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he said the name of the movie
did you mean... arabic?
every movie made in the 90s has an unethical egyptologist in it. it was the law then. no one knows why.
hmmm aliens are here and their dicks glow
italian egyptologist has never seen a german before. already stretching my suspension of disbelief, smh
this guy ALSO said the name of the movie
i bet this doesn't turn out well for him. (also it's 300 years later and we're in space now and there's a black president. a lot has happened since the alien robot got crushed inside a pyramid in 1914.)
i think the president should listen to the priest & expert in "astro-phenomena" on this one.
they did NOT listen to the priest and now the black hole thing is a screaming skull shaped ball of space fire about to swallow their ship. really shoulda had some more meetings before they decided to shoot missiles at some space phenomena, huh?
in the future, cigarettes are backwards
also in the future men are still making pussy jokes
this cat is a star
wow they cannot stop saying the name of the movie!
honestly, i'm lost, too. it's been like 20 minutes and i still don't even know what the first four elements are.
if anyone asked me, i'd say maybe using technology to sequence the DNA of a severed robot alien arm and then using that to rebuild the entire robot alien's body was probably not a good idea.
i share the general's confusion about the greasy atoms
hmmm they had robot alien DNA but they grew a naked lady with it. (and i guess in the 24th century people are still pervs)
the main issue i’m having with this flying car chase is this implies in the future mcdonald’s burgers are preassembled at some other location and delivered to restaurants that way.
he said the name of the movie again
haha so i'm still not sure what this movie is about
learning all the important history of humanity over the last 5000 years.
still not sure what's going on at all, but imo the jedi should've let that arms dealer choke to death
especially if he's the one choosing his henchmen's headgear.
the president and i both have some questions about what's going on
i know earlier the space president said there are 200 billion citizens but would you believe this taxicab driver who lost his job is the best soldier for this secret mission? what a coincidence.
look, i know 'if you see something, say something' is deeply racist and no one should talk to cops anyway, but even netflix can tell there's something wrong with these two
why is he singing
the backing music appears to be diegetic but also to have no source
she learned english sometime in the last 15 minutes and half of what she's said so far is her own name. she's like a very advanced pokemon.
so, i feel like if there were some kind of hostile apparently sentient and rapidly expanding planetoid thing that had already swallowed up at least one space military vessel, maybe commercial space flights would be grounded until the situation was resolved?
roy von bacon, king of laser ball
is she naked or is she wearing a bodysuit the same color as her skin
tfw you were born yesterday but you need your roots done already
i am not confident this space orc even knows how to drive a flying hotel
every character has to say the name of the movie
if the blue alien had NOT been shot in the stomach, how was she planning to get that large box of rocks out of her abdomen? that does NOT look like it would've passed easily the natural way.
me at the end of a really spicy meeting
he tried to say the name of the movie but he fucked it up a little
yeah but does it still have a rad skull face in it?
she's radicalizing. could go either way.
he said the name of the movie again
i'm legitimately furious that you have to blow on the 'wind' stone to 'open' it
aha, i see, of course. earth for the earth stone, water for the water stone, fire for the fire stone, wind for the wind stone, and DOIN' IT for the FIFTH ELEMENT.
dallas korben is having sex with a one day old alien inside a hyperbaric chamber and i just don't think that's safe or legal
I'M SORRY. THE FILM LITERALLY ENDED WITH BRUCE WILLIS TENDERLY MAKING LOVE TO THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE. like, fade to credits as they're doing it inside some kind of medical TUBE.
they said the name of the movie like seven times.
this movie was just captain planet except 4/5 of the planeteers are rocks and one of them had to fuck bruce willis.
every movie that came out in 1997 contained at least one onscreen utterance of the film's title by a major character. it was the law back then.

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