. spoiler alert. jamiroquai is boring. this is cool though, one of these crowd surfing kids looks like the dude from that anime one piece lol
this guy broke out a flute. at its best this music sounds like street fighter 2 music but most the time it sounds nothing like that and i find myself longing for the days of dmx. if i look down in the sand though i see 1 set of footprints and i know they aint mine so...
this bass player looks like a spelling bee champion.
lol this guy jamiroquai is a muppet. the counting crows would probably be stoked on him. he just said "this next song is by the rolling stones, TELL ME YOU DONT LIKE THE ROLLING STONES!" easily done. i do NOT like the rolling stones.
I avoid posting flashers because i dont want to edit to keep this sfw but it was worth the extra minute to show this ladys incredible KoRn husk hat.
haha well jamiroquai really kinda lost this crowd and we reached the bottle/trash throwing stage of the show fairly organically. he just stopped paying attention and smoking a cigarette. then he mocked the crowd for missing and grabbed a speaker to wave it at the audience. next.
alright last watch for tonight probably. the divorced dad/napster litigation/friends of the pod/load and reload/i think its time to quit drinking lol psych your/blowing up my ex wifes pager at 3 am so shell take me back/seriously tho no more cigs era metallica. all time GOAT era.
lol wtf someone threw a bottle at james during master of puppets. the gall. the audacity. the chutzpa. didnt effect him though, hes a consumate pro's pro. hes definitely taken anger management classes to show his ex wife hes willing to change tbh
holy fuck, during Fuel james is just wandering the stage playing at different amps to either a)see where the sound is fucked up or b) feel the energy of the music. either way, badass. hes so committed to making this work!!!
people keep telling me the 94 woodstock was better but how could that possibly be when metallica i dont think came out with either load or reload? their best albums! theyre playing king nothing and its fucking owning so hard. check kirks signature mummy guitar also. so sick.
metallica is doing great. nobody is throwing trash. im mostly just posting this because i love the colors. very cool vibe. its fun to see how many people dont have the cellphones out. woodstock 2019 will have a lot more cell phones imo
if the lead singer of your favorite rock band didnt flip the bird what was even the point? lmk
wow really the most badass thing you could do though is actually be stoic and honest about your emotions. thats what divorced dad james hetfield is giving me here. hes never opened himself this way. life is ours he lived it his way. simply put: nothing else matters. wow wow wow
lol jason is totally that friend who was like "youre right man linda or susan or brenda or whatever was being a real bitch" and then when they get back together has to hanging out because james remembered what he said. sorry jason. be better.
well metallica was great. i love that they didnt play enter sandman (a song that is not cool at all) and instead opted to play seek and destroy (a song that was very cool) for the last song. overall a very tight set. nothing dramatic or overly weird sadly.
never heard of this band before but the lead singer is super stoked to be here.
when these dudes said "we should start a band, bro" in fifth period shop class they always knew their music would sound like this and always knew theyd one day play in front of 250,000 people. guaranteed.
this band is kinda lame. the lead singer is like a wormy version of roger daltry from led zeppelin if he sang shit like "our love is like water" not thanks. i love the bassist though. everyone else is dressed like a "badass rock star" but he looks like his mom bought his clothes
lol this guy just said this song is called pain lies by the riverside from his album mental jewelry. 100% he defines himself as spiritual. 100% he went through a kaballah phase. 100% the rest of the dudes in the band have had 5 hour conversations with him about faith at dennys
goddamn these dudes are going for it. currently playing the song "dolphins cry" from their album distance here. its about like what if the wars were over or something. idk, i miss when music was ABOUT something for sure though
for one brief fleeting moment in 1999, the sky was beautiful and live ruled the world. or at least the guy from live thought he did, and for some delusional people, thats good enough.
this band has so many songs about water
haha well Live was some pretentious bullshit. anyways, ive never heard of the chemical brothers, but it looks like their chemical mother and father raised them to make music that sounds like a calculator. what the fuck am i doing with my life?
noel and liam chemical are making the absolute sickest ps1 loading screen music ever
lol how fucked would mario and luigi chemical be if the icp clowns came out and poured soda all over their noise machines?
damn cain chemical really leaving abel chemical to press all the blinky buttons and make "music" while he smokes a cig? the betrayal.
damn rivers and joaquin chemical are really catching a groove. i love the part of this song that goes 101010111000111000111 0101111000100111101 100011101101011 011010101000 1001010001010 1010010101001 01010101 01010101000111111010101010010101010 0110011010 1 its so fucking good.
ive always kinda liked daft punk for making music for robots trying to feel things. ben and casey chemical are making music for robots that are like facts dont care about your feelings.
honestly at this point id kill for a middle aged guy in some wraparound shades and faded tribal tattoo playing shitty songs about mountains or something on a gibson. i just want to feel human again.
lol lyle and erik chemical need to chill
well shawn and marlon chemical was some pretentious bullshit. lets see what i have nex-oooh nooooooo. lol theres zero percent chance the main chilli pepper finishes this set with a shirt on, flea started it out ass naked.
lol after the first song which i could have swore was give it away now, flea urgently rushes to the main chilli pepper to call an audible on the next song which is give it away now. im fairly sure the next song will be give it away now.
lol the main chilli pepper opened his shirt and the guitar player got the alert and also went half shirt for this song which im pretty sure is give it away now.
"flea, grant me the strength to get through this next performance of give it away now"
i joke a lot about how every rhcp song is give it away because most of them might as well be, but when they make slow poignant songs for assholes that love their daughters and the general idea of the pacific ocean that shit moves me, no lie.
the main chilli pepper is totally the the of dude to get a tattoo honoring a native american dude on his bicep and underscore it with a tribal heart/barbed wire tat right beneath it. also, shirt fully off at 30 minutes if you took the over.
haha the main chilli pepper is telling the guitar player about how he messed up some lyric in the last song and the guiat player was like dont be so hard on yourself man. its lighters up regardless on under the bridge
flea taking a momentary break from being an excited 7 year old to tell these motherfuckers to stop groping women in the audience. only the third person of the entire show to care about audience safety. other two were counting crows and the offspring fwiw
oh so this is what the one guy from insane clown posse devoid of his makeup, soda, and other assorted clowns. fascinating.
lol "heres a song for people that do things for all the wrong reasons" bro. you have a barely legible chinstrap and are wearing offbrand ecko. what was the reason for that?
"stacking mad chips and pushing fat whips" is a thing this man just sang next to a man with an electric stand up bass. lol. true hip hop imo.
truly no offense to those in the program but this band's whole essence is an alcoholics anonymous meeting. their shows should come with free coffee and tea and shit
the drummer for everlast would play his drums like this. these guys are all about the "fundamentals" of everything. drums, hip hop, basketball, all that shit. they played a bluesrock version of jump around and i wanted to die.
"well maybe then you might know what its like" is such a perfect thesis statement from this guy everlast. the arrogance of a middle aged white man whose mediocre hip hop group fell apart talking down to people who couldnt POSSIBLY understand his struggle on a deep level. okay man
lol thats a wrap for everlast, the mediocre white savior nobody asked for, listened to, or cared about. no wonder his dj went to work for fred durst
alright our lady peace time. the ONLY thing i know about this band is they did the entrance song for chris benoit. if this singer is a beloved canadian icon i need yall to speak up now or forever hold your lady peace.
canadians conflicted itt
this bands whole energy is like one half of the band is being forced to take the other half of the band to the store to buy magic the gathering cards.
im kidding around about the vibe of the band being at odds with one another but superman's dead is a legit banger. i like how this guy has so many songs where he just starts singing vowels like "A E I O U A E I O UUUUUUU" that shits tight.
when this dude rolled up his olive cargos to reveal his crispy ass tan chuckas he KNEW he was killin em. canada is here for your boy.
this motherfucker has been singing he same song about carnival clowns for the last 4 hours. i know it cant be actually four hours but theres a distinct possibility i entered some kind of fucked up wormhole where there is only me, this song, and perpetual misery. lol it sucks.
lol these motherfuckers are rocking rn and the main guy went into the front row and started spraying the people with water. hydration is so key. lol and the sets over. well at least they got started just in time to finish up.
lol this band is absolutely fucked. tbh i have no idea what theyre deal is but the vibe is crazy and the songs are about like raising barns and shit and i think im just hella elated they arent our lady peace.
me rn listening to rusted rood in the middle of starbucks and anxiously checking the warriors score:

issa mood:
okay 1)the lead singer reminds me of michael ian black before he was a megyn mccain apologist 2)the chick is playing spoons on some thing she put over her shirt and 3) the drummer just reminded the audience to drink 2 bottles of water for every 1 beer. HYDRATION! AUDIENCE SAFETY!
yo i have less than no clue what the fuck this instrument is that homegirl is rocking but let me tell you it does not matter because rusted root is fucking sick. theyre like the best possible version of whatever the hell world music grammy winning genre they are in. fucking heavy
DONT ASK IF THE BAND IS LOCKED IN FOR THEIR PERFORMANCE OF SEND ME ON MY WAY!!! they are. somewhere matilda is fucking going to a library and shit smiling like a motherfucker. this song goes.
i love that this bands whole deal that like theyre in an episode of king of the hill where they move in the neighborhood and hank hill doesnt trust their hippy ways until he finds out they're super knowledgeable about agriculture and are down with propane.
damn rusted root went the fuck off. they finished up and got called back out for an encore. theyre playing a cover of you cant always get what you want. much better version than the rolling stones' which was terrible
haha collective soul? wtf. okay. we got ourselves yet another rock god i see.
all the guitar players in this band are just wearing long sleeve shirts and regular pants of different colors. i hate it. no flair. i hope this band never got a track on guitar hero because these guys dont deserve that even though their music sounds like guitar hero songs
lol surprise surprise this group of guitar heroes are clicking thier way through an anemic cover of crazy train. the crowds kinda into it because classic rock is fun. but someone throws a roll of toilet paper at the guy anyways haha
disregard what i said about NONE of the guitar players of collective soul having any sauce whatsoever. this bassplayer came with the tightest possible curls in a show of extreme confidence and steez. music still boring as shit but thats cool.
ive never cared for wanky guitar solos that spend a lot of time with the guy just moving his fingers fast down at the bottom of the guitar like this. i dont want to get technical but it sounds like dog shit to me.
lol i can relate. right before the singer started trying to cover his ears fro this stuff he said they were playing their new song generate from their NEW album, of which they have 4, despite being called a one hit wonder. lol. this one hit wonder is bitter as fuck.
well collective soul was soul draining. speaking of bitter, the guy from soul collective brought up megadeth lol. beautiful transition. gonna watch this former disgruntled metallica employee and finish off this endeavor tomorrow.
lol if metallica was in their divorced dad phase, megadeth was in a phase that was like the guy who always harbored a flame for metallicas ex wife and he heard they were split and he thinks he has a shot but he is a dude wearing beige pants and a white no sleeve shirt. cmon dave
lol the other guys in daves band look like theyd be cohosts on a shitty podcast where dave talks about like how much millenials annoy him. hed go off and theyd be like ha you said it dave anyways we want to thank our listeners on the podfm3.0 network and the people at joes razors
smh dave really out here wearing larry david pants and shoes.
lol someone tried to hit dave with something and missed. he said nice shot, you throw as good as your mother SUCKS. smh okay. anyways theyre playing one of the two megadeth songs i know, the universal soldier song goldberg came out to to promote that movie. that was tight.
i fundamentally cant comprehend why dave busted out a 12 string acoustic guitar. isnt the whole point of megadeth that its for people who think metallica was better before the black album? this is both uncomfortable and unnecessary.
lol let it never be said dave cant take constructive criticism. shes still never gonna love you, dave.
well okay. mostly forgettable but peace sells is a banger for the like 2 seconds they used for the mtv news drop. apparently megadeth was the actual closer which is hilarious but i guess makes sense considering people probably would shut off to catch sex and the city anyways
lol i held off watching this one because i thought mike ness was just one of the monkees who went solo or something bu it turns out its the guy from social distortion? who knew? apparently hes like a punk rock cowboy here haha why tho?
mike was out here talkin like "i grew up on the original acts of woodstock, anyway hes a bob dylan cover" but bob dylan was not at woodstock and from what i understand was like super bummed on it. maybe mike went woodstock 94 lol. everyone loved that one.
honestly im not mad at this though. i think dudes that do chewing tobacco need something to vibe to as much as anybody. i dont personally do chewing tobacco but if i did, this would make me feel whole.
the spirit of '99 is 100% this teletubby smoking a joint while a punk rock cowboy whos guitar says orange county opines about some bullshit behind it.
lol before launching into a cover of ring of fire, he said johnny cash inspired him as much as sid vicious. this guys so corny but hes so earnest about this. i kinda love it. hes out here wearing all black like youd never know it by looking at me but I LOOOOVE johnny cash.
i love how down this guys friends were to just rawk with him but also dress like kyle perkins and play a stand up base. whatever he needed they were there. mike ness also telling a story about how hes mad they did a johnny cash tribute on tv and didnt call him haha relaxxxxxx
well mike ness was fine, not mad at it. kinda corny but nothing approaching the soul destroying shit i saw yesterday. now its 3rd bass. or it would be but hes just pacing backstage playing 3 second clips of other peoples hits. 3rd time ive heard jump around in 2 days btw
man i feel awful for 3rd bass. hes trying to hard but theres like 20 people in the crowd who i dont think know who he is. hes telling them they need to check his cd out at sam goody to see how real hip hop beat vanilla ice and mc hammer. its tragic.
lol this guy is playing thursday and is like wheres brooklyn at? no response. how bout queens? no response. NEW JERSEY IN THE FUCKIN HOUSE? nah man.
3rd bass just asked if anyone in the crowd can rap and this hero name jeremy came up and rocked woodstock for awhile. i mean fuck it why not. now hes asking the audience to give him topics to freestyle about. its umm... awkward.
oh man. 3rd bass just started covering a mobb deep song but gave up half way through and then invited yet another random dude on stage to freestyle. this time scoob from missouri. a man in the crowd immediately jim halperts him.
this may come as a shock, but 3rd bass did not end strong with their performance of the only 3rd bass song people know, "pop the weasel." I guess shouldnt have shit on norcal legend mc hammer. anyways, here are some more Real Hip Hop saviors: Jimmy Fallon's house band lol
no disrespect to the roots, this shit is all pretty chill. i never really listened to them because i personally never wrote poetry myself but the shit sounds good for sure.
lol the guy in the sweatervest started whisper scatting for like a minute with only this piano player playing backwards behind it. what pillar of hip hop is this again? i need krs one to explain this one for me.
look, the roots are good but he just said "when it comes to presenting this hip hop music and culture for you in its most purest form on some rawcore shit... we are the ultimate level" i dunno, thats funny to me. what song did they play when trump walked out again? i didnt watch
you know what? its been a long weekend and i dont think i have it in my spirit to disrespect the roots making good music. james brown, elvis costello, george clinton, or my beloved los lobos neither. my spirit cant do it. mercifully lets end with middle fingers and track pants
limp bizkit's hugeness at this time really cant be overstated. all of america was sagging their dickies this low. at least people who had dickies anyways.
its wild that no other performance i can think of had random people from other bands hanging around EXCEPT this one. both fieldy from korn and joe c from kid rock are just hanging out.
its really incredible that people consider catcher in the rye this classic piece of literature but not limp bizkit's counterfeit. they both deal with similar themes of insecurity and authenticity and hostile adolescence except the latter has a sick bassline.
"its the end of the world, 1999" fred says to 250,000 people.
woodstock 99 was a tremendously bad weekend for white rappers. they were pretty much all terrible. and yet. here is puff daddy wearing a jason williams sacramento kings jersey. fucking white chocolate. wow. thats iconic.
limp bizkit has the same unified aesthetic problem as creed. the drummer is an and1 street baller, the guitarist is a darth maul, fred is a teenage drug dealer, and the damn bassist is wearing track pants and a black t. come on.
lol this guy had to inform fred that his mic was in fact not working. for how long? who knows. this performance really is perfectly emblematic of the woodstock 99 experience. its got rage. tech issues. musicianship. bad white rapping. the crowd turning lord of the flies.
"you gotta have faith" -fred durst, 1999

Limp Bizkit is America.
"alright woodstock, getting a little scary... we've got some hurt human beings. woodstock nation, were all in this together. we've got some hurt brothers and sisters, right in here amongst you and we have to find a way to get them out. so that they live through this."
A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again. Probably.
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