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Interesting, Christie interview with Mueller office was just two months ago, Feb. 2019.
Trump tries to get McFarland to create witness statement he did not direct Flynn to talk to Kislyak. Also she is fired & offered ambassador
no pressure on Sessions not to recuse. this is all just on one day, march 2, 2016
Priebus comes off exactly as he seemed. Hugely conflicted, ambiguous, conveying Trump bad orders then sometimes thinking better of it.
Think Mueller was very, maybe overly generous to Trump in analysis of whether Trump felt had personal stake in investigation of Flynn
Trump: “You’re telling me..Obama didn’t tell Eric Holder who to investigate?” Bannon recalled discussing w T b4 inaug Sessions wd hv 2recuse
Mueller office interviewed Stephen Miller on 10/31/17 (FN 322). Day after Papadopoulos guilty plea unsealed.
that is interesting bc Papadopoulos was supposed to have a call w Miller the day after Mifsud told him Russians have dirt on Hillary
but that is months before Mueller office started interviewing George Nader &learned of aug3 2016 Nader meeting w Don Jr., Erik Prince, Zamel
subsequent reports indicated Miller was maybe on the sidelines of that meeting
McGahn asks Boente if can speed up conclusion of investigation. Trump seeks to speak w Boente directly but McG tells him B does not want to
Trump asks Coats & Pompeo to stay behind after PDB March 22 2017, to ask if they cd say publicly he has no link to Russia.
Multiple ODNI officials had impression Coats was upset after meeting and felt Trump was asking him to do something to end the inv’n
FN345: Coats relayed T asked him several times what he cd do to help end the inv’n, and Coats repeatedly said to let it run its course.
(struck but not surprised that Pompeo seemed to downplay what Coats saw as troubling repeated T queries what he cd do to end the inv’n)
T told NSA dir. inv’n was messing up his ability to get things done w Russia. Dep. said it was most unusual thing ever experienced in 40yrs
Pompeo recalled the President venting abt inv’n, complaining no evidence against him & no one wd publicly defend him.
Trump calls Comey March 30 asking what cd be done to lift the cloud over his presidency. Then calls to follow up April 11.
seems Trump WH tells Fox what to cut from their interviews. But Trump wants it in (fed them the question?) seemngly to pressure Comey. FN373
Intense T pressure on Comey et al to have FBI issue statement Trump not under investigation. and why Boente et al don’t want to do it
Trump blamed the investigation, rather than the Russian interference itself, for tarnishing his presidency.
Trump fired Comey because he declined to say publicly that Trump was not under investigation in the Russia probe.
Trump and Stephen Miler draft Comey termination letter.
Then WH pushes fake story that idea to fire Comey was all from Rosenstein. Trump meets with the Russians &says fired FBI dir., pressure off
FN468. Trump decided to fire Comey the day his meeting w/Russian FM Lavrov & Kislyak was confirmed, May 5, 2017, after Trump Putin call May2
Among two of the most astonishing pages in the report, though we knew most of it.
Trump tells McCabe received 100s of messages from FBI agents glad fired Comey. Then Sanders tells press heard from countless FBI mbrs
Sanders told Mueller her comment was not based on anything. But report notes it came after she met w/ Trump &he told similar to McCabe
Then Trump decides to throw WH comms team under a train and tell Lester Holt he decided to fire Comey
The evidence indicates a thorough FBI inv’n would uncover facts abt the campaign&the President personally he cd have understood to be crimes
Trump knew could be exposed he lied about pursuing deals w/Russia during 2016. Was involved in private efforts to benefit from WL dumps
And so, by firing Comey because he would not say publicly Trump was not under Investigation, Trump got himself under investigation
McGahn tells T his biggest exposure is asking Comey to let Flynn go, requesting Comey loyalty, telling Lavrov firing Comey relieved pressure
June 14, 2017: First press report Trump himself under investigation for obstruction of justice. June 17, Trump tells McGahn to fire Mueller
McGahn decides to resign, calls his personal attorney, goes to office to pack his things. His CoS prepares to resign too.
Mueller report pp87 to 89: not going to pretend this was not obstruction of justice
Substantial evidence indicates the President’s attempts to remove the Special Counsel were linked to SC investigation of President’s conduct
The President was facing what he had wanted to avoid: a criminal investigation into his own conduct...subject of widespread media attention
While Trump trying to get others to fire Sessions, WaPo reports US intercepts show Sessions discussed campaign matters w Kislyak
Then Priebus calls Sessions Chief of Staff to see if Sessions will resign. CoS Hunt says he won’t, Trump will have to fire him
sure seems the leak was directed by Trump to force Sessions to resign. Then Trump tells Priebus to get Sessions’ resignation letter
Priebus calls McGahn, who tells him don’t do it, and consults his personal attorney.
Priebus tells Trump if forced Sessions to resign, Rosenstein &Brand wd quit too. Trump proceeds to relentlessly attack Sessions on Twitter
Sessions drafts another resignation letter and carried it with him in his pocket for the next year whenever he went to the White House.
Mueller analysis p. 97: substantial evidence this was obstruction of justice.
Trump one on one with devotee Lewandowski to get Sessions to curtail Russia investigation and follow up one on one shows corrupt intent
Hicks says she & Kushner side thought should get out ahead of inevitable leaks of emails on June 9 Trump Tower meeting, but Trump opposed it
Kushner tried to show Trump TT emails before submitting to Congress but Trump stopped him, said did not want to know about it. Same wk later
7/8, Trump tells Hicks not to comment for NYT story on TT meeting. Later that day Trump tells her say abt adoption. in btw? Trump met Putin
In analysis of false “adoption” statement on TT meeting, Mueller says Trump tried to mislead press & public, but not block the investigation
Rachel Brand interviewed January 2019, FN 746
In Dec. 2017, Trump tells Sessions that Dershowitz says a POTUS can order his AG to investigate (his preferred targets)
Mueller verdict of Trump 2 year campaign of abuse to pressure Sessions to unrecuse himself : obstruction
worth noting Trump lawyers/WH reportedly limited Kelly interviews w Mueller but Porter provided a lot on what Kelly blocked from providing
Kelly interview 8/2/2018. (FN794)
Before meeting where Trump to threaten McGahn to write false memo, Trump lawyer calls McG attorney &says McGahn can’t resign no matter what
Mueller verdict on Trump trying to manipulate McGahn account of Trump efforts to have him get Mueller removed: obstruction
“Let me see if I can’t state it in starker terms.” Trump counsel leaves voice mail for Flynn attorney threatening him for cooperating
Trump counsel seems to dangle pardon to Flynn counsel if they keep briefing them despite cooperation agreement. btw, manafort attorney did
maybe not indictable but wonder if letters to the bar or something would be in order
#pt (cooperation with the government)
Flynn *lawyer* also formally interviewed by FBI/Mueller office about this on March 1, 2018, see 302 cited in FNs
Manafort told Gates they should sit tight, Trump lawyer told him they would be taken care of. T meantime told Porter he never liked Manafort
Mueller names Rudy Giuliani here on dangling pardon for Manafort. did not name which T lawyer in episodes w Flynn lawyer &false T statement
maybe because Giuliani did it in the media
Trump says not taking pardon off table for Manafort, praises Manafort, Corsi, Stone for not flipping.
FN888. Corsi “was involved in efforts to coordinate with Wikileaks and Assange.”
Mueller verdict: Trump was trying to influence jury in Manafort trial, discourage Manafort cooperation w govt in suggesting pardon on table
Cohen briefed Trump in Jan. 2016 he spoke with “someone from the Kremlin” about the Trump Tower Moscow project & she was very professional.
most recent Mueller office/FBI interview seen in whole document: Cohen, March 19, 2019 (FN941, 942, 943)
Ahead of Cohen document production to Congress, Trump’s personal lawyer told Cohen if he stayed on message, the President had his back.
Trump lawyer told Cohen not to include in statement to Congress that he & T discussed possible Trump Putin meeting in NY during UNGA 2015.
10 days before he sent his statement to congress, Cohen talked to T lawyer almost daily, per phone records.
don’t know if suggestion Mueller thinks there should be consequences for Trump’s personal counsel at time for urging false statements
who was the trump personal attorney at time mueller and cohen mean? august 2017?
why Mueller repeated discretion on this. they know who they are, he knows who they are. he has shamed them. but public deserves to know
Mueller says after Cohen pleaded guilty&told them abt those conversations, they tried to speak w T attorney involved but he declined. FN994
Cohen said he & Kushner by releasing their opening statements to Congress let others know what saying so follow same message, T liked
FN1061: something in a Trump tweet re: Cohen is redacted due to “harm to ongoing matter,” e.g. subject of ongoing criminal proceeding
Verdict: evidence Trump intended to discourage Cohen from cooperating bc his info wd shed adverse light on T campaign conduct/statements
“advance notice of WikiLeaks’s release of hacked information..cld be seen as criminal activity by the President, his campaign” or his family
@lrozen would seem to be this Trump 12/3/2018 tweet praising Stone for declaring he would never testify against Trump.
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