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1/Listening to the C4 Con leadership debate.

All “delivering Brexit”

#Gove. Opened his mouth and lost the first Q
#Stewart. Cleverer response “listened to Corbyn yadda”
#Raab. Kept his voice lower but Blah.
#Javid Same but at least talking about addressing issues.
#Hunt. Same
2/. Politics of fear re Corbyn.

Really pretty wet.

Hope it improves.
3/. #Raab didn’t deliver because resigned as a matter of principle.

This is reallyrather tragic.

At least #Stewart is saying they cannot reopen the WA and challenging #Raab on the HOW?

Especially HOW in No deal.

#Raab really is remarkably dim.
4/. #Gove talking about his form for delivering BIG JOBS. He is right about that

His history is littered with big jobbies.

Groan “taking back control” when we have self evidently lost all sensible controls.
5/ #Javid keeping no deal on the table to get a deal.

They seem to have no grasp that it hasn’t worked and it won’t work.

#Hunt agreeing with #Javid...and all the candidates except #Stewart

The people they are trying to con is YOU!
6/. Laughing out loud. #Raab On national TV telegraphing it to the world inc the EU #Raab pretends keeping NO DEAL “on that bleeding table” will work as a threat....

Also lost several points by being dumb and rather rude to #Stewart
7/. At least #Hunt and #Javid (stuttering) that it is unconstitutional to prerogue Parl unlike that utter eejit #Raab who seems to think it makes him look big.

There is a point to these debates. #Raab is looking even thicker than he did before.
8/. #GOVE

Blah blah blah. More repeat, repeat repeat words. Words. Words.

Believe in Brexit. He can get the EU to change the WA.

Blah. This is boring because tha candidates are boring and trivial.
9/. Even #Gove is saying you cannot prerogue Parl.

#Stewart is getting rather more applause than the rest.
10/. I would say #Javid is losing it too.

He should never have tried to send up #Stewart “phoning 50k people from the phonebook or something”

This is showing up the candidates as being v.superficial.

No wonder #Johnson was too much of a big girl’s blouse to attend. Fake tits.
11/. FINALLY #Hunt says that #Johnson is not there.

Also acknowledges that leaving on Oct 31 if close to a deal makes no sense.

#Gove really is remarkably poor. He likes THE SOUND of his voice too much but delivers NO CONTENT.
12/. #Stewart asks particular questions of #Gove. What will the tariffs be?

#GOVE more “I can deliver...good deal... right deal....bollox”

“Convictions will carry you through “

Fuck me.
13/. Twit #Raab now says he doesn’t want no deal.

These candidates are not attracting much in the way of applause and they don’t deserve a single clap (except maybe of the medical variety)...where is #Johnson
14/ #Javid just sounds like a schoolteacher asking his class to do their homework.
15/. #Stewart is winning this debate on applause.

#Raab is coming over as really quite rude and aggressive.

He will not even answer the question about what his tariff would be on cheddar coming into the country.
16/. Hahahahahahaha

#Gove, it is not a single politician’s ego trip....immediately followed by...

“I believe I am the person to bring in Brexit”

They have no insight into themselves.
17/. #Stewart

Good job on picking up the “No” in NO Deal.

#Hunt is showing a bit of savvy picking up that #Stewart is getting more applause...but then sucks out “a Brexit for everyone” (weak applause).
18/ Q about country divided. HOW to reunite.

#Javid wise to refer to Jo Cox’s anniversary.

Good to refer to his differences.

But he really has no substance. Weak applause.

That is what is showing in this debate.

No substance.

An empty bladder.
19/. #Raab is really really awful and getting no applause for his low tax regime.

Ten claps at most.

#Hunt. Are we about uniting our country or dividing it?

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for some answers.

It is like asking to believe in candy floss.
Not an answer.
20/. The utter fucker #Gove reflects that the country is divided now more than ever before.

Earlier he acknowledged that it is HIS BLOODY FAULT...HIS Brexit

Groan. “best in the world”
21/. #Stewart suggest that the centre ground matters.

Again he is getting more applause.

#Javid refers to being an outsider. I feel for him in that respect and he gets some applause.
22/. Q. What is the most urgent question to be addressed

#Raab. Tosses out apprenticeships.

He really is not warming up the audiences.

#Hunt super footed with Unis and Tech. Good to bring in elderly care. But not really delivering on the HOW. Warmer applause.
23/. This is awful.


Climate/ Environment
Nothing on how.

At least he identified some of the issues.

But they sound like trumpeters with instruments that blow out air not harmony.
24/. #Stewart.
Education robotics. Bursaries. ESP for those who lost jobs

Krishnan interrupts him but he is nimble and makes the audience laugh charmingly.

Moves in to elderly care. Tells it as a story.

25/. It’s a puzzle why #javid is not making more of his background even when he talks about it

Caught on the hop aboutknife crime

OMG #Gove really thinks that his jumping in with conviction when he says it is all about education.

On the whole the candidates are wasting slots.
26/. Q: Weakness as PM

#Gove. I am a man in hurry. Every child to have a good start in life.

Waffle waffle.
Cornered. Impatience. Because he was adopted

No one believes it.
Krishnan (referring to coke) “Isn’t your weakness hypocrisy?”

NO applause at all for his response
27/. #Hunt does better saying that we all have done things we regret 25 years ago.

#Raab is really really awful. I think he is trying to sell “restless optimism” as his weakness. No applause.

Krishnan asks about feminism (much applause).

#Raab is doing really badly.
28/. In fact his biggest weakness is he is not able to see himself.

#Stewart right in there. Fragility. Ignorance. People in this room brighter than me

Listening. Doctors know more about medicine
Techies know more about tech.
Warm applause

He says he does change his mind.
29/ #Javid identifies stubbornness ..in fact not changing his mind.

He just can’t express himself well.

Krishnan “You just not a big enough figure. Not to be invited to the Teump dinner”

That was quite a jarring question and gave Gove a chance to say Teump was wrong.
30/. #Hunt poor at stubbornness but at least identified junior doctor communication.

Lukewarm applause.

Not good on mental health solutions EXCEPT saying that 50% before 14 years of age so need to tackle early. No applause.
31/. #Raab

He says words. No applause. He doesn’t deserve any

#Javid at least says re MH issues that resources an issue

(Listening . Tax???) no applause.

#Stewart .. lot of “actually” and “practical” “energetic”. No content. Wet.
32/. #Gove.

He sounds deeply uncomfortable. They really have no connection with Mh

“Love” “ compassion”. Sounds about as authentic as a blow up sex doll.
33/. No applause.

They don’t deserve it.

No wonder MH support is in trouble.

They all display clear issues but are in such denial they cannot come out with an authentic phrase between them.
34/. Hahahahahahahahahaha

35/. Should have said we are onto closing speeches


36/. #Stewart.

Talking to people. Palpable anger.

Honest and trust.

Warmer applause.
37/. #Javid.

No applause.


We will leave on 31.10.2019.


Nothing else except Blah.

The warmest and longest applause was when the purgatory ended.
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