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It was mid July in the 90's in Warri , a pregnant goat wanted to give birth to her kids and it was raining silly ... a Thread
So she ran into the kitchen of a woman . Now take note we grew up in public compounds where the kitchens are usually built with zinc or and 2x2 planks outside the house which were mainly room and parlor ...
Either that or you enlist a carpenter to make a big wooden box 📦 with a lock that u place just by the entrance of ur dormort as entrances where known as back then
So the goat 🐐 in a bid to avoid the pouring rain ran into the kitchen of this lady which was a zinc construction just at the backyard of her house and she chased the goat away. She legit entered into the rain to chase a goat in labor away...
Now she totally forgot she too was pregnant after almost 9yrs of marriage and no kids of her own . Why she did what she did was still on clear . Maybe she thought about the possible mess that can come from the delivery or as a first time preggy herself she was wary ...
Of the pains associated with labor and didn't want to witness it , see the harmless goat in pains , get upset and lose her pregnancy as a result . This is just my imagination trying to justify what she did. Make sense abi ? Chale but we don't know why she did it ...
So to cut the short story long, she chased the goat out of her kitchen and went back inside her room . Carried a small chair and sat in the veranda watching to make sure the goat doesn't return. Out of frustration and pains, the laboring goat struggled under ...
A tree that barely shielded her from the merciless Warri rain and delivered her kids. No lives were lost. Mom and kids survived the ordeal and life went on. Fast forward 6mnths later , she was due to deliver her first child ever ...
Needless to say it was a happy occasion. Her hubby was working at NISCO a prominent engineering company around the Enerhen axis of Warri. These were the bigger boys in town at some point. They earned fairly well. They wore the best clothes and ate healthy...
Some of them like this woman's hubby drove the Bentley of that era . I'm talking Benz 200 , 230 and 190s. Usually black or red in color. The 3 series BMW of blessed memory. So based on the fact he has been bashed for being childless that long, hubby was determined to cos a frenzy
Canopies, chairs, Jollof and shicken were present to bear their father's name. Mother and mother in law have been present 2wks prior to due date for Omugwo an naming packaging. Hubby already sent out invites putting his colleagues and church people at alert...
He wanted all present when the baby arrived . Boy or girl. He has played with the ideas of Jessica of it's a girl and Murphy of it's a boy. Yeah Coming to America had a profound effect on everyone at the time . I remember my mom said why not Akeem ? 🙄...
And so her water broke that hot January afternoon and she was promptly rushed to the hospital where she went for pre-Natal and what not. With every baby items bought in 2s . As if it was twins they were expecting . But who cld blame a well to do hubby who's endured...
The yimu yimu of world people for over 9yrs. It was finally his time and he was leaving no stone unturned . Soon after she arrived the hospital , she was rushed to the delivery room and her hubby showed up in a matter of hours. . .
And he was ever supportive by her side holding her hands and chorusing the puuuush with the nurses and midwives.

A few hours passed and progress was no where in sight. A specialist was brought in who continuously check the pulse of the baby to be extra sure a still birth is ...
... the case . Oya naa the 2mothers ran out of patience waiting for the good news at home and filed out of the compound , mounted 2 separate okadas and made for the hospital as quickly as the pothole riddled roads cld permit.

Hours turn to days and days turned to a week ...
Still no progress in sight. Now at the time CS was a very exclusive and expensive option coz for reasons I still can't explain only few doctors wld dare the procedure. Most women in the Warri metropolis will journey to Baptist Medical center in Eku. : .
Eku was a neighboring town close to Abraka where the Delta State University DeLSU was located . In those days Eku was known for one thing and one thing only . The hospital. And CS was hardly called CS .
You hear women say stuffs like , she don born oh
Na operation oh (meaning CS)
And Na Eku (Baptist Medical Centre) so short story long, she cldnt be taken to Eku coz the only capable doctor was abroad on a short course and won't be back for another 3months .
Now everyone is troubled. The woman's mother was already crying hopelessly. The hubby's mother on the other hand, based on old Warri , observed the situation. Asked a few strange questions and disappeared for 2days . She came back to the hospital looked at her son and said...
My pikin , where ur motor? He replied, I park for outside. She asked where the Key ? He answered, e dey my pocket. Wetin happen he asked. The mom said "do you trust me?" Now everyone was apprehensive like what is going on. He replied his mom "Yes I trust you" . Then she said, ...
Carry ur wife enter motor . Make we dey go house. U want make she born abi? He replied Yes. She goes . Les go home . Now in those 2days , she's gone to FIND OUT what was going and she was told...
I will continue tomorrow if y'all are interested . 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Kindly RT
Based on popular demand I have to finish this . Are you with me ? Stay with me . It'll be on in exactly 20mins
So in the 2days hubby's mom went AWOL and was MiA , she went to the mountain top to have a look a word with the most prominent and never failing MamaLawo of her era Iya AyeOle . She was famous for her herbal concoctions that on different unending occasions cured many illnesses...
She was also know for her ability to see the past and sometimes the future. She was the first 3'eyed raven I ever heard about. She was a prophet/a healer/midwife/Shrink and sometimes adjudicator.
Hubby's mom have gone to inquire of the gods from iya AyeOle what was going on and what cld e done and she was given very strict instructions she was to meticulously follow and on time too coz time was running out for the infant .
Instructions we will soon learn about but for now, let us go back to the scene at the hospital.

Everyone was confused and worried at the same time. No one had the slightest idea where hubby's mom was coming from and why she sounded so confident about her request ...
For the woman to be carried into the car and driven home. Now in the hit of the moment . A towering bald headed figure with cut to size suit and a black tie that's obviously seen better days walked into the room with a reassuring sound that points to the longevity of the soul of
Whatever shoes he was putting on. It was pastor Maxwell Akpomiemie . Good evening pastor everyone chorused . As he walked into the room. The hubby had a feel of relief to see the MOG in the room as he wiped what seemed like a cup full of sweat (Calm down Na small cup)frm his head
In a split second , the hubby actually forgot his mom had just asked him to carry his wife into the car and head home.
Now the whole hospital has been cast into crusade mode. Trust waffirians ( ask Gordons or @unoroh) at that time. Men were kabashing left right and middle...
After another 1hr and no progress detected after checks by doctors. It became clear life was gradually leaving the woman. Pastor Akpomiemie excused himself . He had council of pastors meeting or whatever that was to attend to 🙄. Now it was becoming dangerous. Hubby was hopeless
So hubby's mom shouted CARRY THIS GIRL PUT OTOR NOW! . This time, Without hesitation, hubby responded and asked the doctors to wheel his wife to his car and they zoomed away. On the way he asked ; mama which house we dey go, and she replied your house . On getting to his house
They saw a strange figure wearing white and red buluku with headgear made out of mostly cowries and red pieces. This was iya AyeOle carrying out some serious incantations and at intervals chewing native kolanutvand pepperfruit while washing it down with sapelle ogogoro ... woman
Was brought out of the car, and laid on a math outside while iya AyeOle did his thing and wld sometimes spit some of the mixture of kola, pepperfruit and ogogoro on the woman's face.

Suddenly she said CONFESS!

Now this is where it became interesting. What has she done that..
She needed to confess ? Husband was distraught. He wanted to save his wife and kid by all means. So he burst out crying . Why are u crying, his mom asked. In a bid to be a dad at all cost, he was lured into visiting a babalawo himself where he was told he must sleep with a...
Mad woman 3 times on the 1st of each month and on each occasion, he must head straight home and sleep with his wife before washing up . He cld only do it twice and since his wife already informed him she missed her period he refused to go back and complete the deal. He was warned
Bad things will happen since the 3rd Month already came and went . Iya AyeOle rebuked him for that and looked to the wife and said, you will deliver and ...

But first you must remember what u did to a goat in ur condition months back . The goat cried to the universe and the ...
Heard and is now avenging the goat and also... noticing she was running out of time, iya AyeOle ordered 20 buckets of water be brought forward. Trust Area people, 2mins buckets were up to 200 + . She ordered they be filled and they were all filled. Now people must climb to the...
Roof of the house and poured water into the zinc. She must deliver under rain but it was just January and rains don't fall easily. And so the woman was dragged into the spots where rain water normally touch and the people at the roof top had to improvise a heavy rain by ...
Repeatedly pouring water into the zinc this her body . I have never seen such love and community effort towards a single goal. Not long after the cry of a baby was heard. You shld hear the screams of joy that erupted. Iya AyeOle was nowhere to be found all of a sudden . And
Almost immediately all the noise died down. The baby was off one kaaiin. After careful observation, it was now clear the baby was half black and half white. The woman started crying uncontrollably. The hubby wished ye ground wld swallow him immediately. Now he started...
He knew the timing was right going by when he mated the mad woman . But it don't matter now . His wife is finally a mother but he wasn't responsible. Also his mom was conspicuously missing. Mother in law covered her face in shame weeping uncontrollably and screaming
🗣this pikin go kee me with disgrace. After back and forts it became crystal clear his boss Jack a white Man that usually bring home news and cash from the office whenever they were shipped off to rigs , was the father of his child. Wifey was only playing rough play... wanted to
Experience it with a whiteman in her defense which can't hold more water than a basket anyway. Now hubby's mom walked into the room carrying a new born baby. The mom placed the baby in his arms and the first thing he noticed was the birthmark in the baby's left chin. He had same
Now the mad woman conceived . And delivered a bouncing baby boy. Now the questions were
1. Shld he forgive the wife , and carry on the marriage. Go to the office and punch some 2yrs outta Jack's lifespan ? That'd def mean, automatic SACK!
2. Shld he send her packing for exactly
The same sin he committed though in good faith some will argue and yeah a child came out of it.

All I can remember is he bought a new car. Rumors had it he was promoted at work. Not confirmed coz that was the last night they spent in our area. Oh yeah it's true life story
He moved his family to another part of town . Saw them some 15/16yrs later. He named the boy Tega. I almost asked after the mother coz I remembered hubby's mom took her to the hospital at Uselu .But fear no lemme ask before someone go ask me u dey mad & I'll go; u dey #MADAGASCAR
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