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Whatever faces the UK, it's complex. To prosper we will need these:

Careful, long term thinking
Objectivity in difficult tradeoffs
Honesty, shrewd negotiation
Deep analysis and preparation
Dedicated ruthless planning

Meanwhile it's #Bodger #Johnson's Queens Speech.

Chances? ❌
This dichotomy is just weird:

Take #Brexit.

Imagine, if you can; your passion for extracting the UK from the EU was unpersuaded by any argument to the contrary.


But did you think doing it was so simple that Slapdash-cover-the-cracks Bodger was the guy to run it?
Out of the blue, we faced a Global #COVID19 Pandemic.

OK,caught a little short with the No 10 leadership. It happens.

But maybe reconsider when you found out he dodged all the scientific briefings at the start to write a book?

You wanted to #Bodger your way through?
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[ 🧵 THREAD 🧶 ]



[ 🧵 THREAD 🧶 ]



[ 🧵 THREAD 🧶 ]

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We've been sounding the alarm for years: "they're coming for the Human Rights Act".
They're now here 👇
2. Through scholarly analysis and law-in-action evidence, human rights scholars and commentators have shown what the HRA has done for the UK (and warned about this day) 👇
@conorgearty @colmocinneide @LioraLazarus @davidallengreen @AdamWagner1 @dzehtsiarou @JoshuaRozenberg ...
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The Foreign Sec. filibustered a Foreign Affairs Select Committee, designed to hold the govt. to account for a disastrous practical and moral failure, Afghanistan.

He ran down the clock, refused to provide information. Truly contemptible.

Raab is a moral failure.

They put red tape before human life.

Raab only told the truth to describe the bureaucracy they used to avoid saving people.

This govt. are so determined to play to a far right immigration myth that they’ll let innocents die.

This is about popularity.…
There is no humanity in the Conservative cabinet, no basic decency, no morality.

They’re devoid of decency and openly negligent, living the last 18 months as a British national has proven that.

They don’t give a shit about human life, home or abroad, just personal gain.

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Dominic Raaaab.
Unique among foreign secretaries in ignorance and stupidity.

#Raab yesterday, while defending an indefensible bill which hands statue damage a longer sentence than the NEXT SENTENCE, undermined everything Churchill stood for after the war.

How? Why?
This was Churchill in 1948, after the war talking of what was needed to ensure the evil could never happen again

“In the centre of our movement stands the idea of a Charter of Human Rights, guarded by freedom and sustained by law.”

The European Convention on human rights ECHR
And this is Raab yesterday, straight after he was:
tough on Statue Criminals,
tough on the causes of idle statue damage.

" If we restrict trade to countries with ECHR-level human rights we're not going to do many trade deals with the growth makets of the future. "
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Integrationsministerin Susanne #Raab beim #Lügen erwischt
Hatte Susanne Raab bloß keine Ahnung?

Ich sag es mal so: Wäre die #ÖVP eine Asylwerberin würde ihr jegliche Glaubwürdigkeit versagt werden. #Thread

#ZIB2 am 16.12.2020 zum Thema Aufnahme von Kindern aus #Moria:
Dezember 2020: Nach Brand im überfüllten Lager #Moria leben 1000e notleidende Schutzsuchende im Dreck auf #Lesbos. Ruf der #Zivilgesellschaft, zumindest Kinder aufzunehmen, wird laut.

#ÖVP blockt ab. Instrumentalisiert @SOSKinderdorfAT. Täuscht #HilfeVorOrt vor. Und: Lügt.
Druck ist groß: A bissal humanitär sein, es steht doch das #Weihnachtsfest vor der Tür! #ÖVP bleibt stur. Damit Stimmung in Bevölkerung nicht kippt wird auf "Aufnahmen" in der Vergangenheit verwiesen. #Blümel, #Nehammer und #Raab rücken aus.
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Andrew #Marr Show: Frustrating to see Dominic #Raab dodge answering the real questions about the effects of #Brexit on the UK #fishing industry, just like Boris last week. 1. The export issues are not just teething problems, they are due to a fundamental systems shift 1/-
2. The increase in quotas will only go to a select group, the vast majority of vessels and therefore coastal communities will see no benefit. Some will be worse off due to new restrictions on the quota swapping system 2/-
3. What about restricting foreign access to the 6-12 mile zone off the British coast? The government said this was a red line and for many UK fishermen this was going to be the most important benefit from Brexit. Nothing has changed and Raab didn't answer the question 3/-
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Und was wurde jetzt verkündet bei der Pressekonferenz der Regierung zum Thema Maßnahmen für #Frauen am #Arbeitsmarkt?
Vom Härtefallfonds für Selbstständige gingen 40% an Unternehmerinnen, dann zählt Frauenministerin Raab auf, wie viel vom Familienhärte- und Familienkrisenfond ausbezahlt wurde und der dass der "Kinderbonus zu 80% an Frauen gehen wird" - Will uns die verarschen? Echt jetzt?
Seit wann ist der Kinderbonus Frauenförderung? Seit wann ist Geld für Familien in Krisen Frauenförderung? Kann bitte jemand unsere Frauenministerin fragen, ob das ein schlechter Scherz sein soll? Was für eine bodenlose Frechheit! #Raab
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I now have the 3 election flyers for Bournemouth West. Every election I get frustrated by the deceit and disinformation in them. So I’ve decided to take a look in detail at the numbers and claims. @ConorBurnsUK @CllrSimonBull @JonNicholas2017 @dave4bmthwest Thread: 1/13
First up @ConorBurnsUK and his claims about how great we have had it for the last 9 years. Lots of big, impressive sounding numbers but no sources, methodology or details.
The economy is 19% bigger than in May 2010.
19% sounds quite large but when you consider that is less than 2% growth per year the Conservatives really shouldn’t be saying this is good. For reference, world GDP growth is at about 3%.
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1/Listening to the C4 Con leadership debate.

All “delivering Brexit”

#Gove. Opened his mouth and lost the first Q
#Stewart. Cleverer response “listened to Corbyn yadda”
#Raab. Kept his voice lower but Blah.
#Javid Same but at least talking about addressing issues.
#Hunt. Same
2/. Politics of fear re Corbyn.

Really pretty wet.

Hope it improves.
3/. #Raab didn’t deliver because resigned as a matter of principle.

This is reallyrather tragic.

At least #Stewart is saying they cannot reopen the WA and challenging #Raab on the HOW?

Especially HOW in No deal.

#Raab really is remarkably dim.
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FWIW, here are my subjective rankings of the #ToryLeadershipContest #tax cut proposals. (This is a personal view only - I don’t have a dog, or even a vote, in this fight.) In reverse order… (1/6)
No. 5 (i.e. last). Reform #VAT and replace with a sales tax (#Gove). Bad economics. VAT is a relatively efficient tax and the current system already allows the UK gov’t to set lower rates for some goods and services to help the poor. #Brexit will increase this flexibility. (2/6)
No. 4. Raise the threshold for paying the top rate of income tax (#Johnson). Neither one thing nor the other? Won’t actually make much difference to those earning just above the old threshold, or any difference to those who earn a lot less. (3/6)
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1/3Buried deep in #Brexit technical notes is Govt’s plan to scrap future European Works Councils if there's No Deal. Leaving British workers at a disadvantage compared to their EU colleagues by preventing them from negotiating with management about pay & terms and conditions.
2/3 Sad to see that Trade Unions weren't invited to #Raab press conference or given access to technical notes beforehand. Another example of the Tories lacklustre commitment to workers’…
3/3 A no deal Brexit would be bad enough, but the absence of contingency plans on vital issues such as workers’ rights will only make things worse for workers and our economy as a whole. @UKLabour will protect workers and their hard-won rights.
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